Best Hunting Jacket Review 2019

Did it ever cross your mind to wear a hunting jacket when scouting along the forest? If it didn’t, it’s about time it did. The best hunting jacket comes in handy to provide you with protection from insects and creepy crawlies. Apart from that, it keeps you warm and snug during chilly weathers because it acts as an extra layer of cloth, for instance if you’re hunting at night. Get gloves too to ensure that your hands stay warm and snug when hunting during the winter.

However, there are many type of jackets out there designed for specific purposes. If you plan on hunting in the winter or in cold weather (fancy a cold weather tent?), you should go for a thick and thermally insulated jacket for the best hunting experience. Meanwhile, a waterproof jacket comes in handy to be utilized under all weather conditions.

That being said, it is best if the wear is lightweight and sheds water easily so it won’t weigh you down when you are stuck in a downpour, for instance. The material on the other hand should be durable and comfortable.

Choosing the proper size is highly essential (slightly loose is fine so you may wear undershirt) so your movements won’t be inhibited. In other words, you shouldn’t take lightly the sizing charts to ensure proper fit. The color and design depends on your personal preference. In my opinion, it is best to get a camo pattern if you plan on hunting in the wilderness because you’ll camouflage well and blend in among the trees.

Top 7 Rated Hunting Jacket Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightWaterproofnessStoragePrice
Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket2.3 lbHighHigh$$$
Frog Toggs Classic Pro Jacket1 lbHighModerate$$
Legendary Whitetails Shirt Jacket1 lbModerateModerate$$
Yukon Men’s Reversible Jacket2 lbHighHigh$$
Under Armour UA Storm Scent Control Jacket1 lbHighHigh$$$
Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket2 lbHighHigh$$$
Camo Coll Soft Shell Hooded Jacket1 lbModerateHigh$$


In terms of construction, the outer shell of the jacket is mostly constructed from polyester material and probably some other material combinations. The ideal outer shell material should be waterproof. In other words, it is supposed to drain water quickly instead of absorbing them. The interior on the other hand should come with soft lining material to ensure maximum comfort of the fabric on your body.

You have an alternative to either wear undershirts or fleece linings underneath the jacket for better insulation if you plan to hunt during cold weather or a chilly day. However, if you plan to hunt during winter, it is best you get a thicker jacket with various heat retaining technologies for maximum warmth as well as great insulation. As mentioned below, the jacket also comes with pockets for storage.

Waterproof Performance

The most important trait your tactical jacket should have is its resistance to water, so it can be utilized under all weather conditions. To ensure its waterproof performance, the outer shell is made of water repellant material to prevent water from being absorbed into it, therefore keeping it dry at all times.

To further strengthen the waterproof performance, it is equipped with elastic wrist cuffs as well as waistband. The elastic construction will cling to your body therefore preventing even a slight drop of water from seeping into your wear. Some jackets on the other hand are equipped with hoods (some can be detached) to provide coverage and offer protection for your head from the sun, rain and wind.

Pockets Arrangement (Storage)

All hunting jacket comes with pockets. First things first, the pockets should be of excellent placement so the weight distribution is balanced out properly, since you would most probably fill in your gear and belongings in those pocket. So, ditch your backpacks because the spacious pockets are good enough to be utilized to store your hunting gear and personal belongings such as mobile phones and wallet from getting caught in the rain.

The pockets on the other hand are secured either with snaps or zippers to ensure that it is snapped tight at all times, thereby keeping your belongings safe. The zippers as well as snaps are mostly made out of alloy metal construction to strengthen its corrosion resistance when in contact with rain water and moisture, for instance.


No matter the cost, it is essential that you get a high quality jacket. I mean why buy a cheap one that might get damaged in a few months? Hence why, getting a good quality jacket will not only promise excellent performance but guarantee your best hunting experience. That being said, it all comes down to your budget planning. My advice is don’t be hesitant to spend a little extra bucks for the top rated products.

Believe it or not, not all top rated jackets are crazily expensive. Some are but most of them are reasonably priced. The price mostly depends on the additional features the jacket possesses. All in all, you need to get a sturdy and durable jacket that has an excellent waterproof and windproof performance. To get a better insight on the different products out there in the market, I suggest that you look through customer reviews or product-based reviews.

Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

In terms of construction, the soft shell jacket is made from a fully polyester waterproof shell. It has a unique 3 layer construction feature. As the name suggests, it consists of an internal waterproof membrane, bonded lining as well as an external waterproof fabric layer for the best hunting experience.

In other words, it assists in retaining your body heat, wick away the moisture and deflect wind to ensure that it is warm, waterproof, windproof and properly ventilated to be utilized during any weather conditions, whether during hot or cold weather, for your added convenience.

Moreover, the fleece lined collar is soft therefore making it comfortable to be worn around your neck, mostly due to its breathable moisture wicking fabric. Also, it is equipped with detachable hood so you can attach and remove it according to your preference. The hood comes in handy to prevent your hair from getting wet from the rain, for instance. However, when the hood is detached, the collar becomes a little bulky.

It is rather versatile as the jacket can be utilized for multiple applications which includes field training, hunting, casual wear and is great for embroidery. However, it is designed to be a tactical jacket. As a result of that, the front pockets are not at a relaxed position, instead it is a little high on the chest to ensure quick access to your hunting gear.

In terms of pocket arrangements, this product comes with 2 exterior chest pockets and an exterior pocket at the low back area. The pockets are rather spacious so you are able to store plenty of accessories such as your hunting gear, personal belongings as well as small weapons. However, it has no interior pockets.

Apart from that, the chest pockets can be utilized as concealed carry for smaller weapons or pistols (at your own risk, of course!). The zippers on the pocket are sturdy and durable therefore contributing to the durability of this product.

It is important that you choose the right size for a proper fit. It would still be fine if it’s slightly loose because then you would be able to wear undershirts. Get the perfect size so your movements are not limited, instead comfortable especially if you plan to wear the jacket for prolonged hours. The sizes are available between XS to 7XL. Also, it is available in a variety of monochrome and camo colors.

In addition to that, there is an air vent on the underarm part of the jacket, secured with a zipper. That being said, it MAY cause chafing on your skin if you wear a T-shirt underneath. Not only that, the air vent contributes to proper ventilation and breathability when donning on the wear.

Suitable for :

    • 3 layer construction
    • Detachable hood
    • Air vent on underarm
    • Spacious exterior chest pockets
    • Polyester waterproof shell

Frog Toggs Classic Pro Jacket

Frog Toggs Classic Pro tactical jacket

Available from sizes S to 3XL, it is important to choose the proper size to ensure perfect fit. All in all, the hunting jacket should be comfortable for you to wear for prolonged hours. Not only that, it comes with a fully adjustable, tuck-away hood that is secured with zip closure. You can put it away when not in use, for your added convenience.

Furthermore, it includes 1 inch wrist band and 1 inch elastic waist band which comes in handy to ensure maximum waterproof performance. You may be wondering how the elastic cuffs are able to contribute to a waterproof performance. To answer that, the cuff will cling onto your body hence preventing any water from seeping into the wear through any extra space. The elastic cuff also comes with rubber tap closures.

The elastic waistband, however may lead to the riding up of your jacket which might cause you a little discomfort. The problem can be solved by simply folding the waistband from down under and voila, you’re good to go. Also, it is easily packable and portable thereby making it ideal for boating or fishing trips.

In addition to that, it comes with a new sleeve design which fully eliminates seams on the shoulder and other stress points so you don’t have to face any issues of the seam unravelling, thus contributing to its durability. That being said, it features a raglan design in which it comes with an action-cut sleeve. This type of sleeve provides larger arm openings for simple and quick on and off operation as well as enhanced mobility.

Apart from that, this hunting jacket includes zippered pockets to provide you with extra storage so you are able to store your personal belongings or hunting gear with maximum convenience. It also has 2 hand warmer pockets so you can rest your hands inside them when idle or to get some warmth during a rainy day, for instance.

The molded polymer zipper and snaps on the pockets are resistant to corrosion as well as highly durable. Both the front zipper closure as well as the snap storm flaps plays an important role to allow for a waterproof performance, which guarantees the best hunting experience. Not only that, the elastic hem keeps out the moisture thus further contributing to its waterproof performance which comes in handy during a rainy weather.

In terms of construction, it is made from polypropylene material that includes sturdy snaps which are rust-resistant and solidly built. The material is amazing as it allows quick drainage and shedding of water on the outer shell so it can dry easily in no time when drenched in water.

Suitable for :

    • New sleeve design
    • Molded polymer snap and zippers
    • Tuck-away hood
    • Elastic waistband and cuffs
    • Polypropylene construction

Legendary Whitetails Shirt Jacket

Legendary Whitetails Shirt Jacket

If you look at the picture of the product, you might have second thoughts of why it is included in this product-based review, whether it is a hunting jacket or just a common basic shirt? To clear your doubts, it is sort of a hunting jacket. In other words, it is thicker than a normal shirt but thinner than a jacket. It provides great protection from wind, however it only holds up to light rain.

In other words, it is rather multipurpose. Deemed versatile, it can be worn for hunting expeditions or for casual evening outings. It gives a rugged vibe and classified as one of the stylish (but not too reliable for heavy hunting) tactical jackets around. However, you might need to wear something underneath the jacket, an undershirt or fleece lining for instance if you plan to hunt during cold weather.

In terms of appearance, it gives a rugged wax cotton look similar to a casual shirt look-alike. The inner lining on the other hand is made from flannel. However, the lining doesn’t go through the sleeves. In other words, it stops at the arms part of your shirt, unfortunately. In terms of cleaning, it can be machined wash for your added convenience.

Moreover, the shell is constructed from 37% of polyester and 63% of cotton meanwhile the body lining is made from fully cotton material to provide you with maximum comfort. The sleeve lining on the other hand is made of 100% nylon. Also, the sizes available for this product ranges from S to 3XL. The sizes are said to be a slightly big than the expected size. But don’t fret, you can wear an undershirt with it to compensate for the extra space.

The seams are rather durable because it comes with triple layer stitching, so it is least likely to unravel over multiple use. So it’s safe to say, that this product is built to last in the long run. Apart from that, it features antique brass snaps that is rather easy and quick to get on and off. The alloy metal construction ensures that it is resistant to corrosion when in contact with moisture or water.

In terms of pocket arrangements, it comes with 2 chest pockets. The side pockets are set back hence you need to reach back a little further to retrieve the items in your pocket. Not only that, the pockets are spacious so you can store in many things such as your belongings and hunting gear.

Suitable for :

  • 2 chest pocket and side pockets
  • Triple needle stitching
  • Rugged wax cotton look
  • Casual shirt look-alike

Yukon Men’s Reversible Jacket

Yukon Men’s Reversible Jacket

This jacket is rather unique because it’s reversible. You turn it inside out and voila, a different shade of color and design. In other words, you can switch it between blaze orange and mossy oak camo pattern according to your preference. The hood on the other hand also is reversible, meaning it comes in both colors as well. Also, it is a zip-up jacket rather than a button-up one.

In addition to that, the jacket camo pattern is natural and bright meanwhile the orange blaze is bright and blinding. Little did you know, the bright orange color can be spotted from far away due to it being extremely blinding. So let’s say if you’re lost in the woods, your blinding bright jacket won’t be too hard to notice. Also, the jacket is waterproof (doesn’t absorb water) and breathable.

This product is equipped with elastic wrist cuffs and waistband. In other words, you are able to adjust them whether you want it loose or tight against your wrist and waist. This further contributes to the waterproof performance of your jacket because water from the rain is least likely to seep into them. However, your jacket may ride up when sitting or leaning forward with the elastic waistband feature.

In terms of insulation, it has excellent insulation which comes in handy if you are hunting under cold weathers. The fabric is quiet and warm and it is said to be snowproof. Not only that, the jacket is really thick (requires more space for packing) due to it being reversible. However, look on the bright side, it provides good insulation to get you through cold weather.

Furthermore, it is equipped with dual entry side pockets that comes with pocket flaps to ensure that it is securely held in place. That being said, the 2 side pockets are rather large and spacious so you are able to keep in ample things including your hunting gear as well as personal belongings.

Another plus point is that it comes with ammunition holders (more of a shot shell holder), for your added convenience. In other words, the cargo pockets has shot shell holders that comes in handy to keep your weapon shots safely and securely. It also ensures proper and organized storage without any extra noise. All in all, it is far better than keeping the shots in your pocket or any compartments in your backpack.

Suitable for :

    • Elastic waist and wrist cuffs
    • Dual side entry pockets with pocket flaps
    • Reversible camo to blaze design
    • Waterproof and breathable

Under Armour UA Storm Scent Control Jacket

Under Armour UA Storm Scent Control Jacket

The Under Armour storm scent jacket is available in 3 different camo patterns in which you can choose according to your personal preference. It is a zipper-type jacket rather than the button down one so you can slide it on and off quickly, with maximum ease. Also, the jacket comes with bright green striking pocket zippers.

In terms of pocket arrangements, this product is equipped with chest pocket and 2 side pockets so you can ditch your hunting backpack and just store some of your important hunting gear (except weapons) and personal belongings in the pockets itself since it has ample extra storage space. Also, the jacket doesn’t come with a hood.

Apart from that, it comes with a unique feature in which it includes a harness-compatible design which comes in handy if you plan on hunting from a tree stand, for your added convenience. With this feature, you are able to attach your harness on the jacket easily which is important in terms of safety when climbing trees.

This product features the exclusive UA scent control technology. In other words, this tactical jacket will keep you undetected by any wild animals or predators which comes in handy in terms of safety. The predator or target you plan to shoot won’t be able to detect your presence therefore you grant yourself an element of surprise which will most probably land you the target.

The durable and smooth fabric is rather soft on your skin. It is equipped with high loft, soft Sherpa lining which is essential to keep you warm and snug. That being said, the combination of the soft Sherpa lining as well as strategic insulated padding not only keeps you comfortable but also traps warmth for the best hunting experience, especially during a chilly day.

Moreover, it features the cold gear infrared technology where soft and thermo-conducive inner coating is utilized to absorb and retain your own body heat. Hence, this product is very well designed and equipped to be used when hunting in cold weathers or winter season. Specifically, it is able to withstand temperatures ranging from 0F to 55F.

In terms of resistance towards water, it includes a DWR finish which comes in handy to repel water from the body of the jacket itself therefore contributing to its excellent windproof and waterproof performance. However, it doesn’t sacrifice its breathability with this feature. In fact, it has proper ventilation.

Suitable for :

    • DWR finish
    • Exclusive UA scent control technology
    • Harness-compatible design
    • Cold gear infrared technology
    • Soft Sherpa lining

Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket

Scent Blocker Hunting Jacket

First things first, this product features the XLT lightweight technology. That being said, it weighs 1.6 pounds in total and consists of a breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking material. The moisture-wicking feature contributes to its waterproof performance therefore being extremely handy during rainy weather conditions.

Its multi-directional stretch fabric on the other hand ensures maximum comfort for you when wearing the jacket. In other words, it allows you full range of motion without restricting your movements to ensure the best hunting experience. However, you should choose the right size to ensure perfect fit. A tight or extremely loose wear will just restrict your movement.

In addition to that, it is available in 2 different camo patterns. In my opinion, jackets with camo design comes in handy if you plan on hunting in the wilderness. This is because you will be able to camouflage well and blend in with the terrain and trees so your target/prey won’t be aware of your presence if you plan on taking a short range shot.

The safety harness slit is a useful feature as it allows you to utilize this jacket with a spider harness if you plan on hunting from tree stands. Hence, this feature saves you all the trouble in finding a place to attach your harness which is extremely important in terms of safety.

Besides that, this full zip bomber style jacket is equipped with an angled snap chest pocket as well as two lower snap flap pockets. The snap flap features ensures that your pockets are safely shut close. The pockets are important so you are able to keep your additional hunting gear and belongings such as wallet and mobile phone.

Its elastic cuff and waist is rather a great addition to this product. It clings to your body without any loose space hanging to prevent water (even a slight drop) from seeping inside your wear. The elastic waist might cause the jacket to ride up a little, but in my opinion, that’s just a minor problem. Also, it doesn’t come with hoods above the collar.

Furthermore, the high quality seam stitching contributes to the durability of this product, so it will most probably last well in the long run, provided properly taken care of. Not only that, it is fit to be used for the early season with light layering. In other words, the jacket is somewhat similar to a shell.

Therefore, it is a whole lot better to add layers of clothing underneath the shell to provide you with proper insulation on a chilly day. This product is not suitable to be used as a cold weather gear, instead it is suitable for warmer climates. Also, it features the patented New Trinity technology where it has great scent control.

Suitable for :

    • XLT lightweight technology
    • Multi-directional stretch fabric
    • Safety harness slit feature
    • Early season fit for light layering
    • New Trinity technology

Camo Coll Soft Shell Hooded Jacket

Camo Coll Soft Shell Hooded Jacket

In terms of construction, the outer shell consists of 94% polyester as well as 6% spandex meanwhile the interior lining is fully constructed from polyester. That being said, the inner linings are said to be soft and warm, however not warm enough to be used during a cold and chilly weather, without wearing additional layers of clothing underneath.

All in all, it is constructed from high quality fabric that comes with a functional design, to ensure its excellent waterproof and windproof performance. Basically, the jacket is great for blocking wind and has zippers under the armpit area to allow for proper ventilation and breathability.

Besides that, this product is basically a hooded camouflage jacket. It has a rather rugged appearance. The oversized hood comes with a visor so it can be pulled down to cover your face a little.

Not only that, its large hood size provides large coverage and offers protection for your head against the rain, sun and wind. Also, the hood includes Velcro material to roll it and tie it down (drawstring hood) when not in use, according to your preference.

It comes with plenty of pockets, 6 in total. Let me list it all down for you (bear with me); firstly it has one on each shoulder, one large pocket secured with zippers, two on the midchest (with ring loops inside), one large one with zippers on each side at lower back and finally one small one on the left forearm. So, you can see that it has more than enough storage space.

Tip : the upper side pocket comes in handy if you’re wearing a vest.

Moreover, it includes drawstring hood and waist as well as elastic loop and hook adjustable wrist cuffs. Both of this feature is important to prevent even a slight amount of water from seeping into your jacket, therefore ensuring a fully waterproof performance. The elastic feature ensures that it clings to your body. The drawstring waist feature is rather important to prevent the jacket from riding up your body.

Suitable for :

  • Plenty of pockets
  • Hooded camouflage jacket
  • Oversized hood
  • Drawstring hood and waist
  • Elastic wrist cuffs


In a nutshell, it isn’t a must to get a hunting jacket (check out our fishing jacket too!), however it is rather useful if you have one when hunting. It provides you with protection from the rain and wind not forgetting it comes with extra storage space with its pockets so you can store all your additional gear and belongings. And its list of advantages just go on and on.

I hope my review assists you in choosing the right jacket well-suited to you and the type of hunting you plan on getting engaged with. Happy hunting!