Best 7 Kukri Machete Review 2019

If the world became a remake of The Walking Dead or you were stranded in an island, then you’re going to need to know this, one of the best survival tools out there. The kukri machete knife!

Originated from the mountains of Nepal as a famous farming cutting tool, has now renowned its reputation as a deadly weapon which can be useful during combat. It was the highly sought after possession among soldiers, farmers and martial artists. Based on historic myths, it is said that every time the kukri is drawn from its sheath, it draws blood. This myth absolutely false but has become rather common because most wielders tend to hold the base of the scabbard instead.

Unlike your ordinary knifes or blades, kukris have a unique structure designed with durable sharp edges and curved blades. So you can definitely count on it to make the job easier.

There are several main parts that you should get familiar when you are using a kukri machete. These include the Edge (lower curve), the spine (unsharpened upper edge which is also has the thickest width), ricasso (the unsharpened top next to the handle), tang (unsharpened blade that enters the machete’s handle), Cho also known as kauri (small section bottom handle of the blade that also practically serves as a blood drip). Quick fun fact, most of these names come from Asian origins.

Comparison Table Best 7 Kukri Machete

ProductBlade typeLengthWeightHandle typePrice
MOSSY OAKstainless steel 18 inch30 ozTPR$
Ontario Knife Cocarbon steel17 inch20 ozplastic mix$$
Columbia River Knife and Tool K918KKPcarbon steel18 inch25 ozrubber mix$$
FURY Kukri Outback Machetestainless steel 20 inch22 ozrubber mix$
Condor Tool & Knifecarbon steel24 inch24 ozhardwood$$
Ka-Bar 2-1249-9carbon steel17 inch27 ozTPE$$
Snake eye tacticalstainless steel 17 inch30 ozhardwood$

Blade type

Kukri machete blades are usually either stainless steel, high quality carbon steel or a combination of both. The components that build these materials are sturdy and durable which is why they are used as survival or hunting tools.

Moreover, stainless steel blades are highly resistant towards corrosion because it contains chromium that adds to the steel grain size. Other components such as manganese and vanadium help to refine the grain structure in the blade.

The blade has different thickness diameter where the upper section is thicker than the bottom section.


Besides that, the kukri can be measured in several different ways. Although the knife is generally curved in shape, you still measure the overall length straight. Typically the blade is somewhere around 12 inches in length.

The measurement starts from the buttcap.

For the handle area you can measure it from the buttcap to the bottom centre at where the blade meets the handle. Next, for the blade measurements it is measured in a straight line from the metal meets the handle tip.


Another important factor you need to consider when buying a kukri knife is its overall weight. The main weight comes from the blade grind and it affects the knife momentum. The thicker the kukri spine, the heavier the total weight which decreases the momentum of the blade when it is swung.

The weight of kukri machete should be lighter in general as you, users would have more control while using the blade. 

Handle type

Traditionally the handle from Nepal are made from high quality wood where else modern kukris often have added parts like metal bolsters or stick tangs. However, there are still several manufacturers that produce plastic or TPR material.

MOSSY OAK Kukri Machete Saw Back


The kukri machete by Mossy Oak is a sleek black finished blade with red detailing on the handle. Made from high 3CR13 carbon stainless steel, this 12 inch blade is both durable and corrosion resistance.

On the upper side of the blade, you also have the sharp teeth like texture which serves as a saw. One way to use the saw function is to flip the machete backwards but you will be still holding it the same way.

It would seem more natural, however you might occasionally hit your knuckles onto whatever it is you’re trying to saw as your thumb is resting against the guard branch. You could also try to use other ways, whichever is most comfortable for you. Handling the saw is not ideal although it is of good quality so best to use it only for small trees or branches.

However, the blade tends to get blunt after using it for a long time. You would start to feel that more effort is needed to cut something thick. If you want to maintain the sharp edges, you could always sharpen it after few rounds of cutting.

Furthermore, the D-shaped handle is covered with soft TPR (thermo plastic rubber) which is flexing resistance and lightweight too. Unlike most other kukri that comes with a straight handle, this one has more grip for the user, kind of like a safety precaution. You would not want the machete to the flying out of your hand and end up injuring yourself.

Besides that, the machete also comes with a full tang with detachable lanyard for extra assistance that is ideal for outdoor camping expedition and survival training. The razor sharp blade provides excellent edge retention and great for cutting hard materials.

The kukri machete comes in nylon sheath casing for protection which is also safe carry and easy to access.

Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri Knife

Ontario Knife Company (OKC) is located at New York State Southern Tier and is a worldwide supplier of a wide ranging outdoor product line. Not to mention, a big supplier to the U.S. Government and its military. They manufacture and design high quality kukri knifes that has a great reputation for excellent craftsmanship.

OKC has come out with distinctive kukri blades that are like no other and this is one of them! The exterior is a non-reflective black blade finish which is made from high quality carbon steel. It definitely adds to the overall look giving it a more expensive look. That’s not all, the carbon steel material will ensure that the blade does not rust or corrode.

Furthermore, the 12 inch plain edge blade serves only for cutting purposes as it does not include a saw on the top. By the way the kukri is constructed, it’s slightly difficult to tell if it is actually a full tang. But it’s definitely a full tang! What you can do is, take a powerful magnet and place it on the handle area, you will feel the full tang effect.

The G-10 handle is nothing very fancy as it does not include any special grip holder only just finger groove for a secure grip. Adding to that, the texture on the handle gives it better control for the user while parrying or chopping.

Over the years, Ontario Knife has been receiving negative feedbacks about the quality of the handle as it would tend to be shaky and lose. With great customer service and improvements made, they have modified and developed a more durable handle that will last long.

The total length of this kukri is only 17 inches and weighing less than 20 pounds, it’s definitely does the job quick well. The Kukri knife also comes with a lanyard, and a nylon sheath. However, if you do choose to own one of these Ontario Knife kukris, then it is best to invest in a kydex sheath. But this is just a suggestion as you may or may not be fine with the original sheath provided.

Columbia River Knife and Tool K918KKP CRKT Chanceinhell Machete 

There’s a saying that goes, ‘you don’t have a chance in hell but this one will give you that chance’.  If you have watched survival shows on television, then you’ll see similar resemblance between those machetes and this one by Columbia River Knife. It’s the real deal. The ultimate machete!

The exclusive Chanceinhell is a heavy duty fixed blade made especially for survival. In addition to that, the machete was designed by Ken Onion of Kaneohe, an award winning custom knife maker. It’s truly versatile, sleek and firm!

Now getting on to what the Columbia River knife is all about, dense and resilient blade made from 65 MN carbon steel which also contains black powder called black oxide, making it one of the most durable machetes for extreme environments. Not to mention, it offers non reflective surface that reduces glare from sunlight and long lasting corrosion resistance properties.

Moreover, there is also a double injection moulded handle that is very useful in any survival situation. This ergonomically structure of this machete helps to reduce hand fatigue syndrome as it also provides multiple lanyard holes on the handle for various grip options that you can experiment with to find which suits you best.

The texture of the handle can be described as a football ball which provides both comfort and strong grip in any weather conditions. This design on the handle itself increases efficiency while you are cutting branches or bushes and it gets the job done fast! You would definitely save a lot of time and effort.

The nylon sheath included with this machete comes with a velcro belt loop system which can be switched in either 2 positions, first the dangling option or fit against the loop. Plus, you will receive extra para-cord fob that comes along with the sheath for any emergency situations or lashing the machete to a truck or so.

One of the best parts of Columbia River Knife and Tool is that is comes with a lifetime warranty, covering for any defects or malfunction the product you received. All in all, the CRKT Chanceinhell Machete has excellent performance in camping, hunting and survival activities.

FURY Kukri Outback Machete

This machete from Fury is manufactured by Joy Enterprises where they have designed incredible outdoor tools which are high in quality. Not to mention, this kukri outback machete has a similar exterior design to the first product we shared, MOSSY OAK Kukri Machete Saw Back.

A handy D-shaped rubberized guard handle that also comes with para cord wrist straps for easy convenience when you use the machete. Most machetes does not have this advantage, the design is rather simpler for the handle with just straight build straight handle. Where else the FURY Kukri Outback Machete allows you to have a better grip on it while cutting or chopping of these. Furthermore, the rubberized handle is much gentle on your hand giving you a softer grip that’s better than plastic material.

Unlike the MOSSY OAK Kukri Machete Saw Back, this does not come with a saw-like feature on the top as the Fury design is specifically for flat grind blades only. Moreover, the 14 inch full tang blade is made from heavy duty 440 stainless steel with satin black finishing. The whole outlook given for the Fury machete is sleek and very aesthetically pleasing.

Adding on to that, the blade comes with a full coverage tactical nylon sheath that allows you to strap it on your belt if you’d like. The sheath is nothing so special, as it tends to feel like cheap material.

The overall weight for this Fury Kukri Outback Machete is slightly over 20 oz. which is light for most outdoor people who have experience using a machete. Plus, the full length of this machete is 20 inches, longer than most kukris. In terms of size and effort, the distance between the handle and the end of the blade gives it more power for every swing you take. The momentum is much faster, thus you will use lesser force.

However, some may prefer to have the handle heavier as it will feel more efficient when cutting something. But this depends on your personal preference. If you are a first time machete user, then the Fury Kukri Outback Machete is a good choice plus it’s one of the most value for money kukris that will last long.

Condor Tool & Knife Parang Machete 

The company, Condor Tool & Knife is recognized for its finest quality in manufacturing cutlery and survival tools that’s both unique and exceptional. One thing you’ll definitely notice from this machete is the beautiful raw finishing which really does make you want to get outdoor and do some chopping.

At 24 inches in length, this machete is a full powerful that has been modified over the years, improving its craftsmanship and quality. If you have been in the kukri machete industry, you will notice how the older model of the Condor Tool & Knife Parang Machete is thicker than the newer model. Also note that, on the top corner of the blade where it meets the handle, you will see the Condor brand embedded onto the blade which is really a nice finishing.

For a 17 ½ inch blade, the latest model has all the same key elements as the previous version such as the 1075 high carbon steel material with its special epoxy black powder coating. In addition to that, the coat is impact resistant and can tolerate high heat levels in different weather conditions. It’s truly one of the best features on this machete.

Moreover, epoxy black powder coating helps to protect you from the blinding glare when working in the sun. However, about ½ inch of the tip blade is exposed that gives makes it easier for cutting or chopping.

Now coming to the handle, it’s made from hardwood (dicot trees) which is solid long lasting material. Unlike other kukris that use TPR or rubberized compounds for their handles, hardwood brings out the originality of a true parang machete. On top of that, you also have a sleeve that goes all the way through where you can hook your lanyard onto.

The sheath provided is one of the best qualities, no doubt of that! Full black leather sheath with a nice belt loop which swivels on a button and keeps your machete in place while being in the outdoors.

Overall, this full tang parang machete by Condor Tool & Knife is well made with its durable balanced blade that can use used for chopping, slicing and even carving designs. For the price you’re paying, it will definitely exceed your expectations.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri 

A simple yet sophisticated kukri that is top notch quality, one of the latest designs from Ka-Bar. With an edge angle of 20 degrees, this kukri is made from Taiwan is truly solid.

For the blade, its full length is around 11 ½ inches long that’s made from 1085 high quality carbon steel. In addition to that, the blade is coated with black epoxy powder but only partial section of the tip is still covered. On the downside however, the epoxy powder coating tends to wear off after few months of usage and you might start to see the coat coming off.

If you’re wondering whether this kukri can be used to throw, well the answer is you CANT. The carbon steel blade is made specifically as an anti-throw product. It’s a mixture of the earth’s magnetic field and gravity which gives you the weight once you lift it.

The 2-1249-9 Kukri has a hollow flat grind and it a full tang like most other machetes. The cutting edge makes enhances the sharpness of the blade and it provides a good balance when you’re holding it. What most people tend to forget is you have to use both hands when it comes to chopping or cutting thicker woods. While your one hand is using the kukri through the wood, you should also another wood object to hit the end of the blade.

Maintenance is crucial here are you to keep this 2-1249-9 Kukri nice and clean. Best advice is to also keep it in the sheath provided and avoid water or moist woods as it may also cause rusting.

This 17 inch long kukri also comes with a Kraton G shaped handle. The material used is known as TPE, thermoplastic elastomer (similar to TPR). It’s defined as a type of polymer which combines both plastic and rubber that has great thermal properties and material stability. Moreover, additional detailing on the handle provides a non-slip grip and gentle on the hands as well.

Furthermore, the sheath provided for this 2-1249-9 Kukri is made from leather and cordura fabric. Its 100% waterproof and looks great too! You can have various options on how you would like to strap it either on the hip or back.

All in all, the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri has been field tested and approved. This ergonomically designed kukri is ideal for chopping down branches, weeds, clearing campsites, and for survival training.

Snake eye tactical Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife 

This kukri is unlike any other kukri machetes out there as it owns special features and religious elements. You could find similar resemblance of the symbol of the Gurkha Goddess of Might on the cut outs of this kukri. Not to mention that it’s also a national symbol of the great Gurkha Warriors who fought many battles with this same weapon. You can find out more about the story behind Gurkha Warriors here

Another unique feature that can be obviously spotted is its haldina cordifolia hardwood handle. The butt plate of the kukri is very well fitted and polished perfectly. Although the handle may seem like a chunk of wood that is roughly around 4 inches, some people may still find it a little too small for their hands.

Besides that, this 12 inch long curved edge carbon steel blade is solid and super sharp. Some may prefer it to be sharper in order to cut through thicker woods, so you could also purchase a stone sharpener that will ensure your blade stays sharp always. Like most other kukris, the thickness of the blade is at ¼ inch which is pretty rather common.

Furthermore, the Genuine Gurkha Kukri comes along with 2 other accessory fixed blade knives. The 4 inch knives could be used to cut out softer materials such as plant based boards, cardboard or paper. The qualities of these knives aren’t of high quality and tend to only have a short lifespan.

The sheath included is made from artificial leather sheath which could start to wear off after few times of usage. You might see discoloration and the inside compartment where you insert the kukri becomes looser and hollow. However, it still does keep the blade away from water or moist conditions.

Overall, the main product, Gurkha Kukri from Snake Eye Tactical is a great full tang which chops like a dream, well-crafted and super affordable.


Every Kukri machete is different in its own way, they all have pros and cons. It’s best to finalize which kukri fits your itinerary perfectly. Based on my personal opinion, I would suggest either the Columbia River Knife and Tool K918KKP or the Condor Tool & Knife Parang Machete. These both have truly exceeded most of the criterias on the list and have excellent performance.