We Review the Best Rifle Bipods of 2020: AR-15 & More

To achieve consistent long-range performance with an AR-15, or any rifle for that matter, a stable shooting platform is a must.  Whether you’re shooting from a prone position, a table, or a bench-rest a bipod gives you the support and stability needed for tight groupings.

As with the components of an AR-15, there are literally dozens of choices when it comes to choosing the best bipod.  The key considerations are height and durability.  We’ll talk more about durability in particular.  A bipod takes a lot of abuse so you need something that can withstand the forces of the particular caliber of rifle you’re using.  Without further ado, here are our 5 best AR-15 bipods.

Top 5 Bipods for the AR-15

Name of productWeightLeg lengthExtension notchesType of mountPricelink
Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Solid Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod10.4 ounces6" - 9"4Swivel stud$$https://www.amazon.com/Harris-Engineering-1A2-BRM-Solid-Base/dp/B000JJL81M
CVLIFE 9-13 Inches Rifle Bipod with Solid Sling Adapter Base1.4 poundsJanuary 19, 19005Swivel stud/ Picatinny$https://www.amazon.com/CVLIFE-Inches-Rifle-Bipod-Adapter/dp/B007UT3O3O
UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount, Height 8.0-12.4"12.8 ounces8.0"-12.4"7Picatinny/ Weaver $https://www.amazon.com/UTG-Tactical-Bipod-Height-8-0-12-4/dp/B004KSJDB0
Ohuhu Adjustable Handy Spring Return Sniper Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod, 6"-9", Black1.05 pounds6"-9"4Swivel stud/ Picatinny$https://www.amazon.com/Ohuhu-Adjustable-Spring-Hunting-Tactical/dp/B015XMRW46
UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7"13.9 ounces6.2"-6.7"5Swivel stud/ Picatinny$https://www.amazon.com/UTG-Shooters-Bipod-Rubber-Height/dp/B001WJ577O
TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & Pan QD 7" - 10.5": Picatinny Mount, Extendable, Folding, with Sling-attached Hole.PN#S9-946760.3 ounces7"-10.5"5Picatinny$$https://www.amazon.com/TipTop%C2%AE-Tactical-Rifle-Bipod-Quicklock/dp/B00TEGIGEI
CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return with Adapter13.6 ounces6" - 9"5Picatinny$https://www.amazon.com/CVLIFE-Inches-Tactical-Adjustable-Adapter/dp/B01E4YVCOA
UTG Rubber Armored Full Metal QD Bipod, Height 6.0"- 8.5"1.07 pounds6.0"- 8.5" 5Swivel stud/ Picatinny$https://www.amazon.com/UTG-Rubber-Armored-Metal-Height/dp/B00AEPHHDE
AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod - 6 Inch to 9 Inch Adjustable Super Duty Tactical Rifle Bipod11.2 ounces6" - 9"5Swivel stud$https://www.amazon.com/AVAWO-Hunting-Rifle-Bipod-Adjustable/dp/B017IJNELC
BT10 Atlas Bipod Standard Two Screw 1913 Rail Clamp12 ounces4.75" - 9.0"5Picatinny$$$https://www.amazon.com/Atlas-Bipod-Standard-Screw-Clamp/dp/B003KOX294

Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Solid BiPod

Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Solid BiPod

This best bipod of Harris in this best bipod review could extend from 6 inches to 9 inches while the leg notches in 1 inch increments. It is suitable for archery but not necessarily specified for archery only. It only attaches to the swivel stud.

The clever design grabs the stud from each side at the hole. Then, it pulls the Bi-Pod snug up against the stock. There is a thin rubber pad which functions as a soft “seating” surface for the snug fit. The solid base is suitable for flat ground or either a flat shooting surface.

Meanwhile, the hinged base allows the rifle to be rotated on its axis. For example, just imagine that you are laying at a hillside. The legs are in equal length which is one leg up the hill while the other leg down the hill. While your rifle is rotated 30 degrees to the right, the hinge will allow your rifle to be rotated 30 degrees back to horizontal.

Therefore, the hinged base will allow your rifle to tip from side to side slightly in account for any uneven shooting platforms. The legs are spring loaded and they will extend until they are in contact with the ground. Or, you could stop the extension of legs by releasing the pressure off the levers on legs.

As a side note, you will have to buy an adapter. I mounted mine and used an adapter for my picatinny rail. One of the advantages of this bipod is that it can be easily taken off for transport due to the quick release connection. It could also be transported on the rifle as the legs are spring loaded.

Since you may need an adapter, I would like to remind you that I had some difficulty in getting the right adapter. Also, the hand guard is hard to attach to the bipod on the pre-existing sling mount fixture. The springs in each leg make an affirmative “click” as they shoot to the maximum setting.

The moving parts are very solid without any wobble. The telescopic legs could be adjusted with minimal amount of effort which at the same time provides a solid platform during bench rest shooting or when you are firing from the prone position.

This particular product is lightweight and compact. It looks promising to endure a lifetime’s worth of trips to the range and also when you are in the field. I like how the grooved legs allow incremental adjustment. The 9″ height works well for you in the prone position.

Suitable for:

  • Bench rest shooting
  • Prone position
  • Durability

CVLIFE Rifle Bipod with Solid Sling Adapter Base

CVLIFE Rifle Bipod with Solid Sling Adapter Base

The next best AR bipod is from CVLIFE. Using the return springs as well as the leg release button, the leg length could be adjusted from 9″ to 13″. This particular product is made of hardened steel and aluminum with non-rust black anodized finish. The CVLIFE best bipod is lightweight and has adjustable leg length for different length with 5 settings.

You could quickly attach or detach this from the rifle using the existing swivel stud. It weighs under 0.78lb (only the bipod and not including the adapters). This product comes along with a picatinny adapter.

This precision grade product will fit into any Picatinny rail at the forearm of the rifle perfectly. Also, this AR 15 bipod is built with an upgraded mount tension screw. The screw is of high strength and has enough deep threads to hold tension.

Adjusting the length is easy. Just press the leg release button slightly. The bipod legs have 5 notches for a total 5 settings. The length could be adjusted from 9 inches to 13 inches precisely according to your need.

The CVLIFE best bipod is built with the rubber foot pad to provide more stability. This tactical bipod is ideal for any environment as it allow you to easily rest your rifle on the ground or any other places.

It has a foldable design.​The springs on the legs of the bipod make it easy to fold the legs up. Do not over tighten the spring to make easy work of keeping silent when you are hunting. Do bear in mind that this bipod does not rotate or pivot. It is a fixed bipod. I was satisfied with the bipod at 9″ but at full extension, I could notice the recoil.

As it is common with some of the other products, this product does not come with instructions. The absence of installation instructions is indeed troubling. However, if you are experienced with bipods or if you did enough research, you could take about 20 minutes to get it installed.

This AR bipod even has padding in order to protect your rifle’s finish. To install this bipod on your rifle, just loosen the handscrew and remove the small placeholder cylinder. After doing so, tighten it down on your sling mount.

Furthermore, I also feel that the leg release buttons are being in an awkward position. If you are carrying your AR 15 with a sling, this best AR bipod has a tendency to press against your back or shoulder. This in turn presses the release buttons. As you might be aware of if you are a hunter, you don’t want excess noise, especially when you are trekking the entire way through the woods.

Overall, this CVLIFE best bipod could be the ideal choice for reducing your fatigue as well as increase accuracy and stability.

Suitable for:

  • Hiking through the woods
  • Easy view
  • Rest and aim without any unwanted movement

UTG Tactical AR-15 Bipod with QD Lever Mount

UTG Tactical AR-15 Bipod with QD Lever Mount

The UTG best bipod is made out of heavy-duty full metal construction is designed to meet the harshest requirements. Therefore, don’t fret if you can’t help but expose your bipod to any abuse along your journey.

This mount base is fully adjustable QD Lever Lock is able to fit on any Picatinny or Weaver Rail. The product also comes along with Swivel Stud Conversion kit. The legs are fully adjustable with 7 extension notches. This bipod is further supported by Lockable Thumb Wheel.

This UTG best bipod has finger-friendly push buttons. These buttons are used for rapid retraction of leg extensions. The bipod’s foldable arms are equipped with robust external spring tension control. The bipod’s added advantage is the non-slip rubberized foot pads. Those foot pads make your bipod suitable for any terrain or surface.

The steel parts in strategic locations makes conquering even the most aggressive environments an afterthought because of the strain in extensive fire testing. The double support rods on the mounting base of the bipod and the bigger diameter of the legs helps the bipod to work consistently and tirelessly for you.

The excellent performance is further contributed by the solid external springs that are connected to the spring catches. They are the integral component to the legs. The Bipod legs can be extended to any of the 7 notches.

The bipod could also be fine-tuned to any position in between the notches. The notches are locked down with the locking thumb wheel. The quick retraction feature of the bipod’s legs allows for easy stow-away.

However, the springs that keep the bipod in position are indeed pretty tough to handle and they put up a lot of resistance when you are lowering or raising the legs. Nonetheless, it’s still manageable.

The purchase comes with standard Picatinny rail mounting to mount on any Picatinny rail. The AR 15 bipod swivels about 20-25 degrees left and right but it won’t go that far. You might not realize that this bipod could swivel unless you look at it closely.

On the bottom of the mount, there is a large allen screw. You could loosen the screw to let the mount swivel. Meanwhile, tightening it locks it into place. The screws don’t necessarily need to be very loose as it has an O-ring between the mount and bipod which functions as a resistor.

The QD Lever Lock System that allows quick on/off installation on any Picatinny rail makes installation to be done in a flash. On top of that, the lever lock is designed for full adjustability makes it fit on even rails worn over time. However, it rattles a bit when it is not locked open which could scare off game when hunting.

Suitable for:

  • Most secured positions
  • Tightness adjustments
  • Level setting/position for the two legs

Ohuhu Adjustable Sniper Hunting Bipod

Ohuhu Adjustable Sniper Hunting Bipod

This Ohuhu best bipod in this best bipod review is made out of heavy-duty metal and aluminum construction and designed to meet the harshest requirements. The height is adjustable and the foldable arms are equipped with spring tension. The height is adjustable to a range of 6 to 9 inches.

This bipod is suitable for dual mounting – whether it id for Picatinny mount or either a swivel stud mount. This bipod is further supported by lockable thumb wheel which gives fine and precise adjustments.

The legs are padded with non-slip rubberized foot pads which makes it suitable for use at any terrain or surface. The bipod is solid with no rattle or flex while using it. The thumb screws could be locked in well and tight. Meanwhile, the mounting options made it easy for me to transfer between two very different mounting platforms such as Picatinny and swivel stud.

However, it does not pan. Also, the telescoping legs spring default is inward which means you cannot fast deploy the legs to the extended position.

This best bipod is solid and did not collapse under fire. The folding function and lockup were also stout. If you turn the knobs, the legs spring inward into the shortest position. While this is perfect for packing up and returning home, I would rather prefer the legs to spring outward to the extended position when I am loosening the knobs.

On the other hand, I am very pleased with the rubber pads on both sides of the attachment area. As a result, I can install and remove this bipod many times without worrying if doing so would scratch my handguard.

The spring loaded legs could be flipped up and down easily and the spring keeps them secure in either position. The product also comes with a standard mount adapter and a Weaver rail adapter for your additional flexibility.

There is very minimal adjustment in account for your size and preferences. The legs are locked with a pressure knob which I rather would like to be replaced with locking pin points for 6 and 9 inches.

This is because, you would have to pull on the legs to extend the legs while simultaneously you must screw the knobs to lock them in the extended position you chose. You could wheel torque down the legs in case you want the legs at a length in between the full extend and the collapsed range.

Overall in this best bipod review, this product performs better than expected and there is no play/wiggle when it is attached.

Suitable for:

  • Solid stance
  • Low profile
  • Prone or bench shooting

UTG Shooter’s SWAT Bipod

UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipods

The next UTG best bipod is made out of high tech and durable aluminum construction for long durability. The bipod is suitable for dual mounting which are a Picatinny Mount and a Swivel Stud Mount.

The product is equipped with Posi-lock in order to prevent tipping. This tactical low profile is designed for versatile applications while the rubberized comfort stand makes this bipod more stable.

The product is lightweight, strong, and built to last. The adjustable leg length provides length range from 6.2 to 6.7 inches high. To top it all, the bipod is foldable for easy storage and portability. Therefore, you could even bring it along in any one of your travels.

It weighs around 0.9 lb. The weaver points are adjustable and it takes up around 2 slots of space on a rail when you extend them (5-7 slot space when collapsed). It attaches easily to my sling swivel but needs some adjustment. It is rock steady though once tightened down.

One of the downside of this best AR bipod is that I find at the highest setting the bipod wouldn’t permit me to lay prone and shoot unless my magazine touches the ground. On the positive side, it locks into position well and it could be mounted on my AR 15 using adapters if needed.

This could be used for target shooting or to prone out in the fields from 100-600 yards. There is around a 1/32″ wobble at the folding joints but it is not a big problem unless for precision shots where I would like to suggest you to apply some slight forward pressure.

Since they are short, they make prone shooting more comfortable compared to the longer ones.

Also, the pivot is easily locked down using an allen key. You can have it swivel on a rubber O-ring if you prefer. The legs are adjustable if you want to level your firearm to the terrain but it is not adjustable for changing the height.

The screw on the base of the mount tends to come loose over time but it is pretty stable and almost a fixed system and short. The spring loaded leg makes shooting at long range on uneven surfaces more comfortable. For example, like a rock or log.

One of the unique features is that they are twist adjustable. Therefore, you can easily reach up with one hand to twist the leg-lock. Then, you level the rifle and twist it back locked without even having to get up.

Some of you may complaint about the clearance of thirty round mags but for target shooting from prone and general use, it is not a problem as it takes at most 20 round mags and also has plenty of clearance to spare in case you need the extra capacity.

Suitable for:

  • Target shooting off a bench
  • Shooting prone from the ground
  • Pivoting

TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod

TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod

The Tiptop best bipod could be pivoted to 38 degree and panning up to 74 degrees. It is one of those model that supports both Pivot and Pan using one tension lever. The durable design could manage the recoil of the rifle without collapsing.

This AR 15 bipod is stable, lightweight and has a sling-attached design. On top of that, the bipod has all-weather and no-rust black anodized finish to reduce reflection. It is also designed to allow your rifle to perform pivoting at uneven terrain and also horizontal scanning (Pan) simultaneously.

This model is quick to be attached and detached for Picatinny. There is no need for an adaptor when installing this model. There is a unique spring load which holds it at a steady and strong position while aiming and hitting the target.

The sections of the telescope legs are easy to adjust between the range of 7″ to 10.5″. It also has an added special design to allow Fast retraction while at the same time to reduce noise. The legs are foldable to be parallel with the barrel of your rifle for easy carry and storage.

The screws have a knurled knob for easy handle and installation. The 7″-10.5″ length is suitable to be used for bench rest and floor use while supporting 30 mag. It gives an ideal amount of lift to be comfortable without forcing yourself to stretch out too much.

The spring loaded pivoting base is advantageous in terms of comfort while at the same time allows for increased precision if you don’t have enough time to properly adjust the leg extensions on an uneven surface.

You don’t need to worry about the legs slipping or jumping while tracking a game as the pan feature prevents that from happening. Although it is a bit on the heavy side, it locks into position fine. The quick release can be used to take it off quickly.

I would prefer however that the pivot/pan tension level knob is on the other side (away from shooter); because how often are we going to be changing the tension? This is based on the assumption that you may want to leave it all the time with the legs up and facing forward when you are not using it, like me.

To counter this problem, I had to move my AR 15 grip way back to allow my hand around the grip without the knob gashing me. Otherwise than that, the tilt and rotation features work perfectly. Overall, this best AR bipod is suitable for use even with some minor problems here and there as I said before.

Suitable for:

  • Any terrain or surface
  • Quick installation
  • Pan and swivel lock lever is position adjustable

CVLIFE Bipod Adjustable Spring Return with Adapter

CVLIFE Bipod Adjustable Spring Return with Adapter

Using the return springs and leg release button, the leg length could be adjusted from a range of 6 inches (152mm)to 9 inches(225mm). This model is made out of hardened steel and aluminum with non-rust black anodized finish to handle heavy duty while at the same time being of lightweight.

It also has 5 settings for adjustable leg length. You could quickly attach or detach it from your rifle using the existing swivel stud. The arms are foldable with spring tension control. Also, the product comes with a mount adapter.

The included Picatinny adapter for this precision grade bipod will fit onto any Picatinny rail on the forearm of the. It is also equipped with an upgraded mount tension screw. The screw is of high strength and has deep enough threads to withhold tension.

The legs have 5 notches which could be extended and locked to any of the notches you choose by slightly pressing the button. The springs on the legs make it easy to fold the legs up. Do make sure that they are not over tightened to prevent any noise when hunting.

If you check carefully, you may notice that you can actually pivot it up and down a reasonable amount. With a 30 round magazine in and the stock extended, the magazine doesn’t touch the ground sitting on the bipod.

As you further extend the legs out, the solidness it seems to be decreasing which is disappointing. The bipod starts to wobble. That being said, I had no problems moving or flexing when I shoot with it fully extended. However, I would like to remind you again that it would be a bit more stable with the legs on the lower levels.

As a side note, there are no instructions on how to install or use this product. So, for those who may be the first time considering buying one, it might be a struggle to figure it out. There are plenty of references on the net if you are clueless by the way.

For the installation, the pin at the rail attachment does not stay tight. As a result, you would need to insert the allen wrench behind the pin in order to keep it in place while attaching it.

The main body seems to be heavy and I think that there are some parts that are better to be eliminated to reduce weight. Overall in best bipod review, this product works well on an AR 15 though I wish that it could be easier to install and lightweight.

Suitable for:

  • Hunting
  • Sighting in
  • Target shooting

UTG Rubber Armored Full Metal QD Bipod

UTG Rubber Armored Full Metal QD Bipod

The legs are padded with impact resistant rubber for the best comfortable handling. This bipod is made out of heavy-duty metal construction which is designed to meet the harshest requirements.

This UTG best bipod is suitable for dual mounting whether it is for a Picatinny Mount or a Swivel Stud Mount. The detachable lever lock at the mounting base is designed to fit on any Picatinny/Weaver Rail as well.

The legs are fully adjustable with 5 extension notches for 5 different settings. The settings are for secured extension positions and the legs are further supported by Lockable Thumb Wheel.

Although it does not swivel, it is very sturdy and solid for handle. You would have to manually put the legs up and down one at a time. The extendable legs allow the use of regular AK mags which is not the case for some other bipods which are not tall enough for the AK mags.

All the adjustments are positive and easy to use. They lock in place with very little movement. You don’t need to press a button or unscrew a retaining screw as the legs extend quickly like a ratchet. Although it does lock onto any picatinny rails, it doesn’t look to be as secure as compared to the sling mount option.

It ratchets down 4 places when fully extended and the tightening screw heads are course which extents slightly outside the width of the leg. Mounting was easy. I just had to tighten the quick release screw to snug it up on my AR 15.

Furthermore, the legs do not retract via spring. You will need to push in on the levers at the backside of the legs. Then, manually retract the legs as I have mentioned before.

The lever/pins are very solid. Though, there is some wiggle on the legs. Do bear in mind that the results may vary. However, they snap into any one of the four positions with no catching/seizing or loosening. The springs do not make any noise when hunting which I feel to be a nice bonus as well.

This best AR 15 model allows you to swing the legs at either to the forward or to the rear according to whatever that works best on your rifle. For the adjustment, you could use the push button to set the folding legs or the hand twistable screwing locks for adjusting leg height in accordance to your choice.

Overall, this best AR bipod is designed to be ‘universal’. Therefore, have no qualms regarding the suitability of this bipod with your AR 15 although it may be a little heavy.

Suitable for:

  • Target and hunting long shots
  • Sturdy adjustable bipod

AVAWO Adjustable Super Duty Tactical Rifle Bipod

AVAWO Adjustable Super Duty Tactical Rifle Bipods

The AVAWO best bipod is made out of hardened steel and aluminum with adjustable leg height at 6″ / 152mm when retracted and 9″ / 225 mm when it is fully extended. It is lightweight (10oz) to for easy transport.

The legs have ultra light spring loaded folding mechanism which may have contributed for the bipod being lightweight. The non-rust black anodized finish is designed to long durability and the bipod is rubber padded.

The durable new design can quickly attach to sling swivel stud. There are 5 settings with return springs and the legs could be folded forward or backward.

The 5 settings works with 1 inch notches and rubber feet works well. The bipod attaches securely and the leg length adjustments are easy to do using the spring loaded release clips. So far, I encountered no problems for folding and unfolding the legs as they work well.

As a side note, it does not allow to rotate from side to side for adjustment at a non-level surface. Also, due to the padding, you would have to re-tighten the screw after some shooting. After doing so, there are no more issues with it.

The bipod is durable enough to allow pre loading though it does tilts slightly to the right when torqued down. To tackle this issue I would suggest you to loosen it. This will allow some movement but you can line up the sight without the reticle being a little off.

Another downside is that it has no rock-back. As a result, it may catch on uneven ground and possibly throw off your shot. When you set it up, the bipod does not rock back when you shoot. By doing so, it allows the kick to move naturally backwards which will keep the barrel level.

On smooth dirt, the legs move back on the dirt. It is important to take note that the barrel is not disturbed on the leg’s travel backward. It is crucial that the legs doesn’t catch on something. If it does, your shot will be disturbed.

Regarding the installation, as long as you have the little nubs which are intended for a strap on your AR 15, you would be able to mound this bipod. Just follow a few simple steps.

Loosen the screw on the bipod. Then, insert the little teeth onto your strap mount. Finally, tighten it up. At the end of it, you would be impressed with how snug the attachment is.

Overall in this best bipod review, this piece of equipment has a tactical feel to it and it works well for me to steady my shots from a prone position.

Suitable for:

  • Those looking for a cheap bipod
  • Protecting the forend of gun

BT10 Atlas Bipod 1913 Rail Clamp

BT10 Atlas Bipod 1913 Rail Clamp

It is made out of aluminum and mounts directly to any Picatinny Rail using a Low Profile two Screw Clamp Assembly. The height range is approximately from 4.75” to 9.0″. It weighs around 11.0 Oz. The adjustability of the bipod is amazing on my AR 15. The load is smooth and cushy as well.

It has many adjustments that lock into place. I would like to remind you again that this is a short bipod which extends to the maximum length of 9 inches. I found the legs easy to be adjusted for different settings if you are on an uneven area.

The legs do wobble when extended but the cant and pivot functionality are wonderful. You could either stow the legs forward or rearward and it allows the legs to be placed at a forward angle. There are a total of 5 different positions for pivoting and it locks up positively.

The pan and tilt are tight even on the lightest settings so it was a bit difficult to tilt. The legs would rather move than the pan mechanism. On the positive side however, it can also flip all the way forward to be parallel with the barrel.

I would recommend to you to not use it at full extension since it will become a bit wobbly. Instead, you could use the intermediate lengths. The design is much more desirable compared to the external spring designs especially when folded.

You wouldn’t need to remove it when you are firing from a standing position. It will fit snugly in your gun case. The Picatinny rail mounts prove to be super stable when you are mounting on any rifle. The rail mount is low profile. This means, less weight and less bulkiness.

The Atlas best bipod is indeed a little heavy due to the durable construction. So if you are interested in this product, you would have to compromise between its durability and its weight.

Although the Atlas bipod may not impress you with the deployment speed, it makes up for this is in terms of versatility. They are faster to deploy from folded as well as quicker to extend. It has 5 possible positions for each leg independently.

This gives the advantage to better mount it on uneven surfaces or even a surface with strange gaps or spacing. You would have to positively control the leg and manually adjust it. Its ability to cant is also easier to be adjusted and tighter compared to the other bipods.

Overall in this best AR bipod review, it will allow you to shoot from a variety of surfaces reliably which seems worth it for its rather high price.

Suitable for:

  • A variety of surfaces
  • Low profile
  • Precision shooting
  • Versatility

The top 10 best bipod are selected based on certain factors:

  1. Weight
  2. Leg length
  3. Number of extension notches
  4. Type of mount
  5. Price


A lightweight one makes transporting and setting up the bipod to be easy. However, a bipod that is too light may prove to have less stability and may easily collapse under your rifle’s recoil.

Leg length

Knowing the leg lengths that could be adjusted may help you to decide if the bipod is a short one or a long one. The more the options for leg length, the more versatile it is for use in any situations.

Number of extension notches

The extension notches are for setting the bipod up to different settings. If there are more extension notches, the more settings there will be to adjust your bipod’s legs.

Type of mount

Some are suitable for picatinny mount while some are suitable for swivel stud mount. Knowing the type of mount the bipod will be suitable for will help you to set the bipod up.

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