Best Home Defense Tactical Shotgun 2019 Review

Among the many firearms, the best tool to protect your family and property from intruders would be a shotgun. A shotgun is chosen not because of the pellet spread or the deadly sound produced when the action is racked. The real reason a shotgun is ideal for home defense would be due to the accuracy and control it offers. For improved accuracy, you can opt for a red dot sight to be paired with your shotgun.

When compared to a handgun, it is less likely for you to miss the mark when you shoot using a shotgun. Four points of contact is also offered by the tactical shotgun along with an easier-aim-barrel. The shotgun’s terminal energy must be factored in as well.

Thus, it is undeniable now that the best home defense weapon would be a tactical shotgun. The sound when you rack the pump alone would be quite sufficient to scare away an intruder.

Hence, check out this review to choose the best home defense tactical shotgun.

7 Best Home Defense Tactical Shotguns

Name of productActionWeightBarrel lengthCapacityPrice
ATI - OMNI 410 18.5" 2.5" Chamber 5 Round MagazineDirect Impingement4.5 lbs18.5"5+1-Round$$
FN - SLP MK 1 Tactical 22IN 12 Gauge Matte Black 6+1RDGas Operated7.9 lbs22"6+1-Round$$$
Remington - H&R Excell Tactical 12 Gauge 18.5" BL/SYNGas Operated5 lbs.18.5"4+1-Round$$
Mossberg - 500 Tactical Cruiser 18.5IN 12 Gauge Matte Blue 6+1RDPump Action5.75 lbs18.5"6+1-Round$$
Mossberg - 590A1 MIL SPEC 18.5IN 12 GA Parkerized Black Ghost Ring 6+1RDPump Action7 lbs.18.5"6+1-Round$$
Mossberg - FLEX 590 Tactical 20IN 12 Gauge Matte Blue 6+1RDPump Action7 lbs.20"6+1-Round$$
Remington - 870 TAC-14 12GA 4+1 Shockwave GripPump Action5.65 lbs.14"4+1-Round$$

ATI – OMNI 410 Tactical Gun

ATI - OMNI 410 Tactical Gun

The first on the list of best home defense tactical shotgun in this review would be the American Tactical. The American Tactical shotgun is built on patented Omni Hybrid receiver. The Omni Hybrid 410 is chambered for 2 1/2″ .410ga shells.

It features an 18.5″ barrel with a custom 13″ keymod rail. On top of that, it runs on a gas operated, short stroke balanced piston system. Also, it comes with one 5 round polymer magazine made from American Tactical itself.

If you are not satisfied limiting yourself to 5 round magazine though, an additional 5 round and 15 round magazine are available but you must make a separate purchase for it. As a side note, only patent pending American Tactical polymer 410 magazines can be operated for the Omni Hybrid 410.

Built on patented lower receiver, every Omni Hybrid 410 tactical shotgun can be converted to 5.56 or 300blk. You would just have to change the upper receiver. Built to regular AR spec, every Omni Hybrid 410 upper receiver can be installed on most mil-spec lower receivers.

It weighs 6.5lbs and uses M4 stock. I would like to emphasize again that this Omni Hybrid 410 shotgun works using only 2 1/2″ shotgun shells. However, it may not always be so because some 2 1/2″ shells made by other manufacturers are actually longer than 2 1/2″. Thus, it may not operate in this gun.

Therefore, as a precaution, before attempting to fire them please check the length of your 2 1/2″ shells. Plus, it only fires 410 ga cartridges. Avoid attempting to fire other calibers of ammunition using this Omni Hybrid 410 home defense tactical shotgun.

For example, other cartridges such as 45LC or 45-70 cannot be operated with this firearm. If you insist on using other cartridges, as a result it may cause damage to the shotgun and potentially harm you if attempted.

The Omni Hybrid 410 can experience jams in case shells are not stacked properly in the magazine. With the purchase of each 15 round magazine, speed loader is available. You could make an individual purchase as well for it.

With a wide variety of .410 loads, it functions from bird shot to slugs. The patent pending proprietary gas system and bolt carrier group are an additional feature as well. The 18.5″ barrel is threaded for Remington-style chokes.

The Omni Hybrid has a lower with a six-position adjustable SuperStoc with an ambidextrous sling attachment plate. The 5 round magazine is also included with a 10″ free-floating quad rail handguard. The semi-automatic shotgun has 410 gauge with 5+1 capacity. The chamber is 2.5″ while it weighs 6.5 lbs.

With Rem Choke drop, the best shotgun uses 6-Position adjustable synthetic black stock and has black finishing. Bear in mind that something designed for .410 cannot handle 45LC because the pressure involved would tear it apart. Besides, a .410 barrel is too small to be used for 45LC.

To sum up this tactical shotgun review, Omni Hybri 410 is a must have multi-purpose shotgun.

Suitable for:

  • 2 1/2″ shotgun shells
  • Remington-style chokes
  • Multi-purpose shotgun

FN – SLP MK 1 Defense Shotgun

FN - SLP MK 1 Defense Shotgun

Second on the list of best home defense tactical shotgun in this review would be the FN. The SLP MK 1 tactical shotgun has 12 Gauge with 6+1-Round capacity. The barrel length is 22″ (560 mm) while the magazine type is fixed.

With Matte Black finishing, this home defense shotgun has a total 43″ (109 cm) length. The receiver is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It also has a top-mounted cantilever Weaver-pattern accessory rail.

Add in the hard-chromed bore with the three inch chamber in the list of features of this SLP MK 1 tactical shotgun as well. The tube system is the standard Invector choke. On forearm and pistol grip, the Matte black synthetic stock includes checkered gripping panels.

Besides the premium recoil pad, the SLP MK 1 tactical shotgun has 3 interchangeable combs with two sling swivel studs made of steel. There is a crossbolt safety button equipped on the trigger guard while the receiver has mounted bolt release button that comes along with curved bolt operating handle.

Meanwhile, the extended magazine tube has an aluminum tube cover with a forward-mounted Tri-Rail mount (MIL-STD 1913). The purchase of this best home defense tactical shotgun saves some money as well as a low-profile and adjustable folding blade rear sight with red fiber optic front sight is equipped as well. There wouldn’t be any need to make separate purchase for the sights anymore.

The SLP MK 1 tactical shotgun holds six 2.75 inch shotshells and the firearm comes in lockable hard case. The gas operated shotgun has a tubular magazine included and the magazine type is fixed. The muzzle is plain and the overall weight would be 7.9 lbs.

The best shotgun provides soft-recoil as well as the reliability of a gas-operated auto-loading action. The rear ghost ring sight could be removed for the use of optics. The Invector choke system (cylinder and improved cylinder chokes) is designed for accurate performance with rifled slugs when required.

Standard two gas pistons (heavy and light loads) are available for optimum performance. The finishing is corrosion resistant with manganese phosphate added on steel components for further durability. The total magazine capacity would be 9 (8 + 1 in chamber)

The gas operated, semi-automatic tactical shotgun offers an extended capacity of 8+1, 2-3/4” shells or 7+1, 3” shells from the magazine tube and piston slung under the barrel. The first piston, a red-rimmed “light” piston is intended for lighter loads- around 1-1/2oz or less.

On the other hand, the second black-rimmed piston is suitable for heavier loads (1-1/2oz) and has to be installed by you. It is not recommended to shoot the lightest factory 7/8oz and 1oz target loads.

Overall in this best home defense tactical shotgun, as long as there is appropriate ammunition and it is sufficiently lubricated, the SLP MK 1 tactical shotgun will runs as designed and is enjoyable to shoot.

It is relatively easy to do tandem-loading (two shells at a time) in stock trim. However, some 3 gunners might suggest welding-up or replacing the carrier. They would also advise to enlarge the loading port. The changes can make this process smoother/easier.

Suitable for:

  • Defense
  • Law enforcement

REMINGTON – H&R Excell Tactical Firearm

REMINGTON - H&R Excell Tactical Firearm

Third on the list of best home defense tactical shotgun in this review is the H&R excel. The 12 Gauge shotgun has 4+1-Round capacity with a barrel length of 18.5″. The magazine type is a fixed one. The H&R tactical shotgun has black finishing.

The overall length would be 38″ and it is gas operated action type. The bead front sight and rear sight is equipped along with a tubular magazine. The muzzle is plain and the stock is made of polymer. Furthermore, it weighs 5 lbs.

The bead sights would greatly improve visibility during daytime especially against black or white targets. A gas piston will impinge against the action bar sleeve upon firing. The action bar sleeve surrounds the magazine tube driving it rearward and it is attached to the sleeve. The bolt will be unlocked causing the gun to cycle.

The gas piston can be easily reversed to be used for light or heavy loads. Due to the ingenious arrow stamped into the piston as well as the action bar sleeve, installation is easy. Using either the “light” or “heavy” point, you just have to simply complete the arrow.

“LIGHT” and “HEAVY” labels are stamped on the piston with the pointy ends of arrows. The arrows help you to indicate the proper orientation of the piston in accordance with the respective load.

At the barrel’s mid-point, the gas passes through two ports. This will then impinges on a piston. When the piston moves rearward, the resultant momentum will be transferred to the action bar support.

The piston assembly will be compressed during cycling. The action will be closed by a return spring coiled around the magazine tube. Meanwhile, the wear and tear on the gun will be reduced by the a nylon recoil buffer.

To seal the gas system at the front, a simple rubber O-ring is sufficient. O-rings actually hold up well over time and with use although they are much maligned. On the other hand, staked into the rear of the extension was the ejector in the shape of a small steel hook.

Matching with the cutout at the top of the barrel extension is the steel locking block. Recoil is mild and the generously ventilated rubber recoil pad further mitigates it.

Breaking it down is easy as you just have to screw it off and the handguard pulls right off. The Excell handles any 2 3/4-inch or 3-inch shell. However, if you want to install a magazine limiter or a magazine extension, the process is very difficult.

Also, make sure to load the shells correctly. Just make sure you get the shells pushed all the way up in there where there is a flush. If not, you might experience some jam.

To sum up this best home tactical defense shotgun review, this shotgun would serve its owner well and also capable of outlasting him.

Suitable for:

  • Generously ventilated rubber recoil pad
  • Mild recoil
  • Any 2 3/4-inch or 3-inch shell

MOSSBERG – 500 Tactical Cruiser

MOSSBERG - 500 Tactical Cruiser 

Next best home defense tactical shotgun would be the 500 Taxtical Cruiser. The rounded style shotgun has an integrated sling mount. On the top that, the grip is plastic and it is all one piece. Since this is pump action shotgun, you would have to manually push or pump it by pulling the forearm back on the first motion.

The 500 Tactical Cruiser has 12 Gauge with 6+1-round capacity. The barrel length is 18.5″ and the 500 Tactical Cruiser has Matte Blue finishing. The total length of this best shotgun would be 31″. Furthermore, the Cruiser has fixed magazine type.

The 18.5″ stand off/breacher barrel shotgun has a cylinder bore, black synthetic pistol grip and bead sight. The included magazine is a tubular magazine in this best shotgun. Meanwhile, the muzzle is plain. Unfortunately, there is no rear sight so you may need to make a separate purchase for it if you want it.

The stock material is synthetic and the 500 Tactical Cruiser weighs 5.75 lbs. the purchase requires a Federal Firearms License and your order will be put on hold if you don’t have one.

The synthetic pistol grip is drilled and tapped and there is also a white dot front sight equipped. Also, there is cylinder bore, 3” chamber and a muzzle brake. For your information, cylinder bore is one of the parts in a piston engine.

The size (diameter) in which the piston travels is represented by the cylinder bore. The 3” chamber allows 2 ¾” or 3” shells as long as the shells you are going to use are as big as or smaller than what the chamber allows. However, bear in mind though that a 2 ¾” shell have a better chance to get jammed in the 3” chamber.

The 500 Tactical Cruiser has a breacher style muzzle break. You will notice the serrations on the tip and these are very sharp. Just by smacking your hand lightly at it, it hurts. The main purpose of this design is to keep stability when you jam it into a wood door accidentally.

In fact, they are durable enough to be banged at someone’s door to “remove” the locks. It will be especially helpful if you are a SWAT team member or any other law officers. That’s another matter though.

The design is also very helpful for home defense as you could just jab the edge at any intruder for self-defense. It is harder to support the guns out so you have to keep the 500 Cruiser shotgun away from you. Obviously, you don’t want to break any of your teeth due to the shotgun’s recoil.

The white dot front sight is not a night sight or anything and it swivels okay. If you are unsatisfied with the sights though, you can change it to a red dot magnifier for instance. The shotgun is tapped for a rail if you want to throw in a rail there or put some kind of optic.

As a side note, the shotgun is definitely not meant for a scope. To sum up this best shotgun review, it is very functional as a home defense shotgun and I could get in very tight places with this.

Suitable for:

  • Tight places
  • Stability
  • 2 ¾” or 3” shells

MOSSBERG 12 GA Parkerized Black Ghost Ring

MOSSBERG 12 GA Parkerized Black Ghost Ring

Fifth best home defense tactical shotgun in this review would be the 590A1 Mil Spec. The 590A1 Mil Spec tactical shotgun has 12 Gauge with 6+1-round magazine capacity.

With 18.5″ barrel length, it has parkerized finishing to protect the best shotgun from corrosion. Furthermore, it will increase its resistance to wear using this chemical phosphate conversion coating. The total length of this best shotgun would be 39.5″.

As usual, it has fixed magazine type. MilSpec construction is featured on this pump action shotgun. The barrel is heavy-walled with a metal trigger guard and safety buttons. Ghost ring sighting and a black synthetic stock is included as well.

The front sight post makes it easier to index elevation. The tubular magazine offers easy time feeding for rimmed cartridges. The muzzle is plain with Ghost Ring rear sight. It weighs 7 lbs and the stock material is synthetic.

As a side note, the purchase requires a Federal Firearms License. Your order will be put on hold if you don’t have one.

The Mossberg best home defense tactical shotgun comes with an added compatibility to add a sling. The Fab defense foregrip with built in rails is included as well.

To ensure smooth performance, twin action bars and an anti-jam elevator has been added by Mossberg. Their dual extractors are another great addition.

If you observe closely, by the comfortable pistol grip you will notice that there is a polymer trigger guard equipped with top mounted safety to provide ambidextrous operation. To facilitate attachments, Mossberg has incorporated tri-railed forends.

On top of that, the full length bottom rail as well as the two short side rails can handle all kinds of lights and lasers. One of the unique features in this Mossberg 590 A1 shotgun is that the pump actions have been outfitted with long lasting parkerized polishes.

To top it off, the polishes have been treated with corrosion-resistant finishes. This will provide additional defense against wear and tear. For your additional information, the 590A1 has passed the U.S. Military’s assessment. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see the shotgun being used by military personnel all around the world.

One of the advantages of this 590 series is the simple takedown. The home defense tactical shotgun can be field-stripped with ease. The 6-position adjustable FLEX stock is great for modifying its size for different shooters. In this way, you can change the form of the home defense tactical shotgun for different tactical situations.

The thin front sight along with the ultra-thin rear ring work cohesively to help you find the target without obscuring your vision. The standard 590A1 could not be outfitted with a heat shield due to the heavier barrel. If you do high volume shooting, the heat shield is an important accessory.

To sum up this best home defense tactical shotgun review, the Mossberg 590A1 is an all-around fantastic shotgun.

Suitable for:

  • Find the target without obscuring your vision
  • Parkerized polishes
  • Ambidextrous operation

MOSSBERG – FLEX 590 Tactical Defense Gun

MOSSBERG - FLEX 590 Tactical Defense Gun

Placing second last in the list of best home defense tactical shotgun would be Flex 590 Tactical. The Flex 590 tactical shotgun has 12 Gauge with 6+1-round capacity. The barrel length is 20” and the Flex 590 has Matte Blue finishing.

The overall length of Flex 590 would be 41″ and the magazine type is fixed. The FLEX 590 is based on the LTS (Tool-Less Locking System) which consists of 3 convenient connecting technologies. It adds another level of flexibility during your tactical shooting endeavors.

One for the stock, the forend and one for the recoil pad there is a locking pen. You could easily change the stock, forend, or recoil pad for a specific need besides protection in this Tactical series. The Flex 590 features a black 6-position stock with a tactical tri-rail forend.

The pump action tactical shotgun has a white dot front sight and a tubular magazine is provided. Unfortunately, there is no rear sight provided. The Flex 590 weighs 7 lbs.

The purchase requires a Federal Firearms License and if you don’t have one, your order will be put on hold. The unique Locking system makes it possible for you to instantly customize, configure and accessorize your home defense shotgun using a wide variety of stocks, fore-ends, recoil pads and barrels.

The stock options for this Flex system come with a tactical pistol grip and 3 multi-purpose synthetic stocks. The stocks are available in black or there is a choice of two camo patterns. Regardless of whatever it is, each has a different fixed length of pull.

On top of that, a six-position tactical stock is available with a hunting/sporting stock and an adjustable comb. The aforementioned stocks will lock securely on your Flex 590 via the metal-to-metal, quick-detachable TLS interface.

The length of pull can be further adjusted by choosing one of 3 different thicknesses for the 3 different snap-on/snap-off Flex system recoil pads. Depending on your shooting applications, an even more custom fit is allowed.

Furthermore, although not a necessity, the FLEX 590 tactical shotgun features a bayonet lug for mounting in M9 bayonet. Regarding the issue of cleaning it, it is very easy as you just have to spray the inside of the receiver. Then, simply remove the barrel for cleaning.

The Flex 590 is more suitable for military or hunting in harsh conditions due to the composite stocks and magazine capacity. Plus, the barrels are heavier and stronger.

The 590 model shotgun cycles interchangeably through 2-3/4” and 3” shells. The cylindrical bore barrel has dual action bars and extractors with ambidextrous safety.

On the flip side though, the fitting of on the stock and receiver is not completely solid. It wobbles a bit. Sometimes, the shells would directly drop to the round as well.

To sum up this best shotgun review for home defense, from a rugged tactical platform to a compact home defense gun to a foul-weather hunting tool, this tactical shotgun might cover all of the specifications needed.

Suitable for:

  • 2-3/4” and 3” shells
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Military or hunting in harsh conditions

REMINGTON – 870 TAC-14 12GA Shotgun

REMINGTON - 870 TAC-14 12GA Shotgun

The last best home defense tactical shotgun would be 870 TAC shockwave grip. The shockwave grip shotgun has 12 Gauge with 4+1 round capacity. The barrel length is 14″ and has black finishing.

The total length would be 26.37″ and the magazine type is fixed. The Remington 870 TAC-14 has all-steel 870 receiver and it is very handy to be used in tight places. It is especially so, when there isn’t much room to use a full-sized shotgun effectively.

Furthermore, the 870 TAC shotgun is compact enough to make a dandy truck gun. Sporting a “bird’s head” Shockwave Raptor pistol grip, the Remington 870 will ensure you to have excellent control of the shotgun. Also, the pistol grip helps to take the bounce out of recoil shot after shot.

The purchase includes a Magpul forend that comes along with M-LOK accessory-mounting points. To top it off, an extended front and rear handstops are provided as well which further enhances your control of the TAC-14.

To purchase this TAC-14, no NFA registration or tax stamp are required. The TAC-14 is chambered for 2-3/4″ and 3″ shotshells and slugs and it is further equipped with a fixed choke. The reinforced polymer stock is durable along with the bead front sight.

The TAC-14 is not classified as a “shotgun” under the NFA but simply classified as a “pump-action firearm”. Therefore, the TAC-14 is not subjected to federal Class 3/NFA firearms restrictions. This explains why an ATF NFA registration or tax stamp is not needed. State and local restrictions may still apply though.

Since the overall length is greater than 26″, the TAC-14 is not capable of being shouldered. The pump action shotgun has tubular magazine with plain muzzle. The dual bead rear sight helps to enhance accuracy while the stock material is polymer for added durability.

The TAC-14 weighs 5.65 lbs. A Federal Firearms License is required to be on file if you purchase this product. Hence, the order will be put on hold if you don’t have a FFL. Due to the Magpul forend, it is hard to tell if you can add a magazine extension. Actually, you can install it if you want. There will be no issues.

Unfortunately, there are no sling swivels or qd studs installed on this TAC-14 home defense shotgun as standard equipment. The product came with the Remington logo emblazoned across the side in a small green box.

The Tac-14 home defense shotgun receiver is milled and solid steel billet. There is a bead attached at the end of the barrel which in my opinion is not really of much use on this firearm. Also, hanging on to the forend in rapid fire was a handful.

The Raptor grip wouldn’t disappoint you too as it was easy to hold and it did not hurt the hand or wrist. Since this is not a semi-auto, you don’t need to round in the chamber when your hand comes off the forend. No matter how skilled or persistent you are, if you push it too far, it can get away from you.

To sum up this best shotgun review, I had a lot of fun with the Tac-14.

Suitable for:

  • Excellent control
  • 2-3/4″ and 3″ shotshells
  • Easy to hold

Key Features of a Home Defense Shotgun

  1. Action
  2. Weight
  3. Barrel length
  4. Capacity
  5. Price


Among the many types, a pump-action (slide action) shotgun is one of the most reliable firearm available. You can overcome many hang-ups due to dirty action or weak loads because you manually cycle the shotgun’s action.


You might prefer a lighter shotgun over a heavier one for easy carry. However, a heavy shotgun would be an added defense as you could just jab the shotgun alone at your intruder to give a killer hit.

Barrel length

A longer barrel length have provides more accuracy at long ranges because you will get more velocity from the same cartridge. On the other hand, a shorter barrel has the advantage of a lighter shotgun and will be more maneuverable. Plus, it will be easily stored and concealed.


The more the capacity a shotgun could accommodate, the lesser the hassle to replace the shells after several shots.


I hope these best home defense tactical shotgun reviews have been helpful for you to choose the best home defense tactical shotgun.