5 Top Ideas for Adventure Travel

5 Top Ideas for Adventure Travel

Getting organized isn’t the first thought of most travelers when considering an exciting trip abroad. Adventure travel is all about risks, new experiences and awe-inspiring sights, but they can be enjoyed even well if you’re properly ready for your trip. If you prepare to have fun and ensure you’re organized for all eventualities before you go, then you can focus on being spontaneous when you get to your chosen destination.

Nothing is guaranteed, and you can’t be prepared for everything. However, you can get your gear in order, have a good understanding of where you plan to travel and ensure you have everything as organized as possible. This helps ensure that even when catastrophe or changes of plan do happen, you’re as ready as you can be to keep going and carry on. Are you ready for your next adventure? Do you have your plans all laid out? Whether you answer yes or not, these five top ideas for your next trip may help you out.


Use your brain to help you

1. Use your brain to help you

Research should be a key part of your travel plans. Wherever you plan to go you should at least try to grasp some local knowledge before you arrive. In the States we have the huge benefit of most people speaking a little of our language wherever we travel, but we should never assume.

Research the basics of the local language where you’re travelling to, look into their customs and make sure you know which currency to take a long. It doesn’t take much time and stands you in great stead for enjoying your experience more and connecting with people in the countries you’re choosing to visit. Not having the basic may leave you in a mess should you miss a flight, lose your bags or need help from locals who may or may not have a grasp of English.

A lot of fun in adventure travel is being spontaneous and going off the beaten track, but you do have to exercise some caution. You can’t go off-grid in a country where you have no knowledge of local customs or languages or may find yourself in trouble.


Prepare physically

2. Prepare physically

You may not be planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but most adventure experiences include a little bit of a workout. You may find yourself trekking through long grasses, trekking up a few hills or even swimming through rivers and lakes, dependent on the extremity of your adventure. Most people do not have the physical fitness to simply leave their regular lives and step into a life of adventure, you have to prepare your body and your mind, as well as being sure to pack properly for the harder parts of your adventure.

Your preparation for the physical challenges of your journey should include:


Getting in Shape

Before you even go on your travels check out your fitness levels. Whether you go to the gym or take up running, give your body’s endurance and strength a bit of a kick.


Keep Fully Fueled

Fill your bag with the right kinds of food and drink. Stock up on energy bars and isotonic drinks in case you do get stuck somewhere off the beaten track.


Consider Altitude 

If you’re visiting a country where there are significant altitude changes, you’ll need to look into ways to acclimatize to this before you go. Travel clinics may be able to provide preventative medicine as sickness can be common.


Pack like a Pro

3. Pack like a Pro

Your bag is going to be like your best pal on your travels. Choosing the right one to begin with is important and after that, you’ll need to get your packing just right. Many travelers carry more than one bag but starting with a large rucksack and a waterproof duffel bag for your daily essentials is a good bet.

Travel as light as possible so you don’t end up dreading every step but be sure you have the most important things right to hand. Travel organizers can help to separate your important valuables and essentials such as your passport and travel papers, from other necessities such as your toiletries and clothes. It’s also a great idea to be sure you leave space in your bag for impromptu purchases. An exotic market in India may sell something you simply cannot leave behind and buying authentic handmade shoes in Outer Mongolia may be a purchase you don’t want to miss. Always be sure you have a little space in your bag for souvenirs that will become memories.


Remember your Travel Necessities

4. Remember your Travel Necessities

Some of the most basic travel requirements go over your head when you’re excited to head off for an adventure. However, the absolute basics should be your starting point before you even look at flights or pack your bag. Finding a hidden lagoon or spotting an indigenous animal may be the point of your trip, but you need to have the basics in place to ever see these things. You must remember to:


Organize your Travel Documents

Keep all your travel documents safely together. This includes your passport any VISAs, ID cards, insurance documents and more. Be sure of any visa and embassy information before you travel so you have a contact point in emergencies.


Get your Vaccinations

Some countries you travel to will require vaccinations so be sure to organize these well in advance. Where multiple vaccinations are necessary you may need to plan far in advance.


Check your Passport

If you’re adventure has no end and you don’t know when you’ll be returning be sure your passport has at least 6 months validity left on it. Updating it may be possible when you’re abroad, but it may be difficult and you don’t want to be stranded.


Prepare for Security Checks

Spending hours in the airport lobby is never fun so prepare to breeze through. Pack your toiletries in clear bottles which are TSA approved and give yourself more time to travel and have fun.


Enjoy Yourself

5. Enjoy Yourself

With all your preparations in place you can focus on your travels without stress and worry. The organization process may not be the most fun, but you’ll be pleased you did it and give yourself more time on your travels to enjoy every second. Your adventures will give you the chance to make amazing memories, meet fascinating new people and experience things no one else has ever seen or heard, so you want to be able to dedicate yourself to the whole experience.

The more you plan the more you can enjoy the moment as you set out on your adventures, wherever they may be.