Best Appendix Carry Holster Review 2019

Appendix carry is basically carrying your firearm either at forward of your hip bones or slightly off the center of your belly button. It is a popular type of IWB carry which can be worn either nearby your left and right hip, according to your dominant hand.

In other words, you can carry your weapon up front using this carry. However, it might be a tad bit uncomfortable because it is usually placed at the point where you bend your body. Not only that, it also provides discomfort when you are sitting down for long hours.

This type of carry is most suitable to accommodate small pistols such as compact and subcompact pistols. It will usually be placed at your 3, 4 or 5 o’clock position hence able to provide excellent concealment of your weapon. It is best to be worn with a jacket or baggy shirt to further conceal the outline of the weapon from being displayed at your shirt.

A good holster designed for appendix carry should be of maximum comfort, offer superior support as well as keep your pistol (try out the best gun oil your weapon! ) for your in position for fast draw and re-holstering. In order to ensure you get the best appendix carry holster, factors such as comfort, ease of access, concealment and safety should be taken into consideration.

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Top 7 Rated Appendix Carry Holster Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightEase of UseConcealmentComfortPrice
Blackhawk Leather Inside the Pants Black Holster5.6 ozModerateHighModerate$$
Vedder IWB Kydex Gun Holster2.5 lbsModerateHighHigh$$
Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult Holster2 lbsEasyHighModerate$$
Blade-Tech Holster Revolution Klipt Appendix IWB8 ozEasyHighModerate$$
Everyday Beretta Hybrid Holsters 2 lbsEasyHighHigh$$
Hip Hugger Classic Women’s Concealed Carry Holster9 ozModerateHighHigh$$
Blackhawk Appendix Reversible Carry Holster4.5 ozEasyModerateModerate$$


The main reason people possess a holster is to conceal your weapon effectively. It prevents the outline of your firearm or even the belt loop from being displayed on your shirt. To ensure maximum concealment, you are advised to either untuck your shirt, wear a baggy shirt or don on a jacket over your outfit according to your preference.

The appendix carry means carrying your weapon up front, either at your left or right according to your dominant hand. Therefore, you should always make sure that it has a snug fit with your weapon so it won’t fall off for instance if you are engaged in any high-energy physical activity.

Some products comes with additional features such as additional pockets for you to store your personal belongings or an extra gun therefore ensuring the maximum security for your items other than concealing them. You are provided with multiple carry options to carry your weapon depending on your comfort level.

They include the appendix carry of course that is highlighted in this review, cross-draw carry, and 3-5 o’clock position. Of course, factors such as comfort should be taken into account also when deciding your preferred carry option.


You can either don on the holster on your belt or directly to the waistband of your trousers. However, I suggest you attach it to your belt to ensure that it is securely held in place without causing your trousers to sag. Not only that, you can wear an undershirt with it or let it be in direct contact with your skin according to your preference.

Most holsters are either constructed with leather or Kydex material. Leather material is more comfortable as it is softer, however it needs to achieve its break-in period first. For kydex material on the other hand, it is rigid hence making it quick and easy to draw out and re-holster you weapon conveniently. Therefore, both material has its ups and downs thus it all comes down to your personal preference.

This type of carry might be a tad bit uncomfortable if you bend or sit down for long hours since it is located a little forward on your hips. You can either get one with soft material such as molded polymer construction for instance to at least ensure it is soft against your body. However, when you are standing or engaged in any activities that require you to be upright, it won’t be a problem.

Size & Weight

You need a get a good holster that is light and compact. Since it will be placed and attached to your belt, you need one with a slim construction so your weapon and the shape of it holding your weapon will remain concealed at all times.

Apart from that, the lighter one can compensate for the weight of your pistol so your pants for instance won’t sag due to carrying the heavy weight of both your holster and your weapon. A light one especially comes in handy if you are to use it for long hours or as an everyday carry according to your liking.

You should get larger sized ones to accommodate your larger pistols. For example, if you are to fit a large handgun such as the Beretta, you should get a larger and longer sheath so it can accommodate your weapon well with a snug fit.

Ease of Use

The ease of use factor refers to how easy it is to draw out and re-holster your weapon back in place conveniently. This partly depends on the material as mentioned above, whether leather of Kydex material. It should be rigid but also soft (for comfort) so you can draw out the weapon with a smooth tug.

Once the weapon is removed, some of the holsters might collapse. In other words, its shape collapse so it will be tedious to re-holster back the weapon into position, especially during an emergency situation. Therefore, you should get a rigid one to ensure easy operation.

Besides that, the ease of access solely depends on the retention of your product. Most of them come with adjustable retention screw so you can adjust the retention level according to your preference. Good retention allows you to holster and re-holster your weapon quickly with ease.

Not only that, some products has a mechanism in which an audible click is produced when the gun is properly holstered. This comes in handy to ensure that your gun is held securely in the holster hence reducing the chances of it getting loose or dropping to the ground if you are engaged in any physical activity.


You should get a high quality product that is worth every penny spent. There are various top rated products out there, the price varies basically due to additional features as well as construction materials. Hence, it solely depends on your allocated budget. Don’t let the price fool you! Some top rated products are affordable in price, provided you handle them with care.

It doesn’t hurt to do a little research before purchasing your product. That extra hour doing the research will benefit you a lot since you will most likely get the best holster well-suited to you, after reading customer’s reviews or product-based reviews about the item you plan to buy. Just keep in mind that it has to mainly conceal your weapon as well as provide you with maximum comfort.

Blackhawk Leather Inside the Pants Black Holster

Blackhawk Leather Inside the Pants Black Holster

This appendix IWB holster is able to accommodate three types of Glock pistol which are Glock 26, 27 and 33. It is constructed from leather in which the thick leather construction comes with a reinforced top that comes in handy to prevent the holster from collapsing once the weapon is drawn out.

Moreover, it has an angle-adjustable belt loop in which you can attach the product with ease. You are able to adjust the cant angle hence deciding whether it rides at a certain angle, higher or lower according to your preference. Also, the belt loop is mounted to the reinforced upper body to provide you with maximum stability.

Its adjustable tension screw on the other hand allows you to adjust the level of retention. If you want weapon to be held tighter or looser in it, you can simply just adjust the tension screw. Good retention is important so you can conveniently draw out your weapon and re-holster them with ease.

Besides that, this product is versatile as it allows different types of carry options. That being said, you get to carry your weapon using the middle of the back, strong side, cross-draw or the appendix carry according to your personal preference and comfort level.

The shirt shield protects your outfit, thus keeping the opening of your product unobstructed while maintaining good comfort. Although, it might be a little uncomfortable donning it on when bending or sitting. You can solve the problem by either adjusting its position on your belt or by wearing an undershirt.

The molded sight track of this product allows for smooth draw and re-holstering your weapon so you can remove it as fast as possible during an emergency situation. The weapon will have a very snug fit in the holster once the break-in period of leather is achieved. You can leave the gun in it overnight for instance to quicken the breaking in process.

In addition to that, it provides good concealment as it is able to hide your gun very well. This is because it clings tightly to your waist therefore preventing the print of the outline of gun. However, the loop that goes around the belt loop might be a little visible.

Suitable for :

  • Angle-adjustable belt loop
  • Adjustable retention screw
  • Molded sight track
  • Shirt shield

Vedder IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Vedder IWB Kydex Gun Holster appendix carry

The operation of this product is excellent and complex as you are able to adjust the cant angle, ride height and retention therefore allowing you to carry it conveniently and comfortably. That being said, you can make 30 degrees adjustable forward and reverse cant angle which, all in all is great for 3 to 5 o’ clock carry, appendix as well as cross draw.

Besides that, it comes with Vedder’s sturdy and solid spring steel clip that is tuckable. The steel clip measures 1.5 inches and it conceals your weapon well. In other words, there won’t be any outline of your belt line, hence ensuring the most discrete carry option.

In other words, the sleek design of the body and clip makes your firearm virtually disappear under your clothes therefore providing incredible concealment. Also, this product is able to accommodate the Glock 19, 23 and 32 pistols with a snug fit.

It is handcrafted and made in the USA as well as backed by lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee so in my opinion, it will be well worth your investment. The sweat shield on the other hand keeps your slide clean and sweat-free at all times. This in return ensures that your metal on the gun doesn’t corrode due to the moisture from your sweat.

Moreover, it is formed exactly to fit the 3 Glock gun models mentioned above. It comes with a 0.08 inch Kydex holster for ultimate strength as well as no unnecessary bulk. Apart from that, the custom made channel on it fits the standard indicators and sights.

In addition to that, it holds your weapon securely with a snug fit so you don’t have to worry about it falling down or so if you are engaged in any physical activity. You will hear an audible click each time you re-holster your weapon back in place. Also, you don’t need to undo your pants each time you draw and re-holster your weapon as it is designed with user’s maximum convenience in mind.

This product is comfortable even in sitting position which comes in handy if you plan on wearing it during a long period of time. Not only that, it fully covers the trigger area and protects the mag release which is very beneficial to you in terms of safety.

Suitable for :

  • Sleek body and clip
  • Adjustable ride height & cant angle
  • Great sweat shield

Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult Holster

Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult Holster

First things first, it is designed by Blade Tech to provide an additional concealment option when appendix carrying your firearm. That being said, this product has a low profile (rides low) compared to other holsters in the market therefore allowing good concealment.

Apart from that, it features a light clip that can be utilized to attach your handheld tactical light. The light clip can be used to attach other items too according to your preference. Also, the clip attaches securely hence preventing it from dropping when you are engaged in high energy activity that requires a lot of movement.

Your firearm has a secure fit in it so you need not worry about people coming up to snatch your weapon. Not only that, it is rather simple to draw out and re-holster your pistols as the retention is great. The gun snaps into place with an audible click when it is properly holstered yet draws out smoothly with maximum ease.

Moreover, this product is made from grease, oil and heat resistant polymer. This comes in handy especially when you are sweating due to wearing it for a long time, the whole day long. Also, its slide guard is well designed to keep your gun protected from the moisture due to your body sweat. This in return prevents the rusting of your gun hence ensuring its durability.

It is designed to fit a few Glock pistols hence you won’t get custom fit for one particular gun. That being said, it extends an extra ¾ inch from the end. Thus, you should make some modifications in order to ensure that your weapon perfectly fits the holster.

You are subjected to multiple carry options such as the appendix or kidney position options using this product. It is comfortable to wear nevertheless, frequent bending or sitting for long periods might cause a little discomfort, but that’s the drawback to most appendix carry holsters.

Suitable for :

  • Light clip
  • Easy to draw out and re-holster gun
  • Slide guard well designed
  • Low profile

Best Holster with Audible Click :

Blade-Tech Holster Revolution Klipt Appendix

Blade-Tech Holster Revolution Klipt Appendix

This product is able to fit Glock 19 and 23 pistols. You can either choose the right or left hand orientation depending on your dominant hand before making the purchase of this product. Also, it can accommodate all belts up to 1.75 inches.

Apart from that, its ultra thin signature ensures that it is not only very comfortable but also low profile. That being said, your firearm can be carried without anybody suspecting you of possessing a weapon as it doesn’t print the outline of your gun even when wearing minimal attire. However, it is best to wear a baggy shirt to maximize the concealment.

The firearm locks securely into this product with the signature Blade-Tech click. In other words, it produces an audible snap when the gun is inserted as well as able to be drawn smoothly with a firm tug. Therefore, it has a great retention that makes it a lot easier for you to draw out and re-holster your weapon conveniently.

In addition to that, it is deemed as a perfect way to conceal and securely carry any small or medium auto or J-frame revolver conveniently. You have to different option to carry your weapon with this product. It can either be carried on the weak side in IWB cross draw style or as a straight drop style on your strong side hip according to your preference and comfort level.

The clip on this product on the other hand is securely attached to your waistband while still allowing for quick and easy removal from belt when necessary, designed for the user’s maximum convenience. This small and thin clip attaches to the belt easily and is simple to remove according to your preference.

Furthermore, it requires minimal movement during the firearm presentation hence allowing for a faster and easier drawing out of weapon which comes in handy especially during an emergency situation. It is best worn with a belt to ensure maximum security thus cutting out any scenarios of your weapon dropping to the ground when you are engaged in active activities for instance.

The sweat shield on the other hand keeps the side of the pistol from being in contact with your skin therefore preventing your sweat from reaching the metal parts of the gun. However, it might be a little uncomfortable if you are on the larger build side, especially if you are bending over or sitting for long hours.

Suitable for :

  • Ultra thin signature
  • Locks with audible click
  • Thin and secure clip
  • Good retention

Best Holster for Beretta Gun :

Everyday Beretta Hybrid Holsters Review

Everyday Beretta Hybrid Holsters

Firstly, this appendix carry holster is very comfortable to wear. It keeps the pistol tightly secured against your body yet doesn’t restrict your everyday movement. After a while, you won’t even notice you have it on. Another part of the reason it is comfortable is because the weight of your weapon is distributed perfectly.

It consists of a 9/10 ounce premium leather as well as 0.060 inch kydex material. Not only that, it might be a little stiff before the break-in period of your leather. Once the leather completely breaks in, it would be comfortable for you to draw out and re-holster back your weapon with ease. To quicken the breaking in process, you can leave your weapon in it overnight.

Moreover, this product fits and conceals large handguns such as Beretta well. It is specifically made for inside pants use for the Beretta model 92/96. Even for a larger built man, it provides good concealment however it would be a whole lot better if you either wear a baggy shirt or don on a jacket over your shirt.

In other words, it is easy to conceal and maintains a low profile considering the large size of the Beretta weapon. The best position to don on this holster is the 5 o’ clock appendix carry towards your hip. However, when bending or sitting, it might be a tad bit uncomfortable.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, it is well worth your investment, in my opinion. You are in control of making full adjustments for the cant angle and ride height according to your preference. In other words, you can decide how low or high it rides, its inclination level and such depending on your comfort level.

Apart from that, the weapon fits snugly into the holster thereby allow for a full firing grip before drawing your gun. Not only that, it is rather smooth and simple to draw out and re-holster your Glock pistol.

The screws however require constant tightening if you use it often to ensure it attaches securely to you belt at all times. The plastic molding of this product has a strong and solid construction meanwhile the metal clips are big enough to hook onto your thick leather gun belt with ease.

Suitable for :

  • Leather and kydex construction
  • Adjustable ride height and cant
  • Fits large firearms
  • Lifetime warranty

Best Holster for Women :

Hip Hugger Classic Women’s Concealed Carry Holster

Hip Hugger Classic Women’s Concealed Carry Holster

A women’s holster, that’s not something you hear everyday! This product is available in three different colors which are the standard black as well as black with purple or hot pink linings thus making it look a whole lot attractive in appearance.

It comes in a 5 inch profile military-grade elastic construction. Not only that, it has plenty of space as it is able to hold 3 weapons and an extra magazine for a secure and concealed carry so you can put other small belongings in too, according to your preference. That being said, it provides good concealment for any type of activity such as for active wear and everyday carry if you carry a small gun.  For a larger gun however, it is best to wear baggy shirts for good concealment.

Furthermore, it comes with 3 rows of metal hook eye for adjustable fit. You can utilize any or all 3 of this hook to clip on your personal belongings. Also, you get to have multiple carry options, with a total of 4 holstering positions. These positions are 2 appendix and 2 kidney carry options in which you can use depending on your comfort level.

This product is made to hug a woman’s curves. Its tapered design ensures that it is well-contoured to a woman’s figure and work with her wardrobe so she can wear any type of outfits while also concealing the weapon at all times.

Equipped with 3 additional pockets, you get to keep your personal items such as phone, pocket knife or even lipstick with ease and maximum security. These pockets are very safe and secure therefore it comes in handy if you are walking alone at night for instance as the magazine pockets are lined for no scratch and snag.

Apart from that, it has 2 rows of hypoallergenic, non-slip and tacti-grip feature that ensures your holster is secured in place all day. It also features a rare earth magnet for additional magnetic weapon retention so you can draw out and re-holster your weapon with maximum ease.

In terms of re-holstering, this product comes with its patented Heads-Up re-holstering feature to ensure that the process goes smoothly which comes in handy especially during an emergency situation.

It is also very comfortable to don on this product. After a while, you won’t even feel its presence there as the stretchy fabric clings to your body. It has a Size Extender feature in which you can utilize to get the accurate size for your body.  The measurements are taken in inches.

Suitable for :

  • For women
  • 4 holstering positions
  • 3 additional pockets
  • Heads-Up re-holstering feature
  • Size Extender feature

Best Ambidextrous Holster :

Blackhawk Appendix Reversible Carry Holster

Blackhawk Appendix Reversible Carry Holster

This reversible carry holster has an ambidextrous carry capability which is very user-friendly as it can be used by both left and right handed type of users. It is constructed from molded polymer material to provide you with maximum comfort especially if you wear it for long hours.

Furthermore, it includes 2 cant and ride height adjustment belt clips to accommodate belt size of 1.5 inch up to 1.75 inch so you can make adjustments in terms of inclination or declination angle as well as ride height (whether low or high) according to your preference using this clips.

The clip attachment point on the other hand is ergonomically constructed and moved in towards your holster to provide you with added comfort especially when you are bending or sitting down as the clip won’t poke into your tummy.

Its body is slim with contours around muzzle to ensure that it clings to your body therefore maximizing concealment as it is least likely to leave a print of the outline of your weapon on your outfit.

Apart from that, this product rides at a perfect height and allows for a full grip on your gun hence making it a lot easier to draw out your weapon. That being said, it has an adjustable retention detent which basically a passive retention detent with adjustment screws so you can make adjustments to the retention according to your preference.

The great retention allows for easy holstering and re-holstering of your weapon at all times. However, it can be a tad bit hard to re-holster your firearm as the shape will collapse once the weapon is drawn out.

It is equipped with 2 belt clips. The belt clips allows for 2 mounting positions in which it allows your gun to ride either higher or deeper depending on the ride height and cant angle adjustments. However, the clips are said to be a little flimsy. Also, this product allows for the use of rear mounted Red Dots.

Suitable for :

  • Ambidextrous carry capability
  • Molded polymer construction
  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable ride height and cant angle


All in all, it is important to have a holster with you if you plan to carry your weapon. An appendix holster allows for quick drawing and re-holstering of weapon although it may be a little uncomfortable during bending or sitting down.

It should be held securely against your body as well as hold your weapon with a snug fit for maximum concealment. Ease of use, concealment, comfort and finally the cost should be taken into account to choose the best product that is well-suited to you as well as worth your investment.

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