Best Glock 43 Ankle Holster Review 2019 for Concealed Carry

I’m sure you have heard of the famous Glock 43 pistol. That being said, the Glock pistols are basically semi-automatic pistols which comes with short recoils. Moving on to the best Glock 43 ankle holster, they are mainly used by police officers to conceal a secondary back-up weapon whilst the primary ones are placed at areas with easier access, between the waist and shoulders.

For example, the primary weapons are usually preferably placed at the IWB, OWB, appendix, belly band or shoulder areas to better access which comes in handy to aid in quick draw and easy re-holstering. However, they might be a little uncomfortable at first, being attached at the body part that requires the most movement.

In addition to that, you need to bend or squat to retrieve your weapon because it would be rather slow to draw while standing, hence why this type of holster is not an ideal choice for users with bad backs or knees. Apart from that, the right cut of pants (a little loose than usual at the calf area with considerable overall length) must be worn with this sheath for the most effective concealed carry.

Top 5 Rated Ankle Holster for Glock 43

Name of ProductWeightComfortHand OrientationPrice
ComfortTac Ultimate Concealed Carry Ankle Holster3 ozHighAmbidextrous$$
Fobus Glock 43 Right Hand Carry5 ozHighRight Hand Draw$$
Concealed Carrier Leg Holster4.8 ozHighAmbidextrous$$
Lirisy Ankle Sheath for Concealed Carry4.8 ozHighAmbidextrous$$
Galco AG800 Glove Holster4.8 ozHighRight Hand Draw$$


At first, you might feel uncomfortable wearing the ankle holster because of the sudden burden at your left or right ankle. However, sooner or later, you will get used to it. It should be of comfortable material which especially comes in handy if you plan on wearing them for prolonged hours.

For example, the band should be of elastic neoprene material that is soft against your skin. Most of them are padded for additional comfort to further ensure that there are no pinching or poking occurrences when donning them on your leg. Also, some of them even come with air holes or breathable material which contributes to proper ventilation, designed with the user’s added comfort in mind.


Retention is a very important factor to ensure quick draw and no slip. Since the weapon located as ankle carry are mostly secondary weapon, it is essential that you retrieve it quickly. You will be slightly delayed in bending down to retrieve it, however good retention allows you to remove the weapon out of the holster with maximum ease and quickly.

Re-holstering will also be rather easy. Most of the products comes with adjustable retention strap or screw in which you’re able to adjust the retention level according to your preference. Apart from that, great retention ensures a tight fit onto your ankle so that it will stay in place when you’re engaged in high movement activities.

ComfortTac Ultimate Concealed Carry Ankle Holster

ComfortTac Ultimate Concealed Carry Ankle Holster

From the name of the brand itself (no pun intended), ComfortTac proves to be an extremely comfortable holster. In other words, it is equipped with a neoprene band, unlike most products, which provides you with maximum comfort, especially when in direct contact with the skin, so you’ll be comfortable wearing it for prolonged periods.

In addition to that, the included foam pad that is located behind the gun protects the ankle from pressure points. Deemed rather versatile, this product is able to accommodate various types and wide ranges of weapons ranging from the micropistol and subcompact to the compact and revolvers.

That being said, it is basically suitable for any gun with the overall length under 6.5 inches including the .22LR, the more powerful 9mm, .380, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum and the .38 SPL weapons, according to your personal preference. Not only that, this leg holster is rather ambidextrous as it can be utilized for both left and right handed draw as well as worn either on your left or right ankle, depending on your dominant hand and comfort level.

Moreover, this product is made from a flexible and surgical grade elastic material doubled up to provide a tight fit when fastened on the ankle. Therefore, it won’t move around or budge when you’re engaged in high energy activities and remain concealed under your pants, for your added convenience.

Speaking about flexibility, 2 different sizes are offered to accommodate your ankle. The first is a 15 inch band that will fit a 13 inch leg and the second is a 17 inch band to fit a 15 inch leg. If you plan on wearing them with boots, then it is advisable to get the 17 inch band for more comfort and space.

It provides a silent and quick draw which is solely due to its excellent retention. In other words, it has a retention strap that features a metal snap for easy drawing out of your weapon. Another plus point is that, it is rather quick due to not having any Velcro construction.

Moving on to ComfortTac’s money back guarantee scheme, it offers a 30 day long buy and try period in which you can test out the product itself, in real life. If you’re not satisfied, then you get to return them back and get a refund. It’s that easy and convenient, isn’t it?

Suitable for :

    • Neoprene band and foam pad
    • Fast and silent draw
    • Ambidextrous holster
    • Flexible fit for best concealment

Fobus Glock 43 Right Hand Carry

Fobus Glock 43 Right Hand Carry

First and foremost, Fobus ankle holsters are ultra-comfortable and lightweight for all-day use. You wouldn’t even notice it draped on your ankle, after a while because it’s that comfortable. In addition to that, this one-piece holster body is made from ¾ inch suede lining paired together with Cordura pad that further contributes to great comfort as well as increased stability.

It is then secured with an adjustable Velcro strap and retention screw which comes in handy to provide excellent retention. In other words, you get to adjust the strap and screw according to your preference and comfort level. For your information, perfect retention is essential to aid in quick and easy drawing and re-holstering of your weapon.

Unlike the ComfortTac product above that is ambidextrous, this Glock 43 holster attaches to the left ankle for right-handed draw. One of its setbacks unfortunately is slow shipping and arrival time, because the product itself needs to be shipped from Israel, but if you don’t mind with the waiting, it is really worth a shot.

Though very comfortable, you might be a little slow in drawing out your weapon at first because you need to bend and draw it out with a right angle for quick draw so I suggest that you practice holstering and re-holstering to get used to it. Drawing your gun quickly comes in handy if you need it immediately for self-defense or an emergency situation in your line of work in which your life might be at stake.

Last but not least, it provides a great fit when donned on your ankle. In other words, this holster stays in place at all times, even if you’re engaged in high movement activities. Wearing appropriate pants (long and loose) also contribute to concealed carry so they don’t ride up to reveal your gun.

Suitable for :

    • Thick suede lining with Cordura pad
    • Adjustable Velcro strap
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Slow shipping and arrival
    • Great and tight fit

Concealed Carrier Leg Sheath

Concealed Carrier Leg Holster

This leg holster guarantees maximum comfort for the user. Why is that so? Firstly, it is because this product is made from breathable and padded surgical grade elastic neoprene material. They then come with air holes which comes in handy to provide proper ventilation so you can wear it all day, without causing itchiness on your ankles.

In fact, it is also equipped with thick foam innards to prevent rubbing and discomfort when engaged in activities such as walking or running. My favorite feature of this holster is that, it includes an extra magazine pouch, unlike many ankle holsters in the market. The extra built-in elastic pouch can be utilized to store magazines or self-defense weapons such as tasers, pepper spray or a folding knife.

Apart from that, it promises quick draw and non-slip guarantee. There is a thumb break feature that allows you to flick up the retention strap with the back of your thumb in order to draw your gun quickly and effectively. Also, you can engage in activities that include running or working out without the slightest slip of the holster down your leg with its handy double strap design, for your added convenience.

Furthermore, this product is rather user-friendly mainly because it is ambidextrous. By ambidextrous, I mean that you can draw it from the universal left or right-handed draw, depending on your dominant hand. Not only that, this product is designed to accommodate various firearms such as the Glock 26, 36, 42, 43, Ruger LCP, Sig Sauer and many more, according to your personal preference.

The stretchable holster material together with its effective leg strap design allows any calf and ankle size to accommodate it, with a snug fit. That being said, it is rather flexible because the top and bottom hammer straps can be fully adjustable, according to your preferred comfort level.

The installation on the other hand is rather straightforward in which you need to stretch the upper strap around your calf and lower strap around your ankle to secure it in place and voila, you’re good to go. All you have to do now is drop the gun in the holster.

Suitable for :

  • Straightforward installation
  • Extra magazine pouch
  • Ambidextrous
  • Quick draw and non-slip guarantee
  • Good ventilation and comfort

Lirisy Ankle Sheath for Concealed Carry

Lirisy Ankle Sheath for Concealed Carry

The Lirisy ankle sheath consists of a calf strap that promises no slip downs. It holds your weapon well and securely which comes in handy to provide you with maximum concealment, when you’re engaged in high movement activities. In other words, it has a perfect fit to your ankle.

This is solely because of its excellent elastic retention strap that comes with a solid metal snap for quick draw and release of your gun. Not only that, it is also really quiet due to the absence of Velcro, thereby ensuring that no one suspects you of carrying a weapon. That being said, it conceals rather well under your pants, provided you get one with the right cut; long and a little loose.

Moreover, the comfortable design includes a breathable neoprene material for proper ventilation, especially if you’re planning to wear it for the whole day long. The neoprene material also insures a softer and no itch characteristic for prolonged period wear. Just so you know, neoprene is thicker and able to handle the weight of your weapon well.

In addition to that, the foam pad extends beyond the barrel to ensure no pinching and poking, for your added comfort. There are a total of 2 sizes offered to fit your ankle with the first being a 15 inch band that will accommodate 13 inch leg and secondly, the 17 inch band that fits the 15 inch leg. All in all, it depends on your ankle circumference. However, if you’re planning on wearing boots, do get the 17 inch band.

Deemed rather universal and versatile, this product can fit wide ranges of weapons ranging from micropistols to subcompact, compact and revolvers altogether. Some of these guns include the S&W, Glock 42, Glock 43, Sig P238, Ruger LCP and many more. That being said, it is best used for guns that has an overall length less than 6.5 inches, for a perfect fit.

Its ambidextrous design includes both left and right-hand orientation. Hence, you can hold your handgun close against your lower leg and rotate it for left or right hand draw, according to your preference. In terms of cleaning, you need to wash it with lukewarm water (mild soap is allowed), rinse it well then dry it. Refrain from machine washing it.

Suitable for :

    • Ambidextrous design
    • Breathable neoprene material
    • Universal and versatile
    • No slip down guaranteed

Galco AG800 Glove Holster

Galco AG800 Glove Holster

First things first, this Galco leg holster is designed to accommodate the Glock 43 pistol, specifically. Unlike most of the other products that are ambidextrous, this ankle sheath is suitable for right-handed draw, hence targeting the right-handed users.

In terms of construction, it is made from a great combination of neoprene and leather. In other words, the premium saddle leather is stitched to the neoprene band. Its wide neoprene ankle band together with Velcro closure offers comfort and unmatched security, so wearing it for prolonged hours won’t be a problem to the user, because based on experience, you won’t feel it there after a while.

Furthermore, additional comfort is provided with the sheepskin padding between the holster and the ankle. Not only that, it features a reinforced thumb break that comes in handy to allow for a speedy draw. Drawing out your weapon quickly is rather important, especially under emergency situations as a self-defense weapon so it is important that you practice to remove them as quick as possible and have great retention.

The detailed molding feature also contributes to the firearm’s retention together with the retention strap, so you get to adjust them according to your preference. Also, it is able to fit ankles up to 13 inches in circumference. You can also wear it with or without the optional and adjustable calf strap which provides extra security.

However, the calf strap is sold separately. All in all, this ankle holster for Glock 43 semi-automatic pistol is rather solid and durable. The leather holds up well, therefore further contributing to its durability.

Suitable for :

    • Reinforced thumb break
    • Right-handed draw
    • Sheepskin padding
    • Wide neoprene ankle band
    • Velcro closure


In a nutshell, an ankle holster is a great way to hold your secondary weapon or even primary, if you do not prefer the popular holster types such as the IWB and appendix carry. After all, it all depends on your personal preference.