best hunting day back pack review

Best Hunting Backpacks and Daypacks (2020 Reviews)

Choosing the best hunting backpack can either make or break your hunting experience because it will basically determine how comfortable you will be while hunting. Important things to select a pack are size, frame, durability and comfort. If you are interested in doing longer trips such as 3 to 5 days, a large hunting pack is a necessity to keep your gears safe and sound.

With good circulation, the backpack can reduce your burden of having to be drenched in sweat in your trail. A hunting backpack is made from quality materials to withstand the wrath of Mother Nature, and some even came with extendable packs for you to store your game, using it half-way of your hunting trip.

Best Hunting Backpacks of 2020

If you would like to have a quick comparison regarding the suitability of each hunting back pack, the table below is for you to compare the specifications according to your needs.

ProductWeightStarpBow PocketFront Lashing SystemStorage SpacePrice
ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS6 lbs.Anti-sway strapYesExtension lashing (16"-21")4500 cubic inches$$$
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit 4lbs. Adjustable Sternum StrapYesWebbing loops 2700 cubic inches$$
Tenzing TZ 2220 4 lbs.Four lateral compression strapsYesNo2228 cubic inches$$$$
Badlands Kali Day Pack2 lbs.Crunch strapsNoSmaller lashing straps2500 cubic inches$$$$
ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear2 lbs.Lycra Shoulder  StrapsYesAdjustable shoulder harness2700 cubic inches$

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting day Pack

The ALPS OutdoorZ has done it again to make an excellent hunting pack. This is one of the higher quality products which is manufactured.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS hunting pack is an extremely sturdy and well-made backpack considering the price. With this hunting backpack, you can easily hike or even hunt with this. Additionally, let us talk about its modular design. It can hold your bow or gun in the expandable pocket. The camouflage design for this hunting backpack is a great touch too.

Although the backpack is not made from rip-stop nylon, it is made from a heavy duty suede material where it cannot be snagged by branches or any obstacles in the terrain. However, the material would stay wet longer if it got submerged into water. Since the backpack comes with a rain cover, you just have to avoid dropping it into puddles of water. The color of the rain cover is blaze orange.

The amount of storage for this hunting backpack is amazing. Basically, if you get it brand new and open it, the bag would have 3300 cubic inches, plus you can unzip the Expandable Pack Section (EPS) for 1200 more cubic inches of space. The total amount of space to store items after adding both sections is 4500 cubic inches for storage.

One more tip is that there is 5 small compartments inside the main cargo area of the backpack which you can put separate items and organize it. Also, the hip belt is very sturdy and makes the pack fit solid and comfortable; shoulder straps will not cut into your shoulders too because it is well padded. There are multiple ways to strap the gear onto the outside of the backpack and many places to store them. The adjustable Torso Range would be able to fit people from most sizes as it can be adjusted from 16 inches to 21 inches.

To add on, this hunting backpack is really flexible because it is made to be adjustable to fit different torso sizes. Highly durable hunting backpack too because it can handle 50 lbs. of weight without any problem.

There are a lot of factor and features crammed into the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS hunting pack. As for the features and details of the Traverse EPS, it is designed and vented for a hauling out game (which is usually a big game) after a successful hunt. This hunting backpack is excellent for larger items such as tripods, camera arms or even bulky clothing.

To shed some light on the “hauling mode”, this backpack can haul out meat, decoys, or extra gear. Just to inform you, the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS hunting pack is designed and vented for hauling out game after a successful hunt. There is also a front zippered “wing pockets” to allow you to protect and secure your meat or other gear when hauling.

The Traverse has a most advance “; H”; frame design and multi-layer foam waist belt with a PE outer layer that will make the perfect combination to carrying heavy loads comfortably. Add in the adjustable torso range and this pack has the suspension system every hunter seeks when hauling out an animal or other heavy loads. The expanding section of this bag will be very useful for hauling out meat too! You would really like the extra straps to expand the pack.

The unique “H” frame design is made of strong, but lightweight, tubular aluminum. For a pack, the key to carrying weight comfortably is to have a strong frame and a rock-solid, adjustable suspension, and that’s exactly what the Traverse has, making it one of the most advanced internal-frame packs in the industry.

In addition to all these great features, it has 2 easy access pockets on the waist belt, a large main compartment, a side pocket, internal pocket, and 2 front wing pockets. If you still need room, there are side compression straps to attach even more gear. Basically the waist belet that has 2 easy access pockets are equipped with Anti-sway straps.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS hunting pack features a weapon carrying system for your bow or rifle and it keeps your weapons safe. It has a pocket designed specifically for carrying and protecting your spotting scope. Basically, the padded spotting scope pocket can fit most of the larger spotting scopes.

Furthermore, the hunting backpack would also work well with a crossbow but you have to be careful with the limbs. To give a rough picture of how it will work, you have to use the straps to hold the bow in place.  For fitting a crossbow on this backpack, it will be tip up but it will not be a secure fit. Even so, the rifles and bow tend to move around a bit too.

There is one more downside which is highly dependable on individual preference which is the availability of small compartments. Although it has fewer small compartments for organization, it is really good for storing thing because of the large space. The bag may be a bit big for some hunters out there especially when you use the Expandable Pack Section (EPS), but really, it is based on individual preference.

One word of advice, you have to know how to properly adjust all the straps of a typical backpacking backpack to properly fit your body for more comfort. A rule of thumb is not to have all the weight constantly resting on your shoulders. If you are hiking to your hunting location, putting your rifle on this backpack is a great way to carry it comfortably and securely.

Most likely, the gun or bow holder folds down out of a bottom pocket and holds the bottom of the weapon. Then you use compression straps to secure the weapon to the pack. You can definitely have had a compound bow or a scoped rifle attached to the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS but you have to be careful with a crossbow. It would most probably stick fine though.

In a nutshell, the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is definitely a great buy especially for the price because it has amazing functions and quality.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

This is a hunting back pack by the popular ALPS Mountaineering which is known to make quality hunting back packs.

First off, let us touch about the design. The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit hunting back pack has a universal design that fits a wide variety of bows. This back has a bow pocket which stows away when not needed. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting Pack is perfect for keeping your bow secure and stowed away when youre trekking through the fields and rugged terrain.

Also, the weight of this hunting pack is just 4 pounds 1 ounce. For the dimensions of the back pack, it is approximately 18” tall x 12” wide on the backside which is the part of the backpack against your back.

This backpack is considerably smaller too so it is more suitable for a day hunt. Although it is small, it is still able to carry your rifle on your shoulders comfortably.

You do not need to worry about your size or height because this back is universally suited. This means that anyone one be it with small or big body built can use this back pack comfortably.

I would like to add that this backpack has one main compartment that has a spot for bladder and a mesh pocket with a zipper. On the outside of the bag pack, there are two compartments on the top which is able to fit a pair of 10×42 binoculars perfectly.

Moreover, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back pack has a padded waist belt. The waist belt is padded so when youre carrying a little bit of extra weight, the comfort level is still going to be top of the line. The waist belt is padded well enough to make the most gruelling trips to feel like a breeze.

This hunting back pack also has two pockets which is one large pocket in the front and the main pocket. The lower sides has mesh pockets too for more storage. There is a large main pocket, large front pocket, and lower side mesh pockets to keep your gear organized.  The mesh pockets on the side are nice for radio, gps, knife, water bottle and other smaller size objects. The pockets are really made so that the user can easily access the items.

The pockets can expand from roughly 6 inches to 8 inches wide. For the bottom pocket, it can expand to roughly 10 inches which is really roomy. Again, the quality of each pocket and for the lash is great because it is made from strong seams and flexible yet rugged fabric. The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting back pack has plenty of room for the necessities but it is really light when empty.

As for the front lashing system, there are webbing loops for lashing.  The lashing straps, along with the expandable bow pocket, make a great combination to securely keep your bow in place. Having a pack that will hold your bow is nice so you can keep your hands free.

Furthermore, the adjustment straps are all well placed and functional making it comfortable for us to travel with load.  The waist straps will look nice when it is loaded out and it is optional for us to fold it in when not needed.

It is advisable not to have knives, multi tools and related items on your backpack belt because of the generous padding. The padding are present to provide comfort for the users.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting back pack also has a hydration pocket and port located near the center aluminum stay.

For the fabric, this back pack is made from Brushed Realtree Xtra HD Fabric which is high durable. You will definitely grow fond of the quality of this bag pack. Basically, you can pack or even lash almost anything that you need on your trip onto it.

You are in for a surprise because the material will exceed your expectation.

If you are met with water or rain in the terrain, do not fear because this back pack comes with a Blaze Orange rain cover.  A blaze orange rain cover is included in case you are in the great outdoors when some rain rolls through.

Since the pack is not too large and not too small, it does not compel you to pack too much stuff to the field while you regret halfway through the day while being big enough to store what is needed.

As a general guideline of what this backpack can contain, this is one example given by the reviewers.  It’s sitting behind me now, with a full change of clothes, various large map books, 3 days worth of food, 1 gal of water, raingear, a 2 person tent, an axe, a compass, and a digital camera. I have a Fobus 9mm holster on the left shoulder strap, and my trusty .308 rifle strapped to the side. There’s still plenty of space if you don’t mind the weight. This is a great pack, and worthy of 5 stars. I can’t wait to try other products from ALPS.

As a warning, please do not buy this backpack if you are looking for a large pack particularly to go into the wilderness for several days! This is a day pack which is small in size but it is really mobile but the storage is just enough for maximum 2 to 3 days for a person to survive.

Also, since this is one of the larger hunting packs in the market, you may have the compulsion to put more stuff inside it. If it is loaded with camping items, clothes, extra ammunition and a few extra magazines, a backup pistol, adding a hydrator and hanging a few loose items on the outside can make this backpack a beast to carry. Even so, the pack and straps can handle the weight while making you still feel relatively comfortable. This is a matter of personal preference and personal strength.

To conclude, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack will perform great while the pockets would be big enough to accommodate all of your gears. This is a backpack that can go through some abuse with no signs of wear and tear! Really sustainable back pack which is worth the price.

Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack Hunting Backpack

Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack Hunting day Backpack

This is a day pack which is manufactured by Tenzing.

Firstly, the Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack hunting backpack has an internal aluminum frame stay which which helps a lot in supporting large weight.

Moreover, this hunting back pack also has padded hip support. Air can be channeled in and out of the bag easily too which makes this hunting backpack has an air-cooled back pad. Since the back pad is channeled for air flow, you will feel cooking when you work sweat while you are moving be it climbing, running or even crawling.

To be more specific, the Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack Hunting backpack features a bow and gun fold-out carrying boot, 4 lateral compression straps for securing and holding your load or gear, and 2 lower compression straps for attaching extra gear such as a sleeping bag or even rain gear without affecting internal storage space. This hunting backpack would also include an internal and rigid aluminum frame for stability.

In addition, this hunting backpack is made of non-elastic, 2 layer brushed Tricot fabric that retains lining durability and has a soft PVC backing reinforced with Dyneema strength panels. In fact, Dyneema fibers are currently the world strongest fiber, yet it is light enough to float on water when submerged.

With Tenzing’s signature tie down loops, it makes this pack unmatched in protection against punctures, rips and failure while going out to the outside terrain. The main compartment has a measurement of 22”x11”x6.5”, the face compartment is 16”x10”x2”, the hip compartment (which has 2) is 9”x4”x2”, the mesh side compartment is 8”x5”x2.5” and the expanding side compartment is 14”x4”x1”.

Other features include padded hip support and channelled back pad to keep yourself comfortable while moving around the terrain. You will get a lot of freedom for movement as it will feel very comfortable like it is a part of your body. There would be almost no constriction around your shoulders when you put your gun or arrow up to look in the scope or shoot.

To extend on the padding around the waist area, it makes the pack easier on your back because your waist will take part of the load. The straps on this backpack are very easy to loosen and tighten which makes quick adjustments a breeze when putting on or taking off layers.

The Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack Hunting backpack is loaded with eleven specialized compartments and pockets with the ability to attach additional gear. The compartments are located at the face, hip, side, mesh and there is the main compartment.

The hunting backpack design has 6 special zip pockets for convenience and quick access. Basically, this advanced backpack can be completely customized for your individual hunting needs. The yellow, no rattle zippers and clasps are made from high quality materials for silent movement. This backpack is extremely durable and comfortable to wear!

Also, this hunting backpack is hydration compatible too. This pack features space for a 2-liter hydration bladder which will be sold separately. I would recommend that you use this compartment to ease your hunting trip.

For people who are planning to go to a rainforest or expecting water to be a resistance in their trip, this is the backpack for you because it has a foldout rain cover to keep the pack dry.

As for the physical aspect of the Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack hunting backpack, this bag has a storage capacity of over 2228 cubic inches and a total weight of just 4 lbs. To extend on how light this backpack can be, it has a rigid frame and a waste strap to support its weight while making the backpack feel quite light to carry.

In addition, this hunting backpack is loaded with eleven specialized compartments and it has the ability to attach additional gear. The stitching on this backpack looks nearly perfect and all zippers are really smooth too. With the zippers being smooth, it also moves quietly. This backpack is machine washable as well!

One word of advice, it is not advisable to wear a large coat while using this backpack because the side pouches on the waste strap are really difficult to get to even when you pull them out away from the waste strap. If you do not have a coat, it would be much easier to access the items you need there. Also, you do not want to cinch the straps too tightly because the buckles will not hold. There is also only 20 pockets for the main pack and there are not many organizers to put stuff in the smaller pack. The things you put may jumble up in the bottom part of the pocket.

All and all, the Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack hunting backpack can be customized for your individual hunting needs. This hunting backpack can fit the ideal amount of gear for hunting while you can stay light on your feet. Definitely the ideal hunting backpack for you if you like to be light and fast. You would be amazed by the quality and attention to detail on this hunting day pack. You would definitely vouch for this bag in terms of quality workmanship, excellent features and comfortability.

Badlands Kali Day Pack

Badlands Kali Day Pack Review

The Kali Day Pack, a masterpiece created by badlands. Every Badlands product is covered by the famous Badlands warranty: “We will fix it for free forever. We don’t care if you bought it at a second-hand store, and if we can’t fix it, we will replace it.” Basically, Badlands will offer lifetime warranty to anyone owning their product. Check out some great binocular harness created by Badland.

First off, this is a backpack which is designed for women. The Kali (Goddess of War) daypack is designed to fit women and functions as a hardcore hunting pack for long day outings. The women specific shoulder straps known as crunch straps would make it really comfortable to carry. The materials used to make this backpack is KXO-32 Polyester.

The Badlands Kali (Goddess of Hunting) was designed to fit the physiological differences between men and women. This includes a shorter torso, more contoured shoulder straps and a waist belt which is angled to fit the natural curvature of a women’s hips.  Then, last but not least, the center of gravity was positioned to enhance the balance point of the fairer sex as well. The Badlands Kali day pack would also be a perfect fit for young ladies! Definitely would be a great fit eventhough you have a small frame.

This daypack has a space of 2500 cubic inches and it weighs 2 lbs. The weight distribution on this backpack is amazing too which makes you feel like you are carrying less.

Moreover, the Badlands Kali Day Pack has hypervent suspension to keep the pack off your back for more air circulation. To shed some light on this great feature, it is a mesh over the frame where the pack rests on the back which allows for airflow and there are no pressure points. Since it will fit your back perfectly, your back would never get hot and less sweating.

Also, it has a Hypervent suspension Technology. The Badlands pack is the result of 12 years of Research and Development. Badlands Kali Day Pack suspensions are produced with a proprietary foam formula which has high levels of EVA which gives foam its ability to hold a set. The pack would follow the contour of your back which is not just for aesthetics but it is through the understanding of the human form.

To extend more about the features of Badland Kali Day Pack, the frame is made from heat hardened steel.

Since this day pack is specifically designed for women, it has a unique shaped waist belt and shoulder straps with shorter torso length.

In addition, the Badlands Kali Day Pack has 6 pockets and 4 compartments for storing things. Most women would like the little nook and cranny pockets to put all the little stuff the ladies like to carry and men seem to need. The dimensions for this day pack is 22” x 14” x 8”. Plenty of room to put hiking or hunting essentials with a ton of storage space.

There is also hydration system capable for this product. The bladder size is 105.

One thing to note is that you can add a way to clip or loop stuff on the shoulder straps and on the front be it your GPS or other necessities. There would be 6 loops available but you can find ways to add if needed. Also, you may want to add some paddings on the bottom of the pack because the internal frame is not padded and it may rub on your lower back.

For the smaller built, you may want to sew the handle that is on top of the pack towards the front o the pack so that it does not dig into the back of your head and make you feel uncomfortable.

In conclusion, this is an excellent day pack for bowhunting especially. The Badlands Kali Day Pack is rugged and ready for all challenges. I would recommend any girl to go for this pack because it will fit you amazingly!

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack Review

This is a product manufactured by ALPS Mountaineering.

First of all, the color of this hunting day pack is Brushed Realtree Xtra HD. The weight of this hunting day pack is extremely light with just 2 lbs. It is also designed with a state camo pattern which is great.

The Fanny Pack has a capacity of 800 cubic inches. The ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack has a capacity of 1900 cubic inches. As for the total capacity, the hunting day pack has a capacity of 2700 cubic inches. This is one of the easiest to carry pack which I have come across.

Also, the clips and seems are heavy duty but nothing would rustle too much or make noise.

The Alps Big Bear Pack is one of the most modular pack which can be used as a fanny pack, day pack, or both! The fanny pack has a large extendable day pack that gives you an additional 1,900 cubic inches of space on demand! If you’re going on a short trek and only need the capacity of the fanny pack, the expandable day pack section can be stowed away. The fanny pack can be converted into a Large day pack with great ease when you need extra storage!

To shed some light on the versatility of this hunting day pack, during bow season you can carry water, release, food, emergency kit and tree stand while this pack provides enough space for you to do all of these. As for scouting, you can undo the fold out backpack and have room for trail camera and other necessary items.

The fanny pack has a large main compartment, 2 side pockets, and a front pocket, giving you plenty of space to organize your gear. The Big Bear comes with a padded removable waist belt that has an easy access pocket to keep your smaller items handy. The number of pockets in the fanny pack is amazing.

Moreover, the ALPS Big Bear hunting pack has load bearing straps which makes it really easy to adjust for heavy loads. If you need a pack which can hang low enough during bow season to accommodate yourself carrying a treestand, this would be the perfect pack for you!

Furthermore, you can also connect optional pockets to the front of the shoulder harness. There is a camera pocket, binocular pocket, and turkey call pocket that can clip onto the harness of our Big Bear pack. These pockets are also compatible with the Little Bear.

Get your Big Bear hunting pack in Brushed Realtree AP HD fabric, as well as, Brushed Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. With so many options and uses, the Big Bear is sure to quickly become your favourite pack!

This pack also has the function of 2 packs in 1, where the Big Bear is compatible with Little Bear optional harness pockets which is not included.

Basically, the fanny pack can extend into a large day pack which weighs 2 pounds 5 ounces. This hunting day pack is made from Brushed Realtree Xtra HD Fabric.

Furthermore, there is an adjustable shoulder harness for the ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting day pack. The pack would make you feel comfortable to have as it will provide plenty of adjustment in the shoulder and waist straps. The belly and shoulder straps are detachable and convertible too. Incredibly versatile bag which can carry everything you need for a day in the woods without using the expandable upper compartment.

To add on, the padded waist belt is equipped with easy access pockets to store your inventories in an organized manner. The pack also has buckles on the front for adding additional pockets such as a binocular holder and a camera bag.

Besides that, there is one front pocket, one main pocket and 2 side pockets for storing gears. The webbing loops on the hunting day pack are great for lashing on extra gear. All and all, the ALPS Big Bear pack has enough room to store your equipment comfortably.

There is one downside to this product is that it does not come with a rain cover.

One more things is that the ALPS Big Bear Pack is offered in two types of fabric which is the Brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric and the Brushed Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. It all depends on your individual taste.

This is definitely a good deal with an amazing price and a quality that is supposed to last a lifetime. The ALPS Big Bear Pack is well-made with lots of great features and plenty of room without being overwhelmingly large.

Types of Backpacks & Daypacks

Daypacks actually falls into 5 different categories.

“Standard” Daypack

There are hundreds of “standard” daypacks in the marketplace. Most hold around 1500-2500 cu/in and weight betwen 2-4lbs. Most day packs are overbuild making use of extra heavy duty materials, lots of zippers and features, and thick padding which is normally not required for comfort.

Ventilated Daypack

Yet another product of German engineering, ventilated daypacks appeared several years ago. They use a light weight frame which keeps a mesh panel taut against the wearers back enabling good ventilation.

Packable Daypack

Typically ~1000cu/in, 5-10oz backpack made of light-weight nylon with no padding. Often folds up into it’s own pocket. Appropriate to carry a few pounds of stuff such as a light jacket, a cliff bar or two, a paperback, a small water bottle, and a point and shoot camera. There is nothing that gives these pack structure so you have to pack them carefully for them to be comfortable. A number of companies makes these sort of bags. Most aren’t that comfortable to carry for more than a couple of miles.

Technical Daypack

Highly variable in weight and volume depending on the sport they are design for. The most common technical daypacks are designed for climbing (heavy duty materials, strong haul loops, etc), adventure racing / trail running (close fitting suspension system with good hydration capacity), and snow play (durable patch for carrying crampons, ice tool holders, straps to hold skis, etc).

Hydration Packs

Minimalist packs design to carry nothing but water, first popularized by CamelBak. I have never used any of these very purpose driven water packs. A lot of packs labeled “Hydration packs” and really basic daypack with a couple of features to make them hydration system friendly: a nylon sleeve to hold the water bladder near your back and some short of hole which lets you pass the drink tube to the outside. Pretty much any daypack can be fit with hydration system.

Hunting Backpack Key Features

Weight resistant

Choosing a backpack can be tricky, especially for someone who is just starting out.  You need to know what you are carrying to choose the right pack, but if you are just starting out you don’t know what you are going to be carrying. However, if you are looking for a Laptop Backpack, you can see some suggestions from

The best suggestion I can make is figure out what sort of trips you expect to take (duration & conditions), and what backpacking style you will use (ultra-light, light weight, hut2hut / hostelling, medium/heavy weight). This would be a great guideline for starters to treat it as a starting point.

For experienced packers, I would suggest bring all your gear in a duffel bag and try packs using your stuff rather than simulated weights.

There are actually four kinds of weights for the hunting daypack or bag pack which are Ultra-light Style (Frameless), Light Weight Style, Mid-weight Style and heavy- weight. I would not recommend beginners to use the ultra-light style back packs unless you are travelling in really mild conditions.


I typically tell people don’t get a pack that’s larger “just in case you need more room”, this will only encourage you to bring too much stuff, will be heavier, and more ungainly.  If anything, you want a pack which is slightly smaller than you need.

It is likely that over time you will find the weight and volume of your gear will go down, and the slightly too small pack becomes just right.  In the mean time, use a stuff sack which you attach to the outside of your pack with straps or under the top lid to hold the items that don’t fit inside the pack.  As your food goes down move the items into your pack.

Internal/External Frame Pack

An internal frame pack uses foam, plastic, metal, and/or carbon fiber which is  located inside the pack to give the pack structure and effectively transfer weight to the hip strap.  Advantages are that internal frame packs tend to be easier to balance since they are closer to your body and are less likely to get snared on things if you are climbing or going cross country.  The downside is that your back doesn’t get much ventilation.

External frame packs typically have a ridged  metal or plastic frame which has shoulder and waist straps on one side to allow you to carry the pack, and some sort of bag on the other side to hold your stuff. These packs are good for hauling large amounts of gear.

They also tend to be better in hot weather because they can provide better ventilation for your back, provide lots of pockets to make organizing your gear easier, and allow you to secure gear against the frame to minimize shifting of your heavier gear.  External frame packs also tend to be more adjustable so they are good for people who are growing of as packs which get used by a number of people of variable size.

Materials used

We have all heard about, or seen packs fail in the back country and we don’t want this to happen to us. All the catastrophic failures I have seem stem from poorly constructed packs made from mediocre materials. Often these packs came from big box discount stores.

The quality of materials used is highly correlated to the durability of the hunting bag back since it is how the cloth can sustain wear and tear.


Basically, some of the backpacks are specifically designed to cater for a gender or certain body sizes. While most of the hunting backpacks are camouflage, it would be great if it comes with a rain cover to prevent your gears from getting wet while hunting. Depending on your personal preferences, the amount of pockets and the storage space have to be considered but all of them have its pros and cons.

With more storage space, the bag would weigh more which increases the load on your back. This is when you take note of how well the weight is distributed on your body by the pack.

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