Best AR 15 Sling 2019 Review

Slings are a great way to free up your hands when carrying your weapon over long distances or through rough terrain.  As one of the most widely owned weapons in the U.S. the AR-15 has no shortage of slings available for it.  They’re generally available in 2-point or 1-point configurations.

In this article we’re reviewing the best selling AR-15 slings on the market.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Slings

Name of productDesignColorLengthWidthPrice
Wide Padded Sling (Upgrade) 2 point265"1"$$
Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™, Nylon Adjuster And Hardware2 point953"1"$$
550 lb Paracord Survival 2-Point Gun/Rifle Sling-(Over 25 ft cord) 2 point542"1"$
The Outdoor Connection Duty Two Point Sling2 point147.5"1.25"$
Two Point Rifle Sling by ARMSTAC MX-2 2-Point Battle Gun Shoulder Strap with Steel Clip + Lfetime Warranty 2 point160"1"$
STI 2 Point Rifle Sling - Adjustable Gun Sling with FAST-LOOP and 1.25 inch Webbing for Hunting Sports and Outdoors 2 point355"1.25"$
2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Sling Made in USA2 point454"1.5"$

1. Wide Padded AR-15 Sling

Wide Padded AR-15 Sling

With metal hardware, elastic stow bands and textured rubber pull tab, the first best AR 15 sling comes with webbing attachment but no QD or anything. You would need attachment points on your AR 15 to attach the webbing to.

At the basic form, the AR 15 sling has straps which thread through attachment points already on the weapon (or not depending on how the case may be). In other words, you would have to supply the attachment points yourself based on your preferences; whether quick-release, sling swivels, or any other.

This makes other slings that do contain attachments competitive in terms of pricing. The buckle covers come with the sling and this sling will work great with 1-1/4″ QD sling swivels. Meanwhile, the 1″ straps are woven nylon. It is not tubular but rather a flat 1″ nylon webbing.

The 1″ nylon strap is compatible with any mounting point that will accept it. For example, from end plates with slots to standard 1″ swivels, the strap can work fine in any of them. Furthermore, the strap also works with1.25 qd swivels.

The sling attachments are of standard size so I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work. Nonetheless, the geometry will be slightly off due to the attachment point placed at the base of the pistol grip and not on the base of the stock.

It took some time to figure out the right sizing that will fit right on my AR-15. However, once I dialed it in it worked perfectly. It was easy to adjust on the fly and easy to switch to offhand for shooting and smooth transitioning on your pistol.

I’m impressed with the added texture on the adjustment strap which is unlike any other 2 point sling I’ve used. If I were you, I would carry it back into combat with no worries. In a CONUS training environment, it will easily handle anything you might throw at it.

Although initially it is a little complicated to learn, reading the directions and five minutes of practice would be a great help. Once learned, it functions precisely as intended and the complexity becomes transparent.

I would suggest spending some time to get it properly adjusted when you first install it. There is no need for additional mounts if you have a sling mount in the front with a collapsible stock. The padding of the sling makes the best AR 15 sling extended carry comfortable.

Overall in this AR 15 sling review, this sling is recommended as it is very solidly built of quality materials.

Suitable for:

  • Carry comfortable
  • Smooth transition
  • CONUS training environment

2. Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™

Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™

Next best AR 15 sling in this review would be the Blue Force Gear Sling. With molded acetal adjuster with no quick release, this AR 15 sling is attached with Triglide instead of loop lock. The 2-point combat sling comes in Coyote brown.

The sling is able to quickly transition from carrying a slung rifle comfortably to being combat ready. It has bridged the gap between two primary uses of weapon slings – from fighting to transporting. The NSN version of the AR 15 sling includes a release buckle.

However, the version that you will receive is the standard Vickers sling that does not come with the release buckle. In Wolf Grey, it does not come with connection hardware. Nonetheless, it can be attached to swivels or standard sling loops.

If you prefer the bungee slings or if you have to move your gun from shoulder to shoulder sometimes, other AR 15 slings might work better. However, if you don’t clear buildings, shoot around corners or for hours at a time carry a gun in the field and always shoot from one shoulder, then this thing rocks.

The primary quality I like about this product is that it’s simple and has flawless function. You would just have to simply pull forward (away) on the gray strap if you want to tighten it. Then, pull backward (towards you) to loosen it.

I also prefer the thickness of the webbing. It’s very robust just like the come-along strap. Other slings may be very thin. This makes them more susceptible to twisting and folding. However, you might not like the plastic buckles.

I had no issue with the plastic, as long as it’s good quality. Then again, metal buckles tend to get hot in the summer and cold during the winter. Metal also makes more noise when it comes in contact with your AR 15 rifle. Plus, in given time it will rust.

While you might think a single point looks “cool” and it is probably great in several instances. However, the practicality of the 2 point for almost any typical applications which includes home defense wins when compared to a single point.

The slider especially slides easily and it is comfortable enough to wear, even with a chest rig. There aren’t any loose strings or fraying anywhere. There were also no rough burs on the slider which is typically found on lesser quality gear.

Overall in this AR 15 sling review, this is definitely a legit equipment that will last for years and years regardless of your needs.

Suitable for:

  • Quick transition
  • Comfortable wear

3. Paracord Survival 2-Point Gun/Rifle Sling

Paracord Survival 2-Point Gun/Rifle Sling

Third on the list is Survival sling. Made from 550 lb authentic commercial paracord, the canvas webbing material is of synthetic cotton (Acrylic) and rot resistant. There are two sizes available which are designed to fit 1″ or 1.25″ swivels.

It is adjustable up to 44″ in length and the Tri-Glides and Loop are made from durable medical grade plastic which prevents scratching of gun. The 2 Point tactical shoulder strap has an extra-wide tri-glide in the center. This is so the length of the canvas webbing could be easily adjusted as well as to alleviate pesky strap tails.

The canvas used was a medium/heavy weight synthetic cotton (Acrylic) for the webbing which gives the look and feel of cotton but still rot resistant. If you want a more tailered look, you can choose to trim the webbing on every side. Meanwhile, the ends are singed with a lighter to prevent fraying.

In each sling, there is around over 25ft of 550 lb Paracord. Ranging around 15 1/2″ long and 1/2″ thick is the weaved paracord shoulder pad. The 1″ wide size shoulder pad measures 1 1/4″ wide while the 1.25″ shoulder pad measures 1 1/2″ wide.

The paracord is weaved using two layers of canvas plus 1 layer of foam in order to make it thicker and more comfortable light shoulder pad. The best sling provides 25’+ of paracord at hand for use regardless of where you are.

Unlike other slings which are made from all paracord, you would still have the canvas sling on the weapon after using the paracord. The length adjustments can also be made since the AR 15 sling is fastened by threading through a buckle at each end.

The mount included on this sling is the standard sling mount in which the pin goes through the hole. If you want to attach the AR 15 sling strap directly on your gun, just take off the adapter/mount. Then, around the attachment point on the gun tighten the sling strap.

As long as you are not trying to connect it with a quick detach mount, it will work. Since the sling is adjustable, it increases the accuracy of your shots while you are balancing it with increased survival.

In my opinion, the length is good and the paracord does add a little bit of cushion. However, it is not a lot. After all, it’s paracord not padding. Although the clips are plastic, it seemed sturdy enough.

Overall in this AR 15 sling review, this is great because of the paracord and also because it isn’t entirely paracord.

Suitable for:

  • In the field
  • Dragging/hoisting your game to emergency shelter building
  • Improvised medical needs such as a tourniquet, sutures, etc.

4. The Outdoor Connection Duty Two Point Sling

The Outdoor Connection Duty Two Point Sling

The next best AR sling in the review would be the Outdoor Connection. The 1.25“ wide single strap has Mil-Spec type webbing with Tri-glide adjustment. It comes in black color with Tri-glide and slip-lock adjustment.

It can lock into position for extra stability and is not affected by inclement weather. This sling gives stability when shooting and is strong enough to hang your AR 15 from shoulder/back when you are hiking or patrolling.

On carbines, this best sling allows for quick smooth transition from stable shooting to be slung behind or in front of self. Take into account though the inconvenience of installation you might face.

If the AR 15 sling is wrapped around your right shoulder, then you can’t quickly switch for left-hand shooting unless you take it off completely. This can be hard even when you have just a cap and earmuffs on. You can imagine how difficult it can get with a chest-rig and/or helmet. Just so you know, you can make your rifle stand by using a bipod– it is a rather convenient method.

In order to use it as a 2 point instead of a 1 point, the only issue you might face is that you would have to unscrew the screws to place it around the sling. It was actually stitched tightly together so you might have to use a pair of scissors to cut the threads and get it open.

After doing so, put it on the sling swivel. Then, screw the screws back together. Do take note that the opposite end has to be taken out of the adjustment buckle. After putting it over the other quick detach sling swivel, replace back in to it. Adjust to your desired length.

The use of Chicago fasteners does make removing a hassle when you go to clean the AR 15 but it’s not a big issue. Furthermore, the price is cheap because all you will really get if you purchase this best AR 15 sling is some black nylon strap with a connector.

On top of that, the buckle is plastic so it won’t scratch the finishing on your AR 15. Since, one end of the AR 15 sling is secured with bolts, it may be a little cumbersome when you want to take it off quickly. Also, the sling might not be long enough for usage.

This is not a tactical sling because it is too short for you to wear in front of you and still manage to draw your firearm. On the other hand, if you place your AR 15 over the shoulder while walking, this sling is perfect.

My conclusion in this Outdoor Connection AR 15 sling is that if you want something to run and gun with, this is not the sling for you but if you throw your AR 15 on your back while walking, then this is a score.

Suitable for:

  • Hunters
  • Sport shooters
  • Walks to/from my target at an outdoor range
  • Stabilize your arm while shooting from the bench without a rest

5. Two Point Rifle Sling by ARMSTAC MX-2

Two Point Rifle Sling by ARMSTAC MX-2 

Two Point sling also occupies a place as best AR 15 sling in this review. The heavy duty nylon construction is weather proof and has full steel metal mash clips. It has been tested to hold 250 LB of weight.

The AR 15 sling is fully adjustable and has different mount options with easy release clasps. A variety of sling points is compatible with the full steel clip. Just simply mash the clip’s tabs open in order to allow its jaw to secure onto a point. Then, you are done!

There would be no need to fumble over buttons, pull rings or pins if you just have to follow the aforementioned step. A nylon shroud is included to insulate the steel clips from excessive wear and sound.

A nylon stock adapter is included as well. If no sling points are available, simply wrap around a rifle’s butt stock. Using the adjustment loop, the sling can simply be adjusted to wearer’s comfort. Meanwhile, the quick release clasps placed at the weapon’s sling point enables you to drop your weapon at moment’s notice.

The clasps also helps you if you need to detach the sling from you using the 2nd quick release clasp found on the Two Point sling itself. Usually, if you carry the weapon from the rear of the weapon, the AR 15 sling enables you to go from hands free to attacking position without obstruction.

Also, with only a single vector point of hold, you can fire in all directions. This way, you can keep the AR 15 securely attached towards you. Simply let go of your AR 15 to become hands free and it will be in a hanging position.

Then, grab the weapon if you want to engage and there will be no need for any other movement. It is great for shorter and intense sessions in which a continuous engagement s required. However, I would not use this sling across long distances.

I noticed a little elasticated section at each end to help absorb shocks and weight management of the rifle. From a 10 year old child at 70 lbs all the way to 300 lbs or so, anyone can use it. The clip ends do swivel and as to how short, it is probably around 36 inches which could reach up to 60 inches.

The 2 point clips are simple universe snap clips and they are solid and well built. I would have liked it though if there was a small shoulder pad. It could prevent the nylon from cutting into your neck and shoulder.

Suitable for:

  • Mobility
  • Freedom of one point slings

6. STI 2 Point Rifle Sling – Adjustable Gun Sling

STI 2 Point Rifle Sling - Adjustable Gun Sling 

Next best AR 15 sling would be STI. The fast adjust “on the fly” feature enables you to make fast length changes without disconnecting the sling. This can minimize tangles and fumbles in the field. The STI 2 point rifle sling works with all 1.25 inch multi-use attachment hardware, paraclip ( magpul ), oem rifle sling swivels or qd swivels, itw mash hook and hk hook.

The equipped pockets are perfect for keys, cell phone and any other essentials. The premium nylon “tube woven” webbing provides strength over 1 layer “flat woven” webbing. It is heavily stitched so you shouldn’t encounter any loose thread problem.

The high impact polymer sling buckle has a simple smart design. The size can be adjusted from 30 to 55+ inches with 2 strap adjustments. Without tri-glides, I guess the length would be 64 inches from thumb loop until the end of the webbing.

The design is elegant and comfortable but rigging it the way you want it can take some time as it might involve unbuckling both buckles to threat it correctly. So, take the time to plan it out before you begin.

The loop is not too big or too small in my opinion and the craftsmanship and materials seem to be of high quality. That being said, I would have liked if there was a shoulder pad.

Plus, some of you may prefer if there was the plastic piece that limits the over-all length of adjustment that is placed on the hand-adjustable end of the sling. On the other hand, some of you may not prefer it and consider this AR 15 sling great as it is.

The spring loaded swivel clip is quiet and allows quick removal of the whole sling. The tri-glides are nice while the tube webbing is relatively comfortable. Also, the thumb pull design and execution is both clever and well made.

I think though that the sling needs another section in order to allow free articulation of the adjuster. I was worried if the best sling would cut into my shoulder due to the heavy weight of AR 15. However, it seems that is not the case.

Although quickly adjustable, I face some trouble getting it to adjust to be very tight across my chest or back. Unless you tug on the loop, the length also stays consistent so don’t worry about it loosening up when you’re walking around.

To sum up this AR sling review, this STI product may be a great choice for you.

Suitable for:

  • Consistent length
  • Quick removal

7. 2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Slings

2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Slings

The last best AR 15 sling accessory would be the 2 Point. The main Strap measures approximately 54 inches long and applies Mil-Spec Heavy Metal hardware. The heavy weight webbing is 1 1/2″ wide and this sling is made for short and long frame rifles or any type of duffel as a shoulder strap.

Length is fully adjustable with Tri-Bars and is available in Black, Coyote Brown and Foliage Green. Probably, the finishing will come of the hooks before the sling mount. Since it has no swivel points, the AR 15 sling tends to bind during use.

The metal hooks are heavy duty so I would suggest putting some duct tape on your sling mount to quiet them a bit. You can’t change that clip without making some significant sewing/alterations to the sling. I think a different clip style would have been a great improvement.

You can adjust this AR 15 sling strap from 30″ to 52″ long and the end clips that are placed on the strap should easily attach to any ring on the rifle’s stock and fore end.

The circular clamp with jaws sling attachment mechanism operates by pushing back on a retractor tab. The retractor tab rotates one side back. As a result, it can clamp/attach and can be operated using one hand.

It’s got a lot of adjustment but the clips are actually a little tough to move. Once you clip it however, it will not go anywhere. Nonetheless, the metal hooks can rub against finishing and the strap is a bit abrasive on uncovered skin.

From short (almost flush with the rifle), to really big (for wearing chest rigs and such), the AR 15 sling is strong and wide enough strap to distribute weight comfortably.

Although the clips are a little stiff, it fits onto clamp nice and positive. On top of that, you could use the clips to carry duffel/tactical bags, too. The clips are a little large but that probably won’t even be a factor once you get used to it.

The 2 Point Tactical AR 15 sling serves its purpose in a tactical environment. It is more so than comparable slings. The strap on this best AR 15 sling is twice the thickness when compared to other similar slings.

To sum up this AR 15 sling accessory review, this best AR 15 sling follows the specifications and quality that is required to last on and off the battlefield.

Suitable for:

  • Tactical environment
  • Battlefield
  • Distributing weight comfortably

Key Features

Sling design

Mostly, there are 2 types of design- 2 point slings or single point slings. There are 3 point slings nowadays though. Single point slings are named so because they have single attachment point on your firearm. Meanwhile, 2 point slings have 2 attachment points.

Adjustable length

The maximum and minimum adjustable length adds more versatility to the AR 15 sling and could be worn over anyone regardless of their height


The wider the sling, the lesser the pressure you may feel while carrying your AR 15.


Choosing the right color might match with the color of your AR 15 and you will look trendy too.


I hope these best AR sling accessory review has been helpful for you to choose the best AR 15 sling. Check out the Steven 320 accessories to add on your weapon as well!

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