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Best Deer Hunting Knife Review 2018

Hunting is a famous sport, and every hunter needs to at least possess a knife to assist them in hunting. However, you should purchase your own knife for deer hunting according to your own needs.

Hence, you should choose a specific hunting knife if you need it for a specific purpose or just go for the multipurpose tactical knife. This product is powerful and solid enough to build shelters, cut poles and ropes hence being multipurpose.

One of the main purposes of this product are for skinning and field dressing the hunted animals such as deer and rabbits. It is a useful tool every hunter should be equipped with after successfully completing your hunt.

Some of the factors you have to consider when purchasing your very own deer hunting knife are the fixed and folding design, blade material, handle, type of sheath and knife purpose.

Therefore, check out best deer hunting knife review to help you justify and make your best choice of deer hunting knife.

Top 5 Rated Deer Hunting Knife Comparison Table

Name of ProductStabilityType of sheathWeightDesign of BladePrice
Benchmade Hidden Canyon Deer Hunting Knife HighKydexLightFixed$$$
Puma Bowie Fixed Deer Hunting Knife ModerateLeatherLightFixed$$$
Benchmade Bushcrafter Deer Hunting Knife ModerateLeatherModerateFixed$$$
Buck 124 Frontiersman Deer Hunting Knife ModerateLeatherHeavyFixed$$$
Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Deer Hunting Knife HighGlass filled nylonHeavyFixed$$

Here are 5 recommended products decided by these factors.

  1. The stability is rated from low to high.
  2. The weight is rated from light to heavy.
  3. The design of blade is rated fixed or foldable.
  4. The type of sheath of products recommended is either Kydex, leather or glass-filled nylon.


The stability is judged by how well balanced is the knife in your hands when you are holding it. Stability is important so you can get a better grip on the knife when performing your hunting tasks.

For intense hunting activities such as field dressing and skinning, the tactical knife should be well-balanced and fit your hand perfectly so you can efficiently perform the task.


The weight depends on the type of activity you are using it for. Both light and heavy hunting knives has its own benefits. Light ones are good for campsite chores such as cutting ropes or cooking so it is portable and you can easily use them.

However, moderate and heavy deer ones are beneficial if you are chopping wood or performing field dressing as the little extra weight makes your job easier.

Design of Blade

The design of the blade on the other hand is either fixed or foldable. Deer hunting blades are usually mostly fixed as it is important for the blade to stay securely in place when you are performing field dressing or skinning the hunted animals.

It is also easier to clean the fixed blades compared to the foldable ones. Nevertheless, the foldable blades are easy to keep and does not need a sheath.

Type of Sheath

Sheaths are essential because it not only help you carry your knife but also protect the blade from being exposed to the surroundings or being scratched. The type of sheath of the 5 recommended knife for deer hunting are Kydex, leather and glass-filled nylon. The type of sheath depends on the user’s preference.

For example, leather sheaths are soft and quiet while Kydex sheaths are a thermoplastic material in which it is very durable.

Benchmade Hidden Canyon  Hunting Knife


Benchmade’s deer hunting knife has a fixed blade mechanism in which the blade goes through the handle and can be used in intense tasks as no parts of the knife are moving hence making it stable and simple to clean.

This 2.67 inch drop-point blade of this tactical blade is made from stainless steel metal therefore making it stronger because it is an alloy and last longer as it does not corrode easily when exposed to water during rainy weathers.

Moreover, the handle is made from gray and black contoured and textured G10 material. G10 material is a glass-based epoxy resin laminate that will benefit you in the long run as it does not shrink and absorb water.

The G10 material is also very stable as it allows for great gripping thus increasing the durability of the handle of your deer hunting knife. The handle shape fits the hands well in numerous holds hence suitable for users with both small and large hands.

Not only that, it has 2 serrated patches that allows you to place your finger safely and strategically on the spine of the knife. Hence, you can change the position of your grip on the knife easily hence you can hold and handle the knife efficiently.

This knife comes with a Kydex sheath which has a horizontal carry, leather belt loop that ensures the strap is secured to your knife to avoid losing your deer hunting knife.

The Kydex sheath also fits the knife perfectly and is a great minimal sheath that provides complete protection and ease of use. However, for those who dislike Kydex sheath, the same knife is offered with a leather sheath.

The blade on the other hand is very sharp so you need to be careful when handling it to prevent accidental injuries. The sharp blade is good to get the skinning and cutting job done efficiently in a short span of time.

Furthermore, this product is well balanced, small and compact to fit comfortably in your pocket however you should always take the precaution of putting the knife securely in the sheath before placing it in your pocket.

Puma Bowie Fixed Deer Hunting Knife


Puma’s deer hunting knife is a bowie knife which is a long knife with a blade double edged at the point that also comes with a hollow ground drop blade.

Its blade is of a small size so it is portable and easy to keep. Not only that, it is also lightweight, hence if you should consider this product if you prefer a well-balanced blade that is light and simple rather than the conventional heavy multipurpose bowie knife.

Made from stainless steel, this 6.4 inch blade does not corrode and has a high possibility to last long hence being passed from generations. This product is a true hunter’s knife as it is a solid knife that has zero plastic parts and rattles.

Having a genuine stag horn handle material, this product serves as a great cutting tool as it is equipped with sharp blade thus serving its sole purpose as a knife. The blades are not highly polished so it has a slightly dull colour but still is functional and works well.

The handle on the other hand is also slightly small so if you have large hands, you are not advised to purchase this product to prevent discomfort. However, it is good in terms of weight, balance and texture.

Not only that, there is also no thumb indent so it is a little tedious to achieve the perfect balance and equilibrium state. Nevertheless, if you are an experienced hunter, this matter of won’t be a problem for you so you should consider this product.

A leather sheath is included with this product so you can tuck your knife safely in it and easily carry it around without worrying about minor self-caused accidents.

This tactical knife is suitable for skinning or field dressing which defines removing the organs and skin of your catch easily and efficiently. However, it is also usable for easy campsite chores such as cutting ropes and cooking hence being multipurpose.

Besides that, the blade on the other hand is fixed so you can use it perfectly for intense activities such as field dressing that needs a good grip and good cutting tool that does not move or fidget.

When you are not using the deer hunting knife, you should cover the blade with wax or WD40 to preserve its quality and ensure its durability.

Benchmade Bushcrafter Tactical Hunting Knife


This product includes a brushed full-grain buckskin leather sheath with a D-ring, Flint rod coop and a retention strap that contributes in making it work efficiently and easily.

If you are not happy with the leather sheath provided, you are advised to get separately a custom made leather sheath or a Kydex sheath according to your own preference.

Moreover, it comes with a high ground drop-point blade with a polished finish therefore the blade is thick enough to be durable but also well-tapered to a very sharp blade with an attractive appearance.

Having a fixed blade, this hunting knife is a good and solid full-tang knife in which it extends the full length of grip position of the hand so you can balance the knife easily. This acts as an advantage when used against harder materials or when the blade of the deer hunting knife begins to dull.

The 4.43 inch blade  is made out of stainless steel hence making it solid and resistant to corrosion so you don’t have to worry about using it during rainy weathers. Also, the stainless steel composition causes the blade to look shiny and attractive.

This product has a multipurpose function. It is suitable for cutting food, preparing meals, batoning wood for fire, skinning and field dressing which are all bushcraft activities. However, avoid using it for kitchen task as its blade is thicker compared to a normal kitchen knife.

Not only that, there is also no coating on this blade to cause excess friction during hunting unlike most carbon steel knives so you can easily use this blade without struggling.

Furthermore, the handle is made out of a hand-blended and contoured green G10 handle with a red vulcanized spacer held together with a pressed titanium tubing. Hence, this will lead to a handle product of high qualities such as strength, resistance to corrosion and stability.

It is good for medium to large hands so you need not worry about your hand being too big to get a good grip. Nevertheless, the knife’s sheath is a little too high when in use but you can solve the problem by removing the rivet directly below the D-ring and the sheath will go lower if you have a problem.

Buck 124 Frontiersman Deer Knife


Buck’s deer hunting knife is made from 420 HC carbon steel that delivers excellent strength, edge retention that contributes to an excellent corrosion resistance. Edge retention is the process of coating the edges of the material to make it extra resistant to rusting.

It has a 6.25 inch straight-back bowie blade with a satin finish thus making it attractive in appearance and it also includes a black and genuine leather sheath.

This tactical knife is large and slightly heavy so it is suitable for intense tasks such as chopping wood that needs knives with extra weight to complete the task easily. However, it is not small and hence not advisable to be kept in pockets.

Equipped with a solid fixed hunting blade, it is full-tang hence you can get a better grip and is beneficial when used against harder materials so you could easily balance it in your hands and complete your task.

Moreover, it is suitable for hunters with large hands as it fills the hands completely so you can hold the knife with great comfort. Also, the sheath is made from high end leather with a thick welt and a wide strap for securing the knife into place to prevent the knife from easily falling off and getting lost.

The handle on the other hand, is made from black micarta material with an aluminium pommel finger guard so you can adjust your fingers on the knife easily according to your own preference.

Having a micarta composition makes the handle impervious to weather, very durable, tough and allows better grip. Hence, the handle scales are of micarta material as well, therefore it is a cut above in quality over the standard phenolic resin material.

Besides that, it is a multipurpose cutting tool that can be used for hunting and outdoor activities such as cutting, skinning, chopping and field dressing. It is an all-purpose camp of survival knife.

The blade on the other hand is strong and sharp so you can easily field dress or skin your hunted animal efficiently and fast and this product has a sabre hollow grind profile. However, the handle is a little too large and blocky making the knife slightly heavy at the handle side.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Tactical Knife


This deer hunting knife is a full tang heavy duty field knife that is multipurpose and is good for intense activities such as splitting, kindling, skinning and field dressing as it is a solid and strong knife.

Moreover, it comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath made from a glass-filled nylon sheath to keep the blade safely tucked in the sheath so you don’t have to worry about accidental injuries or the it going missing when you are hunting. The grip of the glass-filled nylon sheath is very tight but adjustable as well so you can adjust it according to your own liking.

This product has a drop point blade with a versatile 20 degrees blade angle, and the blade is very sharp and strong. Even after being used multiple times, the sharpness of the blade is retained hence proving that the blade is of high quality and you don’t have to frequently sharpen it.

In terms of size, it is big and heavy hence making it more efficient to be used during intense activities. For example, chopping and hacking wood is easier if the knife is heavy because of its extra weight. So, if you are passionate about intense hunting, you should opt for a slightly bigger and heavier knife than the conventional one.

Compared to the other Ka-Bar models, this product has an upgraded micarta handle so you can get an excellent grip rather than using the standard smooth handle. Therefore, the ergonomics of the handle is great.

The knife balances well in the hand so you can easily hold it for a long period of time and the pommel is large enough so you can grab it and use the knife for heavy chopping tasks.

Besides that, this knife is very durable and can be passed from generations to generations as it can last for a very long time. However, if parts of it are broken such as the handle, you should unbolt the handle from the tang and replace it and voila, you can use your favourite hunting knife again.

You should also keep the handle frequently oiled to ensure the durability of this product and to make sure the knife works efficiently without any of its parts going loose so you can enjoy a productive hunting activity.

Not only that, the blade is 5 inches and a little too short to complete various tasks however it all depends on your preference. The blade also is ¼ inch thick so it does not handle delicate work well such as chopping with a thin and consistent texture.


In a nutshell, it is important to choose the most suitable deer hunting knife that is well suited to you needs. Factors such as stability, type of sheath, weight and design of blade should be taken in consideration.

What’s your preferred deer hunting knife? Share with us below. If this didn’t fit your interest, try checking out our reviews for carbon arrows, air rifles, slingshot, single-pin bow sight or an average bow sight.

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