Best Deer Hunting Rifle Review 2019

Deer hunting is an important and handy skill for survival. It comes in handy when SHTF strikes, so you don’t have to worry about your source of food at least. Imagine that proud feeling when you bring back your own caught deer back home to be served for dinner!

That being said, deer hunting don’t just involve shooting and killing the deer. In fact, you need to look at the bigger picture where you are required to scout the area, get a good shot and field dress (don’t forget your very own deer hunting knife) the deer once you land it. These steps are important to increases your chances to get a shot and probably bring back some yummy venison to be served for dinner.

Every hunters aim to get the most accurate shot so you should get the best deer hunting rifle to further contribute to the accuracy of your shot, be it for short or long ranges. The best rifle would get you through the deer hunting season in a breeze. The factors that set aside the top rated products are the caliber, action, barrel and style which you can choose according to your personal preference.

There are various types of weapons out there in the market such as muzzleloaders and shotguns and  so stay tuned for our product-based reviews below to help you make a decision. Also as a heads up, some of the popular rifle brands include Remington, Ruger, Marlin, Savage and Winchester.

Top 8 Rated Deer Hunting Rifles Comparison Table

Name of ProductCartridgeWeightBarrel LengthOverall lengthPrice
Remington 700 ADL Rifle and Scope Combo.308 Winchester7.25 lb24 inch43.625 inch$$$
Marlin Model 336W Lever Action Rifle.30-30 Winchester7 lb20 inch38.5 inch$$$
Savage Arms 11/111 XP Bolt Action Rifle.308 Winchester7.25 lb22 inch41.5 inch$$$
Ruger M77 Scout Rifle.308 Winchester7.1 lb16.1 inch38-39.5 inch$$$
Ruger American Bolt Action Rifle.308 Winchester6.1 lb22 inch42 inch$$$
Browning X-Bolt Medallion Rifle300 WSM6.75 lb23 inch42.75 inch$$$
Savage Arms Axis Rifle.243 Winchester6.5 lb20 inch40 inch$$$
Winchester XPR Rifle.270 Winchester7 lb24 inch44.5 inch$$$

Savage Arms 11/111 XP Bolt-Action Rifle

Savage Arms 11/111 XP Bolt-Action firearm

First and foremost, this Savage Arms firearm is basically a bolt-action rifle. The reason why I personally like bolt-action weapons are because you get to easily see whether it is loaded or unloaded. So, how does it work? I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible. The bolt can be adjusted by opening and closing the breech using the bolt handle. This results in the bolt being opened, therefore exposing the breech where the cartridge is loaded.

Moreover, it is equipped with a matte black carbon steel barrel. Based on the specifications, the barrel measures 22 inches meanwhile the overall length of the firearm measures 42.5 inches. That being said, the barrel is rather durable and is basically the place where the ammunition is fired from.

One of the biggest plus point of getting Savage Arms products is that it comes with none other than the popular AccuTrigger feature. It is considered one of the best innovations by Savage Arms. In other words, the accuracy-enhancing Accu-Trigger assists you in shot placement of exactly your aiming point therefore allowing you to most probably land a precise shot.

In other words, the AccuTrigger is an adjustable trigger where you can adjust the trigger weight from 3 to 5 pounds according to your preference, which contributes to easy and lighter pull. As a result of that, it produces a clean and crisp trigger pull therefore being perfect for bench shooting.

Moving on, it includes a scope combo upon the purchase of this product. That being said, it comes mounted with the pre-installed and bore-sighted Nikon 3-9x40mm scope. In my opinion, this scope is rather dead-on with clear BDC reticle and fully multi-coated lenses to assist you in aiming in either short or long ranges, with maximum ease.

Not only that, the scope has adjustable windage and elevation as well as 1 click per ¼ MOA turn. This product comes with weaver bases and included scope rings, however the scope rings are cheap and of poor quality. You can either get new, good quality rings or make do with the included ones by applying Loctite for secure holding.

The sling studs as well as recoil pads are a sleek addition to this rifle, for your added convenience. The stock, on the other hand has great hand-checkering design for enhanced grip. That being said, it is basically a rigid, weather resistant synthetic stock that is durable and built-to last.

Besides that, it has a detachable box magazine that comes with 4+1 rounds. In terms of safety, it includes a 3 position safety feature. That being said, it has a safe position where the gun is locked, mid position which allows you to cycle the bolt (to remove round) but not able to shoot, and the off position which lets you shoot (red is visible).

The bolt on the other hand is rather solid. It can be removed by pressing the bolt release button (located at the forward of trigger) followed by the trigger itself. It provides great bolt clearance when the scope is mounted. In other words, the scope doesn’t get in the way during the ejection of the firearm thereby contributing to a smooth working operation.

Suitable for :

    • Nikon 3-9x40mm scope included
    • AccuTrigger feature
    • 3 position safety feature
    • Matte black carbon steel barrel
    • Sling studs and recoil pads

Remington 700 ADL Rifle and Scope Combo

Remington 700 ADL Rifle and Scope Combo

In terms of appearance, this rife comes with a matte blue finish together with a matte black synthetic stock. It’s all black appearance gives it a rather rugged look. That being said, the synthetic stock on the other hand has a rubber over-molding on the pistol grip and forend, thereby providing you improved grip when hunting, which especially comes in handy if you’re wearing gloves.

Another plus point is that, this product comes with an included scope combo. It is totally worth it, in my opinion because you don’t have to separately buy another scope (and probably will cut your cost a little) for proper aiming at your target. In other words, it includes a factory installed and bore sighted scope with 3-9x magnification and 40mm objective lens diameter.

Since it’s a freebie, the scope is adequate, nothing great. The reticle however, does provide a clear sight picture for proper aiming at your target. Apart from that, it is equipped with rubber recoil pad behind the buttstock which comes in handy to absorb the felt recoil when the rifle is fired. Also, the bolt is smooth and easy to operate.

In addition to that, the cheek weld is important so you are in a comfortable position when firing your shot. In terms of safety, it has a safety feature where you choose ‘S’ to ensure that the gun is locked in a safe position and ‘F’ for firing the rifle. That being said, the safety feature is rather simple and convenient to engage and disengage.

If you didn’t know, this product is basically a bolt-action rifle which is easy to see if it’s loaded or unloaded. In other words, when the handle is operated, the bolt will be unlocked thereby exposing the breech at end of the barrel hence you get to know whether the rifle cartridge is loaded or unloaded.

This rifle on the other hand can be chambered in either .243 Winchester or .300 Winchester. Remington is rather a popular brand, known worldwide for its superior accuracy and performance. Speaking about accuracy, it is really easy to sight in. In my experience, I got to fire 1 inch tight groups at 100 yards. The shots are consistent as long as you have the right ammo chambered in.

Furthermore, the barrel measures 26 inches and is on the heavy side. However, the heavier overall weight will dampen the recoil as it absorbs shock better. The magazine on the other hand can be accessed from the top feed only, rather than the bottom like most products. Also, it is great if you got a bipod to give you great leverage when shooting because you get to mount the barrel properly, especially for bench shooting.

Suitable for :

    • Includes scope combo
    • Black synthetic stock
    • Bolt-action rifle
    • Rubber recoil pad
    • Safety feature

Marlin Model 336W Lever Action Rifle

Marlin Model 336W Lever Action Rifle

If you’re wondering, the lever in the lever action rifle functions to open and close the action (bolt assembly),  acts as an interface to connect the trigger as well as engage the locking block when it is rotated rearward in a closed position. Also, the bolt is opened by rotating the lever down and forward which is rather easy and straightforward.

Apart from that, it is equipped with rubber butt pads as well as sling swivel studs. The butt pads comes in handy to reduce the recoil power when the weapon is fired meanwhile the sling swivel studs allows you to attach a sling to it, so you can carry the weapon around your shoulder for maximum convenience.

This product consists of American black walnut laminate pistol-grip stocks which is rather durable, if you ask me. It features fluted combs and cut checkering that provides enhanced grip when handling the weapon. Also, its receiver is tapped for scope mounts so you can fit any type of sights and scopes on it securely.

Speaking about scope mounts, this hunting rifle is equipped with an adjustable, semi-buckhorn folding rear sights for scopes as well as ramp for front sights. It also includes a brass bend and Widescan hoods. Not only that, the barrels measures 20 inches and comes with a 12-groove micro-Groove rifling which is the Marlin signature barrel.

When fitted with a scope, it doesn’t disrupt the ejection of the firearm. In other words, it has great clearance. In terms of safety on the other hand, it has a hammer block safety which provides ultimate protection against unintentional discharges as well as a push safety button to engage the safe position. The hammer can be adjusted to rest position, half cock and full cock, where full cock position enables the firearm to be fired.

Moving on the magazines, it has a six shot tubular magazine. In other words, it has a 6 rounds capacity, well actually 7 rounds in total, including the one in the chamber. Also, it chambers in the .30-30 Winchester cartridge which is rather powerful.

Suitable for :

    • Lever action rifle
    • Micro-Groove rifling barrels
    • Sling swivel studs & rubber butt pads
    • Magazine with 6-round capacity
    • Checkered laminate stock


Ruger M77 Scout Rifle

Ruger M77 Scout tactical gun

In terms of appearance, this Ruger rifle is equipped with a matte black finish paired together with a black laminate stock. The laminate stock is weather-resistant therefore it is able to be used under any weather conditions, whether rain or shine. The stock free-floats the barrel which further contributes to the accuracy of the shot.

The stock also comes with a recoil pad which comes in handy to reduce the felt recoil when the weapon is fired. Its other additional features include the removable flash suppressor as well as sling studs to mount sling swivels, for your added convenience.

Moving on to the barrel, the 5/2-24 threaded barrel accommodates most .30 caliber muzzle accessories and cartridges, with the cartridge being the .308 Winchester caliber for this product. Apart from that, this medium contour cold hammer forged barrel measures 16.1 inches and has a twist rate of 1:10.

Another plus point of this product is that it includes a sturdy Mauser type extractor. That being said, the Mauser type controlled round feed extractor comes with a fixed blade-type ejector which comes in handy to positively eject the empty cartridge cases when the bolt is moved. Hence, you don’t have to remove them manually, for your added convenience.

This compact, lightweight and quick-handling firearm has a picatinny rail, located in front of the receiver which allows the mounting of modern optics. In other words, it is equipped with a patented integral scope mount which is machined directly on the solid-steel receiver. The scope mount provides a stable mounting surface as well as eliminates the possibility of looseness and inaccuracy in the field. Scope rings are included upon the purchase of the product.

Moreover, this tactical rifle is equipped a 10 round detachable magazine. To remove it, you need to push forward the mag release located in front of the trigger guard. In terms of safety, it has a 3 position safety feature which locks (safe position) and allows the gun to be fired. Also, there is a rugged one-piece stainless steel bolt as well as a glass reinforced nylon trigger guard and mag well that ensures the smooth working operation of the firearm.

Suitable for :

    • Picatinny rail
    • Removable flash suppressor included
    • Reinforced trigger guard and mag well
    • 3 position safety feature
    • 10 round detachable magazine

Ruger American Bolt Action Rifle

Ruger American Bolt Action Rifles

First things first, this bolt action gun comes with a hammer forged and free-floating barrel. It is rather durable while the free-floating feature actually further contributes to the precision of your shot. If you’re wondering how to determine whether the barrel is free-floated, it is fairly straightforward in which the barrel and stock are not touching at any points along the barrel length.

Apart from that, it features the marksman adjustable trigger where you have the alternative to adjust the trigger pull weight from 3 to 5 pounds in order for your trigger to break clean when the shot is fired. However, refrain from adjusting it to be too light because it might affect the precision of your shot in the long run.

The ergonomic not forgetting, lightweight black composite stock basically acts as the handle of the firearm. That being said, it successfully fulfills its role in providing a comfortable fit as well as delivers quick and easy handling. The grip serrations on the other hand further offers improved grip and positive hold on the weapon, especially if you’re wearing gloves.

Soft rubber recoil pads as well as scope bases are included upon the purchase of this deer hunting knife. The recoil pads are placed at the end of the buttstock and function to reduce the felt recoil upon the firing of the rifle whereas the scope mount assists in attaching the scope for better aiming.

Also, the 3-lug bolt has a 70 degree throw which easily provides great clearance when the scope is attached. The solid receiver is rather durable as it is drilled and tapped to accept optic mounts without disrupting the ejection of the firearm cartridge. In other words, it is well designed with a great clearance.

Furthermore, the dual-cocking cam comes in handy for smooth as well as easy cycling from the shoulder. The tang on the other hand is rather user-friendly and safe. Not only that, this deer hunting rifle features a power bedding integral block system which functions to lock the receiver and free-float the barrel that further contributes to the accuracy of the shot.

Suitable for :

    • Grip serrations
    • Hammer forged and free-floating barrel
    • Adjustable trigger
    • 3-lug bolt
    • Power bedding integral block system
    • Ergonomic composite stock

Browning X-Bolt Medallion Rifle

Browning X-Bolt Medallion Rifle

This tactical hunting rifle comes with a bolt action mechanism in which involves the bolt which functions to either open or close the breech. Once the breech is opened, you are able to see whether the cartridge is loaded or unloaded with maximum ease. Also, it utilizes the 300 WSM (Winchester Short Mag) cartridge.

In terms of appearance, it has a blued finish with walnut stock material which is rather rugged, in my opinion. The stock is rubberized and coated with Dura-Touch armor coating to ensure its durability and comfort in your hands when holding the gun. The proprietary recoil pad on the other hand contributes to the directional deflection of recoil in which it pulls the stock comb away from the face hence reducing the felt recoil and muzzle climb.

Moreover, the 3-level feather adjustable trigger system allows you to adjust the pull weight for easier and quick trigger pull. As a result of that, it provides a clean and crisp pull with no take up or creep as well as minimal over travel.

The detachable rotary magazine on the other hand fits the bottom of the stock well. It is also rather easy to load in which you have to push the toggle to the side and load the rounds. It holds 3+1 round. To remove the bolt, you need to operate the bolt release button. It is located nearby the bolt itself. When on the safe mode, you can unlocking and remove it by pressing the release button.

Apart from that, this tactical firearm is equipped with a 3 lug design bolt which provides a small bolt lift as well as great scope clearance, thereby resulting in a smooth bolt action. In other words, the short 60 degrees bolt lift is rather fast-cycling which allows you to work it quickly with excellent clearance. The great clearance refers to the scope not getting in the way during the ejection of the weapon.

In addition to that, this product features the top-tang safety which can be simply switched on and off meanwhile the bolt release button allow you to cycle the rifle with the safety on, as mentioned above. The tang is of excellent design because you can easily and safely switch in on and off while your finger is on the trigger.

Suitable for :

    • Short 60 degrees bolt lift
    • Proprietary recoil pad
    • Top-tang safety
    • Adjustable feather trigger system
    • Detachable rotary magazine

Savage Arms Axis Rifle

Savage Arms Axis Rifle

Deemed as unique, this Savage Arms weapon is designed to the perfect size and shape to fit young shooters, especially girls. It is available in a muddy girl camo which is basically a black and pink combination that is sort of attractive in a girly way, in my opinion. To be honest, it is a perfect touch for young female shooters, or maybe even female adults.

Similar to most of the deer hunting rifles, this gun comes with the bolt action. Bolt action weapons are popular for target shooting and hunting applications. This is because it offers great stability and potential accuracy. In addition to that, you can easily check whether it is loaded or unloaded because the bolt is unlocked which then exposes the breech located at the rear of the firearm.

In terms of appearance, it has a plain blued receiver and barrel finish, paired together with a synthetic stock. For your information, the barrel is basically where the ammo is fired from meanwhile the stock is sort of like the handle of the weapon in lay man terms. Based on specifications, the barrel measures 20 inch meanwhile the overall rifle length measures twice longer than the barrel, hence 40 inches.

Furthermore, it has a detachable magazine. The magazine is able to accommodate 4+1 rounds with the one round in the chamber itself. The detachable mag has shoulders to hold its cartridges securely. The benefit of it being detachable is that you are able to reload the weapon infrequently as well as carry mags instead of loose cartridges, for your added convenience.

Another plus point of this product is that, it includes a 3-9x40mm weaver scope upon the purchase of the product. The scope itself is rather adequate despite it being a freebie, as the reticle is clear for proper aiming. All in all, this rifle has great accuracy.

This product includes a great butt pad or also known as a recoil pad, placed at the end of the buttstock to reduce the powerful felt recoil when the gun is fired. Not only that, this tactical firearm features the popular and innovative AccuTrigger in which you are able to adjust the pull weight of the trigger according to your preference, thereby contributing to a clean and crisp trigger pull.

Suitable for :

    • AccuTrigger feature
    • Muddy girl camo finish
    • Detachable magazine
    • Scope included
    • 20 inch barrel and synthetic stock

Winchester XPR Rifle

Winchester XPR gun

Weighing 7 pounds, the Winchester XPR gun has a bolt action and is able to accommodate .270 Winchester caliber. Not only that, it features the unique Inflex technology recoil pad which comes in handy to reduce the felt recoil, especially if you use a powerful cartridge like the .17 HMR caliber, for instance.

Furthermore, the bolt is coated with smooth nickel-teflon coating. The all alloy coating further contributes to its durability as it is least likely to rust. The bolt also has a 60 degrees bolt throw to ensure smoother bolt action, especially when you’re wearing thick gloves.

Moving on to the stock, it features a polymer-made stock that has textured panels. These panels come in handy to provide you with enhanced grip on the forend and the pistol grip, so you get to handle and hold it securely, especially with gloves on.

In terms of appearance, this tactical rifle is equipped with a matte blue finish and a synthetic polymer stock. Based on specifications, the overall rifle length measures 44.5 inches meanwhile the barrel itself measures 24 inches. That being said, the barrel basically is button-rifled with a free-floating construction. The free-floating design refers to the barrel and stock not touching along the barrel length, thus increasing the accuracy of your shot.

Apart from that, the recessed target crown design provides protection to the rifling of the muzzle from suffering wear and tear hence further contributing to its durability. The generous trigger guard as well as magazine frame enables simple and quick use with the user’s safety and convenience designed in mind.

The detachable box magazine on the other hand is a rather modern and reliable feeding system because you can load your ammo cartridges into the magazine rather than carrying them loosely. That being said, the mag can hold up to 3 rounds of ammo. Not only that, it features a 2 position safety feature where you are able to adjust it either in safe or fire position.

In addition to that, the bolt release button that unlocks the bolt allows you to open and remove the bolt with maximum ease, without it needing to be in the safety mode. The cocking indicator is also a great addition to this rifle.

Unlike any other rifles, this product has a unique trigger system, which is the MOA trigger system. It offers zero creep, over travel and takeup therefore improving the accuracy of your shot because it will directly go to your aiming point. Also, the trigger has a perfect pull weight of 3.5 pounds to ensure a crisp trigger pull.

Suitable for :

    • MOA trigger system
    • Detachable box magazine
    • Free-floating barrel
    • Recessed target crown
    • Polymer stock with textured panels

Action Type

First things first, most of the hunting rifle involves bolt action. What does it mean though? The bolt action basically involves the bolt handle that functions to either open or close the breech manually. Once the bolt is open, the breech is then exposed (located at the end of the barrel) so you are able to look at your rifle cartridges.

The best thing about this type of action is that you are updated and get to know whether the rifle cartridge is loaded or unloaded, for your added convenience. For your information, bolt action firearms are rather popular and widely used for hunting and target shooting.

Barrel Style

The barrel style refers to the construction and design of the barrel. In terms of construction, it is best for the barrel to be made from all alloy construction to provide it protection from corrosion, especially if you bring the rifle along for hunting as it would be exposed to all type of weather conditions.

The barrel should have a free-floating design. A free-floating design is basically when the stock and barrel doesn’t touch at any point along the length of the barrel. It comes in handy to improve the precision of your shot. Not forgetting the twist rate of the barrel, this factor is rather important.

They are basically referred as the rate of spin of the barrel and comes with the unit inches per turn. It should have the right and suitable twist rate to ensure the best shooting performance by your hunting firearm.


In other words, a caliber is defined as the internal diameter or the bore of the bullet. There are many types of caliber out there such as the famous .308 Winchester, .223 Remington and many more. It is important that you choose the right caliber to fit in your rifle to enhance the accuracy of your shot. Also, you need to be aware of the legal calibers allowed in your state before making any purchase.


All in all, it is important that you get the top rated deer hunting rifle prepared for the upcoming deer hunting season. You need to take into consideration the rifle performance and additional features before making the choice, therefore I hope my review assists you in making the decision.