Best Aftermarket Glock Trigger Reviews of 2019

Many of us may prefer aftermarket Glock triggers compared to the factory manufactured one. There are many disadvantages of the standard Glock triggers which makes us seek for aftermarket ones.

Triggers are usually used to change the style of your control when the control’s property value changes or when the event fires. Aftermarket Glock triggers could possibly create visual effects on controls. By using them, you could also change the appearance of your framework elements at the same time.

The standard Glock triggers are mostly a big disappointment mainly because of the inconsistency of trigger pull. The silver lining though is that you could modify the trigger yourself if you are displeased with your current one (which I am sure many people would agree with me).

Hence, check out this best aftermarket trigger review to enlighten you.

5 Best Aftermarket Glock Triggers

Name of productMaterialInstallationStyleModelPricelink
ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Triggers for GlockAluminum, Stainless SteelMediumAdjustable20, 21, 30$$
Lightning strike – Aluminum Trigger for GlockAluminiumEasyCurvedUniversal Handguns$$
Overwatch Precision Tactical TriggerAluminiumMediumDrop-In20, 20SF, 21, 21SF, 29, 30, 40, 41$$
Ghost 3.5 - 3.5 Trigger Kit for GlockStainless Steel, Steel UnfinishedEasyDrop-In, rocket 3.5Universal Handguns$
ZEV Technologies - Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kits for GEN4 GlockAluminum, Stainless SteelEasyAdjustable, Competition17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 34$$$

 ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Triggers

ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Triggers

The first in our list of best aftermarket triggers is from ZEV technologies.This precise letoff trigger has a fast rest and fully-adjustable if you want to take it up for pre-travel or for over-travel.

The product is a convenient kit to give the performance benefits in par of a custom trigger in order to give your Glock the ultra-smooth pull you dreamnt for. It is a clean letoff with a short reset. With this, it would not impair the reliability of the factory safeties.

It is fully adjustable by using the two easy hex-head screws with a wrench included. You could also tune the feel based on your exact requirements for your maximum control. The trigger shoe and safety are designed to be precision machined.

This product is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum billet to provide precise engagement, smooth movement, as well as superb responsiveness. The engagement surfaces on the bar that is made out of stainless steel are mirror polished. This is to provide outstanding sensitivity and consistency at the same time.

The Basic Fulcrum aftermarket trigger comes with preassembled trigger shoe and bar as well as a safety lever. The small frame trigger product fits 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W 1st-4th Gen pistols. Meanwhile, the large frame one is only compatible with .45 ACP/10mm 1st-4th Gen pistols.

On the flip side, the shoe safety lever is not flush. It extends slightly beyond the trigger shoe even when it is fully depressed. This is quite a one-of-a-kind feature to Glock that can cause pulling left or right.

The Zev model allows the safety to be fully retracted. This does not affect the pull if you have too much or either too little trigger finger engagement while pulling your shot. The adjustment screws are overlock tightened. However, enough heat could come out.

Plus, the spring in the safety is noticeably heavier compared to the factory spring. Indirectly, this adds to the feel of the trigger pull weight. Hence, I was quite disappointed with the feel.

On the positive side, The Zev Fulcrum model is beautifully designed if you look at it from an aesthetics perspective. You could choose different colors for the trigger safety. For example, you can choose red or black. In my opinion, I would prefer the black trigger with the red safety.

The trigger shoe is constructed out of a high quality aluminum which is contrary to the Glock’s standard  shoe that is made out of polymer. This will help to add more rigidity to the product itself. I was quite impressed with the trigger bar and connector as they came beautifully polished from Zev Technologies.

Suitable for:

  • Adjustable Pre Travel
  • Adjustable Over Travel
  • Adjustable Weight

Lightning strike – Glock Aluminum Trigger

Lightning strike – Glock Aluminum Trigger 

The next on our list is from Lightning Strike. It gives off the “feel” of consistent letoff. Apart from that, it is designed to be precision machined and constructed out of high quality aluminum. It eliminates the mushy feel which is common among the factory plastic part.

The closely held tolerances are capable to remove the trigger slop to provide free movement for smooth and consistent trigger letoff. The trigger face incorporates a wider range safety with contoured edges. It is an added advantage as they are easier on the finger than the factory shoe.

The drop-in installation requires no modifications to your Glock. Plus, it does not alter the factory pull weight as the product is lightweight itself. As a side note, it has black and anodized finishing.

The small Lightning Strike model fits all Glock small frame guns such as in 9mm, .357 Sig and .40 S&W. meanwhile, the large fits Glock large frame guns such as in 10mm and .45 ACP.

I like how the pull is consistent all the way until the break part. The reset is extremely short which is followed by a short consistent pull. This solid trigger also works as advertised which is a pleasant surprise for me.

Since the manufacturer would not reduce the weight considerably, I have been seeing a lot of durability concerns lately. The design is nice with the rounded edges and the wider trigger safety. Furthermore, it also has a nice shorter stroke and reset.

The only thing I feel lacking is that I would like to see the bar contact surfaces polished better by the manufacturer. I had to do more polishing myself which I frankly feel kind of a pain to do so.

My groupings are now on target now and much more tighter after using this product. It took around 15 minutes to install it. Using the Dremel and caliper to measure on how much I was removing the install was easy.

However, in my opinion the over-travel tab took an excessive amount of fitting. On top of that, I had to start over once I had the factory slide plate reinstalled.

Also, I do think that it feels a little spongier compared to the factory bar. However, it does the trick and that is quite enough itself. Once I worked it out, I fine-tuned the mechanism. The product smooths out and gives a more precise feel. The pull dropped from 5.9 to an average of 3.0 pounds.

Overall in this review, it is a nice improvement over the stock setup and greatly improves the entire Glock pistol.

Suitable for:

  • Competitive Shooting
  • Self Defense
  • Tactical

Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger

Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger

The Overwatch Glock Trigger that is the next best aftermarket trigger is designed to be flat-faced and a direct drop-in replacement for your OEM trigger. Every trigger shoe and safety tab is machined in the USA and made out of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. It is equipped to an NP3 plated and Gen 3 OEM  bar by using a 316 Stainless Steel coiled spring pins.

Both the shoe and safety tab are Type III and has a hard coat anodized finishing to MIL-A-8625 standard. The small indexing hook is designed to provide consistent finger placement. On the other hand, the broad and flat face characteristics will allow the shooter a uniquely self-correcting and straight rearward press.

The flat face reduces reach by merely 0.24″. This makes this an ideal choice for any smaller statured shooters. The manufacturer has reduced Pre-travel as much as possible without compromising the firearm safety features.

As a result, there is a clean, crisp break, and reduced overtravel. The Robar’s NP3 plating offers resistance towards impermeable corrosion to provide smooth and grit-free operation. Do take note that the trigger pull weight does not vary from the factory weight with the use of the trigger alone.

In case you were wondering, the Gen 3 trigger bars are completely compatible and safe to use in Gen 4 weapons. Also, it is recommended to install this product by a qualified gunsmith.

The trigger shoe can be purchased in black, gunmetal gray or bright red according to your preference. Meanwhile, the safety tab comes in black, burnt gold, or red. The one I chose had a gunmetal gray shoe with a black safety tab.

All in all, it looked pretty slick but at the same time it didn’t draw too much attention. However, I did not feel comfortable when lightening it up. Though, I felt this product made my carry gun safer because my shots are more accurate when shooting using it and the pre-travel is way shorter.

The Glock trigger works as advertised and I am extremely happy for it. I noticed that the pull weight was changed to make it a hair trigger. In my opinion, I feel that the modifications were crudely done.

In case the Glock trigger pull weight is close to the factory pull weight, there would not be any legal problems if you used in a self-defense case. To sum it up, it did take me 3 attempts of filing to get it perfect but it was well worth it.

Suitable for:

  • Tactical
  • Shooting ranges
  • Competitive shooting

Ghost Trigger Kit for Glock

Ghost Trigger Kit for Glock

The Ghost 3.5 model provides short Pre-Travel and fast reset. The product includes with a drop-in kit with a newly designed self-cleaning trigger connector which helps to eliminate any bothersome pre-travel. Furthermore, it allows fast reset for your improved accuracy as well as quick shot recovery.

This solid connector is equipped with a self-cleaning debris channel which reduces any accumulation of grit or residue for lesser friction and indirectly longer service life. This improves the reliability towards this product as well.

However, the connector may require minor fitting. On the positive side though, the installation requires no any permanent alteration towards your pistol. It is not advisable for use in self-defense with 4 lb. firing pin spring or a 2 lb. firing pin safety spring.

If you are persistent on using it for self-defense, don’t fret as you could use it with a 10mm/.45 caliber Glock, a Wolff 6 lb. firing pin spring and a factory Glock firing pin safety spring. It will not fit any Glock 42/43 model though so be aware.

The connector is also made out of stainless steel with a polished finish. Meanwhile, the springs are made out of tempered steel. The product includes 2 lb., 4 lb. , and a 6 lb. trigger spring, armorer’s orange slide cover plate as well as an armorer’s tool.

The disassembly tool was a big help. The springs could be installed easily. However, the Glock Trigger Bar has a protrusion which must be fitted in order to get it to work. I had to reinstall the original bar in order to get the rest to work.

This product may have been smoother and even lighter without it. It may prove to be not worth the effort and hassle. I would have also preferred if the need for ‘smithing’ was clearly indicated. Still, everything else worked.

My suggestion would be that it must be tempered with the need for fitting. That is the main disadvantage of this trigger which is that it requires fitting and has limited function.

On the positive side however, it improves the accuracy of my shots and prove to be durable.It is by far the easiest way for me to achieve a 3.5lb release with a faster reset.

When installing it, if you happen to be clueless about it, I would suggest you to look up for complete instructions on how to make the cut and what is achieved which is outlined clearly for you on the manufacturer’s website.

Suitable for:

  • Competitive Shooting
  • Self Defense
  • Tactical
  • Home Protection
  • Shooting Ranges

ZEV Technologies – Fulcrum Trigger Kits for GEN4 Glock

ZEV Technologies - Fulcrum Trigger Kits for GEN4 Glock

This ZEV model on the other hand is made for precise letoff with a fast rest and fully-adjustable in case for takeup and over-travel. The product comes with convenient kits to perform the advantages of a custom trigger job. This is to give your Glock trigger the ultra-smooth pull you have always wished for.

It offers a clean letoff with a short reset. This is done so without impairing the reliability of the factory safeties. It is fully adjustable by using the two easy-to-access hex-head screws with wrench included. Therefore, you can tune the  feel according to your exact requirements for your maximum control.

The Glock trigger shoe and safety are precision machined and made out from 6061 T6 aluminum billet to provide precise engagement, superb responsiveness and smooth movement. The engagement surface on the bar that is made out from stainless steel is mirror polished to offer outstanding sensitivity and consistency at the same time.

The Basic Fulcrum model comes with preassembled trigger shoe, safety lever, and bar. Gen 4 Kits are available for any Gen 4 models such as 17/19 (9mm) or 22/23 (.40 S&W) pistols. The ZEV Technologies recommends this for competition uses only so do take note.

The finishing is black and the style is adjustable with a Drop-In kit. This model fits any 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, 34, 35 Glock pistols.

If you consider the design, this product is aesthetically pleasing. The installation was easy, safe and tough. I adjusted the pre-travel and over-travel in order to get a very nice trigger pull.

By heating the Glock trigger to melt the thread locker, it takes a bit more than the manufacturer described. Nonetheless, it can be done. Just take your time and go for slow checking progress often. By doing so, you will end up with a solid trigger.

All of the components that are included with this kit are made out of the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum. The stainless steel is highly polished to make a mirror finish which is quite pleasing to look at.

Installing the Glock Zev model is surprisingly quite simple. All you would have to do is to remove the 3 pins from the frame of your firearm. Then, drop the trigger on the frame to re-insert all of your pins.

However, installing the striker spring as well as the safety plunger could be a bit hard for those of us who have not had to disassemble any slide before. The adjustments could be easily made by using the two different set screws-one for pre-travel while the other one for over travel.

All in all, I am quite satisfied with the products performance though the adjustments can be a bit tedious sometimes.

Suitable for:

  • Competitive shooting
  • Hunting
  • Target Practice

Key Features of a Glock Trigger

The top 5 aftermarket triggers are decided by certain factors:

  1. Material
  2. Installation
  3. Style
  4. Model
  5. Price


Learning the material that these aftermarket triggers are made out of could help us to estimate the durability of the product.


Learning if the installation is easy or hard could help us to decide if we could install them ourselves or if there is a need to consult the local gunsmith. A professional consultation is recommended however for any of these products.


There are many type of styles available, that you may be in the lookout for. In case the trigger is adjustable, the straight bow is just an aesthetic factor because you can adjust it to a low but safer weight regardless of the shape of the bow. In a non-adjustable style however, the trigger is flat and wide. This allows for more surface area for your finger compared to the curved bow.


Not all type of aftermarket Glock triggers fits some of these products. Therefore, it is important to take notice if the trigger fits your Glock or not in order to avoid wastage of money if it doesn’t fit after purchasing it.


I hope these reviews have been helpful for you to choose the best aftermarket Glock triggers. Also, do check out the top rated AR-15 triggers.

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