Best Gun Oil Review 2019

No weapon will perform well for a long period of time without proper maintenance. The maintenance includes both cleaning and oiling your weapon as well as storing it properly in a dry place to ensure it works smoothly with ease. Also, you should get great belly band holsters to hold your gun securely.

That being said, lubrication is essential to ensure smooth working operation of the inner parts of your firearm, without them grinding against each other and thereby resulting in damage. Proper lubrication will also ensure your weapon fires properly with good precision as misfiring or your weapon getting jammed will least likely occur.

During an emergency situation especially, it is highly important for your firearm to be working as the last thing you want your weapon to do during times of need is to malfunction. Hence, oiling your firearm makes a huge difference in its performance. Also, the best gun oils will protect your weapon from excessive friction and oxidized residue thus ensuring the durability of your firearm.

Top 7 Rated Gun Oil Comparison Table

Name of ProductSizeDurabilityProtectionPrice
Tetra Gun Grease 1 ozModerateModerate$
Slip 2000 EWG4 ozHighHigh$$
M-Pro7 Lpx Gun Oil4 ozHighHigh$$
Froglube CLP8 ozHighHigh$$
Hoppe’s No.9 Lubricating Oil2.25 ozModerateHigh$$
Break-Free CLP-4 4 ozHighHigh$
Ballistol Aerosol Can Lubricant6 ozHighModerate$$


The durability of the gun oil refers to the how long it can last. It comes down to the size because a larger container containing the lube will last for a longer time. Each time you apply the lube, you need only add a considerable amount of it at the parts that needs oiling.

Applying too much will cause it to run over the place hence resulting in your firearm being slippery. And that in return will be an issue if you are concealed carrying your gun. That being said, you should get a large bottle containing good oil so it can last you years.


The function of a lubricant is not only ensure smoother working operation of your weapon but also to prevent corrosion. Since your weapon is exposed to all weather conditions, you need to make sure they have a good coating of lube to prevent moisture from accumulating on it.

Not only that, it provides protection against dust, debris and other contaminants. This is because the oil will penetrate into the metal pores hence creating a barrier from the metal surface of your firearm and the contaminant so it reduces friction and the wear and tear motion.

Tetra Gun Grease Review

 Tetra Gun Grease Lubricant

Weighing 1 ounce, the Tetra gun grease comes in small and compact tube in which you can easily store in your hunting backpack conveniently. The lubricant on the other hand is a fluoropolymer penetrating heavy-duty grease that is utilized mainly for the smooth working operation of your firearm.

Moreover, it can be utilized for versatile applications such as usage on rifle boats, locking lugs, sears, semi-auto slide or rails and so according to your preference. Its operation is rather simple where you just have to apply light coating to the metal surface of your firearm. Then, buff dry it to remove debris hence producing a surface as smooth as glass.

However, you might face issues such as the oil being separated from the grease. Hence, you should mix it well and make sure you knead the grease before applying it to your firearm to ensure that both layers are properly mixed.

When applying the grease on your firearm, it is easy to dispense tiny drops wherever you need it. Refrain from over-applying them as that will result in your firearm being slippery. Besides that, this lubricant is not sticky hence it comes in handy during the cleaning process as it does not collect dirt and dust from the environment.

The widest operating temperature ranges from -100 F to 750 F thus making it more or less suitable to withstand any type of weather conditions. The lubricant bonds well to the metal as it ensures reduces friction of the gun parts hence preventing any damage of your weapon in the long run.

The gun oil also prevents corrosion hence contributing to the durability of the firearm. It is quick to apply and easy to use for your convenience. Another plus point is that, the grease is totally odorless which comes in handy as it doesn’t attract fouling.

Suitable for :

  • Odorless
  • Fluoropolymer heavy-duty lubricant
  • Quick to apply
  • Easy to use

Slip 2000 EWG Extreme Weapon Grease Lube

Slip 2000 EWG Extreme Weapon Grease Lube

This gun oil is mainly used in lubricating automatic rapid-fire, rifles, machine guns and pistol. It has a simple operation where you just have to put a controlled amount of the lube onto a cotton swab followed by placing it wherever needed oiling. That and you’re good to go once you let the lube settle for a while.

Furthermore, this grease lube is designed and made with user’s health, safety and environment in mind. Thus, the product is non-toxic and non-hazardous hence deemed safe to use. Also, it doesn’t allow metal materials such as carbon, copper and lead as well as plastic to stick once the oil is applied.

This will further reduce the cleaning time by 50 % for your added convenience. In terms of safety, it will not burn off easily similar to petroleum. That being said, you need not worry about your weapon getting damaged as it is said to be very safe to use on metal, wood and plastic products.

Apart from that, it protects your firearm from corrosion hence contributing to its durability as well as will not attract dust and dirt in all type of environments. That being said, the lube stays wet 5 times longer compared to the standard traditional type of lubricants so you don’t have to oil your weapon that frequent.

It can withstand the temperature ranging from 100 F to 750 F, hence most likely suitable to be used in all weather conditions. Not only that, Slip2000’s oil provides exclusive metal treatment designed to reduce friction overall as well as eliminate the wear and tear motion in the long run.

Your product will most likely last a long time as you will only use a little of it each time and there are a lot of lube in the container, might I add. It doesn’t have harsh odors, instead the smell of the lube is a lot similar to Vaseline.

Suitable for :

  • Lube stays wet 5x longer
  • Reduce cleanup time by 50%
  • Non-toxic & non-hazardous

M-Pro7 Lpx Gun Oil

M-Pro7 Lpx Gun Oil

The M-Pro7 gun oil consists of a unique combination of lox additive and synthetic oil. It comes in a 3 in 1 CLP package in which it is used for 3 purposes which are cleaning, lubricating and protecting your firearm at all times.

Apart from that, this product successfully prevents corrosion of your weapon as well as reducing the wear and tear since the oil provides smooth working operation to the gun. And since it works smoothly, your weapon is able to provide you with excellent performance with good precision and also ensure its long life.

The lube on the other hand repels dirt and dust on your weapon. In other words, it prevents any sort of dirt and contaminants from sticking onto your firearm. Also, it will not evaporate quickly from your weapon so your product can last for long-term use as you only need to apply a little lube each time as it is designed to penetrate metal pores, leaving them clean and protected.

In terms of operation, you just need to put a small amount of oil drop on a cloth, store it in a zip lock bag for awhile and finally wipe down the parts of your gun that needs oiling. However, refrain from using too much of oil as you would not only waste them but also make your weapon slippery.

Furthermore, the lube comes in a plastic bottle with a needle tip and cap, thus making it easy for you to dispense little oil drops. If you over-lubricate it, it might run all over your weapon which might be an issue if you are concealed carrying your weapon. In addition to that, it is odorless and non-toxic as it is designed with user’s safety and convenience in mind. Also, the product withstands under all types of weather and temperature.

Suitable for :

  • Synthetic oil
  • CLP (cleaner, lubricant, protector)
  • Odorless and non-toxic

Froglube CLP Gun Cleaner Lubricant

Froglube CLP Gun Cleaner Lubricant

This product has a 3 in 1 operation in which it can be used as a cleaner, lubricant and protector (CLP) hence very versatile as you need not have 3 different products each time you plan to clean your firearm. Not only that, it is a non-toxic bio-preferred weapon cleaner.

In other words, the gun oil is made from non-toxic, non-flammable as well as non-hazardous food-grade ingredients that are safe and environmental friendly. It contains absolutely no petroleum or wax.

Moreover, it is highly versatile as it lubricates all kinds of materials such as metal, polymers and wood parts. Also, it provides superior protection against rust, grit or carbon hence ensuring the durability of your weapon. This is because the lube seasons into the metal pores therefore creating a barrier between the metal and the contaminants.

The heavy specific gravity feature of this product allows seasoning into metal, eats rust as well as dissolve carbon with ease thus ensuring that your gun is clean and well-protected at all times. In other words, the durable, dry slick wax-like lube is able to reduce friction, eliminate fouling and also destroy rust.

It also ensures that your weapon functions to see many, extended years of service. This is solely due to the lube ensuring smoother operation of your firearm as well as making it a whole lot easier to clean it.

Apart from that, this product is not only odorless but also biodegradable. It is designed to not harm the environment. Also, it is very versatile as it is able to withstand any temperatures without its viscosity changing. In terms of operation, you need to heat the metal of the gun (you can use a hairdryer), apply the oil and let it sit for half an hour. Then, finally wipe them off and you’re good to go.

Suitable for :

  • 3 in 1 CLP
  • Heavy specific gravity
  • Biodegradable & odorless

Best Synthetic Oil :

Hoppe’s No.9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s No.9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s lubricating oil has a unique synthetic blend. Its advanced oil is designed specially to accommodate modern firearms such as rifles and pistols. That being said, this product is of excellent quality as it is fully designed and tested to withstand the toughest environments.

Moreover, it provides a good barrier against moisture and corrosion. This is because the lube will penetrate into the metal pores there creating a barrier between the surface of the metal and the contaminants such as dirt, dust and rust thus ensuring the durability of your weapon.

This product on the other hand can be used for versatile applications. It not only can be used for your firearm but also on totally different products out of shooting category such as tree stands and fish reels.

It provides your weapon with good lubrication hence ensuring a smoother working operation as well as reducing the wear and tear of your firearm in the long run. The oil is of thin viscosity therefore prevents it from accumulating into a big blob over time and also easily flows into compact gaps on your weapon conveniently.

Furthermore, this lube is able to withstand wide range of varying temperatures hence making it suitable to survive through any weather conditions with ease. In terms of smell, it is completely odorless in which is a huge improvement from the previous Hoppe products.

Not only that, it doesn’t attract dust, dirt or other contaminants provided you don’t add too much of lube on your weapon. Conversely, applying a little lube on the needed areas will suffice. As a result, your bottle containing the gun oil will last for a long time.

Suitable for :

  • Modern firearms
  • Synthetic blend advanced oil
  • Used for versatile applications
  • Odorless

Best CLP Gun Oil :

Break-Free CLP-4 Squeeze Bottle Lubricant

Break-Free CLP-4 Squeeze Bottle Lubricant

Break-Free’s bottle lubricant contains a specially formulated synthetic oil. This oil is deemed not to lose its viscosity, dry out or stiffen up even under extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it keep your weapon and firearm in a ready condition at all times.

Furthermore, the corrosion inhibitors in this product prevents the formation of rust on your firearm. Break-Free’s unique boundary film on the other hand provides ultimate protection to the metal surface of your gun from moisture and other contaminants hence contributing to the durability of your gun.

That being said, it penetrates and spreads along the metal pores of your gun to undercut contamination as well as lift and remove any unwanted residue away. This provides good protection against corrosion and moisture.

The long-lasting lubricating film on the other hand reduces the adhesion of grit, sand and other contaminants on the surface of your weapon which causes wear and tear as well as failure in performance of your firearm.

Apart from that, this product is proven to perform well in varying temperatures ranging from -65 F to 475 F as well as after saltwater immersions. Also, the unique formation of synthetic oil has a 3 in 1 purpose according to the CLP acronym which cuts down to clean, lubricate and protect your weapon. In terms of cleaning, it does a good cleaning job as it effectively removes dust and guck from your weapon.

However, the cleaning process might be a bit messy so get your cleaning equipment (and your mind!) ready.  In the operation aspect on the other hand, you can clean it first using this CLP oil, wipe it off and reapply it for lubrication purposes. Let is sit for a while and you’re good to go. Nevertheless, avoid from applying too much of lube or it may run and your weapon will be slippery. Therefore, it is best to apply some lube on a rag then wipe it onto the weapon.

Suitable for :

  • Synthetic CLP oil
  • Corrosion inhibitors & boundary film
  • Reduces wear and tear

Best Multipurpose Gun Oil :

Ballistol Multipurpose Aerosol Can Lubricant

Ballistol Multipurpose Aerosol Can Lubricant

Ballistol’s multipurpose lube comes in a 6 ounce aerosol can. It functions to preserve and protect various type of products such as metals, plastic and even leather gears according to your preference. That being said, it ensures that your leather gears are soft and moisturized, however refrain from using it on suede material.

The oil itself on the other hand is non-toxic and biodegradable. Therefore, it not only is safe to use and handle incase the oil drops on your skin but also environmental-friendly. Another plus point of this product is that it emulsifies well with water, so when the water undergoes evaporation, the Ballistol lube still stays behind to protect your weapon.

Moreover, it is slightly alkaline in nature thus able to neutralize the acidic effects of sweat and skin oils on your firearm. This in return will prevent corrosion and moisture from accumulating on the gun. Also, the oil provides a protective film on the metal surface of your firearm therefore further preventing any rust.

The lube is able to flow into the smallest cracks and compact spaces which comes in handy if you plan to loosen frozen bolts and nuts for smoother operation of your firearm. It works well as a light lubricant, however not suitable as long term preservative agent.

In addition to that, it provides the best performance of your weapon if you let it sit for awhile after applying the lube. Apart from that, this product is odorless and deemed as a universal oil. That being said, it is multipurpose as it has great versatility to be utilized on almost any of your household tools.

Suitable for :

  • Universal oil (multipurpose)
  • Comes in 6 oz aerosol can
  • Emulsifies with water
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable


All in all, the gun oil comes in handy to ensure the smoother working operation of your firearm and also to reduce friction hence resulting in lesser wear and tear. It also prevents corrosion hence ensuring the durability of your gun. Hence, you should choose the best oil well-suited to you. I hope my review assists you in making the decision.