Best Binocular Harness Review

Best Binocular Harness For Hunting Reviews 2018

Note: While binocular harness does come together with some binoculars (normally expensive ones) when you are purchasing the binocular, that’s not always the case. Also, most warranty only covers the binocular and not the accessories. Therefore, this post is specially dedicated to those who wants to purchase quality binocular harnesses.

If you are in a hurry, you can compare these binocular harness against each other in the table below

Binocular Harness Comparison Table

To make comparison between these harnesses easier, all the important specifications of these 5 models are compiled and summarized in the table below. (Detail review of each product are below the table).

To benefit from the table, there are certainly guidelines that you should know:

  1. Strength and Comfort are rated from very bad to very good.
  2. Maximum Size – All means it’s suitable for any size. For S4 Gear Lockdown, it’s suitable for binocular with maximum length of 7.5 inch.
  3. Bag – Some harnesses come with bags in which the binocular is placed in.
  4. Price – All prices are measured in USD.
ImageBinocular HarnessStrengthComfortMaximum SizeBagPrice
Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap VTHARNESSVortex OpticsGoodAverageALLNo$
Badlands Bino Strap Realtree APBadlands BinoGoodVery GoodALLNo$$
Badlands Bino X CaseBino X CaseVery GoodVery GoodALLYes$$$
Bushnell Deluxe Binocular HarnessBushnell DeluxeAverageGoodALLNo$
S4 Gear LockdownS4 Gear LockDownVery GoodGood7.5" in lengthYes$$

Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap Review

Vortex Optics will be a great buy if you are looking for something decent, simple and affordable.It’s pretty much just the basic and it’s built to be compact, making it just right for hunters.

In terms of strength, it’s great enough to support most binoculars (although I would recommend choosing better ones if your binoculars are really big and heavy). It’s not really as durable as I would like it to be as there are customers complaining that the plastic grip broke while holding their binoculars (rare case).

It’s not really that comfortable to use because the straps aren’t built to reduce the pressure felt on your shoulder. Although it’s much better than ordinary straps, you will still feel some weight on your back using Vortex Optics.

Also, I personally like the design in which Vortex Optics is built. It’s stylish and rugged, giving you the cool feeling wearing it.

Price: $

Who is this for?

  • Looking for compact binocular harness
  • Something cheap and decent
  • Works well for most binoculars (not heavy ones)
  • Might be slightly uncomfortable
  • Great design

Badlands Bino Strap, Realtree AP review

Badlands Bino Strap will be your best choice if you are looking for the best binocular harness that doesn’t come with bags. Let’s look into what it has to offer.

First of all, the unique part about Badlands Bino Strap as compared to other basic harnesses is that it provides extremely comfortable experience to the user. The top part of the strap is made with soft cushion (as shown in the picture) to reduce the weight felt carrying the binocular.

Note: The difference in terms of comfort between a cushion padding and a normal strap is really big, so it’s wise to pay close attention to this aspect.

Badlands Bino Strap is pretty strong too, so there shouldn’t be any problem supporting all kinds of binoculars. If you are using the kind of binoculars a hunter should use (not those extremely heavy ones), then this harness will do a great job supporting it. Also, it’s long lasting according to the reviewers at Amazon.

Frankly, the only setback of Badlands Bino Strap will be the design. It doesn’t give the stylish feeling like what most of the other binocular harness do. Of course, if you happen to like the design, then I can’t think of any reason to not get this model.

Price: $$

Who is this for?

  • Looking for simple, comfortable binocular harness
  • willing to pay slightly more as compared to other models
  • favor classical design

Badlands Bino X Case Review

Update: The Badlands Bino X is a chest harness binocular case that is equipped with zipper-less and padded magnetic closure that allows hands free operation. Its shoulder strap system has a hidden hydration bag while the case cover hook can be used as a bow string hangar.

If you are looking for a binocular harness that will not only makes it easier to carry the binocular around but also something that will provide extra protection over the binoculars to prevent scratches and damages, then Badlands Bino X Case will be your best choice. This product offers tons of value for it’s price.

First of all, it’s really comfortable to use as the straps are being padded with cushions (it seems that Badlands product are very well made). The cushions effectively reduce the pressure exerted by the binoculars on your shoulders.

Due to the fact that you are keeping the binoculars in your beg, it’s obvious that this product is extremely strong and it’s by far the safest option to go with. Also, it provides extra protection to the binoculars as compared to normal binocular harness.

One really cool thing about Badlands Bino X Case is that the bag uses magnetic closure. There is no need to zip and unzip the bag to use the binocular. It makes keeping binoculars in bag so convenient and fun. I bet you will really like this feature.

Also, it’s pretty much more than just a harness. In the bag, there is an in-built lens cleaner so you can clean the lens when it’s necessary. In addition, there are various slots whereby you can add compartments to the bag, but you have to get Badlands product to do that.

Note: In my opinion, this is the best option I will go for if budget is not a problem. It’s the most versatile binocular harness that is within the $100 range.

Price: $$$

Who is this for?

  • Need extra protection for binoculars (prevent scratches and damages especially when you are crossing narrow areas)
  • Like the magnetic closure system
  • Looking for strong and comfortable harness
  • Willing to pay slightly more for something great

Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness Review

In essence, Bushnell Deluxe is the most economical binocular harness you can find. It’s the cheapest among the five harnesses reviewed in this post.

Although it’s cheap, the strength of the harness is still quite good. It does a good job in supporting various binoculars (although I wouldn’t recommend this if you are using heavy binoculars). It’s shelf life might be slightly lower compared to the others.

In terms of comfort, it’s actually doing quite a good job (although Badlands Bino Strap is slightly better). Although the strap isn’t padded with cushion, the central part is. This way, the weight is better spread out throughout the body as compared to Vortex Optics.

The design is fairly basic but stylish making it suitable for most individuals. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose clothing that matches the design of the harness 😀

Price: $

Who is this for?

  • Great alternative especially if you are on a tight budget
  • Using light binoculars
  • Just need something simple
  • Better comfort than Vortex Optics

S4Gear LockDown Binocular Harness (Black) review

Update: This adjustable breathable harness has a tension-free glassing and anti-bounce technology that safely secures the binoculars to your chest without it bouncing. Its pliable cover as well as stretch shock cord is noiseless and has low-profile lens protection for maximum optics security and fast access.

S4 Gear Lock Down is another model of binocular harness that comes with a protection backpack. It’s a great alternative to the Badlands Bino X especially if budget is a concern. It’s nearly half the price of Badlands Bino X. Of course, it’s cheaper for a reason.

This model is created to support small binoculars only. Anything with length greater than 7.5 inches wouldn’t fit into the bag casing. In my opinion, your binocular should be 6.5 inches and below if you are to get this harness or else it might be a little too tight.

Of course, if your binocular fits the recommended size, then S4 Gear Lock Down might be right for you. This product is made to be really durable and long-lasting. There is totally no problem in supporting heavy binoculars.

Like Bino X Case, the straps are padded with cushion providing comfortable experience using them. The pressure is greatly reduced until a level where you don’t even feel like you are carrying something on your back.

Unlike Bino X Case, it’s much more of a simpler model without lot’s of extra feature. The bag is just used to store the binocular when you are not using. Although S4 Gear Lock Down also uses magnetic closure, it doesn’t cover the whole bag completely. There are still air spaces whereby raindrops might actually get in.

Price: $$

Who is this for?

  • Looking for cheaper alternative to Bino X Case
  • Need extra protection for binoculars
  • Using small binoculars

Benefits of binocular harness

Binocular harness is something more advance and efficient improvised from the ordinary binocular strap that most people are using. If you are not using one already, I highly recommend that you try it out because it will definitely enhance your hunting experience.

The main purpose of a binocular harness is to hold the binocular when you are not using it. This way, it’s way more convenient than carrying it with your own hands or having to take them out from your backpack each and every time you use.

Also, using a binocular harness actually reduces the pressure of the binocular acting on your body as compared to carrying it in your bag. Reason being, the pressure exerted by the binocular is spread equally to your whole body due to the design of the binocular harness. In simpler term, you don’t feel the burden of carrying a binocular using a harness.

In fact, using a harness is something important included in our ultimate guide to care and clean your binocular.

Harness Versus Ordinary Straps

Just in case you are confuse, binocular straps and harness provides the same function, it’s just that binocular harnesses are much better off than the common binocular straps people often used back then.

First of all, if you are already using binocular straps, you will be really happy being able to remove the weight of the binocular off your neck. As mentioned above, harnesses works better than straps in distributing the weight of the binocular throughout your whole body.

Note: Harness has been used widely in other fields that require better support or protection. A great example will be supporting harness used during hiking. Generally speaking, it serves to reduce pressure. To learn more, check out this page.

A harness provides greater strength than binocular straps. This way, your binocular will be held firmly in position even if you are walking/running rather than swinging around, assuming that you are using a binocular harness. This makes the binocular both more comfortable and safe to use.

Safety harness are normally used by hunters to protect themselves from falling off a treestand. This gives you an example how strong a harness can be in supporting the weight of an object. You can check out the best safety treestand harness here.

Top 5 Rated Binocular Harness Review

Aligned with our goal to help you make the most out of your money, we reviewed the 5 best binocular harness at different pricing level to cater for your individual needs. We will be looking into some of the important criteria listed below:

Strength and Durability. Probably the most important factor you should consider before purchasing a binocular harness. Ideally, it should be strong enough to support the weight of your binocular. So, if your binocular are really heavy ones (also expensive high-end binoculars) consider getting a binocular harness with better strength. Also, it’s important to get one that is long lasting.

Comfort. Not all harnesses are created equal. Some are more comfortable than the others, and that’s exactly what we are looking for. Like backpacks, the quality of the shoulder straps and the way they are built should minimize the pressure felt by your body.

Complexity. This is something very subjective that you need to consider it for yourself. Do you like something simple (just two straps holding the binocular) or something more complicated (harness holding a bag in which the binocular is kept in)? Of course the latter provides better protection, but the former makes the process of using a binocular easier.

Price. The price of the harness will be taken into account while we are reviewing the 5 top rated binocular harness. Pick the one that suits your needs best that are still within your estimated budget.


I am sure one of the above will definitely meet your needs in terms of budget and what the products have to offer. They are all great stuffs for the price you are paying for.

If you have been using straps all the while, consider giving these binocular harnesses a try. I am pretty sure you will be amazed how big the difference is when you use a harness instead of a strap.

Which type of binocular harness you prefer for hunting, with or without bag?