best waterproof hunting gloves review

Best Hunting Gloves (Waterproof) Review 2018

Your hunting skills may be extremely exceptional to out of this world, but if your hands are in the mercy of gloves that are not or somewhat up to par, then you may as well forget about securing a fair game.  You’ve got your prey in sight and  aim all set but trying to pull the trigger and not miss at your target wearing inch thick gloves may be a near impossible feat nor do u want to be wearing gloves that are so thin, you’ll practically freeze your hands off  if the hunt is taking place in cold, harsh climates.

However fear not as this article will have you covered on all you need to know about the best waterproof, warm hunting gloves which definitely sounds like the perfect combo and upon research, is the best bet out there.

In general, these gloves make your hunting experience a lot more comfortable and pleasurable. Without further ado, lets delve in deeper into the criteria and the top 5 best waterproof hunting gloves available.

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Comparison Table for Top 5 Hunting Gloves

To make it easier for you to compare these gloves among each other based on individual criteria such as material used, waterproofnees, and warmth, we have list down their details in the comparison table below.

GloveWaterproofnessDurabilityComfortEase of usePrice
Alaska ProVery GoodGoodVery GoodGood$$$
Primos StretchAverageGoodVery GoodAverage$$
Glacier GloveVery GoodVery GoodVery GoodGood$$$
Mossy Oak GoodAverageGoodAverage$$
Seirus XtremeVery GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery Good$$$$

Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove Review

To hunt enthusiasts, this glove will be your new best friend. For not only is it super lightweight but it also provides maximum flexibility so that your movements are agile and not restricted. It also contains 60 g of Thinsulate. Now for those of you whom are fairly new, Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic fiber thermal insulation used in clothing and was invented to make living life in every season more enjoyable.

Moreover, it is also made up of a genuine leather palm which ensures that this glove has high durability and will be long lasting. As it’s name itself implies, this glove is guaranteed to be waterproof and keep your hands warm through the chilly weather.

However, in accordance to keeping you warm, rest assured these gloves are not overly thick. In fact, they are very breathable, fit perfectly and leave more dexterity than one would expect.

One of its most outstanding features would be, it’s made out of Realtree Ap HD.  The camo is neutral, open, contrasty, and realistic. Practically, this is everything a hunting camo needs to be versatile and effective.

Plus, the manufacturers have  improved their already advanced High Definition ® printing process so the pattern also stands up to the real-life effects of nature and your washing machine and holds its contrast. That’s the icing on the cake if you ask me.

Glacier Glove Premium Waterproof Glove Review

First and foremost, these gloves are made out of neoprene, Premium Yamamoto ones to be exact. Neoprene or polychloroprene( chemical name) is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerization of chloroprene. Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range and is also resistant to oil,water , heat and weathering.

Talk about getting a bang for your buck as these gloves are somewhat averagely priced depending on how customised you want them to be in spite of it’s one material contributing to so many aspects, lending the glove an overall optimum functioning.

Also, since neoprene is very stable to heat, these gloves will be very durable and last for quite some time. In terms of waterproofness, I think the name says it all, for a glove made out of premium quality and with a fleece lining at that, would indeed meet one’s highest expectations.

One other nice thing about these is that, unlike some other gloves, they have a very good grip, despite the cold ,so you don’t need to hold on to your equipment in a death like grip. This shows that the gloves are of definite ease to use.

Lastly, in order to ensure the customer’s optimum comfort, these gloves have precurved knuckles to prevent fatigue and stiffness, which clearly indicates that these gloves were well thought of before being made.

Primos Stretch Fit Gloves Review

As a consumer who is looking for the best bet out there in terms of quality, it sure is very assurinng to know that a certain product has been fully researched and tested. In this case, the Primos Stretch Fit Gloves are 100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments. This proclaiment lends credibility to the durability of these gloves for hunting in extreme environments and weathers, will require top notch materials that are resistant and highly waterproof.

The manufacturer also claims that whether you are a professional, recreational user, or even doing something casual outdoors, primos will fit the mold for all types of people. Its ease of use is also highly commented upon for it is lightweight, has good grip  and stretches perfectly over one’s hands.

However due to the thinness of the glove, it is not especially good at retaining warmth.  On the good side, the gloves are thin enough so it is comfortable and so that you can easily shoot with these gloves on as they do not take up any space, so your trigger finger   fits easily in the guard.

Overall, this glove is good value for money as it is highly affordable. Moving on to the special features of this glove, it is equipped with an extended cuff for added hand protection and has a call pocket on the back of the hand which is very convenient for the customer.

Seirus Innovation Men’s HWS Xtreme Glomitt Review

The name itself  lends these gloves an air of supremacy. With that said, these gloves definitely are a hunter’s dream as it is made out of  not just one, but many specific and high quality materials. Here is the breakdown of its components: Shell: 87% Polyester / 13% Spandex; Palm Patch: 100% PVC; Lining: 100%. The combination of spandex and polyester do a great job at keeping one’s hands warm and nimble.

Furthermore, it’s Spacer knit outer shell is 100% waterproof and so is it’s Xtreme pro-fit wicking inner lining.Please take note that these gloves are extremely waterproof, so much so that if you dunk your hands into a bucket of icy, cold water for a few minutes, no water seeps in all and your hands still remain very much warm!

Also, due to the mixture of components, these gloves provide excellent durability and has strong stitching in the seams which means that it is not prone to wear and tear easily. Having a feature such as ToughTek palm with 4-way stretch fabric Form-fit gives the customer the feeling of next to a skin like fit.This clearly shows that there are no hassles in getting the gloves on and are extremely easy to use.

On top of that, the material is so lightweight and  thin on the fingers that the customer can have great manual dexterity for things like getting the sleeve of their jacket over the collar of the gloves to seal out the wind at the wrists. Operating a smartphone or a camera also won’t pose any problems. These features add to the overall comfort of the gloves.

Some of the other added features include: fold back mitt with finger liners, magnetic fasteners and Gauntlet cuff with adjustable Velcro cinch. Although these gloves are slightly on the pricier end, they will surely prove to be a long term investment if you are very serious about pursuing your hunting activities.

Mossy Oak Mossy Decoy Hunting Gloves Review

It has a PVC coating and 100 percent Thinsulate lining which does a very good job at retaining heat thus making it ideal for extremely cold weather.There’s also an inner fleece lining which knocks the cold off.

These gloves are also 100 percent waterproof, making it easy for you to pick up anything that is ice covered without water diffusing in and freezing your fingers off . For example, these gloves would be most suitable for picking up decoys on frigid waters. The extended Gauntlet cuff does a great task at keeping snow and water out. Bottomline, hands stay bone dry and warm.

Moreover, these gloves come with a sandy finish with a rough grip so that you are able to have a hold firm. It’s also very to use as it is lightweight and fits just fine in addition to having a mossy oak camouflage, hence the name of the glove.

In terms of comfort, the material is thin enough to allow flexibility and prevent stiffness of the fingers. The glove seems durable enough and will be able to withstand low temperatures.

The price of these gloves are very affordable and appeal to most customers who are after a simple, fuss- free warm, waterproof hunting glove.

Hunting Gloves buying guide (Top Criteria)

There are a few criteria that need to be kept in mind when choosing the best suited glove for your activities. Let’s have a look on what makes the best hunting gloves.


Hunting gloves certainly wouldn’t be much use if they tore at the slightest pressure. Therefore, they would have to be durable enough to withstand the harshest and most extreme of weathers. Usually mot gloves come with reasonably thick leather palms to ensure they provide maximum grip.

In addition to that, it is important for the hunting gloves to be durable enough to part foliage where tree limbs and thorns are lying about and in doing so prevent the person from getting scratched or hurt. After all, safety is the number one priority. Some friendly tips/hints: look for gloves are made from deerskin leather, HPPE, thermal warmgrip and neoprene.

Waterproofness and warmth

The warmthness of the gloves should of course not be overlooked upon . Due to the advancement in technology, there are gloves that are equipped with thermal heating, Thinsulate Platinum Insulation and GORE-TEX shells. These are only to name a few. There is nothing worse than finally getting to your hunting spot only to be freezing cold 20 minutes later and having to call off the hunt.

Having any one of these will make you good to go and ensure that you are kept toasty and warm throughout your hunt. You may probably be able to comprehend on why warmth serves as a major criteria but not so much on waterproofness . Here is a general overview on the importance of  choosing gloves that are waterproof.

These gloves are designed to keep your hands dry no matter what the environment. In further elaboration, this means that these gloves act as a barrier to your hands against water, sweat and any other liquids. This of course serves great purpose if say the hunting activity you are partaking in, is taking place in an area where it is damp, dewy and muddy. These conditions are very common especially during the rainy seasons and these gloves will  protect your skin from getting into contact from the bacterias found in bogs, swamps and so on.


Since a hunt usually lasts for a good 4-5 hours, depending on the individual of course, you will want to make sure that the gloves you have on are as comfortable as possible. Just imagine how uncomfortable you will be if the fabric of the gloves keeps rubbing against your skin leading to that irrepressible itch! A nightmare indeed.

Another key point would be, the gloves should be breathable. For example, out of the aforementioned materials in the paragraph above was GORE-TEX. Not only is it excellent at keeping warmth, but it is also very breathable meaning that hands are less likely to become hot and uncomfortable due to there being ventilation and some air circulation. Lastly, the gloves should also be lightweight so as to not weigh your hands down and cause discomfort.

Ease of Use

Generally time is of the essence and no one would like to be spending the next quarter of an hour trying to get their gloves on, no matter how technology advanced they may be.

Thankfully, gloves these days come in all shapes and sizes and have many added special features such as straps, cuffs with integrated nylon web loop and etc that are designed to make your life easier by making the gloves hassle free and providing a perfect fit, so that you can save ample amounts of time by just sliding your hands in, adjusting a few straps and you’re good to go.

These gloves make  basic tasks such as working with calls, picking up a shell, loading your firearm and pulling the trigger as easy as pie. How very convenient, don’t you think?


One has to keep in mind that splurging on a glove with the best qualities would prove to be a long term investment as these gloves will last you many years to come. Now, this is not to say that only the higher  priced gloves are able to meet the client’s requirements, but also there are cheaper alternatives out there that do satisfy and deliver, if this hobby will only be of temporary enlightment to you. In that case, there’s not much point purchasing highly expensive gloves if they will only be used several times.

The cheaper alternatives are more than capable of getting the task done.  However if you do plan to pursue your hobby for hunting for a longer period of time, you might want to invest in the highest quality possible for these gloves would most definitely have special features that will aid you in your hunt. Of course in order to do so, these gloves will have to be made out of materials that are specific in nature, so as to give the gloves better performance and appeal to customers. Naturally, this would contribute to the gloves being priced much higher.

In a nutshell, you will want to base your decision on how much you’re willing to spend and just how involved you are in the hunting field.


In conclusion, there are tons of products available on the market right now that will be able to satisfy most of  your specific requirements, so fret not. In fact,feel free to use this article as a guide to purchasing the gloves of your choice.

There are certain criterias and key terms that you may want to look for and analyse before purchasing a certain type of glove. This is so as to ensure you are a smart consumer and prevent from getting duped.

A helpful hint: Only visit trusted websites and do not hesitate to contact them should you have any queries.

So, what is the number criteria you are looking when choosing your hunting gloves? Share with us in the comment area below.