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Best Hunting Slingshot Review 2018

For most people, a slingshot is not more than a kid’s toy, which were stuck into their pockets or hung around their necks. If you have ever own one as a kid, this word ‘slingshot’ would definitely take you a ride down the memory lane. It reminds us of its ‘Y’ shaped wooden handle and a thick durable rubber tied to the uprights.

It was said that the slingshot was invented no earlier than 1839, all thanks to Charles Goodyear for his creation of vulcanized rubber. In the early history, all slingshots were self-made, usually made from a split tree branch to form the ‘Y’ shaped handle, and attached with sliced rubber from other items such as tyre inner tubes or other source of vulcanized rubber.

Slingshot were always linked to young delinquents, as they are well known to be used by young kids to vandalize. But to some, they are a very useful tool for an expert user. With a proper assembled slingshot and matched with good firing projectile (such as an arrow), one could use this item as a great hunting tool or survival kit.

Before you venture into this exciting hunting sport, please be mindful of your state law for the slingshot legal consideration. As some types of slingshot might be illegal in certain states. Please refer to the slingshot hunting laws to be safe than prosecuted. Only 32 states in the U.S have no laws restricting slingshot hunting while others might ban them.

Top 5 best slingshot

Y-Shot Hunting SlingshotMetal62.25Provided$$
The Scout Hunting SlingshotPlastic53Provided$
BONLEX SlingshotMetal0.53Provided$$
HOMEE MetalNot AvailableNot AvailableProvided$
Torque SlingshotPlastic62Provided$

Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot

Update: Y-Shot’s latest product comes in a package of a slingshot with rubber band (plus a spare), hard clay balls and steel ammo which is great for eye and attention training. The removable small flashlight design allows for easy target acquisition at night. Its ergonomic design makes it very user-friendly and the ejection base more stable for better ejection intensity.

If you having been using slingshot for a long time, now is the moment for you to treat yourself with the best of the best slingshot. This Y shot hunting slingshot from Montie Gear is specially design like an old fashioned slingshot but with a modern touch to it.

With the paracord braid wrapped around the slingshot handle makes the slingshot looks ultramodern. The paracord braid is designed to deliver the most comfortable grip once you have your hands on it. Even at the extreme pulling weight, I’m sure you would not lose your grip handling this gear. You will also have few options for the paracord wrap color.

This advance slingshot is capable of firing a 3/8″ bearing at speeds of up to 150 feet per second with great precision. The frame is prepared using the water jet cut from aluminium sheet and powder coated. Allowing the slingshot to be extremely light weight, high quality and sturdiness.

This slingshot is finished with the stainless steel heli-coil. This feature is used to toughen the threads for the side plate stainless steel screws, allowing you to easily change the band at any time.

Let it be for small hunting game , home defence, target practice or just scaring away those rodents spoiling your garden or house this slingshot is perfect for any of the mentioned purpose. This slingshot also comes with the Thera Band Gold elastic that’s attached with a small leather pouch allows you place your projectile securely while firing.

Nevertheless if you are willing to spend on this slingshot, ensure you keep a good care and maintain it well. This not only will extend the lasting of your slingshot but also safe for you to use it every time.

One should always keep in mind of the safety measure while using your slingshot. Always store the bands away from direct sunlight or extreme temperature to avoid damage to the band. Always inspect the band and leather pouch before using. If you find any flaws do not use your sling with the damage bands it could cause injuries. Also ensure the screws on side plates are properly secured before firing your gear.

For some users the bands are not quite suitable for them, or should I say the band that is provided along with the slingshot is not very durable. It would be great if you have extra bands on your hunting trip. This item is able to accept multitude of the Montie gear attachments to improve your slingshot firing experience and capability.

The Scout Hunting Slingshot

The Scout hunting slingshot is a very well-known brand to an experience slingshot shooter. To some you might not be interested with its visual appeal but it is a highly rated slingshot in the slingshot industry. And if you’re a newbie to this hobby, The Scout Hunting Slingshot would be a good starter gear for you.

This slingshot is designed incredibly light weight in an effort to provide the users the very best quality. This slingshot is produced using the polycarbonate material for a long lasting use. It is definitely a sturdy and durable slingshot. You will never have to worry about it breaking.

With the ergonomic design, you will definitely enjoy firing your slingshot as it fit perfectly in any hand size. The handle will lock into your hand in the same position for every use. It is designed to accommodate to all the three holding styles, the ‘hammer’, ‘pinch’ or ‘thumb assisted’.

For some who likes to explore your gear when you’re on your hunting trip, the versatility of this items is for you to enjoy. With the FlipClips you will be able to match this slingshot with any type of band with no troubles. You can try-out your slingshot with different types of bands like the flat bands, rubber band or tubular bands.

However, at times the FlipClip might just work poorly as there is a small plastic ring for the screw to seat on could be tighten down too much causing damage to the fork, but if you decide to remove it your Scout slingshot might not last as long. And this slingshot a little thick to be fit in a pocket. These are just some minor flaws that would not hurt your hunting experience.

The Scout hunting slingshot is available in various colours, you can pick some fun colors to complete your slingshot collection. Overall, this is an outstanding slingshot that I think every slingshot enthusiast should own one.

BONLEX Slingshot

Update: The YZXLI stainless steel slingshot is a upgraded, newer slingshot design. It is made from a solid die-cast aluminium alloy frame with high tensile triple rubber and non-slip rope therefore resulting in improved corrosion resistance and accuracy. Moreover, the unique reserve marble magnet design allows to quick marble replenishing.

You’re an adventurous slingshot hunting enthusiasts? Well than, the Bonlex slingshot would be a perfect match for your passion. This slingshot is originally designed from the 316 stainless steel metal. So what is the 316 stainless metal?

It is the second most common form of stainless steel, valued for its anti-corrosion properties. Making this slingshot best for outdoor activities and extreme hunting game. This slingshot has a very interesting visual appeal, allowing you to pursuit your hobby in style. The handle is covered with a very nice rope material that is great to hold in hand and provide exceptional grip. This product also comes with two rubber bands. The band itself are made from high quality and elasticated latex, attached along with a leather projectile holder. Permitting a good grip on anything you want to aim from it.

I have to say, this slingshot is quite powerful for its size. Some might be dubious with the size of this slingshot. But you wouldn’t know till you get your hands on it and give it a try. I believe you would be surprise with the performance of this slingshot. This slingshot is great if you like to have your slingshot all the time with you. Its petite size would fit in your pocket easily. Great to use it during camping, small hunting game, or just a simple target practice on bottles or cans.

There are some minor issues that one would face using this slingshot. The handle is quite short, hence when you are giving it a draw it might be difficult to have a steady hold.

The overall verdict for the Bonlex slingshot, amazing little slingshot built with top quality material and appearance. Very power and value best for your money.

HOMEE Hunting Slingshot Triple

Looking for a unique looking slingshot that will set you apart from your slingshot partners. Well than this is ultimate slingshot for your choice. The Homee Triple Strength Wolf Slingshot.

Firstly this slingshot is constructed from very solid material. It is made from the 304 stainless steel metal. The 304 stainless steel has a high resistant to corrosion and it is the top metal used. Making this slingshot one of the sturdiest slingshot available. What sets this slingshot uniquely different from the other slingshot is the 6-tube design to attach 3 bands simultaneously. Giving you move powerful firing pleasure and top firing accuracy.

The handle is designed to deliver a perfect grip upon conducting this slingshot. And this gear is so compact that it is easy to fit to your pocket with no issues. The leather mitt to hold your projectile is attached in a decent size for you to use any marble or ball bearing as your ammunition. This slingshot would not be enough to hold huge ammunition as the mitt is not very large. And if you’re looking for a long lasting bands, this slingshot comes with the tubular bands. These types of bands have great consistency and last longer than any other bands. Tubular bands always works best with more numbers of bands attached together, double or triple bands attached together would deliver outstanding firing performance.

While most people might treat slingshot as a toy, but it is in fact a weapon which requires training and supervision. Parents – never allow your kids to handle this slingshot without your supervision.

Some minus point for this slingshot is, if your hands aren’t strong enough you will have trouble stretching the triple rubber tube. And your arm will be tired in a short time.

But if you’re looking for a modern and unique appeal slingshot, this is perfect for your search.

HOMEE Hunting Slingshot Triple

The Torque is a different design slingshot from the regular ones. This slingshot has a very modern touch to it. And looks quite dynamic with the honeycomb shape cut into the handle of the slingshot. This product is made of glass filled nylon plastic, this material is really indestructible making this slingshot sturdy and rigid. It is small and incredibly light weight, making it best for over the top or side shooter. What makes this tiny slingshot very light weighted is the honeycomb cut out over the handle. It deducts all the unwanted extra weight simultaneously without effecting the performance of the slingshot.

This slingshot is has the ergonomic design, allows you to have easy aiming on your target. You will also be able to fit this slingshot in your pocket with no issues. The ambidextrous design, makes this slingshot prefect for both left and right hand user. This combinations makes the Torque best for experience hunter or occasional user.

The most crucial element for a slingshot is the bands. With good quality bands and accurate band configuration you would have an amazing time with your gear. The Torque comes with tube bands which works best with the double up. This would make the your firing very powerful.

Though the side cut-outs on the fork of the Torque would make it possible for the tubes to slip out while shooting. Fixing it back in is easy, but them slipping could result in a misfire. But if you set your slingshot with the over the top style of attaching the band, this issue will not trouble you. Also not forgetting the Torque comes at a bargain price making it easily obtainable.

How to pick the best slingshot

For some experience and serious slingshot user, picking a slingshot is just about having one but also picking the best tool for their hunting trip or their competition tournament. As most might not know there are few factors to look for when you’re choosing your slingshot. Some factors are to be considered are the frame physical, band type, grip and other various factors.

Frame Physical / Material

In general, we all know most slingshots would be made of wood, metal or good quality plastic. To assist you I would list down the pro and cons of each material for your consideration.

Wood – The wooden slingshot is more like the classic design. They are designed with the simple ‘Y’ and a latex band attached to the top of the uprights.

Metal – Slingshots that are made from this material are usually the most expensive ones. Metal slingshots are light and durable. For these aluminium or steel slingshot attached with an ergonomic foam handle will be a modern and sleek choice.

Plastic – There can be various kinds of plastic used to make slingshots, however these different types of plastic will have very different quality. One of the best quality of plastic is glass filled nylon and they are also light weight and long lasting.

Band Type

As this is the most vital part on a slingshot and pairing it with a wrong or bad band could be very dangerous. Having a suitable band types will allow you to have a great shot according to your objectives. There are different types of band that you can select to match your slingshot.

Rubber tubes are made to last longer and it would be best to be used for hunting. However there are many choices of rubber tubes to suit your desired draw weight. These kind of tubes are great if you are firing a lot in a short time frame.

However the flat bands works great for those who don’t fire a lot but prefers better accuracy. Firing with a flat band generally produce a faster projectile speed and hitting the target with more accuracy.

Also note that, they are numerous methods that you can use to attach you band. You can read more on this topic in this link here.


A comfortable grip is very important in handling a slingshot. Otherwise we will not be able to get a good stretch while firing it. Good grip will benefit you the most by reducing hand and wrist fatigue. While choosing, select the one with contoured hand that fits your hand.

Hollow handle

Some slingshot are designed with a screw-cap hollow handle. This feature might not be available in all the slingshot in the market nor it is an essential feature. But having a hollow handle would be a great plus point as it can be used to store any of your hunting or survival gear like, a spare band or some ammunition.


Having this feature on your gear would be great to improve the accuracy of your shots, especially for those with less experience in the sport. It works best when you are targeting for very small subjects. However don’t take this feature for granted and presume on being instant perfect shooter with more practice you will have better firing accuracy.

Precautions and safety

With poor ways of handling this gear in some unfortunate situation you or someone else nearby could be seriously injured. Hence always keep in mind of the safety precautions while using with a slingshot.

  • Never humorously target your friends or anyone in the surroundings as you may accidently fire the projectile.
  • Always wear an eye protector.
  • Know your target and what is surrounding it. This helps you to avoid incidents of shoot at anything you don’t intend to destroy.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages before or while using your slingshot
  • Inspect your band conditions before each use, look for signs of breaking or worn out.
  • As I have mentioned earlier, beware of your state laws o slingshots.


I hope this guide on choosing the best hunting slingshot and few selected product review, will be helpful for you to select the best slingshot according to your knowledge and ability in the sports.