Best AA Flashlights 2019 Review

In your daily applications, whether you’re working at home or in the garage, or maybe anywhere else, you’re may be thinking of needing a good and a reliable light to help you do the job right. Therefore, the primary reason you are even reading this AA flashlight review is to choose the best AA flashlight to aid your daily chores.

There are many types of flashlight and the ones that use AA batteries are among them. The advantage of AA batteries is that they are easy to be gotten and cheaper if you compare them to the rechargeable lithium types.

Hence, check out this review to choose the best AA flashlight. However, if you prefer carrying pocket flashlights, check out the top rated ones here.

Top 7 18650 Flashlight Comparison Table

Name of product WeightSettingsOutputBatteriesPricelink
Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED Flashlight Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack)2.24 ounces33001$
ThorFire TG06S Flashlight 500 Lumen Ultra Bright 5 Modes EDC Cap Light Mini Pocket Torch Powered By One AA or 14500 Battery Not Included, TG06 Upgraded Version1.31 ounces55001$
Anker Bolder LC40 LED Flashlight, Pocket-Sized LED Torch, Super Bright 400 Lumens CREE LED, IP65 Water Resistant, 3 Modes High/ Low/ Strobe for Indoors and Outdoors (Camping, Hiking, and Cycling Use)2.08 ounces34003$
Streamlight 88033 ProTac 2AA 250 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe w/ 2 x AA Batteries3.2 ounces32502$$
5 Pack Mini Flashlight Cree Q5 LED Torch 7w 300lm Adjustable Focus Zoomable Light (Black)2.29 ounces33001$
Fenix LD09 2015 version 220 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight with EdisonBright AA Alkaline battery4.8 ounces42201$$
ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight Powered by 4 AA batteries7.71 ounces611504$$

The top 7 AA flashlight are chosen by certain factors:

  1. Weight
  2. Settings
  3. Maximum output
  4. Number of batteries
  5. Price


A lightweight flashlight might make it easy for you to carry it around on your daily use.


There are many type of settings which control the intensity of the brightness. If there are more settings, it will be more versatile to be used in various situations.

Maximum output

The more the maximum output, the brighter the beam will be. However, a very bright beam may be troubling sometimes.

Number of batteries

Some of these products use 1 or 3 batteries. Knowing the number of batteries required could help us to buy them if needed.


Hausbell 7W Mini LED Flashlight (2 Pack)

Hausbell 7W Mini LED Flashlight (2 Pack)

The first product in this best AA flashlight review would be from Hausbell. It produces 300 Lumens at maximum output and has 3 settings in total (bright / dim / strobe) to meet your everyday use.

The skid-proof design and water-resistant design is suitable to be used for cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. They are easy to carry and super mini in size. This flashlight could fit in the palm of your hand. This compact size is great for keeping it in the car, toolbox or even the side pockets of your backpack.

Furthermore, it has a zoom feature that could adjust the focus range to concentrate the beam or widen it to light up in a bigger area. The power source of this AA flashlight is one 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion battery or you could use one AA battery which is unfortunately not included.

The flashlight is made out of aluminum alloy with convex lens reflector. The size is 9.4×2.6×2.6cm and weighs 65g. The purchase of this product includes 2 mini Led Flashlight with no included battery.

The voltage consumed is 3.6 volts and uses 7W of power. They are water resistant as everything is sealed with rubber gaskets. Therefore, they will probably handle short periods of submersion in water. I have tested them out for extended periods in the rain and they did just fine.

There are rubber O-rings at the ends in where the caps are unscrewed for the battery and the lens. A firm push with a resultant click turns the mini flashlight on while the subsequent soft, subtle, no-click pushes (2) will dim the light or either put it in flash mode.

They’re a little big for key ring fobs. However, there is a hole in their clips that may accommodate a keyring. So far, the push button has not failed yet and I did not have to shake the light to make it work. For the cheap price, they handle abuse very well. They get dropped, banged and used on and off many times every day but it is still usable without any major damage.

Although these little LED lights work with a standard AA battery, they are not very bright. Instead, I would suggest you to get 14500 series lithium-ion batteries. After all, the difference between a 1.5 Volt AA battery and a 3.7 Volt Lithium-ion battery is significant.

If you turn off the light and wait for a few seconds, it will automatically reset to ‘bright’. Meanwhile, if you turn it back on any sooner, it will go to the next setting. You can also go to the next setting if you tap the button while the light is still on.

On the other hand, you adjust the focus by pushing or pulling the front part of the lens holder forward and backwards. Unlike some of these flashlights, the on button is easy to reach and to press.

The light is 3-3/4″ long and has 1″ in diameter at the body tube (the head and tailcap are thicker). The LED used is a CREE Q5 that came centered nicely. The convex lens allows you to adjust the “flood” of the beam.

You could push it all the way out for a tight beam or pull it in for an area beam. While zoomed “in” you could see a square image. This square image is none other than the magnified LED itself in the beam.

If I shine the beam on a wall from 2-1/2 feet away, I got these beam diameters (edge to edge). When zoomed all the way in, I got a 2″ spread. Meanwhile, if I zoomed all the way out, I got an 18″ spread.

Suitable for:

  • Cycling
  • Camping
  • Hiking

ThorFire TG06S AA Torchlight 500 Lumen

ThorFire TG06S AA Torchlight 500 Lumen

The next product on this best AA flashlight review would be the ThorFire. It has a neutral white tint and uses single XPG2 LED which gives out MAZ 500 lumens when it is powered by premium 14500 button top battery which is not included.

The light is multi-functional with 5 reasonable modes- High(500LM)/ Middle(200LM)/ Low(50LM)/ Moonlight (1LM ) and Strobe. These settings are perfect for daily different applications. You could even reverse the clip to make it as a hat cap light.

This AA flashlight is constructed of aircraft graded aluminum alloy to ensure long lasting durability, sturdiness and non-slipping performance. ThorFire offers 18 month product warranty in case you have any dissatisfaction with this product.

When you use the premium 14500 battery, the brightness could be High(500LM), Middle(200LM), Low(50LM), Moonlight (1LM ), and Strobe(500LM). However, when powered using AA battery, the mini light gives out High(150LM), Middle(80LM), Low(20LM), Moonlight (0.5LM ) and Strobe(150LM). So bear that in mind when deciding the batteries you would like to buy.

The turn on/off button just needs a tap to change modes. Meanwhile, a double tap activates Strobe mode for emergency. The lightweight of the AA flashlight makes it fit easily into your pocket, backpack, purse, or even a tool bag.

Using one considerate metal clip, you could clip it to your shirt pocket or you could reverse the clip to use it as a hat cap light. You could use this AA flashlight for multiple indoor and outdoor applications and the O-ring behind the lens can glow in the dark. This makes it easy to find it in the dark.

As a side note, the highly intensified pen light could do severe damage to your eyes. Thus, please try to avoid direct eye contact.

The purchase of this product includes 1 TG06S flashlight, 2 spare O rings and 1 manual. The finishing looks excellent and clean and the modes are well-spaced especially the perfect moon setting and a hidden strobe mode.

The beam profile is “moderately throwy” while the color is cool white. A pocket clip is preinstalled on the tail end for easy carrying with the light facing down. The clip could also be installed on the head end for the light to face outwards.

For the operation of this flashlight, turn the light ON or OFF by depressing the tail switch fully. To advance to other modes, the tail switch is depressed partially with a light press. Thus, the mode will switch according to the following order- H -> M -> L -> ML.

In order to activate the hidden strobe function, the tail switch is depressed partially twice in rapid succession. Do take note that there is no mode memory. Therefore, the light always activates on High.

There are two holes in the metal collar which surrounds the rubber-covered switch at the back end. These holes are to allow attaching the flashlight to a key ring or a neck lanyard. However, the collar is located close to the switch which makes any kind of metal link or ring placed through them to interfere with the operation of the switch. As a result, this will prematurely wear a hole in the rubber cover.

It can be fully submerged underwater and has a tight beam profile for good throw with decent spill. However, the spill (width of the beam) was about 1/3 narrower than the larger flashlights which can be expected since the lens are only about half the size.

Suitable for:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Searching
  • Emergency light when suffering a power outage.

Anker Bolder LC40 LED light

Anker Bolder LC40 LED light

The third product in this review would be the Anker Bolder. This AA flashlight gives 400-lumen at maximum output and CREE LED is equipped to provide bright light over a beam distance of 330ft/ 100m that reaches up to 600ft/ 180m.

This flashlight features 3 adaptable settings: High / Low / Strobe. It is water resistant and designed for use in heavy rain. Furthermore, it is shock-resistance to endure rough handling.

It could last up to 4hours of non-diminishing brightness when using 3 AAA batteries, or 6hours from one rechargeable 18650 battery which is not included. The high-quality LED bulb provides consistent and optimum performance throughout 50000 hours of usage.

The design is compact to fit easily into any of your pocket wherever you go and it even has an anti-slip finish that holds fast in your hand. The manufacturer gives 18-month warranty in case you are not satisfied with this AA flashlight.

On the flip side, it does not feature adjustable focus. It is a fixed beam. I would like to emphasize again that this flashlight requires three standard AAA (with holder included) or one rechargeable 18650. However, the output is not the same since you will get 400 lm on 18650 and only 250 lm on 3xAAA batteries.

After clicking off the 3rd feature, which is the strobe function, when you turn it back on the high powered setting will work. However, if you leave it for a while after turning off the 3rd feature; the 3rd feature comes back once you turn it on so bear that in mind.

The switch is a little awkward for one handed operations. Although it turns on easily, it seems more pressure is required to turn it off. This makes it somewhat difficult for one-handed turn-off, especially so if you have big fingers.

I would like to remind you again that the flashlight will only remember the previous mode if you leave it off for some time. If you click it on too early, it will cycle to the next mode (as a side note half clicks will also cycle modes). Therefore, be patient and wait a bit before clicking it once.

There is also a very faint high-pitched hum in low power mode. It is especially noticeable in extremely quiet environments. Also, in my opinion, the design is too cylindrical. It needs an additional anti-roll head or barrel to prevent it from rolling off uneven surfaces.

The range of the light is extremely impressive and could be easily used as an emergency room lamp in power outages by just standing it on its end. I would prefer though for it to have a slower blinking setting. One flash per second maybe.

In this way, it will be more useful if you need to set up a location marker if you are in a search and rescue operation. I also wish there were a much dimmer dim mode.

Overall, I would like to sum up my review of this product by saying that it is a very nice compact flashlight.

Suitable for:

  • Search and rescue operations
  • Emergency stand in lamp


Streamlight 88033 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight 88033 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

The Streamlight AA flashlight in this review is capable of charging a single battery or two simultaneously. The individual bay LEDs are for battery charge status.

There is dual input which accepts either 5V micro-sub or Streamlight “traditional” AC. The other option would be the 12V DC power sources which accepts USB power input only. This C4 LED technology is impervious to shock and could last for 50,000 hour.

Furthermore, there is a multi-function, push-button tactical tailswitch equipped. This flashlight is suitable for one handed operation of momentary, variable Intensity or Strobe mode. This AA flashlight uses two alkaline batteries.

The ProTac series flashlight features a programmable switch which allows the user to select one of the three different programs: high/strobe/low (factory default), high only and low/high.

The purchase of these flashlights includes anti-roll face cap, removable pocket clip and two AA alkaline batteries with nylon holster.

While operating on High mode, this AA flashlight provides 250 lumens and 4,250 candela of peak beam intensity. Meanwhile, on Low mode it provides 18 lumens and 400 candela of peak beam intensity.

On the other hand, the run time is 2 hours on High mode, 4 hours on Strobe and 43 hours on Low mode. The ProTac 2AA is made out of anodized aluminum construction along with an impact-resistant tempered glass on lens that is O-ring sealed.

It is rated for waterproof operation of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Plus, it is also 2-meter impact resistance. The flashlight weighs 3.4 ounces with batteries and has a length of 6.14 inches, with a diameter of 0.90 inches as well as a barrel diameter of 0.65 inches.

The beam doesn’t get dimmer and last until about 30 seconds before it dies. One thing I noticed with this AA flashlight is that when the battery is getting weak, there would be a momentary delay of the AA flashlight beam when you push the button. Think of it your “low battery” indicator of this best flashlight.

It has a white light beam the AA flashlight beam was able to reach about 50 yards. However, I wouldn’t consider it to be used for a weapon light. This best AA flashlight has a frosted or flood type lens. There are not any single spot, instead there’s a good wash of light of this best AA flashlight.

Overall, I would like to sum up my best AA flashlight review of this product by saying that the low med and high mode is perfect for your everyday needs. This HL 4 light, a lanyard and 4 123A batteries with no case and the 18650 batteries sold separately may be the best flashlight you are looking for.

Suitable for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Security
  • Emergency medical services
  • Sporting goods
  • Personal use.

5 Pack Mini Flashlight Cree Q5 LED Torch

5 Pack Mini Flashlight Cree Q5 LED Torch 

The next product in this best AA flashlight is the 5 Pack Mini. The maximum output brightness of this best AA flashlight can be up to 300 lumens while being powered by 1 AA or 1 14500 battery which are unfortunately not included.

This AA flashlight has a steel body clip with 3 mode adjustable brightness- High/Low/SOS which could be changed by just a switch. The durable Aluminum alloy casing has skid-proof and splashproof design with adjustable focus range for different usage conditions.

This pocket-sized AA flashlight is really powerful due to the CREE Q5 LED bulbs. They come in various colors (black, blue, silver, red and green) which will be up to you to decide the most fitting AA flashlight for you.

Each AA flashlight has a tail cap push button switch to turn it on and off. These AA powered one could be up to 30-hour run time and the best of all is that the purchase comes in a 5-pack with a reasonable price.

Each AA flashlight measures 3.7-inches in length and 1-inch by diameter. This best AA flashlight weighs only 2.3-oz (65g). The purchase of this AA flashlight not only includes 5 AA powered ones but also 1 nice package box.

The AA flashlight is a regular white light and it screws at the base by using the button and the clip. These are not to be installed at the light head. I wouldn’t call it loud but there’s definitely an audible click when you turn it on or off .

The AA flashlight does not memorize the last mode you used before you turn it off. Therefore, it does circle through the next available mode unfortunately. Obviously, this is an inconvenience.

If you press the button 3 times consecutively, the result will be on-in-one-mode or off or either on-in-a-different-mode. However, when it is on, you can cycle through the modes without turning the AA flashlight off by lightly pressing the button (with not enough pressure to hear a *click*).

The AA flashlight has a focus ring for spotlight (with that circuit pattern at full zoom) or as a floodlight with three settings- high, low and strobe. The front end and back end both have o-rings which seem water resistant.

Due to their cylindrical design, they can easily roll to the back of drawer. On the flip side, the lens are also slightly different and smaller on this AA flashlight. All the other grooves are very similar with just slight differences in size.

The light beam is of a square grid. This is the tightest the beam that can be get and it appears to be the exact shape of the LED.

Suitable for:

  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Outdoor activities

Fenix LD09 2015 version 220 Lumen

Fenix LD09 2015 version 220 Lumen  AA flashlight

The next product on this best AA flashlight review would be from Fenix. With maximum 220 Lumens using Cree XP-E2(R3) LED, this multi-function AA flashlight has a tactical tail switch for momentary-on, constant-on, and output selection.

The AA flashlight has digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness. This best AA flashlight is also waterproof to IPX-8 rating and could be submerged under water up to 6.5 feet/2 meters for 30 minutes.

The purchase of this best AA flashlight includes EdisonBright AA Alkaline battery supplied by manufacturer. On top of that, this flashlight also accepts 14500 rechargeable battery if you prefer a bigger output.

This best flashlight is only 3.7 inches in length and its lightweight makes it a comfortable fit in your pocket all day long. The Cree XP-E2(R3) LED is estimated with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Plus, this Fenix AA flashlight has reverse polarity protection equipped to protect it from improper battery installation.

The anti-roll body design of the AA flashlight is made of durable slip-resistant aluminum with hard-anodized anti-abrasive finishing. The toughened ultra-clear glass lens has anti-reflective coating to produce even light beam.

The Fenix AA flashlight has 3/4 inch of diameter of the body. I would consider the beam to be spot. At about 8 feet, the center bright spot is 1-1/2 to 2′ in diameter with a much bigger diameter and lower brightness area around it.

If you used the alkaline AA batteries, the low mode will produce 3lm 43h, the medium mode has 50lm for 5h and lastly the high mode will have 130lm for 50min.

On the other hand, if you used the rechargable 14500 battery, the low mode has 3lm for 58h, medium mode will provide 50lm for 8h 15min and high mode has 220lm for 1h. The fourth mode is a SOS flasher.

The build quality is excellent. The only real con is the battery life since it uses a single AA battery which indirectly means two things: The first being that you don’t have that much power and the second being the LED of mostly this type requires 2.8 – 3.2 V before they turn on.

This means that they have to step up the voltage from 1.5 V. to the aforementioned range. As a result, it will lose some power for the step up. The upside is that AA batteries are common to find and it doesn’t take much to carry a few extra around.

There are a total of three output modes of this best flashlight which is 220 Lumens, 50 Lumens and 3 Lumens. This whole concept of consecutive clicks to cycle through the modes is in my opinion just not a good idea.

Overall, I would like to sum up my best flashlight review by saying that this Fenix AA flashlight might prove to be one of the best flashlight.

Suitable for:

  • Hikers
  • Campers
  • Tactical users


ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight

ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlights

The last AA flashlight in this best flashlight review would be from ThruNite. The latest equippedCREE XPL-V6 LED offers great light efficiency and the maximum output will be up to 1150 lumens. The ultra clear tempered glass lens has anti-reflective coating to provide an even distribution of light.

This best flashlight is constructed out of durable resistance and waterproof materials to be used in extreme conditions.

One of the best features in this AA flashlight is that it adopts ITC (Intelligent Temperature Control) feature to effectively prevent the AA flashlight from overheating. Indirectly, this extends its lifespan.

The advanced electronic switch is equipped with low voltage indication for your silent operation. This TN4A AA flashlight is compact and a thrower flashlight that produces high-quality beam from the orange peel reflector.

The Intelligent Temperature Technology feature will make sure that the light will automatically lower the current when the temperature in LED or the driver rises up to 80 degrees centigrade. This is to protect the flashlight from overheating.

This ThruNite best AA flashlight is driven by four AA batteries. It has 2 options to choose from which are the Cool White or the Neutral White. The CREE XP-L V6 LED is tested to have a lifespan of 20+ years.

The output mode and the runtime are as follows: Strobe(1150 lumens/150 minutes), High(550 lumens / 150 minutes), Turbo(1150 lumens /56 minutes), Low(15 lumens / 93 hrs), Medium(139 lumens / 14 hrs), Firefly(0.5lumens/80 days).

The peak beam intensity is 26640cd while the maximum beam distance is 326m. The working voltage is 2.75-8V and this TN4A AA flashlight has impact resistant of 2 meters. On top of that, it is also waterproof up to 1.5meters when submerged according to IPX-8 Standard.

The weight of this TN4A best flashlight is 218.6g without battery. The dimensions are 111.5mm in length, 45.5mm in diameter.

The purchase of this product includes 1 holster, 2 spare O-rings, 1 battery carrier which is inside the flashlight and lastly 1 lanyard. This included product seems a great deal for this AA flashlights reasonable price.

To operate this TN4A AA flashlight, just simply use the side switch for quick and simple to operation with one hand. To turn the light On/Off, press the side switch. Meanwhile, if you want to change modes, long press the side switch to switch through low, medium and high modes when the light is on.

The shortcut to firefly mode if you want to make things any easier for you is to long press the side switch when the light is off. Then, double click to switch to turbo from any mode. Another double click will get you to strobe.

Regarding the memory function, the light will turn on to the last mode you have recently accessed, except for firefly, turbo and strobe mode.

The downside of this TN4A AA flashlight is that it seems to consume more battery life. Thus, it shortens the lifespan of the AA battery. Also, it gets a bit warm when you use it for an extended period of time on high mode.

Furthermore, even though it is compact, it is not lightweight enough if you would want to wear on a belt or anything like that. The weight is noticeable if you compare to the other best AA flashlights reviews.

Suitable for:

  • Tactical user
  • Emergency situations


That being said, flashlights can be said as a part and parcel of one’s life. In hunting for instance, they can be used as a coon hunting light or even a tactical flashlight. I hope my review has been helpful for you to choose the best AA flashlight. This AA flashlight review has been made with that in mind.