Best Fixed Blade Broadhead 2019 Review

Just like any other products that have more than one option, each option has its own advantage and disadvantage. It is up to us to choose the best option for our needs. Therefore, if you are hesitating between fixed blade broadheads and mechanical broadheads, let me clarify several points.

Tip: Just so you know, a solid archery target is important for you to practice broadheading.

In the past, I’ve noticed with spot and stalk hunts that mechanical broadheads tend to come loose easily or accidentally discharged when brushing against tall grass or light vegetation.

They may be ideal in stand hunting, but you can’t deny the fact that a fixed blade has the benefit in terms of strength, replaceable blades to ensure sharp cutting surface and better penetration. Mechanical ones rely more heavily on accuracy and flight characteristics.

Hence, check out this review to choose the best fixed blade broadhead for your crossbow. For better accuracy when shooting with your crossbow, get your very own crossbow scope.

Top 7 Fixed Blade Broadhead Comparison Table

Name of productWeightBroadheadsCutting diameterBladesPrice
G5 Outdoors Montec 100,125,85 grain31 1/8" 3$$$
Hunting Broadheads, Sinbadteck 100 grain31"12$
Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads 125 grain31"12$
Muzzy 209-MX4100 grain31 1/8" 3$$
Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads90,100 grain41"6$$$
Muzzy Trocar 100 grain31 3/16"3$$
Muzzy Trocar Tip75,100,125 grain31 3/16"6$$$
Muzzy 3 Blades Trocar Tip75,100,125 grain31"3$$


G5 Outdoors Montec Fixed Broadheads (3 Pack)

The first on the review is the G5 outdoors Montec. The fixed blade angle is designed to allow for consistent maximum penetration and devastation. It is constructed of one-piece metal injection molding with no parts needed to be replaced or maintained. Just simply screw on and shoot.

Due to the strong tapered design and angle, this blade allows easy re-sharpening. This product includes 3 broadheads per pack which has 1″ to 1 1/8″ of cutting diameter. It is great for whitetail deer, but I can’t speak for sure to putting down moose or bear.

This fixed blade has replaceable blades which could be resharpened by hand. However, after 50 yards or so, they may sink like a weight. The cutting diameter of the head is larger than the arrow shaft to allow little to no drag on the front edge of the arrow.

The Montec fits all standard arrows; though as any other blades, your bow may require tuning. It will definitely penetrate through some bones, but there are a lot of variables to consider such as draw weight, speed, the angle of shot, etc.

Usually, the Montec fixed blade tends to fly very consistent with field points. If your bow is tuned, then you would not encounter any issues with grouping. Nonetheless, being that they are built differently than field tips, you would have to slightly adjust your sight.

This blade can be used for a compound bow arrow. The style of bow wouldn’t have any effect on the arrow head being used. Also, there is no need to worry about moving parts or changing out the individual blades.

The fixed blade gives my arrow about 2 inches of drop if compared to the same grain field tips. Sensing that, I have adjusted my sights accordingly. The small cutting diameter is not suitable for a great blood trail unless a near perfect shot has been made.

They tend to fly straight and make a nice exit wound, but I would recommend you to sharpen it again after every shot is taken since these dull easily. Furthermore, they seem to give my arrows a slightly different balance point than the field points and perhaps give some airfoil style lift.

Though, I prefer “free distance” it provides which I am able to easily account for. I also like the no-frills design and I would suggest you to use these exclusively when hunting.

Sharpening is easy as you could just use a flat stone and it will last a long time. The design is solid and the blades are accurate. I only dropped 1/2″ compared to the field points at 25 yards but that’s still a kill zone.

Suitable for:

  • Balance
  • Yielding cutting edges
  • Crushing power

Hunting Sinbadteck Archery Broadheads

The next product on the best fixed blade review is the Hunting broadheads. This fixed blade is compatible with crossbow and compound bow. These fixed broadheads will fit compound bows with any length arrow as long as the arrow has an insert in them.

The shaft and nuts are constructed out of anodized aluminium and the tip was made using a super hard stainless steel with 100grain.The blades don’t include the hunting shaft. Regarding the warranty, your purchase will be backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a one-year warranty.

The 3-Blade points are suitable for any field practice, and small game hunting. You could use it while roving under trees, leaves, stumps, or sticks and it works amazing in brush and grass. These blades have wide protruding wire springs (grabbing hooks) points in order to prevent the arrow from disappearing when the arrow is shot.

The purchase comes with 3 extremely sharp fixed blade 100grains. The length of each fixed blade broadhead is 2.8inches long and 1.035 inches wide. For installing it on your arrow, just screw in the tips.

If you got arrows with field points in them, these blades will work as well. They have 5/16″ threads and they can be screwed into a standard 5/16″ insert. However, I am disappointed to notice that they did not fly true just like my field points. Some of them are a bit loose.

Although this fixed blade is a bit loose, the take down time is in par with others of higher value. They also cost less when taking game as you must always expect some of the arrow and tips to be ruined while hunting. These are some of the consideration common among seasoned hunters.

On the flip side, replacing the blades is more difficult compared to the others. The penetration effect is also not the best but still good enough for use. To simplify, the penetration effect is around medium.

You must also be careful when handling these fixed broadheads as they will show rust on blades if they are left outside. It is also quite difficult to adjust the tip. These tips seem to make my shots more to the left. Perhaps the drag and flexing of the bolt are the culprits.

I am impressed with its durability as it went through 2 half worn archery blocks as well as a straw laced chair without putting any burrs in the blades. It yields cutting edges which are incredibly sharp in just around 5 minutes per broadhead.

Overall, I would suggest this product for deer to smaller game.

Suitable for:

  • Field practice
  • Small game hunting

12Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadhead

The third product in best fixed blade broadhead review is the 12Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery. The broadhead blade has 3 extremely sharp fixed blade that are 125grains. It is 2.8inches long and 1.035 inches wide.

The package includes 12 pieces that has a heavy duty 3-blade design for strength and accuracy. The swept wing blade is designed for superior flight and precision. This fixed broadhead fits all standard arrows and you could even fix them up yourselves.

The edge of the blade is sharp enough to easily take down prey and fits standard insert for crossbow bolts or compound bow arrows. The cutting diameter is one inch. Therefore, they don’t leave a good blood trail.

This fixed blade is not good for fishing so avoid using them. Instead, you can use them as back-up or emergency broadheads for recurve and compound. Just make sure that you use the same weight field tip and bolt when you are sighting in.

You can unscrew the blades out to be used as practice tips. They will fit any standard Carbon arrow shaft or crossbow bolt. I would suggest though an aluminum bolt which is no less than 20 inches in length. Nonetheless, bear in mind that you would have to consult your crossbow manufacturer about bolts since it may vary for different bows.

If the fixed blade is sunk too deep into the target sometimes the blade may come off (when using 150 lb.). Also, although they shoot straight, they occasionally fly about 2- 3″ off target at 30 yards. I took a 30 yard shot and it flew off by a couple of inches and hit the lungs instead of heart in my prey.

I would like to emphasize again that although they hit close, the cut diameter is a little bit too small for it to work. The broadhead blade gives its optimum performance though in a 20 yard shot.

I am not impressed with the arrow drift due to its large surface area of the blades. They fly erratic because of the weight. This produces less accurate shots but it is not a big problem as the shots are close enough to the intended target. You might be displeased as well with the wind shear as they are not ideal to be used with shorter and lighter arrows.

Overall, although it has its flaws, this is a great fixed blade for hunting small games; though I wouldn’t recommend it for big games.

Suitable for:

  • Precision
  • Piercing power
  • Hunting
  • Shooting

Muzzy 209-MX4 Bowhunting Fixed Blade Broadhead

These broadheads are designed to give the maximum speed, strength and cut. The improved Trocar Tip works great for bone crushing penetration. The four fixed blade features a 1-1/8″ cutting diameter and has a compact design with 0.025” blade thickness.

The purchase comes with 3 per pack and weighs around 100 grain. You can use these blades for crossbow or 3 vane arrows. Normally, they hold very tight groups out to 50 yards but just in case be sure to line one of the blades up with your vane. It depends on where your shot enters and exits.

I’ve used them on elk before with all passing through shots with at 55# draw. I have also not missed wounded animals on my watch when using these blades. One of the pros of this fixed blades is that they leave a beautiful blood trail.

Blades are surgically sharp and provide minimal variation in accuracy compared to the practice tips. The process of changing blades is easy and fast. I would suggest you to use 2 or 4 blades since they cut sharp and deep enough for your satisfaction. I have noticed that using 3 blades does not split bone the same way.

I would also like to advise you to always zero your broadhead for hunting purposes. Avoid using “practice heads to zero” as they fly differently.

The assembly of blades is very simple blade and the fixed broadhead are strong. I’ve never lost a blade on impact when hunting. Usually, if the bows are tuned right these broadhead blades fly the same way as your field points.

Also quick kills and good blood trails leaves most of my recoveries around 10 to 50 yards. However, I could not get these to group within 4 to 5 inches no matter how hard I tried to tune to the fletching or nock.

They hit hard and break bones and punch leaving 1-1/8″ holes in whatever that gets in the way. I adjusted my sight up 3 inches and left 1 inch and it has shot fantastic groups. If you want to make an accurate shot with these, then you made the ideal choice.

Nevertheless, if you want to rip a large hole and have higher odds at killing shots and larger blood trails, these may prove to be unsuitable for those purposes. Instead, I would suggest you to other fixed blades especially larger size broadheads.

They are consistent with the field points in flight patterns but the only problem is being the flight path. Even with proper tuning and balancing to each arrow, the flight path tends to deviate quite a bit. Its optimum performance would be out to 35-40 yards. Beyond that, it not any better.

Suitable for:

  • Bow hunting
  • Reasonable cost
  • Tree stand hunter for the close range

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads

Now, the next product in this best fixed blade broadhead is the Muzzy Bowhunting. It is constructed of hardened steel with trocar tip for the maximum penetration with enhanced flight stability. The blade system could easily switch from hunting blades to practice blades within seconds.

Furthermore, these fixed blades interlock in aluminum ferrule to provide additional stability. It is vented 0.020” stainless steel blades. The purchase includes 6 per pack and made in the USA. The heads are hollow-ground to cut on impact and shatter even a heavy bone.

The blade’s broadhead also minimizes wind planning and enhances arrow stability in flight. They lock into slotted aluminum ferrule with a patented locking system. For the price I expected extra blades or practice blades but unfortunately they weren’t.

They are compatible with crossbow but figure out what weight in grain works the best for you to get the kinetic energy you needed down at the range. I would suggest a 150 grain fixed blade. Meanwhile, the thread size is 8/32.

The cutting diameter is 1”. I tagged a 210 buck at 30 yards and the arrow went cleanly through while getting 4″ to 5″ groups at 100 yards. However, I can’t shoot at the same dot twice without getting the arrow messed up at any distance below 70 yards.

Also, although the blood trail isn’t usually as strong as an expandable blade,(does Schwacker and Rage comes to mind?) the lethality is greater in my experience. The fixed broadhead comes very sharp. Even the 90 Grain 4 blade can easily pass through a shoulder (or 2).

I also noticed a better and more consistent grouping with the 90 grain four blade type. Though, the 115 grain is not as bad as the 90 grain as it flies very consistently with my archery set up. There is also plenty of pass through ability if a heavier pound bow is used.

Do bear in mind though that the trick is to always, always practice using the practice blades. Once you zeroed it in, you rarely have to make any adjustments. You can never go from field tips to these without applying that transition using the practice blades.

These might be a little light for game that is any bigger than a deer but in the deer size class, these are peerless broadheads. Although the blades are thick and sharp enough to pierce through, they will occasionally bend if a rock or anything hard is hit after a pass through.

These broadhead blades are designed to kill game and a well-placed shot with the muzzy 4-blade will do the job well. Overall, this fixed blade doesn’t have the biggest cutting diameter, but it is compensated by providing plenty of cutting surface to quickly kill your game.

Suitable for:

  • Easy to assemble and refill blades
  • Small games
  • Hunting

Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead

The best fixed blade review continues with Muzzy Trocar. This 0.035-inch-thick helix-blade is ideal for 100-grain crossbow and a 125-grain crossbow. The solid-steel ferrule fixed blades has a 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter.

The Helix blade design is to maximize accuracy and stabilization especially at long ranges and the 1 piece steel ferrule keeps the durability in check. It would not deform or deflect when striking bone. These will work on both compound and crossbow.

I can guarantee you for a fact these fixed blades will go through a bull elk’s shoulder. They are pre-assembled but the replacement blades are sold separately which is kind of disappointing since the replacement blades are expensive.

The purchase includes three broadhead blades. It is a great blade for hogs but just check your kinetic energy to make sure you have at least 75 foot pounds if you are targeting hogs 180lb or up. If your kinetic energy is any lesser, I would suggest you to go instead with a 2 blade cut on contact.

They group well considering their thin profile and don’t seem to make any noise like any other fixed blades. However, every once in a while I would have a shot that is a little off. Also, when they initially arrived most of the blades were a little loose and did not come with an allen wrench.

I was also disappointed when there are no extra blades for target practice. On the other hand, they have a very sturdy design and have a really good blood trail.

Mine did not shoot the same compared to my field tips. They shot about 4-5″ lower and honestly it was kind of a pain to get them dialed in. After they were dialed in though, they work great. The heads fly like field points and they group so tight until I had to shoot at different spots out to 50 yards to prevent from damaging my arrows during practice.

These heads offer clean fast takedowns that can pass through on almost every whitetail I have shot. So far, I have shot pass 40 yards or so. Therefore, I cannot vouch for distances any longer than that. The only feature which I feel that needs improvement is the screw is hard to put back in when you replace the blades.

These work perfectly compared to practice field points at 15 yards. They consistently land 6 inches down and 2 inches left. Overall, this Muzzy Trocar fixed blade is one of the best fixed blade broadhead out there.

Suitable for:

  • Balance
  • Long ranges
  • Good blood trail

Muzzy Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip

Don’t be surprised but the next product in best fixed blade broadhead is also a Muzzy. This broadhead fixed blade is made out of hardened steel with Trocar Tip for maximum penetration and enhanced flight stability.

The 3 Blade broadhead can be used in standard inserts and the 0.020″ blades feature 1-3/16″ cutting diameter on 100 and 125 grain or 1″ cutting diameter in 75 grain. The packet contains 6 fixed blades and it is made in USA.

Along with the blades, there is also a broadhead kit included. The kit contains practice blades, but not a practice head. They are basically dull broad head blades that are used to simulate flight without the cutting action.

I would not recommend installing it on aluminum arrows as the diameter of aluminum arrows is larger than these blades. Thus, this may create some drag but they can be used on them as well if you wish. There are no O-rings for alignment included so you may need to make a separate purchase for it. Cutting diameter is 1 3/16” while thread size is 9/32.

The blades shoot just like my field tips, unless there is a really strong crosswind obviously. You would not have any issues using them in a crossbow since they are threaded. Just keep the grain in mind though.

It depends on what package you buy but one of the packages offers a wrench while the other doesn’t. Both of them has practice blades so you don’t need to worry about that. They get the job done as long as you do your part well and put it in the right spot.

Initially, they did not shoot the exact same way as my field points when I first put them on but after some tuning, all my field points and broadheads group together. I was very glad for the practice blades as they extended the life of my target by up to 10 times.

Plus, they are easier to be pulled out of the target and you do not cut yourself while using them. If you feel the broadhead blades aren’t sharp enough, you can put the new blades on it.

The tips on the 125 grain head doesn’t seem to fit totally. It seems like the blades are slightly longer to allow the tip to screw on. This is not a problem with the 100 grain heads though so keep that in mind when purchasing this.

It must be also noted that all the 12 fixed blades I ordered had a piece of metal/paint strip loose on the inside. As a result, it often got in the way of inserting and seating the blades fully.

Suitable for:

  • Easy removal
  • Included practice blades

Muzzy Fixed 3 Blades Trocar Tip

Muzzy Fixed 3 Blades Trocar Tip

The last product in this review would be from Muzzy as well. It is designed for maximum speed, strength, and cut. The chisel tip is perfect for bone crushing penetration while the three blade broadhead features maximum cutting diameter for 75, 100 or 125 Grain.

This fixed blade has a compact design with 0.025” blade thickness. You get 3 in a package and they do not come in a case. The threads are the same as any other broadheads or field points. They will also fit on any carbon or aluminum arrows.

I would advise you to try to match the grain weight of the blade with a field point of the same weight. Unfortunately, this package doesn’t come with any practice blades. Therefore, you would have to make a separate purchase for it if you want it which I am sure you will do.

You could use these for bowfishing but it would not work well since the blade is very sharp and thin. This causes the fish to be relatively easy pull off of it. Also, the blade is not stainless so they can rust pretty easily.

On the positive side, they have a large cutting area and extra sharp blades. However, I found these difficult to be tuned to my set up. They were not consistent at all. Plus, these fixed blades are not so good for precision.

They pull down and right pretty hard. You would have to adjust your sights accordingly, but it took quite some time from where they were set for field tips (same 100 grain).

Using my analog caliper, the broadhead measures as 1.075″ from blade to blade, 0.802″ from the base of shaft to the top of blade, with the shaft being at 0.341″, for a diameter of 1.263″. Using these measurements as a basis, I believe these are too small for deer hunting. They kill, but would leave an insufficient blood trail causing failure to kill quickly.

It is a great fixed broadhead blade though since they fly well (for me). They can fly right on the target with my field points! The tip isn’t sharp enough but with the crossbow I am using (300 fps) it should be okay to try to take down a boar.

The “nose” tip has a tendency to unscrew and the impact is only an inch or so off from field points at 30 yards. It is not much difference at 40 and 50, and dead on with field points at 20 yards or under. Nonetheless, they make quite a bit of noise through the air but that isn’t a problem for me.

I am quite impressed with its penetration power. My field points that went through about 6 inches from the back of the target at 20 yards could be easily penetrated by these broadhead fixed blades through a good 12 to 14 inches!

Suitable for:

  • Penetration
  • Field path

Key considerations when purchasing a broadhead:

The top 7 fixed blade broadhead are decided by certain factors:

  1. Weight
  2. Broadhead blades
  3. Cutting diameter
  4. Number of replaceable blades
  5. Price


Since these blades will be equipped on your arrow, obviously weight is important to avoid adding more weight to your arrow which could disrupt the balance of it.

Broadhead blades

2 blade is better for penetration while 3 or 4 blades are more ideal for better blood trail.

Cutting diameter

Cutting diameter is a way to show how deep the blades could penetrate. The deeper it is, the more damage is done which could essentially be the killing shot.

Number of replaceable blades

For the money you are spending to buy these, you may want to make the most out of it by preferring those that offer more blades for the same price range.


I hope my best fixed blade broadhead review has been helpful for you. Happy hunting!

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