We Review the Best Boot Knives of 2020

In this article we’re highlighting the best boot knives on the market.

Before purchasing (and carrying) any of the knives below you should have a clear understanding of the concealed carry laws in your state.  States like California and New York have some of the more restrictive laws in the U.S. while others are much more lenient.

If your state has restrictive laws you may have more luck checking out our article on the best pocket knives.

Boot knives are similar to the size of the dagger. It comes either with a fixed double edged blade or a single edged blade in which you can choose according to your preference. In other words, it is a small and compact weapon that is designed to be carried mainly in your boots however it can also be strapped to your ankles or belt. It makes a great addition in your survival kit. You can check out the most needed and essential items that should be in your survival kit here.

It can be used for versatile applications such as hunting and camping in the wilderness as well as a weapon for self-defense in public. However, it is mainly used as a self-defense weapon and also as a survival tool to keep you safe from predators at all times.

The knife itself should be small and solid to fit your boot comfortably with great concealment. Not only that, you should invest in a good sheath with preferably built-in straps to provide maximum concealment as well as to prevent injuries on your leg.

Since it is very concealable, the ankle knife acts as your back-up weapon so you are well-equipped with survival and self-defense tools. To get the best boot knife, you should take into account factors such as size, blade material and shape, handle and sheath.

Top 5 Best Boot Knives

Name of ProductWeightBlade LengthOverall lengthDurabilityPrice
Schrade One-Piece Forged Ankle Knife0.31 lbs4.5 inch9 inchHigh$$
Kershaw Fixed Blade Tactical Knife3 oz4.4 inch8.7 inchHigh$$
MTech USA Xtreme Tactical Knife4 oz4.5 inch9 inchHigh$$
Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife3.6 oz3.3 inch6.9 inchHigh$$
Smith & Wesson H.R.T Full Tang Knife0.5 lbs4.75 inch9 inchHigh$$

Schrade One-Piece Forged Ankle Knife

Schrade One-Piece Forged Ankle Knife

Our top pick for the best boot knife is the Schrade One-piece forged ankle knife.  It comes with a glass filled nylon boot sheath. The sheath is solid and able to hold your knife securely without any chances of dropping it. It is also extremely versatile as the sheath can be attached to either your boot, belt or pocket according to your preference.

The Schrade boot knife has an overall length of 9 inch (22.8cm). The blade length and the handle length on the other hand are both 4.5 inch (11.4cm) in length therefore adding up to the overall length, if you do the math.

Weighing 0.31 pounds, its spear point blade is constructed from the SAE-1070 high carbon steel material hence contributing to its toughness and durability. The double-edged blade also is thick with a solid construction and well designed.

Due to its toughness, the blade is able to withstand tough abuse hence it is able to survive through strong impacts or so without getting broken. That being said, it is deemed to have a long life provided taken good care of.

All in all, the tactical knife is small and concealable, therefore a perfect tool for both defense and hunting according to your liking. Besides that, the blade is able to penetrate skin, hide, husks and barks if you’re camping for instance.

The blade is sharp no doubt, however this product is not designed as a cutting knife (you can check out bushcraft knives for that purpose). It has limited use in which you are able to use it as defense or minimal cutting such as slicing.

In addition to that, the knife balance is a little heavy on the handle side so you should find the right spot to get good balance. The sheath retention on the other hand is not very useful as it is a little hard to draw out your weapon conveniently.

Why We Like It

  • slim design so it’s easy to conceal
  • Glass filled nylon sheath
  • Doubled-edged fixed blade boot knife

Kershaw Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

Kershaw Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

Kershaw’s tactical, fixed blade boot knife is a solid #2. The blade length measures up to 4.4 inches (11.2cm) meanwhile the overall length including the handle adds up to 8.7 inches (22.1cm). Apart from that, this product weighs 3 ounces (85g) whereas its weight with the sheath included measures 3.5 ounces (99.2g).

Its handle on the other hand comes with a rubberized co-molded construction. To ensure you have a secure grip on the handle, it has a glass-filled nylon with textured rubber overmold. This feature comes in handy so you don’t drop it or lose your grip on it when your palms are sweaty or so.

Moreover, this product features a single-edged blade paired with a non-reflective black oxide finish. The black oxide finish is essential for added blade protection thus contributing to its durability. That being said, the blade is constructed with solid steel and then coated with the black oxide finish.

Not only that, the blade is heat treated to Kershaw’s detailed specifications to bring out and ensure the highest qualities in the steel. This boot knife includes a belt carry and slots so you can add your own leg carry straps to attach the knife to your ankle conveniently.

The end of the handle comes with a lanyard hole for added versatility so you can hook other items such a key or so to it for your maximum convenience. Also, it is concealable and discreet hence functions well for both tactical use and personal protection (self-defense).

It is equipped with a molded, dual carry sheath that comes with clip for your convenience so you can attach it at different positions, whether your belt or ankle. The sheath is well-built and holds the knife securely as the blade will least likely wiggle in it. However, its design make it a little uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time.

Why We Like It

  • Rubberized co-molded handle so it’s easy to grip
  • Single-edged blade
  • Lanyard carry hole included

MTech USA Xtreme Tactical Knife

MTech USA Xtreme Tactical Knife

MTech’s tactical knife has the right size that makes it perfect to be carried in your boot. Its overall length with the blade and handle included, add up to a total of 9 inches. This product is used typically for self-defense, and primarily for thrusting.

The two-tone, double half-serrated blade is extremely solid as it has a sturdy grade 440 stainless steel construction that contributes to its durability. Compared to the other metals, the grade 440 steel contains a higher percentage of carbon therefore providing it with an excellent hardness and edge retention.

In addition to that, its G10 handle ensures excellent grip in any weather conditions, whether rain or shine. This comes in handy if you are hunting or camping and it starts to rain. That being said, you need not worry as you are well-equipped with a self-defense weapon with good grip.

This boot knife comes with a lanyard hole in the end of the handle so you can utilize it to attach additional cordages. It comes in handy if you need to attach your personal items such as car keys to store it safely during a camping expedition for instance. Also, the lanyard hole is useful during field work.

Besides that, it is equipped with a leather sheath for you to easily store your weapon. A good sheath is important to not only properly secure your weapon but also to ensure your safety so the blade don’t penetrate your skin. In other words, it is essential for a simple and safe carry. The sheath also has a nice snap button that holds the weapon securely in place.

The blade of this tactical knife is full tang. It is similar to a dagger style knife, hence built to take abuse from strong and powerful impacts. Since it is a double half-serrated blade, it is sharp on both sides for your added convenience.

Suitable for :

  • Double half-serrated blade
  • Leather sheath included
  • Grade 440 stainless steel construction

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Boot Knife

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Ankle Knife

This Gerber boot knife has an overall length (blade and handle included) of 6.9 inches whereas the blade itself measures 3.3 inches. It has a compact and skeletal 420 HC steel frame which contributes to the toughness and sturdiness of the tool itself.

The steel frame on the other hand is coated with a black ceramic for minimal reflection. The coating also offers superior corrosion resistance hence ensuring the durability of it. It also comes with a diamond texture rubber handle for improved grip.

That being said, the compact and contoured skeletal frame ensures that the Ghoststrike light in your hand whereas the rubber overmold of the handle gives optimal, full tang grip so you need not worry about your weapon falling out from your hands.

Furthermore, it has a fine edge drop point blade that is excellent in slicing and ripping with maximum precision.  Besides that, it is equipped with a modular sheath system to provide you with option of multiple/open carry. The sheath on the other hand can be mounted on your belt, either vertically or horizontally.

It also comes with optional belt loops so you can attach adjust the position of the sheath on your belt conveniently according to your preference. Another plus point is that this survival tool includes a neoprene ankle wrap for sheath mount in which you can wear with your boot or low-cut shoe with ease.

That being said, this boot knife is versatile as it can be mounted on both your belt and ankle. However, it is best mounted on the ankle as it offers the better concealable option. The knife can be easily accessed and its slim profile allows for discreet transport in either your belt, boot, pocket or even around your neck.

In addition to that, the operation process is rather simple. You just need to unscrew your belt adaptor and screw it to your ankle and vice versa, depending on your preferred type of carry. Also, it not only is very comfortable to don on the ankle wrap for hours but also conceals well as it doesn’t print the outline of your weapon.

Suitable for :

  • 420 HC steel frame with black oxide coating
  • Includes neoprene ankle wrap
  • Modular sheath system

Smith & Wesson H.R.T Full Tang Knife

Smith & Wesson H.R.T Full Tang Knife

Weighing 0.5 pounds, the Smith & Wesson knife is one of the top sellers in Amazon therefore in my humble opinion, a product worth your investment since it won the hearts of many customers.

It has an overall length (blade and handle included) of 9 inches (22.9cm).  The blade length on the other hand is 4.75 inch (12.1cm) whereas the handle length is 4.25 inch (10.8cm) which all in all adds up to the overall length, if you do the math.

Apart from that, it can be used for versatile applications according to your preference, from recreational use to professional level use. However, it is used mainly for defense. Also, it is equipped with a black wrapped handle with a lanyard hole so you can attach any small items with the lanyard to be hung over your neck conveniently.

Deemed as a high quality product, the quality of this ankle knife is tested and designed for maximum durability. That being said, it is constructed from a black 7Cr17 high carbon 440C stainless steel material. The double edged spear point blade on the other hand is equipped with a blood groove.

Moreover, the double-edged blade is very sharp. Both edge sides are sharpened for your maximum convenience. It balances well and holds a great edge so you can easily use it for any self-defense task. Not only that, it includes a black leather sheath with a pocket clip for your added convenience. The sheath also holds your weapon securely with a snug fit.

The tactical knife also comes with anti-slip grooves for improved grip in your hands. Good grip is important so you can use and remove it from the sheath with one swift motion without worrying about it dropping to the ground. Also, it not only is comfortable to wear with, but the sheath conceals the knife well in the boots without providing any outline.

Suitable for :

  • Top seller in Amazon
  • Doubled edged blade
  • Black high carbon stainless steel construction
  • Black leather sheath

Boot Knife Terminology

When it comes to utility and personal protection a solid boot knife is a must have for any knife collector.  Like any everyday carry knife they should offer a good balance of function, durability, and conceal-ability.

Here are some important considerations when choosing from our recommended boot knives!

Blade Size & Shape

The blade size of a boot knife should be compact enough that you can get to it quickly wearing longer pants. A small and compact one would be good so you can wear it with maximum comfort in your shoes which will come in handy if you wear them for long hours in the day. Also, blade with the right size provides good concealment therefore ensuring there is no outline of your weapon visible on your pants.

The ideal blade length is usually 3 to 5 inches. It is important you get a good grip on the handle so you can use it conveniently for any type of activities whether for self-defense or outdoor activities such as hunting or camping.

Blade Material

Most blade materials are constructed from grade 440 stainless steel construction which contributes to its sturdiness and toughness. To further ensure the durability of the boot knife, some of them are coated with oxide finish to prevent corrosion of the metal.

Apart from that, the frame of the knife should be strong and solid so you can use it well for versatile purposes such as minimal cutting and for defense. The blades either are double-edged or single-edged. The double-edged blades allows you to utilize both sides of the blade with ease. They serve to slice and rip with good precision.


The handle should have exceptional grip which comes in handy when you draw the knife out of the sheath. It also comes in handy when you are utilizing the knife hence preventing any scenarios of you dropping the knife to the ground. That being said, it should be constructed from slip resistant materials to ensure maximum grip.

In addition to that, each knife should possess a comfortable handle. If you are to be holding the knife in your hand for a long period of time, it is best to have a handle that provide you with incredible comfort.

Not only that, some handles are equipped with lanyard holes so you can conveniently attach your personal items such as car keys and such together with a lanyard. The lanyard can be hung around your neck for added convenience.


While there are a handful of ways to conceal a boot knife, a sheath is by far the easies and safest way to keep your boot knife securely in place. Since the weapon is placed nearby to your skin, it is important to have some sort of barrier between your skin and the knife which is voila, the sheath.

Furthermore, it should be of strong material to prevent the blade from penetrating your skin. Some of the sheaths are made from glass-filled nylon material to ensure the durability of the sheath. Most sheaths also comes with clips and straps so you can have multiple carry options either on your belt, boot or ankle according to your preference.


It is good to invest in a top rated and good product so you don’t have to keep changing them frequently in the long run. The expensive ones are not usually the best and the cheap ones not the worst. Therefore, you should do some research and choose the best boot knife that is well worth your investment in terms of handle, sheath, blade material and size to utilize it well for self-defense or outdoor activities.

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In a nutshell, a boot knife comes in handy for versatile applications. Though mainly used for defense, you can use it for minimal slicing during camping and hunting trips. They usually comes with a sheath in which you can attach to your boot, belt or ankle using a strap conveniently.

Factors such as blade material, size, handle and sheath should be taken into consideration when choosing the best product well-suited to you. Hence, I hope my review assists you in making the decision.

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