Best Ground Blinds for Bow/Rifle Hunting Review

Best Ground Blinds for Bow/Rifle Hunting Review 2018

Bow hunting is the practice of hunting animals with the use of archery and having the assistance of a ground blind will ease and improve your bow hunting experience.

A ground blind is a tent-like cover designed for hunters to reduce their chance of being detected during hunting. They can keep you fully concealed so you are completely hidden from sight, hence you can position yourself or move any way you want to increase your comfort during hunting.

Compared to a tree stand, ground blinds are safer and easier to handle and hunt with as you can plant both your feet firmly on the ground unlike the tree stand that requires you to climb up the tree for hunting purposes. Also, it is convenient to check out a new area or move spots during the day when hunting as you can easily pack up your blind and switch spots.

The hunting blind also provides shelter from rainy weathers whereas its thick material provides warmth during the winter season. The appearance of most ground blinds perfectly blends in with the surroundings so you have the element of surprise during bow hunting.

Bow hunting with a blind on the ground is a good approach for a beginner to learn the sport as you can concentrate better with good balance, improve your aim and build your skill set. Some of the factors to be considered when purchasing a ground blind are the concealment, comfort, visibility and protection provided.

Therefore, check out my review to assist you in making your choice.

Top 5 Rated Ground Blinds for Bow Hunting Comparison Table

Name of ProductConcealmentComfortWeightCapacitySetupPrice
Barronett Blinds Grounder 350 HighHighLight3 personEasy$$$
Primos Double Bull HighHighModerate2 personEasy$$$
Ameristep Lee & Tiffany Enforcer HighHighModerate2 personEasy$$
Barronett Pentagon HighHighModerate4 personModerate$$$
Ameristep 2 Person Tent Chair ModerateHighLight1-2 personEasy$$$
Big Cat 350 Hub HighHighModerate3 personEasy$$$
Primos Hunting the Club HighHighHeavy2 personEasy$$$
Primos Double Bull Deluxe HighHighHeavy2 personEasy$$$
Evolved Ingenuity Hunting Doghouse HighModerateLight1-2 personModerate$$
Ameristep Care Taker HighHighModerate2 personEasy$$

Barronett Blinds Grounder 350 Ground Blind Review

This ground blind is tall at the center to allow standing shots when hunting on the flat terrain of the forest. Hence, you can choose to either sit or stand when bow hunting according to your own preference.

The large area of the blind has an ample room to fit up to 3 hunters, also providing good storage for your hunting gear. There is also tons of elbowroom so you can take up enough space to adjust your position during hunting.

Moreover, this product is lightweight, weighing only 19 lbs. Therefore, you can easily transport it around when moving to a new area or switching spots as it is portable and light to carry.

The setup and take down of this product is simple, fast and convenient so you should be able to dissemble it without any problem. This product also folds down to easily fit the included backpack so you can permanently use the backpack to store your blind in with ease.

Furthermore, this product has large zippered windows which covers three sides hence offering excellent viewing and can be opened and closed in multiple arrangements to suit any hunters needs. The windows are also covered with replaceable camouflaged shoot-through mesh so you can bow hunt from inside without your presence being detected by the prey.

However, the windows are slightly high so you might not get a clear field view outside when hunting. Therefore, you are advised to stand when aiming to hunt to improve your hunting experience with this ground blind.

This product is suitable to be used for gun hunting and bow hunting, however bow hunting is much preferred because the mesh of the window might shred when gun hunting. Not only that, this product is stable and sturdy as it can handle strong winds without toppling over easily.

The hunting blind is no doubt durable, but on the other hand the color might fade and the fabric might tear if not handled properly with care.

Suitable for:

  • Replaceable shoot-through mesh windows
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Lightweight

Primos Double Bull Camouflage Ground Blind

Primos’s ground blind are equipped with a compact design and a rugged appearance that makes it suitable for hunting as it acts as a good camouflage with the forest and hence blends in with any terrain so your prey won’t be aware of your presence.

This product is constructed from the legendary double bull materials composition, therefore it is built rock solid and is stable so it can withstand itself without toppling during strong windy weather.

Moreover, it features a newly designed five hub blind system that makes setting up and taking it down with ease and prevents the rods of the hunting blinds from breaking. Therefore, beginners for example can learn to setup this  blind with extra ease.

There are also plenty of room for two or three people with their respective hunting gears to sit comfortably while remaining concealed at all times. Also, the inside of the blind is lined with black coating to keep shadowing and provide a darker environment and further enhance the concealment.

Besides that, you can experience a 180 degrees full front view with the silent slide window closure feature of this product that will further minimize the sound when you are hunting hence not distracting yourself and scaring away your prey. This silent slide window adjustment can be used for both bow and gun hunting.

The side and back windows have netting but not the main window so you can either choose whether to hunt with or without a net according to your preference. During rainy weathers for example, you can get elastic clips to clip the sides the window to prevent water from getting inside.

This product is made of thick and high quality material to provide warmth during cold weathers to increase your comfort when hunting.

You should buy an extra pair of stakes to keep as a spare if you accidentally lose your current stakes. Also, to improve your hunting experience, you can cut out a carpet remnant the size of the floor of your blind to put it on the floor so your chair won’t sink in if you are on soft soil hence giving you a stable position to aim from.

Suitable for :

  • 5 hub blind
  • Silent slide window closures
  • Interior black coating

Ameristep Lee & Tiffany Crush Enforcer Ground Blind

Update: The Ameristep Crush Silencer blind is made from 100% polyester. It comes with an integrated mesh shooting port, silent entry door and split window curtain design. The silent slide window system on the other hand allows single-handed silent adjustments meanwhile the all mesh and window covers can be opened without much noise.

This hunting blind can fit two adults comfortably with enough elbowroom and storage space for storing the hunting gear. Hence, you can hunt easily with enough space to position yourself when aiming to target your prey.

Moreover, this product is designed with the realtree xtra camo pattern, giving it a rugged look and hence making it blend in with the surroundings so you will have an advantage which is the element of surprise when targeting your prey when hunting.

This product has mesh windows on the sides of its body and not the standard zipper windows. Hence, you can shoot through the mesh window when hunting. This product is also suitable for both bowhunting and gun hunting however, bowhunting is much preferable to prevent from damaging the mesh.

The see-through mesh window is made from velcro material so it might makes some extra noise when you are adjusting the windows which could give away your location. If you dislike the mesh windows, you can remove it however, the window screens are difficult to reinstall once you remove them.

The operation on setting up and taking down the blinds to switch spots for instance is fairly simple thus you can learn fast and get it down in a short span of time. Therefore, this product is highly recommended for beginners who are learning to master the techniques of hunting.

Besides that, this ground blind is strong and sturdy, hence it can withstand strong winds. The body of this product, on the other hand is made out of a heavy duty fabric making it durable and this thick material of high quality will keep you warm during cold weathers.

The door of this product has two zippers so you can get in and out of it with great ease. Not only that, this product has an excellent window layout. It has multiple windows and an adjacent corner window.

The corner window configuration allows for a good field view whereas the angled shape of all the windows of this product allows a better and more efficient hunter concealment. Hence, this product provides excellent concealment when hunting.

Suitable for:

  • Realtree xtra camo pattern
  • Shoot-through mesh windows
  • Excellent window layout

Barronett Pentagon Hunting Ground Blind

The large footprint area in this ground blind offers ample room for up to 3-4 people with their respective hunting gears and also more than enough elbowroom for hunting. The extra room in the blind is ideal for group hunts, to store extra gear, camera equipment and even a wheelchair.

The design of this product features the exclusive Bloodtrail Backwoods camo pattern which is a large-scale, photorealistic pattern that further assists in providing good camouflage thereby providing maximum concealment when hunting.

Moreover, this product stands tall at the center to allow standing shots according to your own liking. Weighing only 20 lbs, this product is considered lightweight and therefore contributes to easy transportation and portability as it will be easy to carry for long hours.

This hunting blind is equipped with nine large windows that creates a panoramic view and diverse shooting angles as these large low-dipping windows allows a wide angle view of the field thus providing a better hunting experience especially for bow hunting.

On the other hand, each interior window is made up of removable and replaceable shoot-through camo mesh for bow hunting and three center window featuring gun ports for gun hunting. These windows can be opened and closed easily with zipper-less and noise-free fasteners.

However, if you are not a big fan of mesh windows, you can remove them according to your own preference. Also, this product has viewing windows that has elastic hoops that connects to a toggle button to open and close the window soundlessly.

Besides that, the framework of this blind is constructed from heavy duty fiberglass poles and strong metal hubs to make it strong and sturdy hence increasing its durability and making it last longer. Also, this product is waterproof as it is able withstand snow during winter and rain weathers thus you can bring it out for any weather conditions.

Ground stakes and tie-down ropes are included with the purchase of this product to minimize noise during a windy day. It also plays an essential role in maintaining and increasing the stability of the ground blind.

Suitable for :

  • Ample extra room
  • Exclusive Bloodtrail Backwoods camo
  • Strong construction
  • 9 large windows

Ameristep Deluxe 2 Person Tent Chair Ground Blind

This ground blind is a mid-sized ground blind for people who prefer going for a one man hunt. Being mid-sized, this product is much lighter than the conventional full-sized ground blind hence it is easier to transport and carry.

Not only that, this product might fit two small-built person but it is advisable for one person who is hunting with their hunting gear to increase the comfort and providing enough elbowroom to either bow hunt or gun hunt.

Moreover, this product has a large front and side zippered windows thus providing a lot of window access for you when hunting. Therefore, you can position yourself across any window whether side or front of your liking and take a good aim when hunting.

Besides that, there is a bench-like chair that comes with the purchase of this hunting blind. The seating is for two person, for added convenience so you can sit while hunting to get a better aim and shot. Not only that, a backpack carrying case is included with this product so you can transport the blind easily.

This hunting blind is very roomy and comfortable so you can sit for a long period of time when hunting. Hence, it is perfect for one person who is doing the hunting together with their hunting gear. Also, you can either choose to sit or stand when hunting according to your own preference. It also keeps you warm during cold weather due to its thick body fabric.

Not only that, some parts of this product are already pre-assembled so you can easily set it up and take it down in a short span of time. It is made from solid construction thus it is strong, sturdy and resists tearing hence contributing to its durability.

On the other hand, the wind breaker material on the outside of this ground blind does a good job in blocking the wind, but it creates a lot of noise in the process. Hence, it might give your location away or scare your prey when hunting.

Suitable for :

  • Mid-sized ground blind
  • Chair attached
  • Solid construction

Big Cat 350 Hub Ground Blind Review

This ground blind has a large footprint area that provides plenty of room to fit up to three hunters, hence it is large and spacious enough for small group hunts with their respective hunting gears. There is also extra room from hub to hub for tons of elbowroom so you can hunt with ease.

Moreover, this product is very tall in terms of height in the center thus you don’t even need to hunch over to get an accurate standing shot. You can both bow hunt and gun hunt with this ground blind according to your own preference and expertise.

There are low profile windows so you can sit and shoot hence suitable for bow hunting meanwhile the tall height of this ground blind allows you to stand when shooting. In other words, you can even easily stretch to position yourself with the tall height of this hunting blind as an advantage.

Besides that, this blind comes in two exclusive camo options for a detailed, 3D illusion of the outdoor foliage of your surroundings. Hence, you have the advantage of the element of surprise when hunting as your prey won’t even notice your presence due this design that provides maximum concealment.

Weighing only 19 lbs, this hunting blind is lightweight and hence very convenient to transport around if you plan to move to another location. A backpack with decent and strong straps are included with the purchase of this product so you can transport it in the included backpack when switching spots.

Equipped with sturdy and solid framework, strong hubs, thicker and stiffer poles, it is designed to withstand any scenarios such as strong winds, hence being durable and able to last for long years. This product is also waterproof as water won’t leak and drip inside this ground blind during a rainy weather.

Furthermore, this hunting equipment is equipped with rugged 5-hub design for easy setup and take down in a short span of time. Also, each accessories of this product have their own placeholders within the blind so you won’t misplace your things. For example, there are stake pouches and a large mesh pocket to hold your hunting accessories permanently.

This blind also comes with zipper-less windows with silent elastic hooks for noise-free adjustments. Each of these windows has a replaceable shoot-through mesh, 2 ports for gun hunting and the windows are also angle shaped so you can get a wide field view when hunting.

Suitable for :

  • 2 exclusive camo pattern
  • Zipper-less noise free windows
  • Rugged 5 hub design
  • Placeholders for accessories

Primos Hunting the Club Ground Blind

Equipped with a grey camouflage design, the camo pattern is very effective and comes in handy as it successfully blends in with the terrain hence providing maximum concealment during hunting so your prey won’t notice your presence.

Also, this ground blind has a dark black interior to provide a dark environment at the interior and also to avoid shadows which in return further maximizes concealment. Not only that, there is also a brush holder line on the roof for easy addition of sticks, branches and leaves to camouflage it with the exterior foliage.

This product can fit up to two people and can be used for both bow hunting and gun hunting. The space inside is very large and roomy so you can keep your chair and hunting gear inside to improve your hunting experience, increase your comfort and have enough elbowroom for hunting.

Not only that, this product is strong, sturdy and is able to withstand strong winds. Also, there are six ground stakes located in interior stake pockets to minimize the noise caused by the wind and also act as an anchor during windy conditions to maintain the stability of this blind.

This product is a little heavy but it is worth the investment because the its durability is top notch. Its body on the other hand is constructed from high quality thick fabric that will keep you warm and comfy during a cold day.

This hunting blind is water resistant but you might see a few drops on the seam during a rainy weather. You can easily solve the problem by seal the holes which leak water with a tent seam sealant. Also, the setup and take down of this equipment is fairly easy. After that, you can store it in the included backpack carrying bag which has an excellent fit.

Furthermore, the windows in the center of this blind comes with zippers to close them meanwhile the corner windows have an elastic latch. However, each window has a velcro mesh enclosure that makes noise when you are adjusting your window so it might scare your prey away.

Not only that, this product has multiple windows at multiple heights so you can either shoot sitting down or standing up. The windows are also on all sides so you can see animals coming from any direction thus giving you a wide view angle to improve your hunting experience.

Suitable for :

  • Brush holder line on roof
  • Grey camouflage
  • Black interior

Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind

This hunting blind is equipped with the patented double bull hub system hence making it easy to setup and take down. However, if you can’t follow the given instructions, you can always watch videos on Youtube to assist you in setting it up with step by step instructions.

Moreover, this product can fit up to two person comfortably with extra room for gear and more than enough elbowroom. It is also said to be roomy, spacious and comfortable so you can conveniently stretch and position yourself to get a better aim when shooting.

The blind is quite heavy thus making it slightly tedious for one person to transport around when moving to another location or so. However, the added shoulder straps on the included backpack is strong and comfortable thus making it a lot easier to carry.

Furthermore, this ground blind features a zipper-less double wide door for silent entry and exit. You also can get in and out of it easily or even with two people at a time due to the wide door space. Also, you can get a 180 degrees full front view with the silent slide window closures thus giving you a better and vast view of the forest.

The windows are adjustable with a locking mechanism that keeps the window the way you want it to be. Also, a few of the windows are mesh-covered so it is more suitable to bow hunt to not damage the mesh window.

There are a total of 6 windows on this hunting blind which are two mesh covered windows, two non-covered windows which is used as shotgun ports, a triangular window on the roof and a 180 degree main window to give your more options to hunt from the front, sides or back according to your preference.

This product also comes with stakes and anchors to keep it from moving and maintain its stability when encountering strong winds. However, it is good to get extra stakes as a spare incase you lose yours or either break them.

The camo pattern of this product is excellent and does a good job in concealing the ground blind from the animals as it blends perfectly well with the surroundings. The interior also is lined with dark material that keeps you even more concealed and well-hidden from the game from the inside.

Not only that, this ground blind is very durable and is able to last for a very long time provided taken good care of. Lifetime warranty is also provided with the purchase of this product so you can send it back when you face a problem with the product. Thus, this product is well worth your investment.

Suitable for :

  • Zipper-less double-wide door
  • Silent slide window closures
  • Double Bull hub system

Evolved Ingenuity Hunting Doghouse Ground Blind

Evolved’s ground blind is designed with the real tree xtra camo pattern that blends in very well with the surrounding so your prey won’t be aware of your presence. This product is ideal for both gun hunting and bow hunting, however gun hunting is preferred as it is a little space inconvenient for bow hunting.

This product fits up to one or two people, however it is the best and most functional for one person who is hunting so you have space to store your hunting gear and be comfortable enough with plenty of elbowroom space. The height of this product is not too tall so it is not recommended for very tall hunters unless you plan on sitting down while hunting.

Moreover, this blind has fully accessible shoot-through mesh windows with gun ports for gun hunting. However, some windows are too low dipping unless you sit on the ground while hunting. And alternatively, if you open up the large window for shooting, you might lose concealment due to the light.

The velcro mesh on the screen of the windows also might be quite noisy when adjusting but you can keep the window open or remove the velcro mesh according to your own liking.

Not only that, it also includes stakes, high wind tie downs and a carrying back to hold the blind down during a windy day for your added convenience according to your preference.

Nevertheless, the carrying backpack strap is not of high quality therefore you can get better one for extra comfort. The stakes are also not of high quality however it can function. However, if you want stakes that will last long, you should purchase high quality stakes separately and keep them with you.

Furthermore, this product is fairly light and portable hence it can be easily transported when switching spots. The setup of this blind is simple but the takedown is complicated at first as you need a little practice on folding the blind to fit the backpack. However, you can use Youtube videos as assistance to help you.

Besides that, this hunting blind is made from 100% polyester thus it is water resistant. You are guaranteed to stay dry when it is raining provided the windows are zipped up but some moisture might leak through some seams. However, you can solve the problem by using water sealant.

Also, there might be a few sewing holes on the fabric of this ground blind, but not to worry you can solve this issue by putting a tent waterproof sealant.

Suitable for :

  • Realtree xtra camo pattern
  • Includes stakes and high wind tie downs
  • Shoot-through mesh windows

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

There are three ports on the wall of this ground blind which are the middle, large ports and two smaller corner ports at each wall. Each window is equipped with a screen, a canvas cover and a removable shoot-through mesh on the window.

These canvas cover is attached with a silent toggle so you can open and close the window quietly to not surprise your prey when hunting. However, the screen of the windows are of velcro material so it is slightly loud when in use so you should either shoot through the screen or remove the screen before hunting.

Moreover, this blind is mostly waterproof but there might be tiny holes on the fabric hence you might experience slight drop of water dripping from the seam during rain. However, you can resolve this problem by applying water sealant on the holes.

This product is made up from strong and sturdy construction hence it can withstand strong winds and maintain its stability. The durability of this product is moderate so you must handle it with great care to prevent the fabric from wearing out, tearing and even fading.

Furthermore, this ground blind is roomy, comfortable and can fit up to two people with their respective hunting gears. You will have plenty of legroom and elbowroom when hunting so you can take a good aim and stretch easily. However, this product is suitable for hunters of moderate height if you plan on standing when hunting.

This product is easy to setup and takedown in a short period of time without any complications. However, if you have a problem or are confused in the operation of setting it up and taking it down, you are advised to watch Youtube videos as a guidance.

The interior of this product has black coating that does not permit light through so deers won’t be able to see shadows moving inside the hunting blind hence you are successfully concealed. Also, the camo pattern of this product is similar to the outdoor foliage so it conceals well in the woods and blends in with the terrain.

Not only that, this unit is moderately light and portable so it is easy to transport in the included carrying backpack. The shoulder strap of the backpack is strong so it is even easier for you to transport the blind.

Suitable for :

  • Black interior coating
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Good camo pattern

Key Considerations when Purchasing a Ground Blind:

  1. The concealment is rated from low to high.
  2. The comfort is rated from low to high.
  3. The weight is rated from light to heavy
  4. The capacity is the amount of people that can fit in the ground blind.
  5. The setup is rated from easy to hard.


Concealment is the ability to blend in with the surroundings and the exterior foliage and to be completely hidden from the sight.

This is important so that the animal you’re aiming to shoot at won’t notice your presence and run away.


Comfort is based on your surroundings in the ground blind. Plenty of foot room and elbowroom increases your comfort and help you position yourself.

This in return will help you get a better aim to shoot be it during bow hunting or gun hunting.


The lighter the weight of the ground blind, the easier it is to carry and transport around when switching locations.

Lightweight blinds are portable and also easy to setup and take down as there isn’t much weight to strain your energy.


Capacity is the number of hunters who is able to fit in the ground blind. Hunters hunting in groups should get the large hunting blind so they have extra room and storage space.

Roomy hunting blind is important so the hunter is able to position themselves to take a good aim when hunting.


The setup is the operation of setting up and taking down your blind. If you are confused, you are advised to watch Youtube videos to assist you.

Most of them are easy to set up in a short span of time but slightly complicated to take it down and fit it in the included backpack.


In a nutshell, it is essential to choose the best ground blind for bowhunting well suited to your needs. Hence, you should look into factors such as concealment, comfort, weight, capacity and setup.

Hence, I hope my review helps you make your decision.