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Best Fishing Pliers for Freshwater & Saltwater 2018 Review

It’s a perfect sunny day and you’ve got a big one on the end of the line. You reel the fish in with satisfaction only to discover you do not own a tool that has the capability of removing the hook or cutting off the line and you sigh out loud in frustration.

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Well, anglers do not fret. Say hello to fishing pliers (tools that look exactly like average pliers but a somewhat different function altogether) and make sure you pack them along with your fishing sunglasses for upcoming fishing trips in your fishing backpack. Keep on reading this article to find out which are the top five fishing pliers out there to aid in fishing trips.

Before that, let us have a look at some of the important criteria the tool must possess in order for you to choose the best fishing pliers to be used in both freshwater and saltwater areas.


As always when it comes to fishing in saltwater or freshwater, it is a wise option to purchase a tool that is made of high quality material and does not corrode or rust due to the salt content in the water. So, the key materials to look out for are aluminium and stainless steel. Both of these are heavy duty metals and very durable, meaning that the product will be able to last you for a long time.

You will also be dealing with tough, rigid fishing lines hence, the plier must be perfectly capable of cutting it with ease, otherwise there are risk of injuries involved. Do not skimp on a few dollars, it is usually the slightly higher priced ones that are of great quality.

Spring loaded handles

This is a very important feature as spring loaded pliers are intended so that you don’t tire out your hand by repeatedly adjusting and readjusting your grip.How tiresome that can be .The springs give the pliers smooth and fluent motion while at the same time, providing comfort and ease of use to the angler.

You will find that the cheap, spin offs of spring loaded pliers are often very taut and difficult to handle. Ultimately,the larger the size of the spring, the easier it would be to handle those fishing pliers. Moreover, another benefit of the spring loaded hinge is that, it always enables the handles to return to the open position, meaning that all you have to do is press them together without worrying about prying them open as it is automatically done for you.


Nobody likes a big old item that is  heavy and weighs them down. Seeing that fishing pliers are supposed to be made mainly of metal, you would expect them to be heavy, however there are many out there that are so lightweight due to it’s design and technology. As you will only be using one hand to handle these, it is imperative that it does not weigh you down.

This should push you to opt for the high quality ones. Also, considering that you will be reaching for these frequently to cut off lines or remove hooks,it is best if it comes with a strap or a clip that can fastened to your fishing belt or pouch. Thus, you will want to have them on your person at all times.


As consumers who pay hefty prices for almost every item in our lives, it is important each one of those come with a warranty. Yes, even fishing pliers! In the events of the product being damaged upon arrival or some of the parts needing to be fixed, there is comfort knowing that you will be able to use the warranty offered and not fork out a single dollar.

If it does not come with a warranty but instead offers a money back guarantee ( although not as good as a warranty ), it can still be considered as you can test out the product for a few weeks and can return if you do not like it.

Extra Features

Manufacturers often insert extra features to draw customers to buy their products which is a win-win situation for both parties really. Thus, keep a lookout for those because really, who wants a boring fishing pliers with only spring loaded handles and nothing else to offer?

The answer would be a no for majority. There has to be that one extra feature that adds oomph and distinguishes that item from the hundreds of others in the market, otherwise they would all be the same.

The criteria are rated as follows:

  1. The material is rated from very good to very bad
  2. The spring loaded feature is rated from very good to very bad
  3. Convenience is rated from very good to very bad
  4. Warranty is rated from very good to very bad
  5. Extra features is rated from very good to very bad

ProductsMaterialSpring LoadedConvenienceWarrantyExtra Features
Piscifun Fishing PliersVery GoodAverageGoodGoodGood
Madbite ProVery GoodGoodGoodVery GoodGood
MadBite Fishing Very GoodGoodVery GoodAverageGood
Zitrades PliersVery GoodGoodGoodAverageGood
Fishing Tree GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery GoodGood

Piscifun Fishing Pliers 

piscifun-fishing-pliers for saltwater

First off, the price of these pliers are extremely affordable despite being manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminium which is anodized to deliver excellent corrosion resistance leading to longer shelf life. It’s titanium-coated Stainless Steel Jaws also provide incredible strength and durability.

Unfortunately, the handles are not spring loaded but it comes with multiple other functions that make up for the loss of it such as the split ring function which  makes it easier to split the ring, remove the hook and hold the leader and works nicely for larger sizes of split rings too.Furthermore, it’s replaceable tungsten carbide cutters provide clean line ( for mono and braid line) and wire cuts.

In terms of convenience, these pliers come with an ergonomic grip that provides greater comfort. It is also very lightweight and  comes with a belt clip on the back of the sheath, so you can attach it to your belt when fishing for added convenience. The Piscifun fishing pliers come with a 30 day money back guarantee so you are really not at any risks.

The item’s extra features include a molded nylon sheath & coil lanyard which serves to protect the pliers from losing even it drops from the holster. Regarding the disadvantages, these pliers are not able to crimp and the cutters have to be adjusted every few times of use. Other than that, this is a great deal.

Madbite Fishing Pliers 

madbite- top rated fishing-pliers


The look of this pliers itself are pretty professional and high end not forgetting to mention it’s super tough aerospace grade hardened aluminum alloy  are great for corrosion resistance and long life.

Also, these pliers, are spring loaded, and have a sliding lock to keep them closed when not use and have a multi function tool that can be used as a split ring tool, a tooth on the nose for spreading split rings,  crimpers, and  flat jaw section to crush barbs, talk about multitasking and all of those amazing functions for such an affordable price. The handles have finger grooves lined in a rubber-like material and feels very comfortable.

Furthermore, the curved jaws are ideal for hook removal and the super sharp cutter ( tungsten carbide cutters ) has exceptional cutting power for easily cutting braided fishing line, mono line, and fluorocarbon line for saltwater or freshwater fishing. It also comes with one sheath and one lanyard that keep these pliers nearby when needed.

It is worth mentioning that the aerospace grade aluminium handle on the pliers make hook removal easy, even on toothy fish or use in hard to reach places. It does not say whether the product comes with warranty thus you may have to contact the manufacturer for more information.

The MadBite pliers have an attractive hard anodized durable finish in three colors with sure grip ergonomic handles that ensure great hold and few slips. There are no major disadvantages to this product other than the fact that the rubber on the handles may fall off over time.

Madbite Fishing Pliers

zitrades-pliers for freshwater fishing


The material is of special aluminum alloy for the body and SUS 420 stainless steel for the jaws making the pliers extremely durable and salt and rust resistant. These pliers also come with the spring loaded function and is so easy to use that even children can use them. It’s precision sharpened tungsten carbide cutters ( removeable ) are great for cutting braided line and wire steel easily.

Do note that carbide is more denser and durable than both steel and titanium.The purpose of the triangular point and the hook at the end of the pliers is to open split rings, or possibly to even grab certain toothy fish species. These pliers are so convenient because they are extremely lightweight and bright ( makes you even more excited to use them ) .

It also comes with a holder which has a belt loop and lanyard, so you will never forget and leave it behind on the beach. This product has no warranty description either, thus you will have to contact the manufacturer for more information.

It’s featured extra feature is the high density skidproof handle which is more portable and comfortable to use. Regarding the disadvantages, some might find that the pliers spring too far open for their needs and  the sheath is a little dainty for regular use so after a few days of heavy use the velcro becomes worn out.

Mad Bite Pro 


Madbite PRoAs you can already tell from the image displayed, this fishing pliers come with black stainless steel jaws (which are fully replaceable) . It also will not show signs of oxidation easily in usage of salt water. The anodized aluminium alloy makes these 100% corrosion resistant thus you will not be needing another set of  pliers for a long time. You will also be pleased to know that these pliers are spring loaded, making them extremely easy to use.

Moreover, these pliers are equipped with one of the sharpest tungsten carbide cutter which makes cutting through the strongest braid lines and heaviest mono leader a breeze. These cutters are also replaceable, hence if they do wear out, you will not have to purchase a new set of fishing pliers but instead replace the old ones.

Regarding the convenience, this pliers are a little on the larger side, so it may be more suitable for people with larger hands.It comes with a belt clip sheath so you an hook it on to your belt with ease. It also comes with a 5 year warranty! Which is a very long time given the already attractive design and extremely affordable price.

An extra awesome feature is the BITE fishing pliers come with rubber insert grips, allowing for great grip even in the most slippery of situations. And once you buy pliers with rubber grips, you will never want to go without. The slight disadvantage include the large handle gap so even when closed, it takes a big grip to keep hands around handle.

Fishing Tree Fishing Pliers 

fishing-tree pliers for fishing

These pliers are made of stainless steel with rubber grips for handles and is specifically designed for saltwater and freshwater use. Stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel would. This fishing pliers comes with spring loaded bent jaws that is great for removing fish hooks with minimal effort, even with one hand.

Moreover, the cutter cuts very cleanly and is effective even on the lightest thin nylon mono,fluorocarbon and braided lines ( which can be very tough ). In the middle of the pliers, there is a crimper which brings together leader, tippet and holder allowing you to quickly get new tackle and bait ready.. Also, since these pliers have a bent nose and are long, you will be able to get back a hook if it swallowed by a fish.

As far as convenience, it comes with a carrying pouch that will be able to slot onto your belt and despite being lightweight and small, it is still very sturdy and has a comfortable feel. On top of that, these pliers come with a lifetime guarantee which is great because if you are not happy with the product, Fishing Tree will promptly replace or refund.

For additional features, it comes with a round end which is safer for kids to use and soft abs grip is easy on small hands. There are no major disadvantages to this item.





Well there you have it. I hope this article has helped you and by narrowing down to what we believe are the top 5 fishing pliers. When it comes to any sport or activity, the tools play a huge role so make sure you get the best of the best!