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Best Hunting Watch Reviews 2020

As many hunters can attest, it’s easy to lose your bearings when all your focus is on tracking your prey.

A hunting watch with a built-in GPS is a great tool for ensuring that even if you get too wrapped up in tracking, you can quickly sort out where you are, and where you need to go.

In this article we’re highlighting the best hunting watches on the market. Some of the models below include a GPS unit, while others offer an integrated compass.

5 Best Hunting Watches for 2020

Name of ProductsDurabilityCompassWaterproofAwareness FeaturesTiming FeaturesBacklitPrice
Casio PathfinderHighYesModerateExcellentExcellentYes$$
Timex ExpeditionHighYesHighSatisfactorySatisfactoryNo$
Lad Weather SportsHighYesLowExcellentExcellentYes$
Suunto CoreHighYesHighExcellentExcellentNo$$$
Casio G ShockModerateNoHighSatisfactoryVery goodYes$

Casio Pathfinder Review

Modern hunters like to entertain their passion for hunting in style, so they value the companionship of a cool gadget. Casio Pathfinder is one such kind of a watch which makes it beyond useful in terms of features and looks. Its black stainless steel sporty look with resin band and a buckle closure makes it durable and a marvelous wear.

It is the ultimate guide for your hunting trail as a glance at its built in digital compass is enough to keep you on the right track. You can also take advantage of its altimeter, barometer and thermometer with low temperature resistance signal to get hint of the weather and elevation height while embarking in unknown territories to set out trap for your prey.

But hey, it does not stop here! If you are the sporty kind, who likes to go on to challenges like hunting games then you can utilize the countdown timer and alarm system to keep you ahead of the game. No need to fish for a calendar or browse in internet in the midst of the forest to make an international phone call when you have one of these babies clasped on your hand!

Pathfinder has all these to offer with a solid battery which will not give up on you and goes on up to 6 months without being charged. You can dip it in water while catching fish as it is water resistant and has a back lit exterior never giving you a chance to lose track of time. It is truly a remarkable piece if you can afford it in your budget.

Suitable For:

  • Experienced hunters and travellers
  • Likes a multi-functional gadget for challenging sports at land
  • Flexible budget

Timex Expedition Trail Series Review

If you are the kind of person who likes to keep things simple then this is the perfect watch for you. This model of Timex goes hand in hand regarding your budget and your need. Most of you do not need watches crowning with multiple features. You desire to buy a watch which can be used for a long period of time and is resilient against rough use. This watch is just that with a curved round face, acrylic crystal dial window and charcoal in colour so that you can blend with your surrounding easily when you are preparing yourself for hunting.

You don’t need to drag an additional compass as its digital compass is very much visible and easy to access to guide your routes and save you from being lost. You will absolutely love to wear it for any type of hunting sports event as it is constructed of resin material with buckle closure so that no amount of tug and pull can break it.

Besides, you can be completely unaware while going camping in wet areas since it can survive water up to a whopping 660 feet. This watch is tough and useful and will stick to your side for as long as forever. I suggest you opt for this gadget if you need a watch for everyday use and not looking for too fancy or colorful features, just a consistent tag along for your hunting and sports adventures.

Suitable For:

  • Looking for a simple watch
  • Likes a minimal functional gadget
  • Used for extensive hunting sports

Lad Weather Sports Watch Review

When you are looking for a hunting watch, my bet is you are an experienced hunter who know what he wants but Lad Weather Sports Watch will truly blow your mind. It is a wealth of resource in one single gadget, which comes in 9 versatile colours. You can never be out of league with its loaded features to caution you wherever you go.

Hunters like you love to make sense of your surroundings and this watch comes with an army of attributes such as the German sensor, altimeter, barometer and thermometer for you to realize the height of elevation and pressure of your standing. It also has a ready made weather forecast to let you know how and what to pack for your outing.

While you know the existence of all these features, it can be difficult for you to access the right one at right time. To resolve that issue, this watch entertains you with 5 distinctive mode: Dual Time Mode if you are travelling away from your home country to a different time zone, Track Mode which will constantly indicate your point of elevation to prevent you from any risky resorts, Calibrating Mode to give you live updates of the direction you are taking, Magnetic Declination Mode which will automatically take you to the direction you set and finally the Power Saving Mode, so that you do not lose your best equipment at the worst possible time.

While you can safely opt for any of these modes to carry your purpose, the stop watch, count down timer and alarm system with back lit ulterior will keep you alert and focused on your game. It is a strong built watch which can withstand 30 meter of water and have 6 months of warranty. This can be your treasured possession at a very reasonable price which is really a loss if you miss out!

Suitable For:

  • Looking for a multi faced watch with versatile attributes
  • Appreciates high tech products within reasonable price
  • Likes auto modes for every purpose

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch Review

Suunto presents to you an amazing model which is made for hunters and certainly worth your money. The hunting trips you make must involve days or weeks of planning to ensure that you have everything you need for the trip. The last thing you want is to miss out something from your survival gear checklist.

Suunto built this watch keeping in consideration that weather and elevation checks are must when you embark in your enthralling journeys. The barometer, compass and depth meter will suffice to those exact needs to give you full length details of your position. You can monitor your ascending and descending speeds with your constant updating altimeter and this watch has this unique feature which warns you of any forthcoming storm to prevent you from any unpleasant experience.

Hunting sports are not always restricted to land so; whenever you venture into wet territories; you can be assured that it will survive up to 10 meters of water.

The above only describes its rewarding features while you will not miss out on any of the usual features of a high tech watch such as date, alarm, count down timer, chronograph for recording time and even dual time feature for adventurers travelling around the world.

When you are in unfamiliar boundaries, you can get sunrise and sunset’s timing to mark your days with the watch as well. The only thing you may have to sacrifice to possess this awesome gadget is a steep descent in your cash balance but it will certainly be worth it with its bombshell features and a 2 years warranty keeping you in favour of the bargain.

Suitable For:

  • Looking for a multi faced watch with unique attributes
  • Appreciates products with value for money
  • Needs long term warranty

Casio g-shock Review

Casio g-shock is a brand name which is doing quite good for itself with a large number of people taking interest in it. Every college break or a vacation means you plan to do something to revive your monotony life. If you have weakness for those outdoor wild hunting or camping experiences then you should look your part. A hunting watch is as essential a part of your look as selecting the perfect set of binoculars or hunting arrows.

Casio g-shock equips you with a shock resistant rectangular dial with afterglow back light so, that you can keep tabs on time even at night time. It has a solid build with resin case and a mineral dial window. Every second and every minute of your day can be well accounted with its auto calendar, hourly time signal and 12/24 hours format.

You can also use it as a countdown timer, stop watch or set alarm for any sports challenges and hunting adventures. G-shock is resolute against rough locations and underwater by 200 meter. These simple but essential features within very reasonable price make it a good buy for your family as a gift. In this epic generation, you do not need a digital kit for your every need. All things involving time and day can be handled by this one gadget efficiently.

Suitable For:

  • Branded and reliable product
  • Have tight budget
  • Can use for professional hunting sports in land and in water

Key Features of a Hunting Watch


When you purchase a product, you should always know the material it is made of. Stainless steel and resin case are the most popular materials to put together a resilient solid watch. Along with this, you should also check whether the watch band is tough enough for adverse weather and have strong grasp so, that it does not fall off when you are hunting in the neck of the forest.

Delicate and soft handling watches are not for hunters and sports enthusiasts. A nice looking watch is only appreciated if it has the capability to survive through thick and thin.

Compass & GPS

A digital compass is something you should look for if you are investing in a branded watch. Your hunting or adventure trips can only be safe if you know where you are going so the more advanced the tracking system the better. If you’re looking for more detailed information check out our reviews of GPS units for hunting.

Look for a digital compass or auto compass calibration mode when purchasing your watch so that when you are in your hunting trail, you can follow the track in the right direction. The dials and pointers should be visible and easily readable for you to observe readings even in dark or shady surroundings.


Water proof or water resistant is one of those qualities that everyone prefers in a gadget. It is very common for your watch to get in contact with water while chasing your prey, when it’s raining for example. Paying for these minor mistakes can really take a toll on you.

So, whenever you buy a watch, it should preferably be waterproof. Also look for the depth of water that your watch can tolerate before it falls out. That way you can freely move around wearing it when you go for hunting and adventure trips without the fear of it giving up on you.

Awareness features

Outdoor activities always carry the risk of endangerment. To keep you aware of your bearings, you must have a support system. High tech watches these days come with various attributes to be your support throughout the journey.

The in built altimeter gives you elevation height reading to hint you the extent of height you have climbed and the barometer and thermometer measure the pressure and temperature around you to give you an idea of the climate change of your current location. Some watches even come with weather forecast and storm alert characteristics to notify you about the day beforehand. The more of these features you have in your watch, the better it is.

Timing features

A watch is so much more than just checking your time! Travelers who move around the world cannot be sufficed with the time reading of the current location. Often, at hunting or camping grounds you may need to set alarm or check the time and date back at home. Look for watches that can provide these elements along with a countdown timer, stop watch, chronograph and auto calendar to keep your plans intact and not miss out any important commitments.

Back lit

A watch is only useful to you if it can serve you 24/7. If you are prone to outdoor activities and searching for a watch that can be used in remote places, then you must also put into consideration whether you can utilize it at all times of day including night.

Back lit watches are clearly visible at night giving you the freedom of making a move anytime and anywhere with your eyes open. This might seem like a minor feature but it will certainly prove its value at dire times when you most need it.

  1. Durability is rated from low to high
  2. Compass: Some products come with this feature
  3. Waterproof is rated from low to high
  4. Awareness features is rated from bad to excellent
  5. Timing features is rated from bad to excellent
  6. Back lit: Some products come with these features

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