Best Crossbow Scope Reviews

Best Crossbow Scope Reviews 2018

It is no secret that currently, crossbow hunting has become a huge hit! For all you newbies out there, a crossbow ( also known as a horizontal bow) is a modernized type of bow and arrow and it shoots projectiles called quarrels or bolts. In this article, we will not be focusing on the crossbow itself, but we shall have a in depth look at another component, which veterans and experts swear they cannot do without, the crossbow scope.

They enable you to strike with extreme precision and take down prey every single time. Let us have a look at some of the important criterias that need to be fulfilled in order to choose the best crossbow scope.


At a first glance, you may be thinking that my, that scope looks big and heavy. As if the crossbow on its own is not heavy enough. But this is where most people are wrong for looks can be deceiving. Although the scope comes in a size slightly larger than expected, nonetheless it is not bulky or heavy in any way nor will it tire your arms out, providing you choose the correct one.

Do not settle for the cheaply made ones, as these tend to be bulkier. Instead go for the sleek, lightweight designs and you shall have a rewarding day.


Now, these crossbow scopes do not come cheap, thus you will want to ensure that you will not have to go through phases of replacing them year after year which can do a lot of damage to your wallet. Thus, look out for ones that are made from high quality materials and looks sturdy.

Anything that appears fragile or flimsy should not be considered for hunting is quite a vigorous sport after all. Many on the market have features that are waterproof, fog proof and so on. We all know how unpredictable mother nature can be, thus best go prepared with a device that can withstand it all, be it summer, winter, autumn or spring. You might need huntings gloves, hunting boots (We’ve written one specifically for women too!) and even socks so you can hunt in comfort and effectively as well.


The main reason of purchasing a crossbow scope is to ensure accuracy in all shots. Hence, take note of the scopes specifications. How high is the brightness, does it have illumination, what exactly is the distance it can view up to, what is the scope’s magnification capability. These are just to name a few.

A good scope typically has all of those mentioned above and more. You may also compare one scope to another and pick which of them has the highest performance. Having that figured out will enable you to be the best at your game.

Set up

Here comes the tricky part, setting up your scope on the crossbow. You will want to ensure that the scope can be easily attached and set up to the crossbow before purchasing it. During the midst of an intense hunt, can you imagine if the scope glides off and detaches completely from the crossbow?

Or what if it jerks every time you run or jump?Yikes, that would be a nightmare as it will disrupt your concentration and cause you the loss of the prey. To avoid such a scenario, purchase a good quality scope that will not stay securely in its place and ease your worries.


As mentioned earlier, these scopes do not come cheap. Thus if there is a warranty in the picture, you will not be quite as reluctant to spend all that money, especially if you are a beginner and haven’t gotten hang of the ropes yet. Plus think of all the money you will be able to save if say the scope needs repair.

Also, when there is a warranty attached, it shows that the manufacturers care about their customers and their satisfaction level. So you know that you are spending money at the right place. Unlike those companies who play out scams and rip you off. Thus, it will be nice if the scope came with a warranty.

  1. Weight is rated accordingly.
  2. Durability is rated accordingly.
  3. Specifications is rated accordingly.
  4. Set up is rated from hard to easy.
  5. Warranty is rated accordingly.
ProductsWeightDurabilitySpecificationSet UpWarranty
Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope11.2 ouncesVery GoodToo many to listEasyContact manufacturer
Sun Optics Crossbow Scope5 poundsGoodWide angle, fast focus eyepieceEasy100 % lifetime warranty
UTG Crossbow Scope1.6 poundsGoodWide angle,zero reset, side wheel illuminationEasyNone
Truglo Crossbow Scope1 poundGoodEye relief, reticle, intuitive cross hairsEasyLifetime limited warranty
Barnett Crossbow Scope11.5 ouncesGood4x magnification, crosshairs system, mounting ringsEasyLifetime limited warranty

Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope 

nikon bolt crossbow scope

First up on our top picks is the Nikon Bolt crossbow scope with its black matte, sleek and lightweight design. At only 8.1 inches long and standing at a weight of 11.2 ounces, it sure does live up to it’s claim of being super lightweight and compact. Which is great for long term of uses with no discomfort experienced.

From the looks of it, this crossbow scope looks very sturdy and well made which means that it’s durability will be great as well. As the customer, you will be very pleased to know that this item  is waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. It can pretty much withstand it all!

Although it is a bit pricey, rest assured this scope comes with tons of awesome specifications, so that is money well spent. Fully multi-coated lenses come with quick focus eyepiece which are waterproof, fogproof & shockproof as well. This scope will last you for years and years to come.

Designed to outperform the other scopes, this Nikon one is outfitted with 3x Nikon optics that transmit up to 92 percent of available light, ensuring maximum brightness and contrast . Works great in low light conditions. The Bolt XR also includes zero-reset turrets that allow you to sight in at 20 yards and can also go up to a maximum of 60 yards.

Plus, the optics offer 3.5 inches of eye relief to prevent eye strain. It is super easy to set up and offers maximum comfort. For warranty details, you can contact their customer service.In terms of disadvantages, there are none.

Sun Optics Crossbow Scope 

sunoptics tactical scope

At 5 pounds, this scope is still lightweight and great for storing and carrying due to its compact size. In terms of durability, this scope is 100 percent waterproof, shockproof and fog proof, which means that you will be able to hunt at any time of the year. Moving on to the specifications, it comes with precision ground, fully multi coated optics for better performance.

Very interestingly, the unique optical construction gives an extra wide angle and has fast focus eyepiece which definitely benefits the hunter. There is superior light transmission all the adjustments work perfectly. Although this scope does not come with a mount, it is still fairly easy to set up and will provide no hassles or headaches.

And the best part? It comes with a 100 % lifetime replacement warranty! This shows that the manufacturers truly do care about customer need and satisfaction. The only slight disadvantage is that the scope does not provide that much eye relief. Other than that, for its affordable price, you surely can’t beat it.

UTG  Tactical Bow Scope 

utg tactical bow scope

Having a weight of 1.6 pounds surely sets this scope as one of the lightest available in the market. Not only that, but it’s black chrome design is very appealing to the eyes. It is a solid hefty feeling scope and is definitely more heavy duty than some other cheap scopes. Although it does not specifically say whether this scope is waterproof or not, it should still be able to hold up pretty well.

Moving on to the specifications, it has a broadband lens coating and features a wide angle. The optics are crystal clear and there is zero reset needed. Moreover, the illumination is great, you choose between green or red, and dial in the brightness to your preference. Easy peasy.

Also, it is parallax at 50 yards and has a side wheel illumination. It comes complete with flip open lens caps and QD rings. Another good thing about this scope is that the reticle is still usable when it is switched off or if the battery goes dead. In terms of set up, the elevation and windage adjustments work well, they adjust easily and click firmly into place and mounts easily on the crossbow.

There is no mention of warranty, thus you might have to contact the manufacturer. The only slight disadvantage to this great scope is that, there tend to be sighting problems at times, so you may have to shoot over and over again to finally obtain it.

Truglo Crossbow Scope Review

truglo scope for crossbow

At a total weight of 1 pound, it is no doubt that this is one of the lightest scopes that you will ever come across. It is lightweight and compact and its brown,murky colour makes it perfect in blending in with it’s background so it is definitely perfect for hunting.

Moreover,it is scratch resistant making it quite durable( some parts are made from aircraft quality aluminium). It is not waterproof however. This Truglo scope comes with fully coated lenses that provide maximum brightness, clarity and contrast no matter what the lighting conditions.

What sets it apart from the rest is that, this scope has a special range finding and trajectory compensating reticle and generous 4″ eye relief. No more visits to the doctor about eye strains. Also, it has intuitive cross hairs and is probably the coolest thing on the market.

There is a cross hair for 20 yards and less, one for 30, one for 40, and one for 50. Set the 20 yard mark and all the rest are in alignment and it will take less than a minute to sight in. Here is an example of how it works, if a deer is 20 yards away or less, the deer is bigger than their markings as it appears in the scope.

In terms of the overall set up, it is very easy to do so as it comes with fingertip windage and elevation adjustment under screw down caps and high quality leaf spring for windage and elevation adjustments.  The good news is that this item comes with a lifetime limited warranty, so you will be able to make full use of this product.

One of the disadvantages being is, that the seal is not intact in the eye piece which is normal as all items tend to have minor flaws.

 Barnett Crossbow Scope 

barnett tactical crossbow scope

 From the looks of it, you can trust this scope to be lightweight and a perfect addition to your crossbow.Moving on to the durability,this scope although not waterproof, is water resistant and shock proof, so with that being said, it should stick around for some time.

In terms of specification, it has 4x magnification and five-point programmed, multi-reticle cross hair system for rapid target acquisition. Accurate shots here I come. To make things easier, there is an adjustment knob on the left side of the scope to adjust the cross hairs left and right.

Another thing is that this scope is fully compatible with all the crossbows manufactured by the same company. This scope is also very easy to set up and mount seeing that it comes with 0.875-inch dovetail mounting rings. Another advantage to this scope is being able to fine tune for better accuracy at longer yardages.

On the final note, the Barnett crossbow scope comes with a lifetime limited warranty against any defects and damages. Moving on to the product’s disadvantages, this scope is not exactly weather proof thus you may only want to use it while the weather is sunny. Also, the front lens may tend to fall out. This is due to the small metal ring not being glued properly to hold it in place. Apart from that, everything else works just fine.


 Well dear hunters, these are the top 5 best crossbow scopes that have made it to our article. Each has its own pros and cons so make sure to weigh them carefully and select one based on your individual needs and not so much based on the reviews, although they do carry a lot of weight.Ultimately, it should be one that you are comfortable with. Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Then, try checking out the best carbon arrows or best air rifles if you’re up to it. Good luck!