Best AR-15 Cleaning Kit Review 2019

Proper maintenance is key to getting the best performance from your AR-15.  It also helps ensure a long and useful life for the weapon.  This is especially true in more humid locations where moisture can cause corrosion on key parts of your rifle.  Below we’ve highlighted the best AR-15 cleaning kits.

They include everything you need to keep your assault rifle operating smoothly and efficiently.

Top 5 AR-15 Cleaning Kits


Best Value. Works with all AR-15 variations and many other weapons. Extremely Flexible.

Compact kit, excellent case. Universal so works with a wide variety of rifles.

Very compact. Works with any AR-15 model. Military issue.

Very compact. Universal so works on all guns. Includes B.O.N.E. tool.

Specifically designed for AR-15. Good for basic maintenance.

1. Best Overall Cleaning Kit:  GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

This cleaning toolkit is equipped with a coyote coated stainless steel rod section with length of 32.5 inch, combined with a black swivel aluminum handle with a chamber lock end on it. That being said, the rod is sturdy, durable and most importantly corrosion-free so you can use it to clean your rifle well without worrying about the rod breaking or getting rusted.

Moreover, it is suitable to be used with the .223 caliber and 5.56 mm AR platform rifle for good cleaning. The kit on the other hand is small and compact therefore very portable. You can transport it around with ease as it is small enough to put in your backpack or strap it on the outside of your carry bag or rifle case.

The rod that comes with this product is double coated for maximum barrel protection. In other words, the rod is smooth and slick coated well enough to ensure that it is chemical and heat resistant therefore beneficial to you in the long run when maintaining your firearm.

The first layer of coating is the micro polishing coating which is a built-in coating in the rod itself. In other words, this first coating provides your rod ultimate protection when cleaning the AR-15 rifle. The second layer of coating on the other hand is a revolutionary coating to provide excellent protection to your barrel. This coating in return prevents the embedding of fouling on the rod.

In addition to that, this kit includes various type of tools such as pro gold lubricant silicone cloth, step needle, cleaning patches, chamber mop, chamber brush, brush spear, brush bore and a jag patch holder. All these accessories allow you to clean every nook and cranny of your firearm with maximum convenience.

Suitable for :

  • Double layer coating
  • Coyote tan heavy duty rod
  • Micro polishing coating

2. Folklore Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

A little unique background of this kit is that it is packaged by people with disabilities. Apart from that, this product is extremely versatile as it is a universal kit for all type of firearms and weapons out there. Therefore, you can utilize this one kit to accommodate your various types of weapons with convenience and ease.

In other words, it can be used for the AR-15 rifle, M16 pistol, handguns and other firearms with multiple calibers according to your preference. The cleaning equipment on the other hand are solid and sturdy. It comes with tough aluminum rods with a plastic handle so you can get a good grip on them when cleaning your weapon.

In addition to that, it has a plastic carrying case in which you can utilize to place all your cleaning tools and equipment systematically with ease. The plastic case is portable, hence you can carry them in your hand or even put them in your backpack during field work.

Apart from that, this kit comes with patches, cleaning rod, gun cloth, universal adapter, slotted patch loop, shotgun brush adapter and a double ended military style brush so you can thoroughly clean your firearm, even focusing on narrow parts of the firearm.

It includes a total of 5 bore brushes in variety, in which you can use any of your firearm. Brushes get worn easily therefore, having many of them ensures that you can thoroughly clean your firearm with maximum ease. Also, the brushes comes in different sizes so you can clean each part of your weapon.

In terms of rods on the other hand, this product has 4 cleaning rods with one T handle option. The T-handle option gives your better grip and leverage to hold the rod when cleaning your firearm with ease.

Suitable for :

  • Universal kit for all firearms
  • Plastic carrying case included
  • Aluminium rods

3. Best Kit for the Money : Gloryfire Universal Butt Stock Cleaning Kit

Gloryfire’s AR-15 kit is equipped with a belt attachment so it is highly portable as it can be transported around with ease during field operation. In other words, you can hook the kit on your belt to conveniently carry it.

Furthermore, it comes with a snap on case in which is able to hold all the necessary cleaning equipment to keep your rifle well-maintained at all times. The snap on case will securely accommodate all the cleaning tools therefore being very convenient since you don’t have to hold them in your hands or keep them individually in your pockets for instance.

Fully constructed by polyester material, the case has a dark green finish. Its design on the other hand is small and lightweight so you can easily transport it around. Besides that, the carrying case is constructed from heavy duty material and has 2 Velcro sealed compartment inside where you can keep the tools. Also, it has an ALICE style clip.

The rod in this kit is versatile as it is long enough to accommodate a 24 inch barrel and can be shortened for pistols. All in all, a kit with 5 rods (loops included), adaptor, chamber brush, oil bottle, brass brush and a dual ended nylon brush is included with the purchase of this product. Not only that, you can fill up either oil or any sort of cleaning solvent in the oil bottle provided as a cleaning agent for your firearm according to your preference.

Deemed to be very durable and solid, the brush that comes with the kit itself is coated with anti-rust oil to prevent corrosion on the metal part of the brush, especially the brass brush so you can properly clean your AR-15 rifle with ease.

Suitable for :

  • Has a belt attachment
  • Anti-rust oil surface on brush
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Comes with snap on case

4. Best Kit with B.O.N.E Feature : Otis Modern Sporting Rifle & AR Cleaning System

Otis’s system features the cleaning equipment in a lightweight soft pack with a belt clip. Therefore, it is very portable as you can simply attach the pouch to your belt with maximum ease during field work or either target practice. Also, the zippered case is able to easily fit your pocket due to its compact size.

Besides that, this product is designed to accommodate the 223 caliber and 5.56 mm rifle. It is equipped by the portable and powerful set of cleaning equipment by Otis Technology. Also, this product comes with specialized precision tools so you can break down and re-assemble your firearm with ease and convenience.

In terms of rods, this kit comes with a small (8 inches) and a large (30 inches) memory-flex cleaning rod therefore giving the cleaning tools access to every nook and cranny of the rifle. You are able to reach even the narrow parts of the rifle for thorough cleaning.

The copper bore brush on the other hand remove the copper deposits and prevents fouling on your weapon. In addition to that, this product features B.O.N.E tool for cleaning of the bolt carrier assembly. In other words, the B.O.N.E feature is great for cleaning carbon and dirt off the bolt and the bolt carrier with ease, which comes in handy to ensure a smooth operation of your rifle at all times.

Not only that, one bottle of Otis O85 ultra bore cleaner is provided with the purchase of the product so you can use the brush together with the cleaning agent for proper maintenance of your firearm. However, patches are not included so you should purchase them separately according to your preference.

Suitable for :

  • O.N.E feature
  • Copper bore brush and bore cleaner
  • Soft pack with belt clip

5. Best Kit with Great Scraper System : Real Avid Pro Pack Cleaning Kit

Real Avid’s ultimate maintenance pack is suitable to accommodate the .223/ 5.56 mm AR rifle. Its excellent technology is the combination of the MSE field guide, MSR scraper as well as an upgraded version of MSR gun boss cleaning kit to form one compact and highly portable cleaning solution.

It’s zippered and weatherproof, solid case comes with a ballistic nylon shell together with an internal tool tray that ensures that this product comes in handy in tactical applications. Apart from that, its MSR scraper system includes a bolt carrier group scraper which has 12 surfaces that are precision cut to accommodate all the major part of BCG’s hard to clean areas for quick carbon scraping and removal with ease.

Moreover, the segmented rod on the other hand comes with a handle which comes in handy to provide you with good grip when cleaning the bore. Overall, this product is great for beginners as it comes with a detailed field guide that explains each and every detail of the cleaning kit.

This product includes a 7 section 33 inch brass cleaning rod, nylon cleaning brush, chamber brush with brass connection points, phosphor bronze brush, angled pick and a stuck round extractor to assist you in the maintenance process of your firearm.

Not only that, it also comes with a .223/5.56 mm detailed field guide for proper maintenance reference, chamber cleaning pads, 50 patches and a 3 in 1 green bore illuminator as additional feature so you can have a great kit well-equipped with all important cleaning equipment.

Suitable for :

  • MSR scraper
  • Detailed field guide
  • Zippered waterproof case

Key Features for AR-15 Cleaning Kits

Here are a few things to look for in any cleaning kit for AR-15s.


The kit should be very portable so you can easily transport it around during target practice or field work with ease. Some of them comes with belt attachments which comes in handy so you can hook it on your belt while others come in small and compact carry bags or cases. You can either hold them in your hand or place them in your backpack with maximum convenience.

Apart from that, the bag carrying your tools should be light so it won’t be too much of a burden with your to carry with your AR-15 rifle. Despite being compact, it should be able to accommodate your essential tools such as bore brushes and cleaning rods.


The tools in your kit should be durable and sturdy. The rods and brass brushes that usually comes with the kit are coated with anti-rust coating to prevent corrosion on it, therefore able to thoroughly clean your rifle with ease.

For example, Otis’s kit is equipped with a B.O.N.E feature which allows you to clean the bolt carrier assembly with ease. The rods on the other hand enables you to clean every nook and cranny of the rifle, especially for narrows parts on your rifle.


The best kit offers a solid carry bag and tools that enables you to thoroughly clean your rifle with ease. Therefore, you should go for a great kit no matter the price, as long as it is well worth your investment.

It is best to go for the product with slightly higher price because they offer additional features and durable tools. However, do not let the price fool you. Some products are affordable with excellent quality. Hence, you should check out customer reviews and product reviews to make the right choice.


It is important to properly maintain your rifle at all times. Proper maintenance is essential so your rifle performs well in terms of accuracy and consistency during field operation or target practice. Therefore, you should get the right AR-15 maintenance kit well-suited to you to make your firearm look brand new again.

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