Best 7 Eotech Clones 2019 Review

An American based company, Eotech was the first brand to manufacture holographic weapon sights, market electro-optic products and systems. Eotech is actually the go-to brand for Marine Special Forces. If a good sight for your weapon that happens to be value for money as well, then chances are Eotech clones would be on top of your choice list!

The holographic weapon sights was designed as a non-magnifying gun sight which let users to look through the glass optical window and see a vividly image imposed at a distance on the field of view.

That’s not all, Eotech successfully solved the wavelength instability problem that was seen by the laser diodes. The reticle system of the holographic weapon sight uses a collimated light which allows it to have an aim-point that can move with eye position. Due to eye movement that is the size of optical window at close range, the sight becomes parallel and diminishes at set distance of zero.

Among many short range shooters, red dots scopes are famous when it comes to improving target acquisition and controlling the shot. These sights are able to fit on carbines, shotguns, rifles and even on handguns. They provide the excellent accuracy which will boost up on the shooting range or during hunting.

Comparison Table Best 7 Eotech Clones

ProductReticle typeLengthWindow dimensionMagnificationIlluminated reticleField of viewBody MaterialPrice
DD DAGGER DEFENSE DD102Rredmediumbig1xnowidealuminium$
Sightmark SM26005redshortbig1xyeswidemagnesium alloy$$$$
Vector Optics Ratchetred & greenmediummedium1xnowidealminium alloy$$
DD DAGGER DEFENSE DDHBred & greensmallbig1xyeswidealuminium$$
Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8red & greenmediumbig1xyeswidealuminium$$
Sightmark Sights SM14000red & greenmediumbig1xnowidealuminium$$
SVBONYred & greenmediumbig1xyeswidealuminium alloy$

Reticle Type

Eotech clones tend to have identical special features which include having holographic reticles. This is why the originals are sold at high prices and clone sights shown on Epic Wilderness is not, they are all on the much cheaper ends, hence more affordable without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

In clone models like the ones listed here, a rather simpler choice is used which is a dot laser that is either green or red. They are highly effective and efficient in most lighting conditions.


Generally Eotech clones aren’t that big. There are normally less than the height of a ruler, around 2 to 5 inches. Some hunters or gun owners have their own specific preferences depending on which hunting tool they are using.

Eotech clones come in various shapes and size but they are all petite. For an example, if you are using a riffle, then most likely you would choose a clone that is longer as it will look better once it’s on.

Window dimension

Every Eotech clone has an opening window and trust me, you would definitely want one in order to get the best view. The window is specially designed and serves to help you secure a target from a distance.

The ideal dimension for the window is some way around 33x24mm where else the shape is usually rounded square-like. This gives you a clear sight of view through the crisp window.


Like many other gun sight tools or Eotech clones, the magnification power has already been standardized by manufacturers. For all the Eotech clones stated here, the magnification power is only 1 times.

This is generally already good enough to sight a target during hunting. However if you have difficulty using a gun sight with this magnification power, best to opt for other options that are more suited to you.

Illuminated reticle

This is a special type of reticle that displays red or green light point on the lens. Traditional reticles have been more often replaced by illuminated ones as it provides great accuracy during day light and at night as well.

Non illuminated reticles are great too don’t get me wrong as it still does show the exact point just without any light. So, it would not be such a great choice during dark lightings. Also note that illuminated reticles are battery operated so it will increase the weight of the Eotech clone in total. Any shooter will know that the gun weight is important but 1 or 2 ounces won’t make a lot of difference either.

Field of view

The field of view is corresponded to the magnification power and is usually measured in feet at 100 yards. For an example, if the magnification power is set at 1, then the field of view goes up. The diameter of the objective lens does not matter as it will make no difference to change these figures.

Body material

The body of Eotech clones should always be heavy duty and sturdy, a material which will withstand against chemical and physical abuse. You wouldn’t want a clone that will fall apart easily after getting a few hits on the wall I’m sure. The gun sight should be light weight yet well-built to handle high amount of pressure.

The best materials for the interior and exterior parts of your gun sight are aluminium and mixed magnesium alloys. These materials will absorb shock from the recoil and are very durable. Always best to double check the type of material before buying the product.


As mention earlier, Eotech clones are much cheaper and inexpensive than the real ones which can go up to $400 to over $1000. All the Eotech clones listed in this review have proven to be value for money, ranging from $25 to just a little over $100. It’s a really great substitute with all the features provided in.


The DD102R is one of the more popular gun sights model created by Dagger Defense. Designed of aircraft graded aluminium material and features four significant patterns of red dot reticles. This is mainly to help make an accurate shot at the target and can easily mount on a standard pica tinny rail system. However, for some people it could be tricky to spot the red light even with the 7 light selections.

With such an affordable price tag, you will be guaranteed to be impressed for the quality of this product. Furthermore, the settings are easy to work around even for beginners. At only 82 mm in length, this ergonomic design is a space saver that has been well constructed for your pica tinny rail that can be used for other accessories as well.

Unlike most other Eotech clones that have an enclosed square shaped lens, this one has a different lens shapes that is much visible and separated from the body itself. This feature offers great field of view at close to mid-range distance.

One of its finest quality, it’s easy to zero and functions so well on all types of riffles and guns. Based on personal experience, the DD DAGGER DEFENSE DD102R zeroed in at around 50 yards on a 300 Blackout, put 2 mags and just straight moved from zero. Other than that, it works perfectly on a AR-556 Ruger, CMR 30, .556 riffle, 223. riffle or even a .22 paintball gun.

There’s also a good range of brightness settings for different lighting environment and the reticle options can be altered to accommodate various preferences of your choice. Also take note that it does not affect the usage of MBUS flip ups that comes with your gun. One quick fact that you might not be aware of regarding the brightness settings, where the off function is actually positioned as 2.

The DD DAGGER DEFENSE DD102R comes along with an optic, extra CR2032 battery, hex wrench and a lens cloth. There’s also a lens cover for protection after usage to ensure it doesn’t get bruised.

In addition to that, if there is an issue with the product you received, Dagger Defense has excellent customer service that will assure you a replacement or repair.

Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

First and foremost, a little insight about the brand itself, Sightmark. Every product manufactured by them is designed for Triple Duty and effective for hunting, tactical and competition purposes. Sightmark is a worldwide manufacturer that works with retailers in all 50 states in the U.S and 40 countries worldwide.

The SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight model has a digitally control switch that has six different brightness levels during the day and another six more for night vision mode. It is well-built with its magnesium alloy housing to adapt in any shooting conditions. With its high technology setting and durable build, your wind-age and elevation adjustments will remain zeroed. You only can expect exceptional performance.

Besides that, the CR2 batteries used in this Eotech clone has low power consumption and long lasting battery lifespan of up to 1,000 hours. The Ultra Shot M-Spec also has a protective hood over the device that will ensure shock proof and absorbs impact effect, even up to .50 caliber recoil. Moreover, the device is submersible as well, meaning that it will still function while being submerged in 40 feet of water.

The device has something called the parallax corrected lens system and dual panel glass that can assist shooters to sight accurately starting from 10 yards till over 100 yards. The red illuminated reticle is a 65 MOA Circle Dot Cross hair with 5 MOA sub tension and 2 MOA central dot.

However, if you’re someone with bad eyes or have astigmatism then it’s safe to say that this might not be the best suited choice for you. This is because you may not be able to see the center dot clearly and it might even cause eye sore if you prolong to use it.

The total body dimension is only 5x3x3 inches with an AR window lens coating of 33X24 mm in size. Generally it’s a space saver yet provides the largest field of view than any other Eotech clone on the list. Besides that, the Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight also comes with a neoprene cover and adjustment tools for extra assistance on maintenance.

Overall, the projection and housing of this device is very sturdy and flawless, it worth every penny spent.

Vector Optics Ratchet Multi Reticle                                                    

Specially designed by TAC Vector Optics for real fire caliber and suitable for rapid-firing or moving shooting. Unlike other Eotech clones, this one has both red and green tactical dot sight which is great for shooters to choose from depending on their preference and the environment.

The overall length of this Eotech clone is just less than 10 cm which makes it light, compact and suitable for any kind of riffles or shotguns. The QD quick release mount function is also great for easy removal. Not to mention the soft button switches unlike most other Eotech clones that have rotatable adjustments.

Other than that, the key feature of the Vector Optics Ratchet lies in the four kind of reticle operation which sets best standards for other Eotech clones out there, with reticle lock feature and 5 levels of brightness settings to use from. Keep in mind that the reticle may get slightly blurry in brighter settings so make sure to turn it down by one click and the problem’s solved.

The 23 x 34mm tubeless frame for the reflex lens aperture sets a wide field of view that suitable for shooting for mid-range as well. Besides that, the Vector Optics Ratchet model is an eye relief which is excellent when acquiring moving targets.

However, this shock proof aluminium alloy Eotech clone has a short lifespan of about 4 months or so. There might even be occasional malfunctions with the red and green dot sight as it tends to disappear from time to time without notice. The batteries provided too are somewhat low in quality and runs low fast. Fortunately, there’s a lifetime warranty provided by Vector Optics and you could ask for a replacement or to repair the device that you already have.

Generally, it’s a good product and does the job for a certain period of time. For the price you are paying, it is definitely worth it for the additional finishing touches included in this Eotech clone.

DD Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight 

Another remarkable Eotech clone from Dagger Defense, made from aircraft graded aluminium and unique exterior design. The entire clone is constructed to be compact and enclosed that is slightly different from the rest.

Although the DDHB device is not a holographic site, it still uses the red and green dot reticle operation and works similarly Eotech holo sight. In addition to that, for each colour option there is a total of 4 reticle settings.

The reticle dial settings can be found at the back end of the site where it’s easily adjusted and does not alter itself when in use. That’s not all, the brightness settings located on the rotary adjustable knob, gives you a wide range to choose from which allows you adjust according to the surrounding lighting.

Furthermore, the lens on this Eotech clone is significantly larger than other devices. At 33mm in length, it’s also coated in order to reduce light reflection and glare. Moreover, DDHB provides a field of view with 15.8m visible at 100m which is great!

The CR2032 battery included in the box has a decent lifespan and long lasting durability. At less than 0.2 ounces, it mounts easily and takes very minimal space on your pica tinny rail.

Besides that, the DDHB is recognizable for the elevation and windage setting which holds zero extremely well after dialled. However, a small hex wrench is included in the package to further lock the zero if it was not holding. It is advised to only turn 1-2times only to avoid any damages in the device.

On a personal level, the Dagger Defense DDHB looks best on riffles and works perfectly on everything from a .22 Cal, .22LR to even a 12 gauge box fed shotgun. With the given price, you are definitely paying for one of the top notch Eotech clones in the market.

Ade Advanced Optics Crusader

This Eotech clone by Ade Advanced Optics has every essentials needed from solid aluminium body with metal protective shield to unlimited eye relief.

With exactly 8 different reticle options and 5 adjustable brightness settings to choose from, you have an excellent working gun sight. The reticle pattern display can be chosen at the adjustable knob on the bottom back end of the device. Both the red and green option is located at the side, so you could always switch it depending on your preference. If you look closely on one of the reticle option given, it’s a shape of a skull. Ade Advanced Optics just up the game for other Eotech clones brand that for sure!

The batteries run a long life which also is low power consumption which is value for money as well. So you don’t have to spend the extra dollars on getting new batteries every year. Its save to say that each time you charge, it could last up to 8 hours and has a 1000 times charging cycle.

Also note that its built-in rechargeable battery and the charging indicator light on it will turn off automatically after being fully charged.

Like most other Eotech clones, this device has a quick detach mounting system. Moreover, the Ade Advanced Optics Crusader operates with clocking wind age and elevation adjustments. The release lock key on one side of the device prevents you from accidentally letting go if you were to hook it onto something. As long as you have AK rail or pica tinny system, it will work just fine.

Moreover, you could also use an utg 3x magnifier along with this gun sight if it helps to acquire shooting target accurately.

Another great function about this Eotech replica is that it’s water-resistant and shockproof which adds up to its durability during shooting or hunting. All the selection buttons are rubber material, hence making it easy to switch and weather resistant.

Although it’s slightly on the higher end pricing, you won’t regret this Eotech clone

Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch SM14000 

Another great Eotech replicate from Sightmark that offers maximum efficiency and amazing performance. This model utilizes digital switch buttons instead that allows you to make quick adjustments on the brightness settings to cover a wide of shooting conditions.

Furthermore, the SM14000 has 4 various reticle options on the clear crisp 33 x 24 mm objective lens. Just like any other Eotech clone listed here, the magnification power is only 1x which gives a wider field of view. Not to mention the eye relief is set to infinite.

Another quick info about this gun sight is that it mounts very easily to any Weaver-style rail system. If you have pica tinny rail, don’t worry you can still use this gun sight. All you need to do is adjust the tightness onto the clamp with a small wrench to avoid it from dropping during shooting.

The entire body is made from aluminium shield that protects the glass lens to also diminish the amount of glare entering in. That’s not all, on top of that, you also have an AR red lens coating to reduce more light reflection thus providing a clearer view of field.

This gun sight happens to be weather resistant and shockproof too which is wise if you own both tactical scopes and shotguns.

This petite sized gun sight can be used for close-range, mid-range and even for quick moving target acquisition. However, if you were to compare both this model with the SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight, then best to go for that Eotech clone instead if you don’t mind spending extra to get a perfect gun sight.


Made from durable aluminium alloy and stable collimation mechanism, this Eotech replica has set the bar. A simple yet well-constructed gun sight that has both red and green dot reticle with 15.8m@100 m field of view. The four multi reticle settings include the standard dot, circle, cross, and dot suitable for various shooting conditions.

This Eotech clone fits perfectly on any standard 20-22 mm pica tinny or weaver rail system. Moreover, it is a tubeless like structure that holds a 33 mm reflex lens aperture as well. The Svbony model is parallax corrected and has unlimited eye-relief function.

The high grade aluminium body is also waterproof and shockproof which are also essential features needed for a gun sight. Besides that, the CR2032 battery included in has low power consumption, hence it has a longer lifespan than most other Eotech clones. To avoid battery wastage, it is best to remove the battery or turn off the R or G switch off once not in use.

For adjusting the wind age, elevation, precision on locking, you could use either one of the Allen screws provided in the box. A quick tip to achieve maximum accuracy is to do test shots first in the same condition with adjustments made best suited to you. Note that the shooting effect can be influenced by the wind age adjustment.

All in all, the Svbony Eotech replica is an all-rounder gun sight that maintains important peripherals and accuracy while acquiring target.


An Eotech clone offers you the same shooting experience as how the original Eotech does. The only major differences between these 2 are the manufacturing brand and the prices. You would be saving a lot of money while getting the best gun sight performance to enhance your shooting skills.