Best Belly Band Holster Review 2018 – Convenient and Reliable

There are many types of holster out in the market with multiple carry options such as pocket carry, IWB, small of back, shoulder and finally belly band. An advantage to using the belly band holster is that it is able accommodate any type of handguns and pistols with ease. The band on the other hand comes with different sizes to fit all varying body sizes.

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The belly band holster comes with an elastic band that is to be wrapped around your waist or stomach in which you can adjust how high you want your band to ride according to your preference. The band is then further secured with solid Velcro material to ensure a snug fit on your body and closing all the gap on your waist.

Apart from that, this type of holster is designed specially to conceal your weapon effectively as it is concealed under layers of clothing therefore hiding the outline of your weapon in the holster. With the assistance of the elastic band, your holster is securely locked in place without the possibility of your firearm dropping to the ground if you are engaged in any physical activity.

In addition to that, the belly band holster is equipped with more than a pocket in which you can not only conveniently store your weapon but also additional items such as mobile phone and magazines. It is rather simple to wear, you just have to fasten the band as how you fasten your belt to work everyday. The band is secured with either Velcro or a metal clip. The metal clip provides more stealth compared to Velcro since it’s noiseless.

It is vital to wear a pair of comfortable and slightly loose pants to accommodate the extra space of the holster. One-handed holstering is not advisable with this type of holster unlike with the traditional holster as the pocket of the elastic band closes when you draw out your gun. The belly band might also be a little hot to wear during a hot day. Also, the factors that determine the best belly band holster are concealment, comfort and support, weight, simplicity of access and finally the cost.

Top 7 Rated Belly Band Holster Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightComfortSimplicity of AccessPrice
Core Defender Belly Band Concealment Holster 1 lbsHighModerate$$
Original Defender Concealment Band Holster5 ozHighHigh$$
Undertech Undercover Original Belly Band1 lbsHighModerate$$
Concealed Carry Stomach Band Holster 5 ozHighHigh$$
Medium Second Generation Handgun Holster 2.9 ozHighModerate$$
Alpha Holster Belly Band Gun Holster 6.1 ozHighModerate$$
ComfortTac Ultimate Stomach Band Holster1.2 lbsHighHigh$$


The main purpose of having a holster is to conceal your weapon effectively in which it conceals the outline of your weapon from showing on your shirt. To get the most effective concealment, users mostly untuck their shirt or wear a loose shirt when holstering their weapon.

However, with the belly band holster, your firearm is secured safely to your waist therefore it provides better concealment under extra layer of clothes. The elastic material of the band as well as the Velcro straps further ensures that your weapon is properly holstered with a snug fit at all times especially if you are engaged in a physical activity or bending down for instance.

Apart from that, the stomach band comes with a few pockets in which you can position your weapon according to your preference and comfort level. This offers you multiple carry option such as appendix carry, cross draw or side draw position.

Comfort & Support

Your belly band can be worn either with direct contact on your skin or with an undershirt. You are able to wear it with direct contact on your skin as the band will be secured safely to your waist, similar to the belt you wear to work. However, if your skin gets irritated easily, you should go for wearing an undershirt to ensure maximum comfort.

Some of the bands are constructed from neoprene material rather than the average elastic material. The neoprene material is softer against your skin as well as thick and durable enough to handle the weight of your pistol without your pants sagging.

Besides that, the stomach band comes with additional pockets in which you can store additional accessories other than your weapon. In other words, you are able to store spare magazines, your mobile phone, wallet or keys in it for maximum convenience and security. Also, your weapon is secured by the Velcro closure therefore providing good support and tight fit to your weapon in the holster.

Weight & Size

It is important to have a light belly band holster. The lighter it is, the lesser extra burden for you to carry. Therefore, the lighter band is able to compensate the weight of your weapon so you won’t have to carry a heavy load, which especially comes in handy if you plan to use the holster as your everyday carry.

There are various band sizes available to fit all body sizes of users. They mostly range from S to XL depending on your individual measurement. To determine your size, you need to take your waist or hip measurements instead of your pants measurement.

Simplicity of Access

With the top rated holster, you should be able to holster and re-holster your weapon with ease from your band. At first, it will be a little complicated since it is engaged with the band and differs from the drawing out process of the traditional holster. Therefore, it requires a lot of practice to get used to this new method of concealed carry.

Apart from that, some products require you to lift up your shirt a little in order to gain access to your weapon. Therefore, the speed in drawing out your firearm will be vastly reduced. Since it is able to fit most of the guns of varying sizes, you need to make sure that your weapon is tightly secured especially for the small pocket-sized pistols.

Your weapon can be snugly fitted in the holster using the Velcro closure of the stomach band, hence making it a lot easier for you to draw out your weapon specifically for small sized weapons that rides low in the holster.


In my opinion, you should go for a high quality and durable stomach band holster. In terms of pricing, your allocated budget as well as amount of money you are willing to invest will determine your choice of holster. However, don’t let the price of product fool you. With a little research, even affordable products produce excellent results compared to the expensive ones.

You should root for a product that is able to provide maximum concealment of your weapon as well as comfort to the user wearing it. If these 2 factors are met, you should purchase that product. To accomplish this, you can check out written reviews by customers who tried on each product to know how well it conceals the weapon and also how comfortable it will be especially if you plan on using it as an everyday carry.

Core Defender Belly Band Concealment Holster Review

Core Defender Stomach Band Concealment Holster

The Core Defender holster is user-friendly and able to accommodate majority user body types. It is available in 4 varying size- S, M, L and XL in which you can choose according to the measurement of your waist. It is also ambidextrous as the holster can be utilized by both left-handed and right-handed users with ease.

Moreover, the belly band holster includes 2 firearm compartments which consist of the strong side carry and the cross draw carry. Both of this compartment on the other hand are able to accommodate various types of pistols and revolvers. That being said, it fits small to large frame of auto handguns as well as small to medium sized revolvers.

In addition to that, this holster is constructed from ergonomic elastic material which is latex free, hence it can be easily stretched and adjusted according to your preference. In addition to that, it is available in both black and tan finish. In terms of comfort, this product is very comfortable to wear and it will cling securely to your body. You won’t even feel its presence there after awhile.

Although it provides good concealment, it is best used with an undershirt. The undershirt will prevent the outline of your weapon from showing as well as shields your weapon from your sweat especially on a hot day.

You are able to quickly access your weapon using the abdominal strap carry on the band. Besides that, this holster comes with 4 additional pockets so you can conveniently carry magazines, handcuffs or a flashlight in addition with your firearm.

The drawing out process of your weapon is a breeze however reinserting it back into the holster is a little tedious compared to that of a rigid holster. Therefore, you need to utilize both hands to slide your firearm back into the holster with ease. Also, this product retains heat on your belly area especially during hot and humid weather.

In terms of safety on the other hand, the holster keeps your weapon safely tucked in as your pistol sits low enough to cover the trigger area from being exposed hence preventing accidental dry-firing. Also, you need to put on the band on your belly first before sliding your weapon into it so you can easily fit it inside your holster with a smooth slide.

Suitable for :

  • 2 firearm compartment
  • 4 additional pockets
  • Ambidextrous design

Original Defender Concealment Band Holster

Original Defender Concealed Carry Holster

This belly band holster is equipped with an excellent design that keeps your weapon or firearm close to your body at all times. It is secured with a Velcro strap to further keep your weapon tightly locked into the holster so it won’t accidentally drop out for instance when you are running or exercising.

In terms of operation, it is rather straightforward and simple to holster and re-holster your weapon however it takes good practice to ensure smooth holstering. In other words, you need to practice drawing out your pistol with the strap engaged. This belly band carry also requires both hands to draw the pistol as it is difficult with a one-hand maneuver.

Moreover, this product is able to accommodate large frame pistols to small handguns with space for extra ammo according to your preference. Some of these firearms includes the large semi-auto handguns and revolvers to small .25 caliber pistols.

Nevertheless, to fit larger guns, you should get larger thumb breaks so you can easily and smoothly draw out and reinsert your weapon into the holster with better concealment. However, your draw speed will be affected with larger thumb breaks. In other word, the draw speed will be vastly reduced however it still serves its purpose fine.

In terms of comfort on the other hand, this product fits snugly onto your stomach area and holds your weapon well if you are engaged in an extreme physical activity. You can adjust the belly band to ride higher or lower from your waist according to your preference for maximum comfort when donning on the holster.

The holster provides immediate excess to gun for faster and smoother draw. You can place it in any of the pockets close to your dominant hand for a quicker draw with ease during emergency situation for example.

However, this product is a little hot if you wear it for a long period of time during a hot day. Therefore, you should consider wearing an undershirt to prevent the moisture of the sweat from corroding your weapon in the long run.

Suitable for :

  • Immediate access to weapon
  • Effective concealed carry
  • Excellent design

Undertech Undercover Original Belly Band

Undertech Original Stomach Band Holster

This holster is equipped with heavy duty elastic material paired with a solid Velcro closure to securely hold your firearm in place. The elastic material makes it highly comfortable and easy to accommodate various types of waist sizes due to its stretching abilities. However, it is essential to order the correct range size for your body by taking your waist measurements.

In other words, there are varying sizes available for this belly band to fit all body types. These sizes are measured by your waist circumference so you should need to get your waist measurements or wherever you plan on fastening your belly band to get the right band size for perfect fit.

Apart from that, this product offers multiple carry options. You can choose to carry it in the appendix, small of back and cross draw position according to your comfort level. In other words, your weapon can be positioned anywhere along the band on your waist therefore providing a snug fit to your body and keeping your belly in check at all times.

The holster comes with 2 ambidextrous slots which consists of one slot to store your automatic pistol meanwhile the other to store your revolver. The belly band holster is highly versatile as it is designed to fit various type of pistols therefore you can utilize this one holster to accommodate most of your pistols.

It comes with a 6-inch pocket which ensures good concealment of additional accessories other than your firearm such as important documents, credit cards, phones, wallets and even a spare magazine. However, there is a high possibility of which your weapon might fall out when you are bending. Thus, you should get extra straps to be fastened on your band to secure your firearm in place.

In terms of comfort, this product is comfortable when you are standing and even when you are sitting and driving. You won’t even feel its presence after awhile provided you properly position it around your waist. Also, you can ride it higher or lower according to your preference and comfort level. It is also best to wear an undershirt to not only further conceal your weapon but also avoid direct contact to your skin as the band might irritate your skin.

Furthermore, the speed of the draw is not as quick compared to that of the traditional holster. However, you can improve your drawing of weapon skills by practicing frequently because it’s slightly different than the usual holsters due to the presence of belly band.

Suitable for :

  • Multiple carry options
  • 2 ambidextrous slots
  • 6-inch pocket

Concealed Carry Stomach Band Holster

Concealed Carry Band Holster

Deemed versatile, this belly band holster is able to accommodate almost all type of weapons such as the famous Glock pistols, M&P, Springfield and many others. Also, it can hold any size of pistol, handgun or revolver as its surgical grade elastic holder fits small, full size, subcompact and compact weapons.

Furthermore, this product is equipped with neoprene material instead of the usual elastic material. The neoprene material stretches up to fit a 44 inch belly. To choose the right size of belly band, you should measure your hip or belly size rather than blindly using your pants size. The neoprene material also ensures maximum comfort for you, with it being well ventilated and soft to touch.

Unlike the elastic material, the neoprene construction is soft against your skin. Therefore, you can easily wear it with no undershirt without causing any irritation to your skin according to your preference. This material is also thick and durable therefore able to handle the heavy weight of your full size pistols without your pants sagging.

This stomach band holster on the other hand is equipped with an extra pouch so you can conveniently store a spare magazine, credit card or keys for instance. All in all, this product provides excellent concealment for any type of clothing be it for business casual wear, gym clothes or even tucked shirts.

Apart from that, you get multiple carry options with this belly band holster. The weapon can be either holstered at your appendix, inside or outside the waistband, cross body or 5 o’clock carry position according to your preference. Your firearm on the other hand is secured tightly with Velcro closure so it stays in place if you are engaged in any physical activity.

For small compact pistols however, it might sit deep in the holster therefore making it loose and a lot harder to draw out during an emergency situation. Hence, you need to always make sure that your pistol is well-secured to you can draw it out with maximum ease.

Suitable for :

  • Extra pouch available
  • Neoprene construction
  • Multiple carry options

Medium Second Generation Handgun Holster Review

Second Generation Handgun Concealment Holster

This product is constructed from soft light padding yet tough and sturdy Denim material. It is also equipped with extra heavy duty double layer elastic nylon and enveloped by a Velcro belt to securely hold your weapon in place at all times.

Weighing 2.9 ounces, this belly band holster is lightweight therefore easier for you to carry around with, since it can compensate the weight of your pistol. It has a unique design in which it doesn’t resist the movement of the user. In other words, your belly won’t be constricted by the belly band straps and this comes in handy in situations in which you need to use the loo.

Moreover, the duck back water resistant layer of this stomach band holster ensures that it is sweat-resistant. Thus, it keeps your body moisture resulting from sweat from reaching the gun, hence preventing your weapon from corroding in the long run.

To provide you with maximum convenience, this holster comes with 2 pockets thereby you can not only store your weapons, but also additional essential items such as your wallet, phone, keys or a spare magazine according to your preference.

Furthermore, this belly band holster is designed for multiple carry options of either placing your firearm outside the waistband or inside the waistband. Not only that, you can adjust the position of your weapon accordingly with ease to suit you the best depending on your type of activity. For example, if you are driving or sitting, you can ride the belly band a little high for more comfort.

This product is specially designed for a crotch carry. However, since there are no safety mechanisms available with the holster, you should be careful at all times and consider installing some sort of safety mechanism especially to cover your trigger area to prevent accidental dry-firing of your firearm. Also, you are advised to wear an undershirt with the belly band as the Velcro closure is a little rough.

In addition to that, the holster conceals your weapon pretty deep especially for small compact pistols which makes it difficult to draw out your firearm incase you need it quickly during an emergency situation. Hence, you need to make sure that your firearm is safely secured with the Velcro closure thus ensuring it has a tight fit in the holster.

Your weapon can be drawn easily with a lot of practice. It will be a little complicated at first however, you will get the hang of it after multiple uses. Also, you can surf Youtube tutorial videos to make the drawing process a lot simpler.

Suitable for :

  • Heavy duty double layer elastic nylon
  • 2 pockets
  • Multiple carry options

ComfortTac Ultimate Stomach Band Holster

 ComfortTac Ultimate Stomach Holsters

This ultimate stomach band holster is made from neoprene material rather than the standard elastic construction. This material is stretchable to fit up a 44 inch belly. To determine the right size of belly band, you must measure your hips or stomach instead of using your pants measurement. Also, the neoprene material is soft to touch as well as well-ventilated therefore ensuring excellent comfort.

Unlike the standard elastic construction, neoprene is soft against your skin. You are able to wear the band directly on your skin without any undershirt according to your personal preference. The thick and durable neoprene material will ensure no irritation on your skin as well as is capable to support the weight of your pistols will maximum ease.

It is very versatile as the holster can accommodate almost all type of firearms such as M&P, Springfield and Glock pistols. In terms of sizes of firearms, it can fit any size of weapons as its surgical grade elastic holder fits subcompact, compact, small and full size weapons with ease.

For small and pocket size pistols however, it might ride a little too deep in the holster thus making it harder to draw out your weapon during times of need. That being said, you need to make sure that your weapon always has a snug fit in your holster to prevent it from dropping to the ground.

In addition to that, this product is also designed to have multiple carry options. You can either position your weapon at your appendix, inside or outside the waistband, 5 o’clock or even cross body position depending on your comfort. Furthermore, your weapon will stay securely in place at all times with the Velcro closure intact hence it comes in handy if you are engaged in any physical activity.

Besides that, this stomach band is equipped with spare magazine pockets in which you can store accessories such as magazines, wallet or mobile phones conveniently. There is also an optional use of retention strap provided. However, you can cut off the retention strap according to your preference if you prefer speed over retention support.

Suitable for :

  • Optional use of retention strap
  • Neoprene construction
  • Spare magazine pockets

Top Rated Belly Band Holster for the Price

Alpha Holster Belly Band Gun Holster Review

Alpha Holster Concealed Carry Hip Holster

Alpha Holster’s product is constructed from breathable elastic material that is highly durable and flexible. It is also non-toxic, safe and easy for concealed carry. The elastic material is secured with a Velcro closure to ensure that your weapon is tightly held in your holster at all times which comes in handy if you are engaged in physical activities.

Apart from that, it comes with top retention straps to hold your weapon well. In other words, the unique construction of this belly band holster comes with excellent retention system. The retention straps secures your firearm tightly for any sizes of firearm whether full size, compact or subcompact pistols and revolvers.

Therefore, this product is able to accommodate all guns and has a dual backup mag capacity. Not only that, it is equipped with an ambidextrous design in which you are able to draw your pistol using either your left or right hand according to your preference. Thus, it is very user-friendly as you just need to invest in one good and durable holster to be used by anyone.

It is versatile as the holster has multiple carry options, in which it can be worn either outside or inside the waistband, cross body, appendix or small of back position according to your preference and comfort level. Also, it is specially designed to be set-up for cross draw position however it can also be worn for side draw position.

Moreover, this product comes with 2 additional pockets for you to store additional magazines or your personal items conveniently. It is available in 3 different colors which are white, beige and black as well as well as various size measurements in which you need to measure your waist circumference to determine your size.

In terms of comfort, this band is rather comfortable to wear as it fits snugly to your body. However, it can be a little warm to wear during hot weathers. So, you should wear it with an undershirt to prevent the sweat from getting on your firearm.

The drawing of your pistol on the other hand is a little challenging due to it being different from the traditional holster. Therefore, you should practice the drawing out and re-holstering of your weapon. In terms of speed, the drawing out process is slow as you need to mostly lift up your shirt to access your weapon if you need it for quick response.

Suitable for :

  • Breathable elastic material
  • Top retention strap system
  • Dual backup mag capacity


In a nutshell, it is important to possess a belly band holster. It is very secure as the elastic band is secured all around your waist or stomach, similar to that of an actual belt and further enveloped by Velcro closure to prevent your weapon from dropping as well as providing excellent concealment at all times.

However, if you prefer the IWB carry over belly band carry, check out our top rated IWB holster for these pistols :

Therefore, factors such as concealment, weight, simplicity of access, support and comfort and finally cost need to be taken into consideration so the holster you purchase is well worth your investment. Thus, I hope my review assists you in making the right choice.

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