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Best Bow Sight Reviews 2020

A bow sight is a device that is usually mounted on the riser of your bow to assist you in aiming your arrow when bow hunting at longer ranges and distance. It has pins that can be positioned upwards and downwards for elevation adjustment and also screwed inwards and outwards in the mounting bracket to adjust the windage.

Moreover, this device allows bow hunters a better and clearer view of where the projectile is pointing and get a better aim on their target during hunting hence why you should go for the top rated bow sight. There are bow sights with different type of pins well suited to their respective purpose.

Fixed pin sight are usually bow sights that comes with multiple pins. Each pin is set at a particular yardage and distance for example 10 yards or 20 yards. However, you need to estimate the distance with a smaller increment such as 1 or 2 yards. Also, there is the movable pin sight which usually comes with a single pin bow sight.

This movable pin sight can be set to any distance by moving the pointer upwards and downwards according to your desired yardage, hence you need not estimate distances and get a more accurate shot. Nevertheless, you need to adjust the pin before every shot.

Pendulum sights on the other hand are specially designed for tree stand hunters (for climbing tree stand reviews, check out here) as it helps compensate for elevation if you attempt a downhill shot. It usually is equipped with a single pin mounted on a hinged pendulum swing and is accurate within a specific yardage range.

Top 10 Rated Bow Sight Comparison Table

Name of ProductType of PinNumber of PinPin SizeAccuracyPrice
HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight Single10.019 inchHigh$$$
Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight Single10.010 and 0.019 inchHigh$$
Truglo Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Sight Single10.010 inchHigh$$$
Archer Head Hunter Micro Xtreme Bow Sight Multiple40.019 inchModerate$$
Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Sight Single10.019 inchHigh$$$
Spot-Hogg Archery Real Deal 5 Pin 0.019 Sight Multiple50.019 inchHigh$$$
Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin SightPendulum10.029 inchModerate$$
Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bow SightMultiple50.019 inchHigh$$$
Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow SightMultiple50.019 inchHigh$$$
Apex Gear 1 Dot Covert Pro Sight Black Single10.019 inchHigh$$$
  1. The accuracy is rated from low to high
  2. The type of pin is either single or multiple pin.
  3. The number of pin is the total number of pin that comes with the bow sight.
  4. The pin size is the size of the pins in inches.


The accuracy of an archery sight depends on how precise your shot is hitting your target. You need to adjust your yardage tape properly to get an accurate shot so you know where to aim.

Also, having 2nd and 3rd adjustability allows you to take uphill and downhill shots from any angles with maximum accuracy. The type of sight also makes a difference in the accuracy of your shot.

Type of Pin

The pins on the sight are divided into 2, either single pin or multiple pin. Single pin bow sights are usually fixed hence you need to move the pointer up and down to select your yardage when shooting.

Multiple pin bow sight on the other hand is movable. Since it has a few pins on the bow sight, you can mark a specific yardage on each pin. You must move the pointer to the specific yardage depending on the distance of your target.

Number of Pin

Archery sights with multiple pins usually has 3-5 pins whereas single pin bow sight has only one pin. With more pins, you can adjust it to more yardages either making the increment smaller to make the device more sensitive thus refrain from pin gaping too much.

Also, you can attempt bow hunting at longer ranges since you have more pins. A multiple pin product will ensure the accuracy of your shot at longer ranges.

Pin Size

The most common pin sizes are 0.010, 0.019 and 0.029 inches.  With pin with smaller size, you can be more precise with your aiming. This is due to the smaller area it covers, so you can focus specifically on your target.A smaller pin size is essential if you want an accurate shot from longer distance compared to a larger pin.

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight

hha-ol-5519-optimizer-lite-019-5500-sight-black archery sight

This product has a single pin in which you can move its pin upwards and downwards to choose your suitable yardage. Equipped with an ARMOR sight pin technology, it gives you the best estimated pin gap yardage to maximize the accuracy of your shot. Also, you can add magnification lens on this bow sight to amplify the image of your target when hunting so you can get a clearer vision and better aim.

Moreover, this product is constructed from 100% machined aluminium so it has a strong platform with zero vibration to improve your bow hunting experience, therefore enhancing the accuracy of your shot as you can hunt without any external distraction. Apart from being strong and tough, this product is durable so it will last for a long period of time.

Besides that, this bow sight comes has a bright fiber optic with rheostat adjustments so you can control the brightness of the light produced. This comes in handy and is beneficial when you are hunting during low light conditions to give you a better vision.

The single pin bow sight also further reduces and even eliminates the clutter so you can get a clearer view surpassing bush and trees when bow hunting. However, you should aim properly to get the accurate shot. For example, your eyes on the pointer should be perpendicular to the target and yardage tape so you are able to adjust your sight on the right mark.

The operation on the other hand is slightly complicated at first however over time and frequent practice, it will be spot on to use, handle and aim with. You should always self-learn through tutorial videos or by referring to the user guide to get more information on its operation.

Not only that, the precision should start at a 20-40 yards range. Then you must adjust the yardage tape till your preferred distance so it will be easy when marking the distance with your pointer. The wind adjustments and elevations are not too hard so you can adjust your product to get a better aim from multiple angles when hunting. Check out our best spotting scope reviews to heighten the effectiveness when you’re hunting!

Suitable for :

  • 100% machined aluminium
  • Adjustable bright fiber optic
  • ARMOR sight pin technology
  • Single pin

Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight


Apex’s bow sight is a single pin, moveable bow sight made out of machined aluminum construction to ensure its strength and toughness hence contributing to its durability. Nevertheless, this single pin bow sight is quite light so it won’t add extra weight to the bow sight thus making it easy for you to transport your bow sight when hunting.

Moreover, this product offers an adjustable single pin size from 0.019 inch to 0.010 inch and vice versa. Hence, you are able to choose your pin size depending on the target distance according to your own preference. You are able to cover a smaller area with the smaller sized pin hence maximizing your accuracy for example. In other words, you can utilize both the benefits of the larger and smaller pin.

This product has an aperture housing which allows you to make horizontal and vertical tilt adjustments when aiming the target with your bow sight so you can attempt to shoot your target at different and practical angles. Also, it is a little noisy when used for hunting nevertheless, it serves its hunting purpose.

Furthermore, the fiber optic pins of this  hunting device is vibrant colored so you can utilize it during low light conditions. This feature provides you brightness so you can adjust your pin to your desired yardage. Also, the light of this fiber optic pin can be adjusted to a variety of colors such as from red to yellow then green in a short period of time to give you a high clarity vision in the dark.

Apart from that, it features a micro adjustable windage and elevation so you can get a better aim well suited to get a good shot at your target. Also, this product is easy to use after a few attempts with a little practice. You should watch tutorials to assist you so you can visualize the operation of this bow sight with ease. If you’re hunting during the cold weather, check out our best hunting gloves review or our best warmest sock reviews so that you can hunt in comfort and in style.

Suitable for :

  • Adjustable pin size
  • Adjustable fiber optic pin color
  • Vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments
  • Single pin

Truglo Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Sight Review


This bow sight is with single pin so you are able to easily move the pin on your desired yardage and take a shot. In other words, you get to dial the exact measured distance rather than pin gapping to get an accurate shot. It also comes with additional yardage tapes incase a professional hunter plan on shooting longer ranges such as 100 yards and above.

Due to the single pin feature of this product, sight clutter and blind spots can be vastly reduced hence enhancing your precision when bow hunting. Also, this product offers you a large field of view so you can get a clearer view of your target without any obstacles in the way such as trees and shrubs.

Apart from that, this single pin bow sight is easy to be used and sited. For extra guidance, you are to refer to the tutorials and user manuals on how to operate this device. Therefore, you can easily make adjustments such as yardage, windage and elevations that will come in handy during your bow hunting experience.

There are forty pre-marked yardage tapes provided with the purchase of this product. Hence, you just have to calculate the yardage measurements and distance and then fix it accordingly in place. The yardage measurements should be precise to guarantee a precise shot.

Also, this product can be handled by both left-handed and right –handed bow hunters. So you can choose to shoot efficiently with your dominant hand. Not only that, you are able to share it with your friends and family due to this user-friendly feature. Moreover, this product has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability so you can attempt uphill and downhill shots at certain angles with ease.

Furthermore, this hunting gear comes with a green-colored center dot that can be adjusted based on lighting and the  target distance so you can enjoy bow-hunting at low light conditions. This product comes with 11 varying brightness settings that is simple to use. You just need to push the designated button to adjust the light to your preferred brightness so you are able to easily adjust to any light conditions when hunting.

Suitable for :

  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments
  • Green center dot
  • 11 brightness settings
  • Single pin

Archer Head Hunter Micro Xtreme Bow Sight


Being a multiple pin sight, each of this pins can be set to a specific yardage and then you will have to aim high and low with the appropriate pin for distances in between with uses the estimation method or widely known as pin gapping.

Archer’s bow sight is equipped with 4 pins with size 0.019 inch each with a center core pin technology. However, you can’t add remove the pins as it is fixed. So, if you specifically desire four pins only on your device, this product is highly recommended for you.

These multiple pins are fixed in place and can only be adjusted with tools thus this product not being tool-less as it has to occasionally use an Allen wrench to adjust its bolts and screws from time to time. Also, this 4-pin sight can be used as a rangefinder to determine the exact distance of your target. If you aren’t still used to this, check out our best hunting rangefinder binocular reviews or our best hunting laser rangefinders.

Moreover, the settings of this product can be adjusted such as the elevation and windage simply by just adjusting the micro-adjust knobs. These micro-adjust knobs makes it more sensitive and in return you can maximize the accuracy of your shot when bow hunting.

This product is a little complicated to use at first, however with a little practice and knowledge on its operation, you’re good to go. One of the benefits of multiple pin sight are you can adjust to different yardages by just choosing the appropriate pin without physically adjusting the sight thus making it easier to use compared to a single pin bow sight.

Apart from that, this multiple pin bow sight is lightweight and has a rugged appearance so it won’t add on too much extra weight thus making it easy to transport. Also, it is solid and well-built thus contributing to its durability over a long period of time.

Furthermore, this 4-pin product comes with a bright LED light in its fiber optic pin. This comes in handy during low light conditions so you can get a higher clarity view of your target in the dark. Also, the pins are of medium size of 0.019 inch compared to 0.029 inch so you can get a better shot at a smaller area.

Suitable for :

  • 2 in HD Sight Ring
  • 4-pin bow sight
  • Micro-adjust knobs

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Sight


This hunting device comes with a single pin wrapped sight with a 0.019 inch size and limited for only right-handed bow hunters. Being well-built, it is strong and tough. This in return causes it to be a little heavy. If you are not particular about its weight, this single pin bow sight is excellent therefore highly recommended for you.

Not only that, it is easy to be sited and installed with an included tape system. It is a little tedious to operate for a beginner, however you’ll get a hang of it after a little practice. Also, you should refer to tutorial videos and instructions for extra guidance in using bow sight.

Furthermore, the moderate pin size, 0.019 inch enables you to utilize it to its maximum potential hence increasing the accuracy of your shot as small diameter pins allows you to get a clearer and larger view of your target. Also, you are advised to choose a fiber optic pin with a bright color so you can mark it accurately on your yardage level especially which is especially essential at night.

This product however, does not come with an additional light so if you have poor vision, you can purchase one separately to further assist you in bow hunting under low light conditions. Nevertheless, the absence of this light doesn’t affect its performance very much as the fiber optic pin is bright.

Moreover, the adjustments settings on this product mostly operates with little to no vibration so you can concentrate better on your shot without any slight distraction. However, a little noise is produced when you adjust the micro adjust elevation knob. You can solve this problem by oiling the knobs to improve your bow hunting experience.

Pre-printed yardage stickers are included with the purchase of this product. The only thing you are required to do is calculate the appropriate yardage to install the tape correctly in position starting with 20 yards and further increasing the distance with an increment of 20 yards. Thus, with the help of this yardage sticker, you will aim better and improve the accuracy of your shot.

Suitable for :

  • Pre-printed yardage tape included
  • Single pin bow sight
  • Excellent long range sight
  • Well-built

Spot-Hogg Archery Real Deal 5 Pin 0.019 Sight


This hunting aid on the other hand has 5 pin sight of 0.019 inch size each. These pins are individually micro-adjustable fiber optic pins and it is limited for right-handed bow hunters. These multiple pins enables you to get a better shot of  your target at longer ranges.

It is easy to use once you get a hang of the operation of a multiple pin bow sight. You just have to know the assigned knobs for micro-adjustable windage and elevation so you can attempt shots from multiple angles and over obstacles.

Also, the individual adjustments for each pin makes it finely tuned along with the ability to adjust the sight vertically and horizontally according to your preference. It is also has heavy duty clamping screws to ensure the sight won’t come loose therefore also ensuring its durability.

Moreover, this product has multiple pins with round pin guards, highly precise installed level and wire to ensure the accuracy of your shot when bow hunting. Also, this bow sight is not exactly tool-less as it requires a hex wrench or an Allen wrench occasionally to drive some screws and bolts.

Furthermore, it is equipped with 5 bright fiber optic pin. This in return provides light under low light conditions so you can adjust your pin at the right yardage tape hence giving you a better aim. Also, an optional light is provided with the purchase of this product for extra brightness to further assist you in bow hunting under low light conditions.

This bow sight also has a high in strength dovetail type of bracket compared to the standard fixed bracket. Dovetail brackets are secured with a fixed plate but you are to slide your sight onto the fixed plate where it can be secured with some kind of screw or nut.

Also, this will benefit competition shooters whom occasionally remove their sights or change them out. The dovetail style bracket ensures this without wasting time by having to remove the whole bracket.

Suitable for :

  • Dovetail bracket
  • Multiple pin sight
  • Round pin guard

Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight


This bow sight is a pendulum sight which is specially designed for bow hunters attempting to get a shot from a tree stand. This pendulum feature gives the tree stand hunter a more accurate  downward angle shot of the bow. The pendulum swings up outside of the bracket allowing for a more precise downhill shot as the bow angle drops.

Apart from that, this product can be used both on ground and tree stands. On ground, the pendulum has to be locked in place whereas on a tree stand, the pendulum should be unlocked to get a good downhill shot. It automatically compensates for distances up to 35 yards.

Moreover this product is easy to use once you zero in your bow sight, then it will become easy to tune. Also, since this bow sight is pendulum-based, its operation slightly differs from the standard pin bow sight. Hence, you should self-learn the right techniques to handle this device to utilize its maximum potential.

Equipped with an extra-long protected and wrapped fiber pin with pin size 0.029 inch, this product is user-friendly as it can be used for both left-handed and right-handed bow hunters. However, be careful when handling the pendulum lock screw to prevent from it falling off.

Furthermore, there are also pre-printed yardage tape included with the purchase of this bow sight so all you have to do is calculate the appropriate measurements and set the right yardage tape to maximize the accuracy of your shot. Also, this pendulum bow sight is quiet providing you an optimum hunting atmosphere with zero distraction.

This product also comes with a removable and adjustable rheostat LED light which is violet in color. This bright fiber optic pin increases your focus on the target and the pin so you are capable to make a precise shot. An optional light is also provided with the purchase of this product so you can further add brightness to your surrounding when bow hunting under low light conditions.

Suitable for :

  • Pendulum bow sight
  • Adjustable rheostat LED light
  • Quiet

Apex Gear 1 Dot Covert Pro Sight Black Review


This single pin bow sight is made constructed with an aluminium body and plastic knobs which assists you in adjusting for elevation and windage of your bow sight. It is strong and tough thus contributing to its durability and will last for a long period of time if properly taken care of.

Furthermore, this product has a green pro-dot illuminated aiming point on the fiber optic of the single pin so you can focus and concentrate better when aiming your target. It provides light to give you a clearer view during low light conditions.

The lights also can be adjusted to 11 brightness settings according to your preference so you can choose the light to be dim or bright. The windage on the other hand is micro-adjustable to ensure fine tuning so you can maximize the accuracy of your shot.

Not only that, you can also adjust this sight vertically and horizontally so you can get a better shot from your desired angle. These adjustments knobs and settings are solid with guaranteed no vibration so you can get a distraction-less environment. If you don’t have a sense of direction when you want to hunt, check out our best handheld hunting GPS.

Moreover, this product comes with a set of hex wrenches that comes in handy to drive loose bolts and screws on your bow sight and 2x magnification lens to enlarge your view of the target. This magnification lens are essential for bow hunters with poor long-sighted vision. Also, to prevent the lens from fogging up and obstructing your view, you should ensure the environment you are hunting in is of warm temperature.

Apart from that, you are provided with rear facing sight tape with an adjustable indicator pin so you can choose your appropriate yardage when aiming for your shot. This bow sight also has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability levels so you can attempt uphill and downhill shots as well as ground shots with maximum accuracy.

This single pin bow sight operation is mostly an easy-one hand adjustment process. Also, it is easy to setup and be sited if you are aware of the right techniques and procedures. If you don’t know them, you can refer to the user manual or watch tutorial guides online for extra guidance.

Suitable for :

  • Single pin
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability
  • 2x magnification lens
  • Green pro-dot aiming point

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bow Sight


This multiple pin bow sight is available for both right-handed as well as left-handed users but you need to purchase them separately. It has 5-pin stack tight fiber optic pins of size 0.019 inch each for bow hunting.

Moreover, this product is equipped with retina lock technology which has plenty of advantages. This technology helps recognize when the anchor points on your bow sight are inconsistent, controls muscle memory and forms. Also, it provides immediate feedback on the torque force thereby keeping groups tighter.

Besides that, it comes with tool-free locking knobs so you don’t have to worry about the bolts getting loose if you properly take care of it. The knobs are also micro-adjustable to assist in windage and elevation so you can adjust them with ease to improve your bow hunting experience.

This multiple pin bow sight enables you to produce accurate shots at longer ranges than usual thus giving you more confidence when hunting. Also, it only has 2nd axis adjustability and not 3rd axis adjustability. Nevertheless, you still can attempt uphill and downhill shot, only this time will lesser accuracy than if you have the 3rd axis feature.

The pins are bright so you can bow-hunt well under low light conditions. An optional light does not come with the product. However, you are advised to purchase one separately to further assist in providing lights so you can get the best brightness effect at night for instance. Also, you need to adjust the green dot for aiming when you are to shoot your target.

Moreover, the setup is a little more complicated than the usual due to the new retina lock technology. You need to know how to operate the socket screw adjusters for the retina lock. For beginners, you need to multitask adjusting the retina, level as well as pin alignment when operating this device. However, you can get extra guidance by self-learning online or getting the user manual.

Suitable for :

  • Retina-lock technology
  • 5-pin sight
  • 2nd axis adjustability
  • Tool-free locking knobs

Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight


Having 5 pins of size 0.019 inch each, this multiple pin bow sight is constructed with a ballistix copolymer system in which this bow sight is 24% lighter than that made of pure aluminium but just as strong. Therefore, the construction material is strong and tough hence making it durable.

The setting of yardage is not too hard, you just need to simply sight in 2 yardages for instance 20 yards and 30 yards on 2 pins using the housing adjustments and then the rest will all be perfect. Hence, it is easy to be installed and sited in thus highly recommended for beginners.

This product doesn’t come with installation instructions, however you can purchase them separately or even search online videos or tutorials to provide more information on this multiple pin bow sight and its settings.

Moreover, this product is tool-less and micro-adjustable once you mount it on your compound bow so you don’t need to buy any tools and wrenches separately and the chance of screws getting loose are very high. Also, it is available for both left-handed and right-handed bow hunters but need to be purchased separately.

Besides that, this multiple pin sight has reversible sight mount designed especially for both right hand and left hand bows. Not only that, this product also comes with rheostat controlled light in which you can adjust the lights whether by dimming or increasing the brightness according to your own liking and your hunting atmosphere.

The light provided is bright by itself and no doubt will assist you during low light conditions. Even if you dim the light, the pins will provide some extra light as they glow. Hence, you can get a better view and aim and in return maximize your accuracy when bow hunting.

Suitable for :

  • Ballistix copolymer system
  • Tool-less micro adjustments
  • 5-pin bow sight
  • Reversible sight mount


In a nutshell, it is essential for your to choose the best bow sight whether single pin, multiple pin or pendulum based well suited to your needs when bow hunting.

Factors such as number of pins, type of pins, accuracy, pin size and price need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, I hope my review assists you in making the right decision. Record your experience so that you can show the world the beauty of hunting by checking out our best video camera for hunting reviews!