Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Review

Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Review 2018

A fluorocarbon fishing line is stronger than a monofilament fishing line of the same diameter. Thus, it has a higher sinking quality that is very beneficial if you plan on going bottom fishing. The fluorocarbon can also be used as a leader on a braided fishing line.

Fluorocarbon materials consist of organic compounds comprised of fluorine, chlorine and carbon. These fluorocarbon molecules on the other hand are heavier by size, the configurations more tightly packed and the line is denser making the product made out of fluorocarbon solid and tough and solid.

The benefits of using a fluorocarbon fishing line are low visibility due to its appearance and color. Moreover, it has a good abrasion resistance which is an advantage when fishing through the thickest cover or dragging the bait along the bottom. Fish finders are really helpful in locating your fish in deep waters.

Not only that, it has high sensitivity so it is better at telegraphing information such as fish bites from the end of the line underwater. Also, fluorocarbon is popular for its thickness, waterproof properties, hooking power and thin diameter.

Below we have reviewed our top five picks for fluorocarbon fishing line.

Top 5 Rated Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Comparison Table

Name of ProductLengthDiameterTensile strengthSensitivityAbrasion ResistanceVisibilityPrice
Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 200-660 yards0.17-0.41mm5-20lbHighHighLow$$-$$$
P-Line Floroclear Clear Fishing Line 300 yards0.18-0.50mm2-30lbHighModerateLow$-$$
Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader 25 yards0.24-0.78mm12-200lbHighHighLow$$-$$
Yo-Zuri HD Pink Fluorocarbon Leader 30 yards0.41-0.88mm8-300lbModerateModerateLow$-$$
Kast King Fluorokote Fishing Line 300 yards0.16-0.45mm4-300lbHighHighLow$-$$

Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Review

Coated with triple resin, this fluorocarbon fishing line is perfect for soft supple handling so you can easily use this fishing line. It also has an excellent abrasion resistance hence it is less prone to damage when scraped against sharp rocks underwater. This ensures its durability to last for a long period of time.

This product is of uniform line diameter which is small nevertheless still admirably strong as it can withstand heavy weight of large fishes.  The strength of this product of course depends on the length of fluorocarbon line you intend to purchase depending on the type of fishing you are attempting.

Moreover, this fishing line casts well thus ensuring a far and smooth arc when casting. If you get the setting installed right, you will not be facing the problem of wind knots and reduce backlash problems.

However, you are advised to use a Palomar knot that is said to reduce the tangling effect. You should learn the handling techniques of the fishing line and hook tying methods if you are inexperienced so you won’t face any problems with twists and tangles as the fishing line will be properly knotted and installed. Also, make sure that the fishing line is tight for easier use.

This product is also excellent for heavy cover applications as fluorocarbon material is slightly heavy and stiffer than a monofilament. Hence, it is very suitable to be used for bottom fishing. You can even use it as a leader on a braided fishing line if you don’t want the fully sinking effect.

Besides that, this fluorocarbon fishing line also has a low memory. This proves to be an advantage as the line tends to be straighter, so there’s less line in the water between the angler and the lure. Hence, the line can be casted smoothly while the tangles are thoroughly reduced as it does not have the memory of how it was used before.

Not only that, this fluorocarbon fishing line is very sensitive therefore being able to detect the slightest nibbles and bites on the fishing line. On the other hand, you will be able to maximize you catch due to this as you can estimate the location of the fish underwater.

This product also has low visibility underwater due to its nearly similar refractive index as water. Therefore, the fish won’t notice your line and bait and is more likely to bite it.

Suitable for :

  • Triple resin coating
  • Low memory
  • Uniform line diameter

P-Line Floroclear Clear Fishing Line Review

This fishing line is not a pure fluorocarbon line as it is merely coated with fluorocarbon. Therefore, the fully sinking effect can be minimized which benefits certain type of fishing and anglers as the fishing line will not completely sink to the bottom due to the heavy weight of fluorocarbon material.

This fluorocarbon fishing line also can be used as excellent leaders on braided fishing line as it not only reduces the visibility of the fishing line when underwater but also reduces the sinking effect of a pure fluorocarbon line.

Besides that, this product has a superior tensile strength that comes in varying strength values hence making it tough and durable. However, you should choose the strength value wisely and accordingly depending on the fish you plan on catching because the line might snap if it cannot withstand the heavy weight of fish.

Moreover, this product also ties well with great knot strength. You should familiarize yourself with the techniques of tying knots to prevent tangling and backlash of your fishing line. Also, make sure to wet your line before tying the knots for ease.

This fishing line is also very sensitive with minimal stretch so  you can feel the nibbles of fish on your line. This in return will help you maximize your catch as you can estimate the right time to pull out your line out of the water. Also, it has low memory so the tangling effect and wind knots can be reduced thus you can handle the fishing line with ease.

Furthermore, this product has supreme castability as it is able to cast very well in terms of very long and smooth casts. Therefore, you can further reduce the tangling effect and also access a larger area when fishing.

Nevertheless, you need to frequently change your fishing line if it is heavily used to prevent the line from fraying due to wear and tear so you can increase your catch and fish easily without the line tangling.

Suitable for :

  • Great knot strength
  • Fluorocarbon coated
  • Water absorption resistant

Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader Review

Constructed with a double structure fluorocarbon material, this fluorocarbon leader can be used as a leader as well as a fishing line according to your own preference. When used as a leader on either a monofilament line or a braided fishing line, the fluorocarbon leader provides excellent low-visibility property.

Moreover, this product has great knot strength so your knot won’t get loose easily over use. However, you should be equipped with the vast knowledge of choosing the suitable knot and the right set of hooks when fishing. This will reduce the tangling effect and prevent backlashes of your fishing line.

This product is better to be used for clear water application due to the near-invisibility property of the fluorocarbon material as the refractive index of fluorocarbon is almost the same with that of water. Therefore, it is less likely for the finish to notice the line and the hook underwater.

Apart from that, this fluorocarbon leader has an incredible abrasion resistance thus it won’t be easily damaged when scraped and knocked against sharp rocks and weeds underwater. However if your fishing line starts to fray, you are advised to change it for a better fishing experience and to maximize your catch.

This product also has an excellent shock resistance thus enabling it to absorb sudden impacts and shocks such as hooksets and headshakes. You can even loosen your drag to improve your shock resistance towards your fishing line. Also, it has a moderate memory so you should not frequently get it tangled to prevent the line from remembering its previous condition.

Besides that, it is easy to tie knots on this fluorocarbon leader. However, you need to acquire the knowledge of hook-tying methods and knots such as Palomar knot or Trilene knot for example that ensures excellent knot strength. Also, always make sure to wet the knot before tying them for added ease.

Suitable for :

  • Double structure fluorocarbon
  • Small diameter
  • Great knot strength

Yo-Zuri HD Pink Fluorocarbon Leader Review

Update: This product is made from a more supple material, with incredible abrasion resistance. Its HD advantage doubles its invisibility, therefore making it invisible until it get nicked or chafed. Features include a clear and ‘disappearing pink’ tint.

Constructed from purely 100% fluorocarbon, this fluorocarbon leader can be used as a line or a leader depending on the length used according to your preference. The price of this fluorocarbon leader varies depending on the length and strength of line you need.

This product has good abrasion resistance so it is less likely to get damaged when collided with any rocks or stones underwater. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when fishing along the thickest cover or even dragging baits along the bottom. However, you still need to take good care of your fishing line to ensure its durability.

Moreover, this fluorocarbon fishing line has great knot strength as the knots can withstand heavy weights of large fishes.  Nevertheless, you should master the hook-tying method and skills to further ensure that your knot is long-lasting and not get loose easily.

Apart from that, this product is strong and flexible in terms of tensile strength that ranges between 8 pounds to 300 pounds. However, you should choose the right strength depending on the type of fishing you are attempting to ensure your line does not break and snap over heavier weight that it can handle.

Not only that, this fluorocarbon fishing line has a near-invisibility property that further increases number of strikes it experiences when fishing. This is due to the fish not being able to view the fishing line thus increasing the chance of fish falling for the bait and for you to make a catch.

On the other hand, you should make sure that the fluorocarbon leader is not chaffed or nicked. If this happens, the nicked section of the leader lights up hence becoming highly visible to the fish which in return defeats the purpose of the low-visibility fluorocarbon.

The pink color of this fluorocarbon leader enables you to see the line better when casting and reeling above or on the surface water however not to worry, it blends well when underwater. Therefore, you can fish with ease and maximize your catch.

Furthermore, this fluorocarbon fishing line is also very sensitive as it has low stretch property hence it is better in telegraphing information from the other end of the line such as light bites and nibbles from the fish. Hence, you can almost-accurately estimate the location of the fish and increase your catch.

Suitable for :

  • Pink color line
  • Strong and flexible
  • Great knot strength

Kast King Fluorokote Fishing Line Review

This product is a copolymer fishing line with a high-technology 100% fluorocarbon coating that sinks faster with lower absorption of water. However since its only fluorocarbon coated,  it sinks less than a pure fluorocarbon fishing line which is preferred by some anglers.

Moreover, this product is easy to knot. Nevertheless, you should prepare yourself with the proper hook-tying methods so you can tie it properly and save yourself from a lot of tangles. Also, this product is equipped with an excellent knot strength so it holds knot very well during fishing and prevents the line from fraying.

This fluorocarbon coated fishing line also casts well in terms of smoothness and distance. If you install it properly and spool it correctly, you can cast with a longer distance. Not only that, you also can use this fishing line as a leader if you plan on fishing above to reduce its sinking effect.

Besides that, this product is very abrasion resistant hence it is prone to minimal damage when dragged against sharp stones underwater. Therefore, this enhances the durability of the fishing line. The fishing line is also very strong and its strength rating varies from 4 lb to 30 lb according to your preference.

Furthermore, this fluorocarbon and copolymer fishing line is very sensitive with very little stretch so it can easily detect the slightest movements on the hook and line such as fish bites. Therefore, you can maximize your catch since you can approximately estimate the location of your fish.

Not only that, this product also has low memory thus it will mostly be straight when used each time as it won’t have the memory of its previous condition or state. Therefore, wind knots and backlashes can be prevented.

It is also nearly invisible in water due to its high-technology fluorocarbon coating and fluorocarbon property in which the refractive index of fluorocarbon is almost similar to that of water. Hence, it is not noticeable underwater by the fishes.

Suitable for :

  • Low absorption of water
  • Low memory
  • Made by copolymer and fluorocarbon
  • Sinks faster

Here are some factors to be considered when choosing your ideal fluorocarbon fishing line.

  1. The tensile strength is varying strength of fishing line available.
  2. The visibility is rated from low to high.
  3. The sensitivity is rated from low to high.
  4. The abrasion resistance is rated from low to high.

Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of the fluorocarbon fishing line or leader is determined by the rating strength. The rating strength varies for each product.

You have to choose your preferred rated strength based on the type of fishing you are attempting , place where you are fishing and the type of fish you plan on catching to ensure your line can withstand the weight and pressure on it.


The visibility of the fishing line is the ability to see the fishing line underwater mostly to test whether it is detected by the fish. The lower the visibility, the better chance it is for you to catch the fish as the fish won’t be aware of your bait.

Most fluorocarbon fishing lines or leaders are of low visibility due to its color and refractive index being almost similar with that of water. Fishing sunglasses are especially helpful when it’s bright out there and you can’t see your line.


A sensitive fishing line is of minimal or no stretching at all. Therefore, you can easily detect nibbles and fish bites underwater on your fishing line.

Hence, you can estimate the location of the fish thus making a better catch. Therefore, a fishing line of higher sensitivity is much preferred as you can improve your fishing experience.

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is a property that ensures the product resists wear and damage. Hence, abrasion resistance in terms of fishing is the ability of the fishing line to suffer minimal or no damage when scraped against sharp rocks underwater.

The higher the abrasion resistance, the more strong and long-lasting the fishing line is. Therefore, a durable fishing line is mostly of higher abrasion resistance.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right fluorocarbon fishing line is no easy task. Factors such as tensile strength, visibility, sensitivity, abrasion resistance and price should be taken into consideration. I hope that our review has helped you make your decision. You might also want to check out our reviews on the best monofilament fishing line and the best braided fishing line. And don’t forget: pliers come in handy when you want to cut your lines. Happy fishing!