Best Fishing Backpacks Reviews

Best Fishing Backpack Reviews 2018

If you’ve ever lugged a traditional tackle box into the woods or up the rough terrain along the edge of a river you understand how challenging it can be to not have both hands free.

Traditional tackle boxes are great when you’re fishing from a boat or kayak, but when you’re covering any kind of distance, they become a serious hassle.  The backpacks we’re covering in this article allow you to stow a good amount of gear while leaving both hands free to work the water or cover rough terrain, whatever the case may be.

These fishing backpacks are designed to handle all your fishing gear from bait, hook, rods and more.

Our Fishing Backpack Reviews

ProductsWeightWaterproof featureCompartments & PocketsComfortAdditional Features
Wild River NOMAD7lbsGood7 in totalExcellentExternal Pockets, lighted workspace
Vitchelo Dry Bag Backpack2lbsVery Good2 mesh pocketsVery GoodElastic cord, bungee lacing
ONEPACK Backpack2.65lbsGood9 in totalGoodRain cover & money back guarantee
Hexin Backpack0.7 lbAverage5 in totalVery GoodReflective strips & emergency whistle
Gonex Backpack.75lbsGood5 in totalGoodLifetime warranty
Lixada Backpack2.5lbsAveragemain compartment with numerous pocketsGoodRain cover
Annstory Backpack2.3lbsGood6 in totalGoodFolding stool and money back guarantee
Piscifun Tacklebag1.7lbsGood10 in totalVery Good1 year warranty
Yogayet Tacklebag1.5lbsAverage4 in totalGood3 plastic boxes
Ready 2 Fish Tacklebag2.75lbsGood10 in totalGoodWarranty

Wild River NOMAD Lighted Tackle Backpack

Considered the Cadillac of fishing backpacks the Wild River NOMAD is our pick for the best fishing backpack on the market.

First and foremost it is VERY stable when placed on anything approaching a level surface.  One of my biggest complaints with other packs in this category is that the base isn’t big enough to keep the bag upright once a decent amount of weight has been added.  Not the case with the NOMAD.  The rubber feet built into the bottom keep the bag dry even when conditions are not.

The built-in work light is a god-send when you’re out early or late and working in low-light conditions.  It’s conveniently located directly above the tackle stowage and it makes switching lures, tying knots, and other tasks much easier.  There’s even a fold-down workspace directly below the light should you need it.

The bag has the solid feel of a high quality hiking backpack.  using sturdy canvas material, heavy-duty zippers, and wide straps for easy weight distribution.

There are lots of pockets, as well as external storage for oft-used items such as pliers, a retractable metal lanyard for line clippers, and more.

The boys at Wild River pulled out all the stops with the NOMAD.  Easily our top pick.

Vitchelo Dry Bag Backpack 

This backpack here is quite lightweight weighing around 2 pounds thus the bag on it’s own is not likely to feel heavy. In terms of the durability of this backpack, not only is it waterproof but it is also snow, dust, dirt and sand proof! That is one bag that has it all.

The dry pack backpack keeps your cell phone, tablet, watches, jewelry, and clothing safe & dry no matter what the activity. It is made of non rip material and the scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom that ensures maximum water resistance to ensure the safety of your belongings. Another interesting feature of this backpack is that, even if it were fully loaded and accidentally fell into the water, it will still remain buoyant and thus making it easy to retrieve.

As for the compartments and pockets, it has two mesh pockets on each side which can carry your water bottles or fuel bottles tightly with the adjustable push button and cord to secure it in place. Rest assured, it is large enough for all your belongings and most times, you will find that there is still plenty of room. Furthermore,the shoulder straps are lightly padded and adjustable and the nylon waist strap is also adjustable ( able to fit any size frame ) to give you a comfortable secure fit.

The back of the dry bag has padding in the neck/shoulder area as well as the lower back for comfort so there is no strain in the back area. The front of the bag also has an elastic cord crossed through eight d hooks so you can hang small items on there. As an added benefit, the back of the pack has bungee lacing to lash whatever you like to the very back of the bag as well. There are no major disadvantages to this item.

Oricsson Backpack for Fishing

oriccson-backpack for fishing

Weighing only 0.7 pounds, this is definitely one of the lightest backpacks out there and comes in a very attractive design as well. The Oricsson backpack is waterproof and tear resistant thanks to it’s high quality nylon material which is very durable and strong. It also has durable two-way abrasion resistant SBS metal zipper all throughout the backpack.

Hence, no more worries about zippers getting stick or breaking off. Moreover, this backpack is so comfortable and convenient to carry simply because it comes with very comfortable wide breathable mesh shoulder straps and it is easy to adjust the length and lock firmly. It is also compact and portable because it folds into zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere. Unfolds from pocket to backpack.

This backpack is perfect for day-to-day use or occasional travels even. In terms of the compartments, it is very roomy thanks to all the extra pockets and compartments. Here is a breakdown: a roomy main compartment, 2 front zipper pockets to hold small accessories, 2 side reticular pockets for water bottle or umbrella and 2 reticular elastic pockets in both adjustable breathable straps for cellphone smaller than 4.7″,pen, key, handle of glasses and so on.(The elastic pockets may be tightened in order to prevent accessories from falling out.)

Once you unzip the compact bag and give it a proper shake, the flap that makes it a “pillow” turns around in the front, creating the large front pocket that you see at the base of the bag. This backpack comes with a lifetime warranty and has a great customer service, and you can contact them even if you are 1 % discontent.

Moving on to the disadvantages, the zipper breaks quite easily so you need to handle it with care and it also tears in some places quite easily, like at seams that hold straps on.

ONEPACK Backpack 


At 2.65 pounds, this backpack is not extremely lightweight but it still light enough to cause no to minimal amounts of discomfort.It is crafted from water resistant and tear resistant nylon fabric thus making it very durable and great for outdoor use.

As for the compartments, this backpack features spacious main compartment and numerous pouches with large capacity thus room space will not be a problem There are 7 zippered pockets, side attachment points and straps and 2 mesh water bottle holders .

The main cargo area can be accessed through a large double zippered semi-circular opening at the rear bottom of the pack and There is a nice flat zippered compartment at the center rear of the main compartment that is also useful for items you need to keep handy. Furthermore, there are straps at the top, rear bottom, and both sides of the pack for attaching additional bags/gear and both sides of the shoulder straps have D-shaped hooks, for items to be linked to.Talk about great convenience!

Also, the ergonomic foam padded shoulder straps and back support gives way for good ventilation and easing burden. There is an adjustable chest belt and waist belt as well. The waist strap provides sufficient adjustability to fit any size waist from about 28 inches and up.

It also comes with a rain cover and great service, such as the money back guarantee within 30 days. The backpack also comes with washing and maintenance instructions ( such as air drying and cleaning with a wet cloth if necessary ) so that you can maintain the backpack in it’s best form. This backpack does have some disadvantages such as the zipper and shoulder straps are susceptible to breakage as they feel cheap and flimsy, so do handle them gently.

Also, the rain cover is not exactly very water resistant so you cannot rely heavily on it. However, for the price, this backpack is a good deal.

Hexin Fishing Carrybag Review

hexin-fishing carrybag

Weighing at 0.7 lb, this backpack here definitely fits its description of being lightweight. You will be very pleased to know that this Hexin backpack is made with high quality tear and water resistant material, provides extra strength and long-lasting performance.Thus, even if it is not waterproof, it can still be exposed to water and function perfectly with no damage to your belongings.

The extra strength provided by the double-layer bottom piece makes it very convenient to carry more load on your journeys( carrying extra gear will pose no problems ) and longevity is further enhanced by bar-tacks at major stress points. In terms of compartments and pockets, this backpack is super roomy while being compact at the same time.

Here is the layout: The main compartment is wide and deep with 2 divider layers inside to enable you to organize well, the front bottom pocket and top pocket are really big.Plus, there are 2 deep mesh pockets on the sides, great for water bottles or small things and 2 small elastic mesh pockets on the strap enables you to keep keys or cash for easy access to. Furthermore, breathable mesh shoulder straps are included with plentiful sponge padding, helps relieve the stress from your shoulder.

The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable to fit and the chest strap with a whistle buckle helps lock your backpack in one place securely. What more can one ask for! It’s unique additional feature includes reflective strips for safety (will reflect light at night from headlights or flashlights) and an emergency whistle as well.

In terms of disadvantages, there are none to this amazing item and at such an affordable price even! It’s a win win situation.

Gonex Fishing Backpack 

gonex- fishing backpack

The Gonex backpack weighs only 320 g and is made out of lightweight material, thus making the backpack itself very light. In terms of durability, we all know that nylon is extremely durable and one of the best materials out there. Hence, it is great news to know that this backpack is made out of highly rip and water resistant nylon fabric, providing strength and long-lasting performance all day every day with minimal weight.

Also, the stress points are reinforced with bar tacking for increased longevity and the durable 2-way abrasion resistant SBS metal zipper is guaranteed to feel sturdy and not flimsy or break after a few uses. There are several compartments( both big and small ) to keep your things organized and carry your items comfortably.

In further detail, there are nylon mesh on two sides for storing water bottle as remaining hydrated is important, inner zip pocket for storing small items, a large front pocket to store utilities, and money pouch for quick and hassle-free access. This backpack is very comfortable to carry as it comes with breathable mesh shoulder straps. As for the additional features, the manufacturers promise a lifetime warranty which is absolutely cool.

This backpack comes in two sizes so here is the difference, the 20L is the one with a larger main compartment, a tiny “wallet or keys” pocket within that main compartment (which doubles as the pouch that the bag collapses into), and a tiny exterior pocket. The 30L has several pockets, the wallet or keys pocket within the main compartment, and material that divides the main compartment into multiple space.

Whereas the 20L is a decent sized bag and will serve you well, the 30L is more of a “full” sized backpack. So you may want to choose according to your needs.The only downside to this backpack will be that the seams are not properly finished and tend to fall apart.

Lixada Portable Fishing Backpack 

lixada- portable fishing backpack

Although this backpack is slightly heavier than the rest, it is still considered light enough and will not weigh you down in any way. Seeing that this backpack is crafted from water resistant and tear resistant nylon fabric,it is very durable. And if you were to want maximum protection against water, you can always use the rain cover that is included.

The overall quality of the bag is very good as it comes with strong straps and clips, and legit military durable zippers. The zippers are sound with nice pulls and it is the one that keeps the luggage from being pulled apart. Moving on,the Lixada backpack features a spacious main compartment and numerous pouches with large capacity and also with added strong hanging system to carry more items.

As pretty much all backpacks do, this one also comes with ergonomic padded shoulder straps and back support for best ventilation and easing burden. This backpack is able to fit any size and height due to it having adjustable chest and waist straps.

As for the disadvantages, sadly the lining of the sleeping bag compartment tend to rip away from the seams, so perhaps this backpack will not be suitable for heavy loads. Not to mention, there are also loose threads on several of the other seams making them susceptible to tearing sooner or later.

Also, the rain cover is not all that durable so you definitely would not want to leave it lying around on rocky surfaces as it may get holes and be ruined. However, if you are a amateur, this will be agood basic backpack to start with, especially as it is affordable as well.

Annstory Backpack Review


Weighing at 2.3 pounds, this bag is considered lightweight and not only great for fishing but for other activities as well such as hiking and camping and even for hunting! The backpack is made out of a steel frame and is also made out of waterproof material, thus no worries about having to replace the backpack after a while thanks to the double waterproof coating.

Comfort wise, the backpack comes with padded shoulder straps thus it is unlikely that you will feel the sensation of the straps digging into your shoulder blades and causing pain. Moving on to the criteria of compartments and pockets, the backpack has one main big compartment, a medium sized front pocket and 2 mesh pockets for holding your water bottles in place and 2 additional pockets.

For those of you whom wish to fit in tackle trays, there is not a specific location on the backpack to hold the tackle trays.However, the backpack has a size of (18.5)x(12.5)x(9.8) inches,thus it can carry tackle trays that is smaller than this size. The best feature about this backpack definitely has to be the fact that it comes with a foldable stool built into the back of the backpack! You have a built-in seat perfect for when you need to take a breather or when you’ve found the perfect spot to sit quietly and wait for the the fish to bite the hook.

This is absolutely convenient as fishing can take hours and it will eliminate the need for you to carry along an additional stool or chair, the lesser things the better it is to remain focused and organized. To top it all off, the seat folds easily and quickly into the back panel of the backpack and due to it’s metal frame, it is both strong and sturdy and able to support up to a weight of 270 lbs.

Also, it comes with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee which is great! Disadvantages wise, this backpack comes with instructions but it is in Chinese thus you may have trouble figuring out on how to fold it back. With a little bit of practice, you should have figured out in no time.

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bags 


These are a great alternative to backpacks if you dislike carrying something on your back. It comes with a single shoulder strap so it drapes across the shoulder and can either hang on the side or across the shoulder making it much more accessible. It may look large on the outside, but this tackle bag is very light and is not likely to cause discomfort.

This tackle bag is made out of high quality 1000D Nylon Material and is lined with waterproof lining hence exposure to water poses no problem at all. This will probably blow your mind as this tackle bag comes with 10 multiple inner storage compartments and exterior pockets ( has rubberized interiors) so there is plenty space to hold a ton of stuff for fishing, hiking, mountaineering, cycling, camping and other outdoor sports.It is also good for school daily necessities and outdoor sports gear such as ipad, calculator, pens and pencils, books, cell phone, etc.

The breakdown of the compartments are as such: large capacity main compartment(L*H*W): 8.46″ x 8.27″ x 3.94″ and extra small zippered compartments. Behind the main compartment is another zippered compartment, large and flat; in which notepad and pens can be kept.On one side is a water-bottle storage mesh compartment with drawstring. On the other side is a zippered storage that can hold Piscifun fly box.

Comfort wise, the Piscifun tackle bag provides ultimate comfort with it’s wide ergonomic shoulder strap design and movable pads, protecting your shoulder from being hurt by all the heavy stuff. Furthermore, there is an adjustable drawstring on the top rim of the main compartment, so you can adjust the tightness in accordance with the stuff you have. Also,there are 3 air mesh pads on the back which are super soft, breathable and comfortable.

A belt buckle on the middle of the back is tight enough to hold heavy stuff. This tackle bag was certainly well thought of before being made. The buckles are large as well so you don’t have to kill your fingers trying to undo them. As for an additional feature it comes with a 1 year warranty. This tackle bag is so good and handy that it does not have any flaws.

Yogayet Tackle Bag for Fishing

yogayet-tackle-bag for fishing

Also at a weight of 750 grams, it is light and compact to be carried around. The Yogayet tackle bag is made out of 600D high density nylon fabrics and is water resistant as well thus it can be exposed to water but not submerged or immersed as that may damage the bag. The high quality buckle is made of high-strength ABS material which is deemed durable, non-toxic ad as a plus is environmentally friendly.

There are 4 compartments all together, one main compartment,two side pockets and one front pocket. With dimensions of,(L*W*H):15.75″*5.91″*7.48″/40*15*19cm, there is well capacity storage area for gear and tackle boxes. For ultimate comfort the shoulder straps are reinforced with a lengthened and widened shoulder pads design.

The tackle bag has nice zippers and construction of pockets, and they seem sturdy and durable. There is a pocket or a clip or snap or strap everywhere on here thus it is easier to store keys and the like.Also, there is a handle at the top of the tackle bag, making it easier to carry.

This tackle bag comes with 3 plastic boxes so you will be able o store all your lures, hooks and baits without a problem. It also has washing instructions to enable the upkeep of the bag such as, to keep your fishing tackle bag looking its best hand wash in cool water with detergent,do not bleach or tumble dry. It also has both a waist and shoulder strap, thus you can choose whichever is more comfortable.

The only downside to this bag is that with it’s limited number of compartment and pockets as compared to other bags, it seems quite small and not sufficient enough to carry numerous heavy gear. However if you are a beginner, this tackle bag does the job just fine.

Ready 2 Fish Tacklebag Review

ready-2-fish tacklebag

This tackle bag is made out of soft, light material thus it is lightweight and convenient enough to carry around. When it comes to durability, this bag is pretty durable as it is both weather proof and water resistant thus weather will not be able to stand in your way at any time of the day, week, month or year. In terms of compartments and pockets, there are an abundance!

This bag has multiple storage compartments and tons of extra features such as The bag has 7 carabiner loops and comes with 2 black carabiners and offers 2 outside zippered compartments for maximum storage(Measures 18 by ten by 14 inches (W x H x D). There is also an outside mesh compartment that is easily accessible and multiple inner storage compartments that can be used for multiple purposes.

If all that was not many as it is, the tackle bag comes with a dedicated electronics pocket, as well as a cable net to hold a jacket and gloves as well as 7 other pockets.Here is a further breakdown: backside of bag has a full length and almost full height mesh pocket which is great for storing items you need quick access to such as pliers, hook remover, etc. Top of bag has a cargo net which is great for holding larger items that don’t fit in the bag such as a rod holder, net.

If you are interested in cleaning out the bag, the interior is leak proof and super easy to clean. Comfort wise, the pockets and compartments are adjustable thus it will be easier to store things and features a padded, adjustable shoulder strap for extra comfort and convenience. Rest assured, this product does come with warranty.

The downside to this bag is that the zipper gets stuck and tends to break so you may have to take extra care and spray it with silicone and protective wax and the stitching is not exactly strong either. Other than that, for it’s affordable price, you cannot beat it.

Here are a few of the criteria to consider when looking for a fisherman backpack.

Considerations When Choosing  a Backpack

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a backpack for your next fishing trip.  I personally use a backpack whether I’m hopping into my tandem fishing kayak or striking out into the woods.  It’s just SO much more convenient than hauling a tackle box.


This should be the number one thing to look out for. Any backpack that is made out of heavy material that slows you down or causes back pain is definitely a no no. You will be carrying loads of things as it already is, thus what is the point in purchasing a backpack that is heavy on its own.

The common perception here is that, the heavier the backpack, the stronger and sturdier it will be. However, this is not the case. There are tons of backpacks out there that are super lightweight and plenty durable.

Waterproof feature

Although fishing does not require you to get out and wade in the water to get a fish, there will still be a substantial amount of water that gets onto your bag from the splashing of the fish. Thus, it is crucial to get a backpack that is waterproof and excellent at keeping out water from seeping into the bag and destroying your personal belongings such as money and gadgets, especially your smartphones!

Some even come with added capabilities in keeping out dust and dirt, hence you will be able to use the backpack on multiple other activities such as camping, hiking and hunting. This is great as you will not have to purchase 3 separate backpacks and save money in the long run. Whom does not love an item that can multitask?


As was mentioned earlier, it is important to keep the pressure and strain off your back and shoulders. Hence, look out for backpacks that are comfortable and have good straps. These straps should be easily adjustable and if they come with padding for the shoulder, all the more better.

Some fishermen backpack from one fishing spot to another, so if this is the case, you should experience comfort and no trouble with the backpack at all. Moreover, there are certain backpacks out in the market that have added padding on the inside. This is done so as to ensure that any sharp equipment, such as pliers or fishing rods do not constantly jab you in the back which can be quite painful and very irritating.

Compartments & pockets

The more compartments and pockets, the better! Because you surely would not want your fishing equipment and gears getting jumbled up with your personal belongings (fishing sunglasses for example require a place for itself) and even food supplies, and just imagine how difficult it would be to search and retrieve something in the backpack. Simply not practical at all. Thus, if the bag were to have an assortment of compartments and pockets, it makes things so much easier as you can organize which items go where and can find them much easily later on.

Also, it may interest you to know that a few fishing backpacks even come with trays so that you can store baits (check out our reviews for the best baitcasting reels), hooks and fishing line neatly.

Additional features

These features are the ones that make the item all the more worthwhile in terms of the price. If the backpack comes with additional features like a water bladder, or even a warranty, make sure to snap it up. Hence, for the expensive price, you can always get the bag fixed via the warranty without having to spend additional money and incurring unnecessary costs.

Some are even known to have a built in LED lamp in them, to make fishing at night a whole lot easier so that you can find the required items in your backpacks easily.


Well there you have some of the best bags for fishing! Feel free to take a good look at the comparison table included so that you can be clearer as to which bag is more suitable for your individual needs, whether it is the backpack or tackle bag. Happy fishing!