Best .300 Winchester Magnum Ammo Review 2019 for Deer Hunting

Also referred to the .300 Win Mag ammunition, this product is magnum rifle cartridge, designed by the Winchester Repeating Arms company in the 1900s. That being said, it is designed to accommodate in the standard rifle action. In addition to that, it is a rather versatile cartridge, as it is sought-out by all sorts of people ranging from target shooters, hunters, military officers as well as law enforcement agencies.

Get yourself a deer hunting rifle, which serves best in hunting medium to large sized games.

In terms of hunting, it is a great selection for medium sized games such as moose, elk and deer because it provides you with a great long range performance, with an ideal bullet weight. These best .300 Win Mag ammunition are usually chambered in popular rifles such as the Winchester Model 70 as well as the Remington Model 700.

You can choose your preferred cartridge in terms of the bullet weight, type and design according to your preference. Not only that, they are available either in bulks or the standard 20 per box rounds which solely depends on how active you are, as a shooter.

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Top 5 .300 Win Mag Ammo Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightRoundsMuzzle VelocityMuzzle EnergyPrice
Federal Vital-Shok Ammunition180 grain202900 fps3502 ft lbs$$
Hornady Custom Interlock Load180 grain203130 fps3917 ft lbs$$
Winchester Super-X Power Point180 grain202960 fps3501 ft lbs$$
Sellier & Bellot Cartridge180 grain202910 fps3395 ft lbs$$
Nosler Custom Trophy Grade180 grain202950 fps3477 ft lbs$$

Federal Vital-Shok Ammunition

Federal Vital-Shok 300 win mag Ammunition

First and foremost, these rounds are manufactured by the Federal, by the Vital-Shock line. If you have noticed, the Federal is a rather popular brand in the ammunition industry. The main purpose of this product is for hunting large games and by large games, I mean the type of hunted animal you would bring back home for dinner.

Moreover, it is equipped with 20 rounds per box altogether. These 20 rounds on the other hand are arranged and packed in an orderly manner, in the box. The neat arrangement further contributes to simple portability as well as easy handling and removing of the rounds, when needed. If you’re an avid hunter, I suggest that you get yourself ammunition in bulks because it is way cheaper in terms of price per round as well as will last you a long time.

It comes with a ballistic coefficient of 0.5. For your information, this coefficient refers to the measure of how streamlined the load is; how well it cuts through the air when fired from the rifle. Since it’s the measure of ability to overcome air resistance during flight, the high number is interpreted as low negative acceleration.

Moving on, the projectile has a muzzle velocity of 2900 feet per second (fps), together with muzzle energy measuring 3502 foot pounds (ft lbs). The casing on the other hand is of brass construction therefore ensuring that it is corrosion-free in the long run, thereby contributing to its durability.

In addition to that, it is of the boxer-primed style which comes in handy as the primers can be removed and replaced when it’s finished which in other words, means that it is reloadable. Weighing 180 grains, this product is of the trophy bonded tip (TBT) type, with the bear claw design.

In other words, it comes with a boat tail design as well as neon translucent polymer tip to provide you with deadly accuracy when hunting games.  Apart from that, it has great penetration which is really important when dealing with larger games because the bullet needs to pierce through the animal’s flesh and hide to reach its organ, hence producing a quick blow.

Suitable for :

    • Vital-Shok line
    • Trophy Bonded Bear Claw design
    • 20 rounds per box
    • Neon translucent polymer tip
    • Brass composition

Hornady Custom Interlock Load

Hornady Custom Interlock Load

To give you a little insight, this ammunition line is part of the Interlock series of bullets from Hornady. It features the aerodynamic secant ogive design, therefore resulting in a flat and streamlined trajectory. The flat trajectory on the other hand comes in handy to provide you with a pinpoint accuracy shot, hence providing you with the best shooting performance.

In addition to that, it is equipped with a tapered jacket feature that provides deep penetration together with controlled expansion. The good combination of expansion and penetration makes it suitable to be used for versatile applications such as hunting, plinking and target shooting, according to your preference.

Meanwhile, its solid core is made from lead alloy construction which further adds to its strength and durability. And finally, the Interlock ring locks the core and jacket together therefore preventing them from separating upon impact. As a result of that, they are held together to provide great weight retention for a better shot.

Equipped with a ballistic coefficient of 0.425, this product is of lead composition. Unfortunately, you can’t utilize them in the lead-prohibited areas so you need to find out the rules and regulations at your usual hunting area before making the purchase. In terms of bullet performance, it leaves the muzzle and travels at 3130 fps speed, together with muzzle energy measuring 3917 ft lbs.

There are 20 rounds altogether in the box which are arranged neatly, for your added convenience because then you can access it with ease. Moving on to the bullet type, it is of the soft point type, also known as the soft-nosed round. In other words, this jacketed expanding projectile comes with a soft metal core that is enclosed by a stronger metal jacket.

The benefit of this bullet type is that is provides great expansion upon impact thereby causing a wound diameter greater than the diameter of the bullet. Apart from that, it is of the boxer- primed style hence it is easily reloadable; primers can be reloaded with ease.

Suitable for :

    • Soft point type
    • Interlock ring lock design
    • Tapered jacket and lead alloy core
    • Aerodynamic shape
    • 20 rounds altogether

Winchester Super-X Power Point

Winchester Super-X Power Point

Designed and developed by the Winchester company itself (the original manufacturer of the .300 Win Mag ammo), this product is a must-have due to its great reputation in producing high quality rounds. Promising great accuracy, this .300 Win Mag ammo is great to be used for hunting as well as long distance match shooting.

In addition to that, you can utilize it for big game hunting including the wild boar, deer and elk. Moving on, it is equipped with 20 rounds per box. These 20 rounds are packed and organized well in trays, in the box to allow for simple handling in the midst of hunting. Or, you could get yourself reloader strips or pouches to strap them at the sides of your rifle.

In terms of casing on the other hand, it is of the boxer-primed construction. The brass construction ensures that it is non-corrosive when in contact with rain or moisture in the wilderness environment, there improving its durability. Meanwhile, the boxer-primers comes in handy to allow for convenient reloading once the old primers are used up.

The projectile has a muzzle velocity measuring 2960 fps and muzzle energy measuring 3501 ft lbs. If you have noticed for this type of ammunition, the muzzle energy always exceeds the muzzle velocity. Weighing 180 grains, this cartridge is of the Super-X Power-Point (PP) type. That being said, it delivers hard hitting knockdown power as well as a reliable and controlled expansion.

Great knockdown power is a must-have especially since, you’re targeting larger sized games since it needs enough power to penetrate the animal’s skin and flesh to deliver a quick and hard-hitting blow to their vital organs. Moreover, the bullet comes with an exposed soft lead tip together with a notched jacket to provide you with maximum energy transfer and a rapid, yet controlled expansion.

Suitable for :

    • Super-X Power-Point design
    • 20 rounds per box
    • Boxer-primed brass
    • Great knockdown power
    • Reliable and controlled expansion

Sellier & Bellot Cartridge

Sellier & Bellot Cartridge 300 Winchester Magnum

Manufactured by the one and only Sellier & Bellot company, this Exergy ammo line provides a premium hunting load that promises great reliability, accuracy, weight retention as well as expansion, to provide you with the best shooting experience and performance. Speaking about its usage, it is mainly utilized for varmint and deer hunting, as well as match shooting.

First things first, the Exergy projectile comes with some of these amazing characteristics, where it is equipped with an aluminium point that seals the cavity to contribute to optimal external ballistics. In addition to that, its bullet mouth comes with a radius shape as well as a concave tip with cannelure groove to provide you with quick and controlled expansion.

Just so you know, expansion is important upon entering the target so it will deliver a quick blow and controlled penetration. So, why is controlled penetration important? This is because over-penetration is rather dangerous because it will most likely cause collateral damage. Besides that, the cross groove feature comes in handy to ensure optimal internal ballistics.

Furthermore, this ammo is non-toxic (non-lead) and features solid copper projectiles that is equipped with aluminium tips. That being said, it has an added advantages because these ammo can be used at lead-prohibited areas. Not only that, the bullet exits the muzzle and travels at a speed of 2910 fps, together with muzzle energy measuring 3395 ft lbs.

There are 20 rounds altogether, provided upon the purchase of this product. These 20 rounds on the other hand are packaged into a box, with an orderly arrangement for simple handling and easy transportation. However, if you’re an avid hunter or frequent shooter, I suggest that you go for the ammunition available in bulks because you get to use them for a longer time not to mention, it is way cheaper in terms of price per round.

For the ammo casing, it is of the boxer-primed brass type hence contributing to its reloadable and corrosion-free characteristics. The boxer-primer style is widely used in the United States and ensures that your primers can be reloaded with the new ones, just by a simple pin punch.

Suitable for :

    • Exergy bullet type
    • 20 rounds in total
    • Controlled expansion
    • Optimal internal & optimal ballistics
    • Solid copper projectiles, with aluminium tip

Nosler Custom Trophy Grade

Nosler Custom Trophy Grade Accubond

Weighing 180 grain, the Nosler custom trophy grade ammunition is one of the popular 30 caliber magnum round available in the market. It is widely known for its power, accuracy as well as range hence, it is a must-have on your wish list. So, don’t miss out on this phenomenal load and stay tuned for its details below!

Firstly, it is mainly used for hunting medium sized games such as deer and elks. Just so you know, to hunt large games, it is important to get a cartridge that has excellent energy transfer upon impact as well as penetration so it manages to pierce through the skin and hide of the game and reach its vital organs, to deliver a devastating blow.

That being said, the rated muzzle velocity is 2950 feet per second (fps) meanwhile its muzzle energy measures 3477 foot pounds (ft lbs). The theory is rather straightforward; the heavier the bullet, the higher the velocity and energy therefore producing a more devastating result, upon entering the target.

Moreover, it is equipped with 20 rounds per box altogether where these rounds are arranged and packed in an organized manner for simple access and removal of the rounds, in the midst of hunting. In terms of casing on the other hand, it is of the boxer-primed brass style which comes in handy to ensure that it is non-corrosive and reloadable.

By reloadable, I mean that the old primers can be removed and replaced with the new ones, with maximum ease. Moving on, this 300 Win Mag load is of the Accubond type in which it couples the copper-alloy jacket with the lead-alloy core, which contributes to the durability of the product.

As a result of that, the bullet penetrates deep as well as retains its weight upon impact. Its unique white polymer tip also prevents deforming and ensures good expansion when in contact with the target. And lastly, the solid base at the end of the bullet allows for large diameter mushrooms.

Suitable for :

    • 180 grain Accubond bullet type
    • Penetrates deep and retains weight well
    • 20 rounds in total
    • Polymer tipped design

Key considerations when buying bullets:

Bullet Weight & Type

First things first, the bullet weight is measured in the unit grains. The ideal and most common weight for this type of ammunition is 180 grains. In other words, the weight is good enough to provide good enough velocity and energy upon entering the target, which in return provides a devastating blow to your target.

In terms of type, there are many types of cartridge design out there in which each of them have their own features and advantages. If you ask me, my favourite design is the Exergy by Sellier & Bellot. However, it all depends solely on your personal preference.

Primer Type

If you have noticed, the most common primer type for this ammunition is the boxer-primer style. In fact, this primer style is utilized in all the top 5 rated product below. That being said, the boxer-primer style is popular and widely used in the United States. So, why is it famous?

The main reason is because it is reloadable. In other words, the old primer can be removed and replaced with the new ones, with just a simple pin punch. For your information, the berdan-primer style is famous on the outside of United States.


In a nutshell, the .300 Win Mag ammunition is a popular rifle cartridge. Hence, if you have a rifle as your hunting weapon, this ammo is a good round to begin with. Other than that, the bullet weight, type, design and additional features solely depends on your personal preference. Hence, I hope my review assists you in making the right decision.

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