Best Waterproof Fishing Jacket Review 2019 – Convenient & Versatile

Also known as a wading jacket, these fishing jacket’s main function is to keep you dry. The outer shell is waterproof, but still breathable, allowing  you can to stay warm and dry during even cold and wet weather conditions.

In addition to keeping you comfortable they provide some extra storage space for important fishing gear.

Most of the jackets in the market are equipped with an attached hood as well as a few waterproof pockets. The fabric on the other hand should be breathable, comfortable and resistant to rips. Most importantly, it should provide protection from all type of elements which includes rain, snow, water and wind.

Top 5 Rated Fishing Jackets Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightWaterproofnessStoragePrice
Storm Strykr Jacket3 lbHighHigh$$$
Helly Hansen Impertech Jacket1 lbHighModerate$$
Frogg Toggs Toad 1 lbHighModerate$$
Striker Ice Hardwater 4 lbHighHigh$$$
Frogg Toggs Classic Pro 1 lbHighModerate$$

Storm Strykr Jacket

Storm Strykr Wading Jacket

Equipped with the neoprene core technology, it is clear that this wading jacket is constructed from solid neoprene material. That being said, this feature provides windproof high-stretch material paired up with positive buoyancy and water repellant finish that further contributes to its waterproof performance.

Furthermore, it is rather versatile. In other words, it can be used for both fishing and hunting for your maximum convenience. It functions well to keep you dry and warm and act as an extra storage space. Speaking about storage space, this wear includes non-corrosive center and front pocket zipper which are totally waterproof.

That being said, it has an interior cell phone pocket where you can store any of your personal belongings safely without worrying about it getting wet or worse, dropping into the water while angling. The presence of the storm flap on the other hand further prevents water from entering into the wear.

The 2 chest gear pockets comes in handy to store your fishing gears meanwhile the 2 interior mesh gear pockets are essential to easily access your accessories, not forgetting it is totally breathable with the mesh. This is important especially if you are fishing on a hot day, because you will be needing proper ventilation for maximum comfort. Just a word of advice, it can get a little warm during the summer.

This product is rather durable in terms of construction since it is blind-stitched and glued securely. The seams are thermal taped whereas the material is abrasion resistant in high contact areas, with the assistance of the sturdy fleece lining as well as the PU welded splash proof pockets.

Besides that, the waist, wrist and hood area are fully adjustable, according to your preference to provide you with maximum comfort. This adjustable feature combined with the internal neoprene cuff contributes to the form-fitting design that doesn’t inhibit your movement, when donning on the jacket.

Not only that, it is fully secured with adjustable Velcro cuffs as well as two interior cord locks to ensure that the adjustable parts are tightly shut therefore preventing any water at all from seeping into it.

Suitable for :

    • Neoprene construction
    • Two-way adjustable hood
    • Adjustable waist and wrist cuffs
    • Ample pockets for excellent storage
    • Solid and durable

Helly Hansen Men’s Impertech Jacket

Helly Hansen Waterproof Fishing Jacket

First and foremost, this fishing rain gear is available from various sizes ranging from XS to 6XL to fit any type of body size, designed with the user’s convenience in mind. In terms of construction, it is equipped with a 0.24mm circular knit polyester backing paired together with a polyurethane coating.

That being said, it is 100% polyester made with a slight touch of PVC coating for strong and sturdy performance, allowing it to withstand any sort of abrasion or impact resistant thus, contributing to its durability in the long run.

In addition to that, it includes microweld seam construction to assist in leak prevention. In other words, the strong welded seams ensures that there are no holes on the thread, hence fully preventing water from seeping through the jacket. Not only that, this wading wear features double entry front pockets for storage of your fishing gears, for added convenience.

Speaking about pockets, it comes with 2 waterproof pockets and hand warmer pockets to keep your hands in for warmth. However, they have no interior pockets. The front zippers includes snap storm flap back cape which comes in handy to prevent water from getting inside as well as providing proper ventilation.

Deemed rather versatile, this multipurpose jacket can be used as rainwear or if you are fishing in the storm for instance. Since it provides an excellent waterproof performance, it will come to your rescue-keeping you dry, during a heavy downpour.

Not only that, it is rather large and long thus providing you with plenty of room for movement. You can even wear a few layers of undershirt such as fleece and inners to keep your warm and snug, without restricting your movements.

The attached hood on the other hand has a unique placement as it can be tucked into the collar hook when not in use, for your added convenience. In other words, the hood is designed such that it can roll in and out in a matter of seconds.

Apart from that, it comes with loop adjustable sleeve cuff so you can tighten and loosen the cuff, according to your preference and comfort level. If the sleeves are naturally too long, you can adjust them using the wrist Velcro with ease. All in all, it offers simple mobility as well as complete waterproof protection which equals to the best fishing experience.

Suitable for :

    • Microweld seams
    • Great hood design
    • Large and long jacket
    • Adjustable sleeve cuff

Frogg Toggs Toad Wading Jacket

Frogg Toggs Toad Wading Jacket

Varying from sizes ranging M to XXL, this waterproof jacket is made from 100% solid polypropylene construction. That being said, it is fully waterproof, windproof and breathable with fully sealed seams to prevent even a little water from seeping into your wear.

Moreover, this product can be worn over chest waders for maximum waterproof performance, if you plan to go fishing in waist-deep water level areas. The material is rather thin, however it sheds water well so the jacket will be dry in no time. However, the thin material won’t keep you warm so you should probably wear undershirts, according to your preference.

It comes with zippered hand warmer and storage pockets so you can keep both your personal belongings and fishing equipment safely and securely.  The pockets are well placed for easy access. With it having plenty of pockets as extra storage space, you can ditch your backpack because having this product will do.

Apart from that, this wading jacket features the dripore breathable technology. The dripore technology basically consists of triple layers of non-woven polypropylene material with a middle layer consisting of micro-porous film. In other words, moisture won’t be able to penetrate the fabric yet it breathes really well for proper ventilation.

The adjustable neoprene sleeve openings on the other hand allows for complete seal and closure at your wrist to prevent water from seeping into the jacket through the sleeve opening. That being said, it is rather sturdy as the openings are secured with Velcro in order to keep it tightly clinging on your wrist.

In addition to that, the elastic and shock cord on the waist allows you to adjust it conveniently according to your preference, whether you want it to hang loose or tightly on your waist. The storm hood on the other hand is adjustable and comes in handy to protect your head from getting wet under a heavy downpour for instance. All in all, this product fits well (choose the right size!) and is really comfortable to wear.

Suitable for :

    • Zippered pockets
    • Adjustable neoprene sleeves
    • Dripore breathable technology
    • Fully sealed seams
    • Polypropylene construction

Striker Ice Men’s Hardwater Jacket

Striker Ice Cold Weather Jacket

Fancy a jacket specially made for ice fishing? The Striker Ice Men’s wear is here to save the day. That being said, it is perfect to withstand cold and harsh conditions. Also, it can be used as a survival jacket because it not only keeps you warm, but also keeps you afloat on water, without any added weight or bulkiness.

To keep you warm and snug during winter (fancy ice fishing boots?), this cold weather waterproof jacket is equipped with 175g of Thermadex insulation therefore providing you with incredible insulation performance. You need not wear any undershirt because this wear itself will make do to keep you deliciously warm when fishing.

Available from sizes M to XL, it includes a fast drain mesh hem feature that prevents the water from weighing you down. In other words, it is basically a mesh layer that is built on the bottom hem for easy removal and shedding of water, for your added convenience.

Besides that, one of the plus point of this product is that it features the 600D Endura 3000, where it comes with a waterproof and breathable outer shell. The Sureflote buoyancy material throughout the jacket comes with assist liners which keeps you afloat on water.

In other words, it traps air with its closed cells. The closed cells are made from multi-layer membranes in order to produce internal air pockets for improved buoyancy when in contact with water. Therefore, this feature is enough to allow an average sized person to float on water for approximately 2 hours.

Furthermore, it has plenty of pockets that can be used as storage options to keep your fishing equipment as well as personal belongings, without the need of bringing a carry bag. In terms of construction on the other hand, it is rather durable and built to last with its fully taped solid seams.

The hood as well as the wrist cuffs can be adjusted according to your preference, whether you want it to tightly fit your body or hang loosely. It’s better to keep it tight to prevent any water at all from seeping into your jacket.

Suitable for :

    • 175g Thermadex insulation
    • Surefloat buoyancy feature
    • Fast drain mesh hem
    • Perfect for cold weather

Frogg Toggs Men’s Classic Pro Jacket

Frogg Toggs Classic Pro Jackets

This classic jacket is equipped with a new sleeve design that eliminates the presence of seams on shoulders and other stress points, for added convenience. Instead, it features a raglan design which includes an action-cut sleeve. The action-cut sleeve on the other hand offers larger arm openings for improved mobility and easy on and off operation.

In addition to that, it has zippered pockets for extra storage of your fishing gears such as lures, leaders and flies. Also, it comes with 2 hand warmer pockets so you are able to rest your hands in it when idle or to get some warmth. The molded polymer snaps and zippers on the pockets are durable as they resists rust.

Available from sizes S to 3XL, it includes a fully adjustable, tuck-away hood with zip closure for your added convenience, so you can put it away when not in use. Not only that, it has 1 inch elastic waistband and a 1 inch wrist band to keep water out for maximum waterproof performance. It is easily packable making it ideal for fishing or boating trips.

That being said, the elastic waistband might cause the jacket to ride up when you reach upwards. So the solution to this issue is to simply fold it from down under and you’re good to go. Also, it has front zipper closures as well as snap shut storm flaps to guarantee you the best fishing experience.

Moreover, its elastic hem successfully keeps out moisture whereas the elastic cuffs comes with rubber tap closures to prevent water from entering it. Also, it has plenty of room so you can even sneak in an undershirt without inhibiting your movements. Though it has ample space, the jacket itself is rather lightweight and won’t weigh you down.

All in all, this product is completely waterproof and windproof. In terms of construction, it is made from polypropylene material with snaps that are highly resistant to corrosion, therefore contributing to the durability of this wading jacket. Also, the material allows fast drainage of water on the outer shell so it can dry easily when in contact with water.

Suitable for :

  • New sleeve design
  • Molded polymer snaps and zippers
  • Zippered pockets for storage
  • Tuck away hood with zip closure

Key Features to Look For


The storage basically refers to the pockets on your jacket. These pockets should be of excellent placement to balance out in terms of weight distribution on the jacket. Apart from that, they are essential so you get to store your personal belongings as well as fishing equipment such as lures, leaders, flies and fishing lines with maximum convenience.

They come with zippered pockets, mesh pockets and even interior pockets for your added convenience. Zippered pockets comes in handy to ensure that your belongings are secured safely without any chances of dropping meanwhile mesh pockets provide proper ventilation thus contributing to good breathability.


In order to be waterproof, it should be made from a fabric which doesn’t absorb water, instead it should drain water quickly. Most products are made from polypropylene fabric that ensures that it is completely waterproof and windproof to withstand any extreme weather conditions when fishing.

The wrist, waist and hood are usually adjustable so you can tighten and loosen it according to your preference, to prevent water from entering it. They are secured with Velcro closure so it stays tight based on your adjustment. The zippers, snap and closures are made from rust-resistant metals so it doesn’t corrode when in contact with water and moisture.

And finally they come with handy pockets, whether the usual pockets or hand warmers for great storage options. All in all, the fabric should be durable, resistant to tears and rips as well comfortable to provide you with the best fishing experience.


The main features to look for in a wading jacket is the comfort, waterproofness, storage space and durability. If your desired product comes with all this feature, then you should totally go for it. In my opinion, you should be willing to fork out some extra bucks to get the best waterproof jacket well-suited to you. You won’t regret it in the near future, once you see its promising results.

In order to make the right choice, you should do some research about the product you plan to buy. You can do so by looking through product-based reviews and customer reviews on Amazon, for instance to give you a little insight.


In a nutshell, a fishing jacket is rather multipurpose. It keeps you dry when in contact with water as well as provide you with extra storage space. So, you can ditch your carry bags because you are able to store your fishing gear in the jacket itself. Since it comes with multiple pockets, you can even compartmentalize your gear according to your preference. I hope my review assists you in choosing the right jacket well-suited to you.

Happy fishing and do check out our fly fishing vest.

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