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Best Blood Tracking Light for Hunting 2019 Review

As you could probably guess from the tittle, a blood tracking light is a tool, specifically a flashlight that illuminates any given area in order to help you to track blood of any animals especially during the night. It does not only limit to hunters as forensic investigators could also use this tool to help in their investigations.

Due to its precious wavelength, blood normally appears black while any other objects appear grey. Usually, this flashlight doesn’t come with the sole purpose of blood tracking. There may be many side functions as well.

Hence, check out this review to help you choose the best blood tracking light for hunting. Don’t forget to pair it with a coon hunting light as well!

Top 5 Blood Tracking Light Comparison Table

Name of productBrightnessColor optionsPower settingsWeightPrice
Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light600 lumen1216 ounces$$
Gerber Recon Multicolor Flashlight, Black [22-80016]300 lumen432.4 ounces$
SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights with tough Nitrolon body320 lumen124.48 ounces$$
Rayovac Sportsman 18 Lumen 3AAA 6-LED Blood Tracking Flashlight with Batteries (SPBT3AAA-B)18/ 30/80/ 110/150/180 lumens339.3 ounces$
Rayovac Sportsman 70 Lumen 3AAA 5-LED Blood Tracking Headlight with Batteries (SPBTHL-B)14/ 22/ 46/70/105 lumens344.8 ounces $

The top 5 are decided by certain factors:

  1. Brightness
  2. Color options
  3. Power settings
  4. Weight
  5. Price


The brighter the light is, obviously easier it would be to track the blood or to use it for other purposes. However, a flashlight that is too bright can cause glare and eye strain.

Color options

The more the color options, the more versatile it would be for different purposes. Red light doesn’t detract night vision while green light has a narrow band for night hunting. On the other hand, blue is usually for reading or taking notes in the night.

Power settings

The more the number of power settings, there are more options for us to adjust the brightness according to our need.


In any of our travels, we always want to avoid bringing along any heavy luggage as best as possible. Hence, weight is also a crucial factor as you don’t want to hold a heavy flashlight in your hand while, for example, hunting.

Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

The first blood tracking light in our best tracking light review is the Primos. This best tracking light is powered by intense 600 lumen emitted by the CREE XM LEDs. It uses a custom optical filter to reduce select colors in order to amplify blood for easy tracking.

This blood tracking light makes blood visible in all types of terrain. On top of that, it has two power settings – intense HD tracking as well as low illumination. The flat handle design adds comfort and makes carrying it easier.

You can see the blood trail when using this light especially at night time because it works best in low light conditions. Therefore, I would not suggest it for daytime use.

It picks up the color really clear even if there are a lot of red leaves on the ground as red leaves make focusing a little harder. This is especially an issue if you have a lot of maple trees in the area. The blood could be distinguished out even on fall leaves.

For example, in Louisiana, it is common that the leaves on the ground often have red pigments. This makes blood tracking difficult to tell the difference between left color and blood drips.

However, with this best tracking light, it quickly helps to differentiate the red leaf stains that occur naturally and spot blood.

It is a well made flashlight and it feels extremely solid. The belt holster that is included is also made extremely well. This best tacking light has a belt loop which has durable Velcro and a snap. This makes it super easy to add to your belt for easy of portability.

As a backup, you can use hydrogen peroxide to spray it on the blood. It will foam up. Although it does show dried blood, but it is still not as clear as fresh though.

The light is white blue color like those new and it makes the blood stand out even if you are color blind. The blood tracker uses CR123A batteries. It has high and low light settings so you could use the low beam as a replacement for a flashlight.

The case is constructed of aluminum with a rubberized grip. Nonetheless, if you are an avid hunter, be prepared to invest in some batteries. The polarized light makes the blood trail look almost like a fluorescent paint.

Also, be careful if you are hunting especially in groups as there is a warning on the box which says that it may cause blindness if shined in someone’s eyes directly.

Overall in this tracking light review, this Primos blood tracker may be the best blood tracker which perfectly suits your need.

Suitable for:

  • All types of terrain
  • Low light situations
  • Portability

Gerber Recon Multicolor Flashlight

Gerber Recon Multicolor hunting Flashlight

The second in our list of best blood tracking light is the Gerber Recon. This Gerber blood tracking light uses low watt LED with proprietary D.I.A.L. technology.

There are 4 color options which are blue, red, green and clear lens option. This Gerber clear recon light allows one white LED without having to change out any of the lens.

The equipped clip and lanyard allows hands-free use and the anodized aircraft aluminum housing ensures extended durability. The recon light comes with limited lifetime warranty from Gerber. One AA battery is included as well.

The white color option is more suitable for general use; green for map reading; red to preserve night vision and blue for fluid identification.

The dimensions of this best blood tracker are 3.75 long and 1.25 in diameter. It is quite compact and could be easily stored in your pocket. However, the light is not very bright. Then again, we are looking for the best blood tracking light, not the brightest light.

It has enough light to look at something close to you (map, book…) but you may find it difficult to see distances in the dark.

The red option is the most stealth oriented while the blue is slightly more luminous. The green light gives off enough to engage in harder tasks.

The color lens could be rotated to cover a single LED with one small circle of color. Therefore, you could only use one color at the time.

Although it is not a flashlight you can use to light up your path, instead you can use it for photography at night to light up your camera controls. Also, you could use it to illuminate your maps and help with manual tasks at night.

There is a rubber O-ring at the back access point. If you remove the rear twist cap which is used for turning the light on/off and for having access to the battery; you may find a rubber gasket which I assume to make the device waterproof from that end.

However, it may allow water to enter from the front end through the light bevel. The blue light highlights blood but the blood may appear blackish if you use the blue light.

It is only a push on if it turns on by screwing close the end cap. If the end cap is just opened enough to have the light off, it will be enough to turn on the flashlight by pushing the end cap. I would prefer though to see an on-off button rather than twisting the end cap.

Its operation is very silent but it makes a slight click when you rotate from one color to another. Apparently, you would have to un-twist the battery cap back a little bit to turn it off.

Overall in this blood tracker review, this is a good small task flashlight where a need for sight of detail is essential whilst retaining a covert presence.

Suitable for:

  • Retaining covert presence
  • Manual tasks at night
  • Hands free use

SureFire G2X Series LED Torchlights

SureFire G2X Series LED Torchlights

The third in our list in this review would be the SureFire. The SureFire blood tracker has two output levels – low of 15 lumens for extended runtime and high of 320 lumens for maximum light

There is a dual-output tailcap click switch. You could press it for momentary-on low, return to off then press or click again for high, click for constant-on low.

Meanwhile, the tough Nitrolon body has an anodized aluminum bezel. Just choose any of the 3 outputs which are the single or dual-output, or professional grade dual output with the G2X LE.

The single output level is a penetrating 320-lumen beam. On the other hand, the dual-output version features 320 lumens at maximum output, and a low 15 lumens output mode for extended usage.

The G2X Pro is designed to fulfill the requirements of law enforcement professionals. It utilizes 400 lumens maximum output of bright light that comes along with a low 15 lumens output of useful light.

This best blood tracker is weatherproof as it is O-ring and gasket sealed. The high output for G2X Pro could be turned on in its first press or click.

The 400 lumens of bright white light is focused by a parabolic reflector. This provides a versatile beam that has a significant reach and ample surrounding light in order to maintain good situational awareness which is a crucial factor in law enforcement.

A click-style tactical tailcap switch controls the blood tracking light’s output. Just simply press or click for momentary 400 lumens or constant-on mode.

This feature offers an instant access to maximum output which provides a tactical advantage. Return to off and press or click again within two seconds to switch to lower-output 15-lumen beam.

The Nitrolon polymer body is designed for a secure hold. It is ideal for anyone who wears a badge or simply as an everyday-carry light. It takes on just about any situation especially the shock of the shotgun recoil.

In fight of flight situations, this flashlight is pretty much ideal for self-defense. It is compact enough to carry comfortably but at the same time bright enough to blind/dazzle any attacker at night.

The beveled edges which are common on other lights are unneeded in this one as they only cause superficial cuts and scrapes when you strike someone. This feature will also tear up your pants or whatever you put this blood tracking flashlight in.

Barrel is 25cm or just under 1 inch while the length is 5.20 inches. The tactical runtime is 2 .5 hours and the beam is not adjustable other than the intensity – 15 to 320 lumens. The bezel diameter is 1.25 inches while body diameter is 1.00 inches.

The only improvement would be if it has a memory setting with a clip for easy carrying. Without the memory feature, you would have to toggle through the settings. You wouldn’t want to click through a dimmer light setting to get to the bright light.

Suitable for:

  • Self defense
  • As an everyday-carry light
  • Maintain good situational awareness

Rayovac Sportsman 6-LED Blood Tracking Light

Rayovac Sportsman 6-LED Blood Tracking light

The fourth in our list of best tracking light is from Rayovac. This blood tracking light has an anodized aluminum body which is compact and water resistant. The purchase of this blood tracking light includes a holster as well for easy carry and store when not in use.

There are three modes-3 red LEDs for night vision, 2 white LEDs for standard mode, 3 unique violet LEDs for blood tracking. It is impact resistant up to 7 feet.

This Rayovac 3-in-1 blood tracker flashlight is suitable for tracking wild game or using it in the woods to shine on the trails when you are getting to your tree stand or hunting spot. The purchase comes with lifetime warranty and 3 AAA batteries are included.

The luminous flux is 200 lm with the average battery life of 22 hours. You might face difficulty though when using it if there is moisture on the ground, leaves, etc. It all looks like blood in the dark.

This 5 inches flashlight has two switches for lower bean and high beam. There is also an additional strobe beam. It has different colored lenses for night hunting.

The metal tube diameter is 1.18 inches (29.95 mm). The part of the tube with hard rubber grip material is 1.28 inches (32.51 mm). Barrel is 1.175″ and 1.74″ for the head. 1.26″ for the rubber grip.

The 180 Lumens blood tracking flashlight has a side switch while the 200 Lumen model has a tail switch. If you prefer the side switch you might as well get the 180 Lumens. However, in order to turn the blood tracker light off, you would have to pass through all the different levels of illumination this flashlight has.

To insert the batteries, unscrew the bottom cap. If you click your flashlight ON, you will hear the button CLICK. Once you turn your flashlight ON, press [or pulse] the button in while not “clicking” the button.

Then, the light will cycle through the different light modes each time you pulse the button. If you click the button each time you turn the light on and off, it’ll switch modes that way too. Therefore, the correct way is to pulse the button.

I don’t prefer the “loose fitting” end cap though. The batteries have room to move making them rattle sometimes. Fortunately, they don’t make any noise though.

It lasts much longer and it’s heavy enough to strike a mugger. However, you may find the heaviness an issue though. It has efficient use of power built and is bright enough for your purpose.

However, it is not wide beamed and the high and low settings were very close to my eye. It is rated to last 22 hours on high mode and 60 hours on low.

To sum up this blood tracker review, this best blood tracker is great for the home, business, or carrying in your vehicle.

Suitable for:

  • Compact
  • Water resistant
  • Night hunting


Rayovac Sportsman 5-LED Tracking Headlight

Rayovac Sportsman 5-LED Tracking Headlight

The last on the list is also the Rayovac. This best blood tracking flashlight has 5 LEDs- 1 white LED, 2 red for night vision, and 2 violets for blood tracking.

Meanwhile, there are 4 modes- bright main beam, night vision, blood tracking, and emergency flashing. The tracking light is 70 lumens with 3 hour battery runtime on standard white mode. The red light is the first on the dial position. You can use it without using the white light.

The blood tracking flashlight includes an adjustable headstrap to give you comfort while you are using it. The purchase of this best blood tracker comes with lifetime warranty and batteries are included as well.

The 22 lumen makes switching between functions super easy. Most other blood tracking flashlights make you press a button every single time you want to change into a function. On the other hand, this one has a dial. So turning on, off or switching between the different light modes is quick and simple.

The 62 Lumen however requires pushing a button multiple times to switch between the modes. The knob on the side is really a cover for the battery compartment for a single battery.

Using only one AA battery makes this best blood tracker super lightweight. However, it may not last long on the brightest setting.

The downside of this best tracking flashlight is the headband losing its elasticity which starts to sag. Also, some of the plastic may start breaking down.

For example, the plastic holding the screw/nut which allows pivoting breaks. This causes the headlamp to no longer pivot into useful positions.

The red light is great when you are camping if you don’t want to spoil your night vision in the tent by turning on the white light.

Bear in mind that the blood tracking light will drain a regular AA battery in less than an hour when it’s on high mode. Therefore, you may opt to use rechargeable batteries. Nonetheless, when you are using the red or blue LEDs, an AA battery can last for hours.

I would have preferred if it had a low power white LED. The white LED is bright but it is restrained to only short range. At best, the white LED reaches 10 yards at the most. This makes it difficult under night hike conditions.

The bulb has relatively long range although it is not very bright, especially when comparing it to the white LED. You will be able to focus on the primary beam, which helps in its usage, but it still can’t overcome the power limitations.

There is a rubber seal inside the battery compartment. Therefore, I would expect it to be waterproof up to a degree, such as from heavy rain. The housing is made from plastic and not a robust system.

Overall in this blood tracker review, this Rayovac blood tracking light is a great flashlight for the price.

Suitable for:

  • Relatively long range
  • Lightweight
  • Camping



I hope these blood tracker review has been helpful for you to choose the best product for tracking blood.