Best Fishing Shoes Review 2019- Water and Land Wear

The fishing shoes is designed solely for fishing purposes, however you can utilize them for any type of outdoor activities according to your preference, mainly due to its versatility. It can be used for various type of fishing activities such as boat, shore, kayak and fly fishing (fancy a multipurpose vest to fly fish?).That being said, it is specially designed to be worn in a wet environment. For ice fishing however, you can check out the best boots here.

However, if you’re not getting wet from fishing, the footwear can protect your feet during rainy weathers since it has good traction hence you will least likely fall from slipping. Not only that, it is one of the must-have tools in every angler’s fishing gear collection.

You need a good pair of footwear to prevent your feet from getting sore and cold especially if you are planning to fish for a long period of time. It also comes in handy to protect your feet from sharp rocks, or even sharp objects lying in your boat for instance such as hooks and pliers.

All in all, the best fishing shoes are highly essential to ensure your feet is always dry and comfortable when engaged in any outdoor fishing activities, especially during long hours. The factors that determines the effectiveness of your footwear are its style and design, material, comfort, traction and finally the price.

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Top 7 Rated Fishing Shoes Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightWaterproofnessDurabilityPrice
Under Armour Men’s Drainster Shoes8.7 ozModerateHigh$$
Olukai Men's Nohea Lace Mesh Shoes1.9 lbsHighHigh$$
Tera Women’s Evo Water Shoes3 lbsHighModerate$$
Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe4 lbsHighHigh$$-$$$
Teva Men’s Evo Outdoor Water Shoe3 lbsHighModerate$$
Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Boat Shoe3 lbsModerateHigh$$-$$$
Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoes2.3 lbsModerateHigh$$


The durability refers to how long the product is able to last. That being said, it all comes down to the material quality. Fishing shoes are designed to handle wet conditions, therefore the material should be mainly water resistant in order stay durable and strong.

Most products comes with thick rubber outsoles to ensure that you have good grip on the ground, as mentioned below. Apart from them, some of them comes with a sturdy midsole. For example, the Sperry Top-Sider product comes with a full-length compression molded EVA midsole for extra cushion to ensure that you are comfortable at all times.

The insoles on the other hand are usually removable. You can remove them according to your preference, especially during washing and drying them. Now, talking about the materials, most products are constructed either from leather or synthetic mesh material.

The leather ones are comfortable once the break-in period is achieved. It protects your feet from staying wet. The synthetic mesh on the other hand ensures that the water drains quickly therefore airing out the interior of your footwear due to its good ventilation and breathability. Since the water dries quickly, your feet will also get dry fast thus coming in handy especially if you plan to spend long hours fishing.


Traction is very important feature in your angling footwear. The outsole usually is equipped with good traction since it is mainly the area that is in contact with the ground. When fishing, you will more or less be exposed to slippery grounds such as the wet docks or inside your boat in fact. In other words, the interior of your boat will most likely get wet with the waves splashing into it.

Hence why, it is highly essential for your outsole to have good traction. It provides you with ultimate grip which will prevent you from taking a fall due to slipping. This is important for your safety as well as it ensures you will least likely get injured from falling down.

Most of the outsoles are constructed from rubber and it also comes with a slip-resistant and non-marking surface to maximize the grip of your footwear on the ground. In my opinion, this feature is a must-have in each and every footwear, whether for fishing purposes or not.


Your footwear should be lightweight so it won’t be an extra burden for you when walking or adjusting your foot when angling. Since it will most likely get wet from fishing because of either the waves splashing into your boat or you decide to wade in the water, a lighter shoe will compensate for the heaviness of it when drenched with water.

That being said, each product should have an easy drainage feature. The water should be able to drain from the mesh feature at the interior or a contoured midsole and footbed for instance. This additional features assists in the rapid drainage of water. When the water is quickly drained, it quickens the drying process inside your footwear.

This will especially come in handy if you plan to fish for a long period of time because your feet will least likely get soggy from the water inside. Removing your insoles also reduces the overall weight. However, it is best to remove them when washing your footwear. You can not only easily wash it but also speed up the drying process.


If you plan to wade in the water while fishing, instead of using boats or kayaks, you need a pair of shoes with great ankle support. Apart from that, it is best to have one that has an arch thus making it a lot more comfortable if you plan on walking with it.

Since these types of shoes are usually versatile, you can utilize it for various type of activities, provided you don’t overuse them, because they are mainly designed for fishing or boating activities. A comfortable pair of footwear will ensure that your foot gets dry fast once immersed in water.

The soles whether the outsole, midsole or insole should have slight padding or cushion to provide you with maximum comfort. However, too much cushion on the other hand will make it extremely slow to dry. Also, to prevent odor from it, it is best if you wash it each and everytime after use.

Washing is rather simple. That being said, you can just throw them in the washer for your convenience. The cleaning will be more effective if you remove the insoles as well as dry faster if laid out separately.


You should invest in a good pair of shoes that will last for a long time, one that is very durable and well worth your investment. It comes in varying colors and size. Mainly, the price will vary a little based on the size you choose. However, it all comes down to your budget, on how much you plan to invest for your fishing footwear.

Don’t let the price fool you! The high priced ones at not necessarily the best, and the low priced one the worst. Hence, you should do a little research on the top rated products based on customer and product-based reviews to get you on the right track. Just keep in mind before making a purchase, that a good pair of angling footwear comes with good traction, great comfort and ability to drain water fast.

Under Armour Men’s Drainster Shoes

Under Armour Men’s Drainster Angling Shoes

This footwear is very rugged in appearance. That being said, it is available in monochrome, steel/graphite and camo colors which is rather versatile so you can choose according to your personal preference.

In terms of sizing, it comes in US sizes of 8-12 to accommodate your feet with a perfect fit. Not only that, it is available in ½ sizes in increment for user’s convenience. This product is very comfortable to wear, similar to sports or running shoes. However, the sole doesn’t have much padding so you should probably wear socks with it.

Moreover, it is constructed from textile and synthetic materials. The non-marking rubber outsole on the other hand has high traction which comes in handy especially if the surface you are fishing from is slippery. In other words, it provides good grip to refrain you from falling when walking on slippery grounds.

Its shaft measures approximately ankle-high from the arch. Besides that, this footwear is suitable for fishing and boating activities. It is also good for walking hence can be utilized as your everyday wear depending on your preference.

This product is equipped with a highly breathable and quick-dry textile upper so the interior of the shoe is airy and dries fast. Its welded synthetic overlay provides abrasive protection against sand as well as small rocks so your shoes stay durable as well as ensure that you are comfortable at all times.

In addition to that, it includes the traditional lacing system which allows you to easily tighten and loosen your shoes using the lace. You just have to knot them like usual to ensure they stay securely in place. Also, the footwear itself is lightweight thus, it compensates for the additional weight when it is immersed in water for instance. Hence, you don’t need to drag your feet too much when fishing.

The contoured midsole and footbed is specially designed for rapid drainage for water. If your feet is immersed in the water where you’re fishing at, this feature is important as it removes the water from your shoes which not only quickens the drying process but also refrain your feet from getting soggy.

You can throw it in the washers to clean it off, especially to remove foul odors. Since, it is easily washable, you best wash them after each time of use to remove the wet sand or dirt caught on its sides.

Suitable for :

  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Welded synthetic overlays
  • Contoured midsole & footbed

Best Environmental Friendly Shoes :

Olukai Men’s Nohea Lace Mesh Shoes

Olukai Men’s Nohea Fishing Shoes

Olukai men’s shoes has dimensions of 5 inch high as well as 9 inch wide. That being said, it is made from synthetic vegan-friendly materials which utilize absolutely none (0%) of animal product in its construction.

It can be said as a versatile type of footwear since it can be utilized as water friendly sandals, country boots as well as beach town shoes with maximum comfort and convenience. You are advised to get ½ size smaller than your usual size as the shoes are made slightly bigger than the usual cutting.

Equipped with its very own wet sand principle, this product provides an excellent footwear with the perfect combination of lasting support and instant comfort when fishing or engaging in any outdoor activities that involves the water. Hence why, I think that it is well-worth your investment.

Furthermore, this shoes comes with a lace-up closure which is easy for you to tie and remove it using a simple knot, similar to your running shoes at home. In other words, the operation of putting it on is deemed a piece of cake. You are also able to tighten or loosen the fit of your shoes using the lace.

Its all-weather, non-marking rubber outsole is equipped with a heavy gauge sidewall switch to provide you with good grip at all times. At the interior of the shoes, there are plenty of space making it breathable for your feet.

That being said, the shoes are made from durable mesh-like material which is breathable and comfortable so you have no need to wear socks with them since the fabric on the inside are already soft and comfy.  Also, it is equipped with the versatile drop-in heels for shoe and slide functionality as well as embroidered logo details.

In addition to that, this fishing footwear includes the everfit long lasting anatomical contoured footbed with Dri-Lex microfiber cover. The footbed is removable and washable hence making it a whole lot easy to clean.

Since it’s removable too, it undergoes a quicker drying process. However, it is not fully removable, instead just partially removable. That being said, it can be folded down hence turning it into a slip that can be tied tight.

Suitable for :

  • Versatile drop-in heel
  • Breathable material construction
  • Lace-up closure
  • Removable & washable footbed

Best Shoes for Women :

Tera Women’s Evo Water Shoes

Tera Women’s Evo Water Shoes

Out of all the shoes in this product review, there is only top rated fishing boots designed especially for women. It is none other than Tera Women’s Evo shoes. This product is available from size 5 to 11 with ½ increments available so you can get the footwear to perfectly fit your feet conveniently. Since the shoes are made small, you are advised to get half a size larger to ensure enough room for your toes.

Furthermore, it is available in 4 different colors which are the lake blue, black, red and the lunar rock. The shoes are fabric constructed and comes with a sturdy rubber sole. The rubber sole has good traction as well as cushions your feet from sharp rocks or such at your fishing area when angling.

In other words, this product is a mesh water shoe featuring a textured non-marking outsole to provide you with good grip especially since the floor beneath you will most likely be slippery. The insoles on the other hand which are located inside the footwear itself are removable. This comes in handy especially when you are washing the shoes. It will also dry faster with the insoles removed.

It comes with an easy on and off lacing as it is almost similar to the traditional type of lacing. You just need to make sure you tie them in a tight knot to prevent it from falling off your feet when in contact with the water. Just make sure that it is secure and you’re good to go.

Apart from that, this product is water resistant however not waterproof so refrain from submerging the whole shoes into the water. It has very little to no arch support, nevertheless the interior of the shoes are quite airy to provide you with maximum comfort.

The footwear on the other hand is excellent for beach walking as well as water sports activities other than fishing. However, it is not very durable as there might be holes where the mesh meets your toe over frequent use in the long run.

Moreover, in terms of drainage of water, it drains water easily and effectively. The water drain through a vent at the lower instep of the footwear hence ensuring your shoes dry fast, if by any chance it got wet when you were fishing. This feature is essential especially if you plan to fish for long hours.

Suitable for :

  • Fabric construction with rubber sole
  • Removable insoles
  • Mesh water shoe

Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe

Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe

This product can be used for multipurpose activities such as fishing, outdoor beach activities as well as an everyday wear due to its versatility. It is waterproof so you are able to wade in lakes to the extent of getting a good catch according to your preference.

It is available in various type of vibrant colors as well as comes in sizes from 7 to 12 with ½ inch increments available so you can get the perfect fit for your feet. Besides that, it is deemed as a quick-drying and ventilated hybrid shoes which comes in handy if your footwear is fully soaked in water. This feature will not only speed up the drying process but also prevent you from getting cold feet the end of the day.

Moreover, the water flows through it hence making it dry fast whereas the outer meshing will prevent sand from entering the shoes thus making it more comfortable for you. However, the sand still can come into your footwear over the top around the ankles. That being said, it has a poor sand drainage so it is best to avoid using the shoes when beach walking for instance.

This open-mesh water shoes are equipped with a protective toe bumper and single-pull lacing system. The toe bumper keeps your toes in check and is impact resistant meanwhile the single-pull lace do not require any sort of tying to fasten your shoes on. Hence, this feature is designed with the user’s ultimate convenience in mind.

Equipped with a no-slipping rubber outsole, it has good traction and provides good grip when you are fishing in slippery areas. The midsole on the other hand has ports to improve air ventilation and water drainage so your products dries at a higher rate. Also, the padded collar and heel-pull tab ensure that you have a very comfortable fishing experience.

In addition to that, the insoles are removable thus making it easier to wash. You can throw them all into the washer for easier cleaning. In terms of drying, separate the insoles and footwear itself to ensure a quicker drying period.

Suitable for :

  • No-slipping, good traction soles
  • Padded collar & heel-pull tabs
  • Open mesh water shoe
  • Single-pull lacing

Teva Men’s Evo Outdoor Water Shoe

Teva Men’s Evo Outdoor Water Shoe

This product is basically a water-friendly shoe with a study rubber sole. The spider rubber outsole has great traction and durability which provides you with good grip when fishing at slippery docks or rocks. The good grip will keep you safe and more or less prevent you from sustaining injuries, if you see the bigger picture.

It comes with a breathable textile lining featuring the Teva logo. Apart from that, this product is not designed for hardcore use or everyday wear. You can still utilize them for those purposes however sooner or later, you might experience tears near your pinky tow areas. Hence, keep it limited to minimal beach activities and mainly fishing.

The fabric lining on the footbed is removable so you can wash it with ease. The drying process also will be a lot quicker and easier. The footbed is also cushioned to provide added comfort to your feet especially you plan to fish for long hours. With or without socks, this product is very comfortable.

Moreover, it is equipped with a fabric upper lace closure in which you can tighten or loosen easily by adjusting the lace according to your preference. The lace closure ensures that your feet fits perfectly in the footwear hence providing you with a great fishing experience.

In terms of sizing, it is best you select ½ a size higher to ensure a better fit with maximum comfort. Not only that, this product includes a nylon shank to ensure great stability and control when walking.

In addition to that, the shock-absorbing Shocpad technology ensures the durability of your product when in contact with sharp rocks for instance. That being said, you will not likely injure your foot since the impacts are absorbed, rather than inflicted upon your foot.

The insoles of this product are removable, hence you should remove them so washing will be fairly easy. With the insoles separated from the footwear itself, it will dry in a quicker period of time since the water from it are drained a whole lot faster.

Suitable for :

  • Shocpad technology
  • Nylon shank
  • Removable insoles
  • Breathable textile lining

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Boat Shoe

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Boat Shoe

This boat shoe is available in 6 different colors which you can choose according to your personal preference. Also, it comes with sizes of 7 to 10.5 with ½ inch increments hence providing precise measurements so you get the perfect one to accommodate your feet.

Moreover, this product is equipped with a leather construction with soft fabric lining. The water resistant leather material has mesh uppers which functions to keep your feet aired out and dry especially if you are angling for long hours.

They can handle getting wet however, if you wish to wade with the footwear in the water, it is best you get water shoes instead. In other words, it is water resistant however not fully waterproof.

The strong durable shoes possess a synthetic sole and a full length compression-molded EVA midsole to ensure the durability of your product in the long run. The insole on the other hand is removable according to your preference.

It is best to remove it when washing your shoes so it cleans properly as well as quickens the drying process if you separately dry both the insole and the footwear. In my opinion, you should wash them each time after use to prevent any foul odor from lingering on your footwear.

Apart from that, the adaptive wave-siping feature disperses water underfoot to prevent any slippages on both dry and wet surfaces. In other words, it provides you with ultimate traction and good grip when angling in slippery areas. Also, it is equipped with a moc style with 3 eyelet lacing.

This angling footwear provides sock-less comfort on both boat and land. Its air mesh panels in the upper ensures cool and breathable comfort to promote airflow in the interior of your product. It further ensures good ventilation as well as keep your feet cool which benefits you if you plan to fish for long hours.

Suitable for :

  • Adaptive wave-siping feature
  • Leather construction with soft fabric lining
  • Removable padded insole
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole

Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoes

Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoes for fishing

Sebago men’s boat shoes are available in many different sizes with ½ inch increments included. They take the precise measurement of your fit using specific letters; N or A (narrow), M or D (medium), W or 2E (wide), XW or 3E (extra wide). This further ensures that these shoes are able to accommodate all type of feet, designed with user’s convenience in mind.

The footwear has a rugged appearance. It comes with various different colors you can pick from according to your personal preference. That being said, this product is merely a boat footwear featuring moc-toe stitching to ensure the mesh area near the toe doesn’t tear easily.

Furthermore, it also has an around the collar rawhide lacing. The brass eyelets for the rawhide laces are thick enough to prevent breaking but not too thick to ensure easy lacing. The lacing process is rather simple, you need not tie the lace unlike most of the other footwear in the market.

This product has a leather construction with a rubber sole. The non-marking rubber outsole comes with high traction and durability hence it provides ultimate grip for you especially when walking on slippery docks and boats.

Its molded EVA foam insole can be removed for easy washing. The drying process will be a lot quicker of the insole is removed and both of them are dried separately. Apart from that, this footwear is simple and comfortable. In other words, it can be slipped on and off your feet with ease.

You can also wear it either with or without socks according to your preference because both options provide you with incredible comfort. The upper and interior linings on the other hand are made from heavy duty leather which is soft and comfy for your feet.

In addition to that, it features a ¾ inch leather footbed. The footbed is comfortable and provides extra cushion for your feet. However, it will provide you with ultimate comfort once the leather is broken in.

Not only that, this product is great for casual and boating use, however you’re not advised to use them frequently for walking purposes. You can do so however, to ensure the durability of your footwear, it is best you utilize them for fishing activities.

Suitable for :

  • Boat shoe with non-marking rubber outsole
  • Moc-toe stitching
  • Rawhide lacing
  • Leather construction


All in all, the fishing shoes are one of the most important gear if you are a frequent angler. They are water resistant hence able to keep your feet dry and comfortable when you get splashed by the waves in your boat for instance.

It has an outsole that is non-marking and slip resistant which provides you with good grip when standing. Hence, you can improve your stability while angling. You need to take into consideration factors such as ankle support, style and material to choose the best product well-suited to you. Thus, I hope my review assists you in making the decision. Happy fishing!