Best Hunting Camouflage Outfit Review (2018 edition)

Be sure to look into what kind of environment you would like to hunt before choosing your personal camouflage. There is camouflage that tries to blend in to all kinds of environment but it is definitely much better to get a camouflage outfit that caters for a specific environment.

The arrows also play a very important role in getting your game, so it would be great if you know how to cut carbon arrows. If you are interested to buy a set, you can check out some sleek arrows here.

Take a look at the environment around you. Is there any oak and maple trees around your hunting area? Several example of a camouflage would be outfits with patterns of oak leaves, maple leaves, small branches, camouflage that focuses in woodlands and even 3 dimensional patterns. Check out our product review below to determine the best hunting camouflage outfit.

Why do you need a camouflage outfit for hunting?

Normal people would think that camouflage would only be needed for a military running through forests, keeping themselves low-profile in the eyes of the enemy.

In this contemporary, people in hunting started to camouflage to up their game into the next level. The patterns of camouflage will allow the person to melt into different kind of landscapes, making themselves very hard to spot. If you were to hunt at a swamp for example, it would be better for you to get a camo with deep-wood patterns.

Since most animals including deer cannot differentiate between the different shades of colors, a hunting outfit which roughly fits the terrain would be a good fit. Even so, a deer is much more sensitive to ultra violet compared to us homo-sapiens which means you should avoid the use of such lights.

Even so, most animals also have camouflage patterns on their body making it harder for humans to spot them. Hence, I would recommend some binoculars for nearer vision and a spotting scope to see further. If you are interested, a rangefinder would be a great fit as well in spotting a game.

For people who are interested in getting cheaper binoculars, please check out this post.

Top 5 rated hunting outfit comparison table

If you are interested for a quick comparison of the best camouflaged hunting shirt, pants or even outfit, please take a look at the table below.

ProductLength Weight Machined washTypePocketsPrice  
Carhatt Thermal Lined Camo Active29 inches12 lbs.Yes (Cold)Jacket4$$
Tactical TacLite Pro Pants32-36 inches6.14 ozYesPants7$
Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike30 inches12 lbs. (lightweight)YesCoverall0$$$$
SwedTeam Super Natural 26 inches (jacket)1.9 lbs.YesSuit2$$
Red Rock Gear Ghilie Suit32-46 inches (waist)3.60lbs.YesCoverall ( 5 pieces)0$$

5 criteria to look for in a camouflage hunting outfit

Weather resistance

When you go for hunting, if you know which season you would want to hunt you can choose the materials for the camouflage hunting outfit. Basically, it would be wise to get a sturdy hunt coat to keep out the cold or warm weather. To hunt comfortably, choose your material wisely and you will not regret it.

If you were to wear a T-shirt for hunting, it will be easily damaged by the terrain and weather because you do not want to test the wrath of Mother Nature.


Most land animals have very good sight to prevent predators from harming it. It would be wise if you could pick a camouflage hunting outfit which fits the terrain. It would not make sense for you to wear a “woods” pattern while hunting in the winter!

Make sure that the clothes you wear are not too bright of a color because it might catch the attention of the animals.

One more great feature is to make sure that the shirt has hunt buttons. It would be great if the manufacturers take note of the fine details which can actually make a huge difference in a hunt. If your button is too shiny or look too attractive, it might catch the eye of your game and lowering your success rate in hunting.


To be on the safe side, you still have to put your scent eliminator after you put the camo. Most land animals have very keen sense of smell and they can catch your scent in a distance.

It is a fact that deer has highly sensitive sense of smell which is their primary defense mechanism against predators. Deers can actually avoid you by just smelling your scent a distance away and not revealing itself to you.

Ensure that your body odor and any smell from anywhere for that matter be minimized or at best, eliminated. A few ways which you can look to is picking the right clothing, storing your hunting outfit properly, controlling the scents from your body or you can even use scent-eliminating spray if you think it is not enough.


Make sure the camouflage hunting outfit is made of a comfortable material with great breathability. If the sweat were to stick on your back while you hunt, it will make you highly uncomfortable.

Also, if you are a person who likes to carry a lot of stuff or organize them into separate compartments, count the pockets! Ensure they are at the right places so that you can easily reach for your gears during times of need.


You would want to check with the manufacturer whether the outfit can be washed using a washing machine or it has to be hand-washed. There are certain delicate materials that we have to use hand to wash, such as silk. The use of washing machine will highly crumple the cloth or even engender a minor tear.

All you have to do is check it up on the manufacturer’s website or even give them a call if you are unsure. The people there would be more than happy to answer your query! I would recommend that your hunting outfit can be washed by a machine because if it can sustain the rough washing of a machine, it also can sustain the rough rubbing when a stubborn stain gets stuck on the cloth.

Carhatt Men’s Thermal Lined Camo Active Jacket

Thermal line camo active jacketThis is manufactured by Carhatt which is one of the big manufacturers for hunting camouflage outfits in the world. They are a huge company with a track record for over 120 years. Basically, Carhatt will bring th best quality of clothing for men, woman and child. Hence, you can get this for your whole family. This product is actually from the collaboration of workwear and camo to create the best jacket. This jacket is made in the United States. If you love hunting in the fall, go for the oak camo.

The camouflage comes in a few variations namely the realtree and mossy oak. For this particular jacket, the featured camouflage would be Realtree Xtra. The sizes that are available for this jacket are small, medium, large, extra-large, double XL, and 3XL. Furthermore, the back length of the Carhatt thermal lined camo active jacket is 29 inches in regular and is 31 inches if you buy large tall.

Since this jacket has thermal line, it is much lighter in weight than a quilt-flanned lined jacket. It is noteworthy that different lined clothes actually serve different functions. As stated in the Carhartt Lining Guide, every sing Carhatt lining depends on the weather, activity level and your personal preference.   With this 100 percent polyester thermal lining which is actually to keep you warm. Also, the jacket is attached to a thermal-lined hood with a drawcord closure which keeps the temperature of your body optimum. Also, the triple stitched seams are for increased durability.

To shed more light on the Carhatt thermal lining, it is basically one of the thinnest and least warm lining that the company proudly states.  This material is great for maintaining the heat of your body making sure that it is warm all the time. Can be worn in 4 seasons because it is warm enough after dressing several layers when you go out during winter and the material is thin enough to be used in a spring.

The metal zipper is made from heavy duty construction which can be clearly felt because of its sustainability. The hood of the jacket also improves the camouflage function.

Talking about saving cost, this jacket is very suitable to wear outdoors in a colder environment to keep yourself warm while still fitting into the crowd! But beware, this is only for mile coldness, if the weather is too extreme it is much better to get a jacket made for cold weather. This coat can keep you considerably warm without restricting much of your movement.

This is one of the fine pieces of cloth produced by Carhatt. If you easily get cold and intend to wear a few pieces more clothes, this jacket is roomy enough to accommodate more clothes. To certain extend, the Carhatt thermal lined camo active jacket actually prevents multiflora rose thorns and brambles from scratching it.

An extra bonus feature would be the jacket has rib-knit cuffs and waistband. It is to keep the jacket weather resistant by preventing the cold air or even hot climate from easily reaching into the body.

The jacket is made from 100 percent cotton which makes the jacket all more breathable. It can be machined wash because the material can sustain that impact but be warned that you should only use cold water while washing the jacket.

In this 12-ounce jacket, the 100 percent cotton is ducked with realtree camouflage pattern. The colour for this jacket would be Realtree Xtra.

This jacket has four pockets which are two inside pockets and two large lower-front pockets. With it you can easily access and store your items and miscellaneous with this professionally made jacket. Generally, this coat would be a bit bigger than the stated sizes. Hence, if you would the jacket to fit you perfectly, you should get a size smaller such as a person who wears XL should get L.

To conclude, the durability and comfort that this jacket provide would provide you a great hunting experience! To complete the set, you can also Carhatt’s hardworking work pants to conceal yourself while hunting. Really lightweight jacket compared to other peers and great for cool environment.

Tactical Men’s TacLite Pro Pants

tactical taclite pro pantsThis is a product manufactured by Tactical men.

This pants is an extremely great bargain because it is made from 65 percent lightweight polyester and 35 percent of cotton. Since this is made from a ripstop fabric, the pants are extremely lightweight and durable.  The cotton is non-fading polycotton which is ripstop. This light-weight poly cotton fabric although fixed with double reinforcements, it still allows for a full range of movement.

Although you are out in the harsh wilderness, you can still have a great amount of comfort by wearing the Tactical Men’s Taclite pro pants. This pants is basically engineered to provide outstanding comfort and performance in harsher field condition settings while still being able to fit in to the urban society!

To extend on the durability, the pants is stitched in double stiches where there are amazing attention given to the details.

As for the pockets, they are located strategically so that you can easily access your gear. There is also an external knife pocket which is on the right front side of the Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro which allows for easier access for a 5.11 knife. Additionally, the cargo pockets are placed on both thighs while a pocket which is tailored for cell-phone would be in the left cargo pocket.

Basically, the pockets which are suitable to load magazine and knife are reinforced with one hundred percent Cordura nylon. The signature slash pockets produced by TacLite is located on the read side of the pants. Additionally, there is a strap behind too.

As for the belt loops, they are thick enough to support a big belt which is capable of carrying a considerable amount of weight of a sidearm, cuffs and even adding other equipment. Since the belt loop is long, this pants is actually really good for carrying a holstered pistol and adding other stuff. Basically, you will have a pocket for everything! The back pockets are extremely deep making it capable of storing almost anything. There are seven belt loops altogether.

Furthermore, the Teflon fabric used to make this pants would protect it against stains, potential of gutting teared and soil from staining it. These properties will allow your pants to look brand new for longer periods of time.

If you are a fan of the traditional 5.11 Tactical pants, you would be ecstatic knowing there is a traditional clip loop on the front of the Taclite Pro pants to provide that 5.11 feel.  The pants also has elastic bands inside.

As for the varieties, there are a full range of colors for the 5.11 Taclite pro pants which is for more of a casual wear has colors such as black, TDU green, tundra, Dark navy, coyote and TDU khaki. For a rough guideline, the tundra green is like a dark green color while the TDU green is green but it is brighter comparing to tundra.

Since this pants is good in the waist, it would be find a pants which really fits you and not too big or too small. Also, the length for this pants is a little long so you do not want to pick a size too big because the cloth will all be dragging on the ground. Hence, get your original waist size with one size which is generally smaller than your length of legs.

This pants is rather reasonable to wear in different seasons because the lighter and thinner material will keep it cool for warmer days while the material is suitable to keep warmth during mild winter.

Moreover, I would like to emphasize on the comfort feature of this pants which comes with an action waistband, a fully gusseted crotch with double reinforced seat and knees that will prepare you for movement such as running, kneeling and crawling which are most of the actions needed while hunting. With the bartacking, double reinforcemed and Teflon finish, you will be ready for moving smoothly in the wild.

For tactical use, the Taclite Pro Pants have many operational features such as an extra pocket, a 5. 11’s strap and slash seat pocket. Other great features would be the YKK zippers, the Prym snaps and horn buttons which are tested and known for its great durability, you do not need to worry about how long this pants will last! As a bonus, there is a Hip mounted D-ring to actually hold your keys or idenfication card. The D-ring are perfect for your truck keys and even gun safety keys.

Coming with the YKK zippers, the pants also comes with a button which you can close behind it just in case the snap came undone from the manufacturer or through a rough terrain.

This pants has a total of seven pockets, all which are made for tactical use and enhancing the utility while you are hunting because it is reasonably big in size. Since the pockets do not just hang off the pants, it will help in making it look more professional.

To have a rough idea on the durability, the Taclite Pro Pants is one of the best because it has triple- stich reinforcement and extensive bartacking at major seams. The total stress point for this pants would be an excellent 75.

To further extend, this is a pants which is treated with HT Teflon Wear Resistant Finish which improves the ability of resisting stain and soil which maintains the original look of the pants after a rough hunt. This pants really repels water efficiently as the water droplet will just bead right off. Even so, the pants will still feel considerably cold during the winter season.

The available waist size are from 28 to 40 which is really diverse. While the length of the pants varies from 30 to 36.

For an overall picture, this TacLite pro pants is amazing because it is extremely functional while maintaining a neat, stain-free and clean look. You would also be impressed with the durability and how tough the pants is. I would suggest that you purchase it from Amazon compared to a store because it will be cheaper.

Scent-Lok Men’s Savanna Quickstrike Coverall

scent loc savanna quickstrikeA great coverall by Scent-Lok.

This totally revamped savanna quick strike coverall actually is the best scent control system which is really lightweight taking the whole industry to a whole new level playing field.

Also, the Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike Coverall is basically designed for a warm weather. But believe me, this outfit is excellent for protection against any weather although it is recommended to wear during a warm climate.

The inseams of this outfit is nearly 30 inches as a rough guideline. The sizes that are available are medium size, Large, XL and double XL. As for the camo patterns, it comes with Realtree Xtra, Mossy oak and Break-Up country which is really suitable for specific seasons.

For men, the small size would have 34 to 36 inches for the chest, 28 to 30 inches for the waist and 32 inches for inseam. The medium size would have 38 to 40 inches in the chest, 32 to 34 inches in the waist and 32 inches in the inseam.

To add on, the outfit are actually a little bit bigger so that you can add some clothing beneath them while you are wearing it around cooler environment. The extra space also allows for better movement and the length is really good. You can definitely wear your clothes underneath and the clothes would be protected from external dirt or mud. Since it adds a layer of warmth, it would be great to use in cold weather too.

Sadly, there are no pockets for this outfit but you can wear a shirt with a pocket on your chest because there is a zipper which is right on one side of the chest.

Since the suit is light weight as well, you would not get over heated during times of high temperature and it would cover you completely. You will be concealed from external bugs from getting into your body too.

There is a lightweight polyester-interlock shell which comes with the lining will actually provide the hunters with really free and efficient movement.

The Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike has undergone moisture-wicking treatment which actually keeps you comfortable during your trip in the forest.

Both the shirt and the pants are made from one hundred percent polyester. The goods that were used to make the outfit is totally imported.

In addition, the Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike coverall features a carbon alloy which is actually a combination from three things. The three things are activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite which are made for maximum odor absorption. With this carbon technology, almost all of your odor cannot be sensed by the animals around you.

Furthermore, there is a weather resistant and self-packing zipper pocket that comes with one hanger loop for carrying your things.  The two-way front zipper is extremely smooth and it comes with the front waist-buckle adjuster which helps you to adjust the outfit. Now, you can easily pack and organize your things with the weather-resistant zipper pocket even when you are walking or even just standing.

To make the coverall more of an all-in-one suit, it has a hood which has an in built facemask for maximum concealment while you are hunting.

Conveniently, the Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike coverall comes with a safety-harness opening in the back of the outfit. As a bonus, the cuffs are also drawcord-adjustable.

To summarize, the Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike coverall is really perfect for hunting and it is one of the best suits for scent protection. This will help avoiding animals in picking up your scent and run away before you have the chance to catch them. It also fits the body really well.

SwedTeam Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit

SwedTeam Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting SuitThis is a considerably priced product by SwedTeam.

For the SwedTeam Super Natural Camouflage leafy suit, comes complete with 2 pieces of camouflaged suit. The 3D effect will really help every hunter to blend in with their surrounding especially those with many grass and trees.

Basically, you can wear anything and still put on this hunting suit nicely. The SwedTeam Super Natural Camouflage Leafy hunting suit is made from one hundred percent polyester. For the pants, the size would be up to 30 inches and 29 inches for inseam. As for the jacket, the sleeves is 29 inches while the jacket length is 26 inches with the chest accommodating 21 inches.

Both the jacket and the pants are actually featuring double printed leaves. The 3D leaves are made from break up outline. It will really conceal your movement when you are hunting. The colors of the whole hunting suit would be mainly green and brown.

Since it comes in a jacket and pants, you can basically just keep it in your vehicle and you can go for a hunt while you are wearing normal clothes and just put them on. The suits really go well together. You will love how you can be able to wear them over regular clothes really fast.

Just a bonus point, if you are a fan of photography and wants to take photo of the wild life this would be the suit for you. Since it is loose and silent, you can basically travel around the wilderness relatively quiet with a camera and a tripod.

The SwedTeam Super natural camouflage leafy hunting suit although looks really leafy, it is extremely compressible because you can crush it into a small pocket or your own bag when you are done hunting for the day.

Furthermore, there is elastic waistband and elastic cuffs that actually keeps you comfortable for movement. Since there is an elastic waistband with draw string on the pants. As a bonus, there are elastic cuffs which are on the sleeves of the jacket and he pant leg openings. Wearing this set of hunting clothes will be very comfortable because you will get very high breathability.

Moreover, the SwedTeam Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit is superlight which makes your body feel much lighter than other suits. The hunting suit is also silent and flexible because the leaf camouflage set is manufactured using a thin mesh.

Additionally, the jacket has a zipper in the front while having two storage pockets which also comes with zippers to protect your gears or belongings. The front pockets of the jacket are really large! There is also an adjustable draw cord which is for the hood of the jacket.

Even so, during hot season it may be a bit warm wearing this suit because of the thicker materials used. Do not be worried that this suit can fit you, a big guy because it can really fit people who are tall and heavy while the leaves will still stay on. But not to worry, the waistband can be stretched to different sizes too.

This would be great in colder weather because it is a little larger than usual which means you can have several layers underneath the whole outfit. But still, it is perfect for hunting because it has light and breathable coverage.

Although this clothes looks serious with a lot of things jutting out, it can be machine washed or even tumbled dry! But if you are really concerned the fake leaves would fall off, you can give it a hand wash.

A word of advice is to be really careful with this outfit because they are not that rugged. Be careful of your surroundings making sure nothing is there to tear the outfit. One more thing is that you can order a size or larger than your original body size because you may want to put several layers of clothes, just to be on the safe side. The tearing may not be a big issue because it’s not that easy to tear and even if it did tear, it is really to be meant to be an over top of your regular hunting clothes for better hunting.

If you plan to order, you would get a package around 0.95 pounds while the package size would be 11.4” x 1” x 1”. Trust me, this may be your favorite suit to wear during hunting season! It is a really cheap bargain for a really fantastic product too. Really fantastic camouflage!

Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit

Red Rock Gear Ghillie SuitThis is for the extreme hunter out there! This is an amazing product manufactured by Red Rock Outdoor Gear. Red Rock Outdoor Gear’s 5 Piece Ghillie Suit will definitely make a mark in the hunting industry by increasing the industry standard for ghillie suits in the world. They definitely meet or even heighten the industry’s standard for the making of ghillie suits.

First off, the Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit is made from 98 percent of polyester and 2 percent of spandex. The materials used to make this suit is imported.

In addition, the jacket for the suit has a snap closure which is located on the front. Also, the elastic waist band will make it all more suitable for layering several pieces of clothing underneath while providing maximum comfort during movement.  There is also an elastic cuff in the jacket too.

As for the pants, they have drawstring and are elastic in the waist which basically gives you the option of a wider range of sizing yourself and greater comfort. The pants will also have snap closures on the outer seams of the pants which is for covering the boots easily for maximum concealment. It is located near the ankle part.

Next, I would move to the gun wrap, Basically, the gun wrap is really elastic and same like the above, it comes with a drawstring which actually allows the gun wrap to cover an average sized shotgun or even rifle.

And finally, the entire Ghillie suit can definitely fit perfectly into the stuff sack after you have got your game successfully. The stuff sack is manipulated by an adjustable drawstring and it has a carry strap.

Moreover, the Ghillie suit even has a hood which covers the entire head and neck area providing you full concealment. The hood is actually adjustable using the drawstring chin strap which allows you to manipulate the tightness of the hood.

I would like to elaborate on the colors which are available for the suit such as woodland camouflage, desert camouflage, snow camouflage and even ACU camouflage. All of the camouflage are given a three dimensional construction which will gives you a really good edge in camouflaging yourself compared to most camouflage clothing.

Furthermore, the lightweight and even breathable polyester construction would be really good in terms for your movement. Also, it is not too hot to wear in the summer too. Looks extremely good and it provides good camouflage because it can blend in with most vegetation if you get the green one.

Basically, the Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit will come in five pieces which includes the hood, the jacket, a pants, a gun wrap and a stuff sack.

Moreover, this next level camouflage suit is available in medium to large chest size which ranges from 42 inches to 48 inches. As for the waist length, the suit would range from 32 inches to 38 inches which basically covers for most adults. Or you can even order extra-large or double XL where the chest is capable of accommodating 48 inches to 56 inches while the waist can hold up to 28 inches to 46 inches.  Overall, the fit of this whole suit would be really good.

Do not listen to other reviews saying that the suit has holes and do not work well. A word of advice is that you need to untangle and separate all of the individual threads of the whole suit to give it more volume. For an easier job, start from the bottom part which is from the pants and work your way towards the hood. You will look awesome and camouflaged in the next hunt. Remember, it is really important to fluff it. If you are not experienced, you may even need 2 hours to do the detangling and fluffing. Untangling the knots will also make it look better.

Take note of the bottom part as well because your shoes may not be covered that well. And the gun that you use cannot be too long or else the gun wrap cannot really accommodate it. Although it looks like it has things jutting out, it is a considerably sturdy product as well.

All and all, this would be THE ultimate 3D camouflage concealment which you can find in the market. Do not miss out on this next level camouflage which still provides great breathability and comfort because of the lightweight. For this amount of price, you are getting an extremely good product!


These are a combination of the best five hunting suits which I can find in the market at a really great price! Be sure to test out the suits and improve your hunting experience. Before you go out there, please look at this post to increase your chance of survival! Which clothes do you think is the best for hunting while you are camouflaging? Please share with me in the comment box below.