Best AR 15 Soft Case Reviews for 2019

While hard cases offer superior protection when traveling with your AR-15 they’re also large, heavy, and bulky.  Soft cases are a great alternative when you don’t have to worry about who will be handling your gun.

They’re ideal for short trips to the range or in your own vehicle.  When it comes to soft cases there are as many options as there are brands.

Here are some of the best soft cases specifically designed for the AR 15.

Top 5 Rated AR-15 Soft Cases

Name of productsWeightSizeNumber of pockets Available colorsPrice
NcStar CVG2907 Series 3 pounds36"/ 38" / 40"/ 42"/ 45" x 13" 52$
VISM Double Carbine Case4.5 pounds36" /42" /46"/ 55"37$$
Condor Single Rifle Case5 pounds36"/ 42" x 12" x 3"33$$
Uncle Mike Rifle Case2.07 pounds33”/ 43" x 12" x 3"51$
Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapons 4.62 pounds36" / 42"/ 46"37$$

1. NcStar CVG2907 Series Rifle Case

NcStar Series Rifle soft case

The first in the list of best soft case is from NcStar. Constructed of tough PVC material, this rifle case has high density foam inner padding for superior protection and heavy duty double zippers. There are no interior straps but the padding holds the rifle well. The case came with a shoulder strap though.

The position of soft case will make the case upside down when having it over the shoulder which is weird but it is well made otherwise and has a nice swivel clip on it. Or, you could opt for a sling or bipod to hold your firearm in place.

The 42″ case will fit standard AR-15 with 16″ barrel and could even hold an AR-15 with a red dot scope attached. The clips that are attached to the case are a little flimsy but if you pinch them together a bit they work great.

It has 5 pockets on the outside which are covered by a single Velcro-secured flap. The troublesome thing is that the flap on the pockets does not seal completely. This may cause small items to fall out. Also, you cannot lock this case. The zipper pulls are solid metal which are not perforated to fit a lock.

The exterior is a tough high quality material that I expect to last a long time. Meanwhile, the interior of the case is made out of a soft cotton type material which I would doubt to last as long as the exterior. The padding is around 1 inch. The zippers are also double stitched which makes them stronger.

Continuing on about shoulder strap, if you use the shoulder strap it will cause the case to be inside-down. This means that you must make sure your soft case is zipped shut or anything in it will fall out if you use the shoulder strap.

Shoulder strap is attached by a metal “D” ring and a metal clasp hook which seem to be of high quality. On one side of the bag is a small windowed ID pocket suitable for an ID tag. On the other side of the bag have the five pockets.

Interestingly, the Velcro on both of the flap and the pockets are in the same width. If you only have one magazine in each pocket, the flap will not attach with the Velcro if you pull it all the way over. You must leave space in the flap.

I prefer each pocket to have its own flap. Furthermore, I would also prefer to have the flap close with a snap rather than using Velcro. However, those are just minor points that do not need to be detracted from your overall impression of this best soft case.

Suitable for:

  • Great value for the price
  • Good padding
  • Good size

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

The next best soft case in this best soft case review is from VISM, This 42″ Double Carbine case is constructed of heavy duty PVC material. The primary compartment will accommodate 2 ARs. The soft case is 35 inches in overall length with a thick padded center divider. The case has 4 hook and loop straps to properly secure each rifle.

The secondary compartment is loaded with pockets. This helps to store extras such as handguns, optics, cleaning supplies, log books, etc. The three exterior pockets are suitable for organizing your magazines or ammo.

Extra PALS looping on each end allows you to customize your case for your choice. There are two adjustable shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum strap. This allows you to carry the rifle case like a backpack.

All pockets feature zippers with pull cords for fast and easy access. Other features include wrap around carry handle straps as well as top and bottom compression straps. There are backpack straps included which are attached with D-rings.

The NcSTAR case is fairly comfortable with two rifles, with optics too. Interior dimensions are 35″ x 11″. The Molle gear on the front will also allow for additional items to be carried along. The front pouches on this case are sewn into place and therefore cannot be removed.

One of the downsides is that this best case could get extremely heavy. Indirectly, the heavy load may stress the fabric where it attaches. Therefore, I wouldn’t advise you to take it on a long hike.

The color combinations offered are black, blue, digital camo, green, tan, urban grey and woodland camo. Do take note that the shoulder strap pads have a tendency to flop around due to the D-ring attachments. So you need to make sure that they are aligned properly and not twisting the shoulder straps.

One of the main advantages of this AR soft case is the ton of storage. This AR case could practically hold everything I may need to go shooting such as magazines, optics, cleaning kits and first aid kits. However, the case is limited to about a 40″ rifle.

The AR case is also comfortable as a backpack. This best soft case secures solidly and has compression straps which bring the load in tight. The main pouch is adequately padded. This keeps your AR 15 scratch free.

On the other hand, the buckles and straps displease me. This is because the buckles do not stay tight. However, the Velcro straps on the inside ensure that they won’t slip around. There is also a pad that goes between the rifles for protection.

Suitable for:

  • Range use
  • Short distance hikes

Condor Single AR-15 Rifle Case

Condor Single AR-15 Rifle Case

The third best soft case in soft case review would be from Condor. The First Compartment is 42″ long to fit most rifles- namely the AR 15. This best soft case also has two hook and loop straps to secure the rifle. Meanwhile, the second compartment is 26″ long with two internal pockets for pistols, optics or other accessories.

Other Features which are included with the case are two mOlive Drabular Mag pouches and one mOlive Drabular utility pouch. The padding is 3/4″ thick and the color combinations offered are black, olive drab and tan.

Condor produces this particular case style in both a single and double rifle configuration. Within these configurations are several sizes such as 36″, 42″ and 46″. I have this case which accommodates my AR15 with a 16″ barrel and stock collapsed. The overall collapsed length is 33″. Therefore, I have plenty of padding on each side.

That was just as an example so it does not mean that you must buy the 36″ as well. Do measure your AR 15 from end to end before purchasing.

The soft case does have all metal hardware attached to the straps as well as metal zippers designed to hold small padlocks. It has one rather large and well-padded shoulder strap. I suppose that strap could be worn diagonally across the back to give the maximum support.

The one strap in the back is troublesome at first but I have found that if you turn it to a slight angle, it rests quite comfortably.

The quick release fasteners on the pouches are plastic type which I have never seen fail. All three pockets, which are each held in place by a heavy-duty strap, loops, and snap, are removable. As for the locking system, the main zippers are able to accept a padlock.

Construction is not what I consider heavy duty, so you need think twice about how much abuse you plan on exposing on this case. Also, the Velcro straps for securing the weapon are sewn at the top and bottom of the case which is contrary to rather just adjust and attach at the center.

I would like to point out that the pouches are MOLLE equipped. Therefore, they can be adjusted. To secure them completely, the webbing needs to be interlaced.

Look at the back side of the pouches. You may see corresponding strips of webbing that alternates with the webbing on the case. Put the attachment strip alternately through each one on the case and then the pouch. Snap it at the bottom. And there, you are done!

Suitable for:

  • Shooting
  • Storage
  • Anyone seeking removable pouches

Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle Case

Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle Case

Uncle Mike’s soft case is the next in line of best soft case in this soft case review and this is available in medium or large medium. The dimensions are 33” x 10” with three outer pouches. Meanwhile, the large has a dimension of 41” x 10” with five outer pouches and an accessory pouch.

The zipper on this case is double ended. So, the zipper ends could be zipped close to the middle and a lock could be put between both sliders. There is a loop of handle strap at each end that could be used to lock the zipper.

The padding is around 3/4″ to 1″ thick and there are no holding straps inside. However, the thick padding seems to hold my AR 15 in place just fine. This AR case would not hold two ARs with padding between them so you could fit only one in this case which seems a shame.

It does have a shoulder strap though but the extension of it is short, however. So, you might face difficulties in movement if you use the shoulder strap. Another point I am dissatisfied is about the zip.

If you fully unzip them, the zipper is hard to zip again. In order to avoid the hassle of tugging at the zip, I unzip and leave them a half inch from the bottom.

The build quality of the bag seems very sturdy and there is ample padding on the inside. This protects the rifle from minor bumps in transporting. Regarding the pocket space, they fit my PMag30s very nicely. There is also another large pocket which I use for my sling on the same side.

I would prefer if the handle was about 2″ – 3″ to the rear in order for the case to be better balanced. I was able to counterbalance it by turning the rifle around. Doing so, the barrel is in the half of the bag with the magazines which leaves the receiver and other heavier parts on the opposite end. Putting some extra boxes of ammo in could also alleviate this problem.

Although there are no internal straps or restraints to hold the weapon in place, I wouldn’t fret so much over it as the padding is solid enough to support your AR 15. So, rest is assured that your AR 15 is perfectly fine.

As a side note, there is also not enough extra space for a side mounted laser or a flashlight on an AR to fit very well. To sum up this soft case review, even if this best case is not the ideal one for storage though, it works fine in other aspects.

Suitable for:

  • Holding up to years of use and abuse
  • Storing rifle attachments

Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case

Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case

The last best soft case in soft case review would be from Voodoo. The manufacturer offers lifetime warranty which is a great deal that should not be missed. This Voodoo case is made out of rugged ballistic pack cloth construction. As for the zipper, it is self-repairing military style with locking zipper pulls.

On the exterior, there are three adjustable covered accessory pouches. This case fits AR-15 that is not over 42″ in length. Meanwhile on the inside are adjustable tie downs. With that, you can be sure your optic is not going to get knocked about.

I like the way the attention to detail and heavy thick foam on all six sides is given. It is different from the standard nylon case. On top of that, it even provides additional padding to secure your muzzle. The zippers are tough enough to meet extreme conditions required by the military and law enforcement officers.

Behind the pouches, there is a second compartment built in. Each is designed to hold a pistol. Nonetheless, you could also use these for optics or other accessories. The three external pouches gives you plenty of storage space for your AR 15 attachments such as magazines, boxes of ammo, cleaning kits, your log book and other accessories.

On top of that, the three exterior pouches have gussets. This makes them hold far more than you would think. The two outside pouches can hold five or six magazines while the center pouch is even larger.

This rifle case features three carrying methods. They are standard handle in center of the bag, a shoulder strap as well as back-pack style shoulder harness. This backpack style carry is suitable for long distances.

I would advise you to use the PAL webbing to attach MOLLE or ALICE pouches. This would allow you to haul even more gear. The case is solid, no loose stitching to complain of. The height is approximately 13″. Meanwhile, the internal height is approximately 12″ due to padding.

Color combinations offered are coyote, black, army digital, multicam, voodoo tactical camo, woodland and woodland camo. This AR case could easily hold 2 AR 15. Each of the zipper pairs has the eyehole ringlet which requires a decent sized lock (approximately 3/16 inch diameter). The outer pockets have no zippers, only straps. So, they cannot be locked.

The Voodoo AR case does have some advantages over the Condor one-mainly the extra webbing all over the top. Furthermore, the backpack straps can be removed while the Condor allows you to tuck them away.

Now, let me move on the downside of this AR 15 case. The bag is heavy even without the gun and accessories. The stitching is also sloppy but works just fine.

Suitable for:

  • Carrying
  • Storage

Key Features in a Soft Case


Since we are bringing our soft case along, we surely don’t want to burden ourselves with a heavy soft case. We all prefer lightweight cases over heavy ones for carrying as it makes us indirectly comfortable while travelling and carrying the case at the same time.


Measure the length of your gun and then order a case that is 2 inches longer than your gun for a good fit. I would advise you to measure from the pistol grip to the top of the scope for improved accuracy in measurements.

Number of pockets

The more the number of pockets, the more the quantity rifle attachments which could be bought along at the same time.


Different color combinations are suitable in a variety of situations. Some prefer their case to be dark colored to help camouflaging their case. Some would just like their case to be of their favorite color.

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