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Best Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews 2019

While blasting across the lake in your bass boat with a rooster tail shooting 20 feet in the has a visceral quality to it, sometimes you want to fish an area where a typical boat just won’t do.  In some cases an inflatable boat is the perfect solution.  They’re easy to store, lightweight, and can go just about anywhere.

We’re going to highlight some of the best inflatable fishing boats on the market..  Which type is right for you depends on how and where you intend to use it.  We’re going to cover a few different types including rigid inflatable boats, dinghies, sport boats, river rafts and pontoon boats.

The biggest benefits of using an inflatable fishing are:

  • storage space – they take up very little room
  • cost – inflatable boats are significantly less expensive than traditional models
  • portability – can go places other boats can’t

Another important consideration is that many of these inflatable boats offer room for more people.  Most kayaks, even a tandem kayak, are only suitable for 2 people.  While it would be cramped quarters, many of these boats allow for 3-4 people.

Top 9 Rated Inflatable Fishing Boats

Name of ProductWeightCapacity/ PeopleStabilityPrice
Saturn Red Inflatable Boat200 lbs 1500 lbs / 4-6High$$$$
Sea-Eagle SE9 105 lbs1200 lbs / 4High$$$
Newport Vessel Boat 101 lbs1067 lbs / 3Moderate$$$
Hydroforce Caspian Inflatable Boat50.7 lbs568 lbs / 2Moderate$$$
Airhead Angler Bay 49.8 lbs900 lbs / 4-6Moderate$$$
Classic Accessories Colorado XT 68 lbs400 lbs / 1High$$$
Intex Mariner Boat Set 77.6 lbs880 lbs / 4High$$$
Classic Accessories Cumberland 100 lbs350 lbs / 1Moderate$$$
Intex Seahawk Boat Set 46 lbs814 lbs / 4Moderate$$$

Saturn 13 ft Red Inflatable Boat

Saturn 13 ft Red Inflatable Boat

Saturn’s inflatable fishing boat is constructed from 1100 Denier Korean PVC fabric with polyester. These combination of materials offer excellent resistance to tearing and breaking of the boat. A double layer of fabric below the tubes together with a rub-strake protector further offers extra protection against damage hence also contributing to the boat’s ultimate durability.

Moreover, this product has a safety valve to prevent over-inflation of your boat. It also has a one-way drain valve with plugs. The plugs should be tightly secured to prevent water from entering the boat. The air valves on the other hand are positioned towards the interior of the boat’s tubes and away from direct exposure of the sun and rain which will increase the shelf life of the air valves in the long run.

It comes with aluminum oars, a repair kit, seat bench, carry bag and a complimentary generic high-volume hand pump to inflate your boat. However, the inflation process of your boat is slightly long using the hand pump so you should consider getting an electric pump which takes you approximately 15 minutes to inflate your boat.

Furthermore, the triangular symmetrical splash guards on the transom area provides extra protection and shade from sharp rocks, abrasive sands, or UV rays which will damage your boat in the long run. Also, this inflatable boat can be easily transported with removable dinghy wheels attached to its transom. Once deflated, it can be easily carried and packed in the carry bag included for safe keeping.

This boat can fit 4 to 6 people at maximum. It runs on the motor power of 15 HP. It is tested that with the power 15 HP and with accommodation of 3 to 4 people, it can travel up to the speed of 20 to 30 mph.

Also, this boat has a strong aluminum seat benches. These seat benches are removable so you can remove it according to your preference and comfort. This product is also equipped with front bow D-rings with integral lifting handle to allow easy towing.

Suitable for :

  • Triangular splash guards
  • One-way drain valve
  • Rub-strake protector

Sea-Eagle SE9 Inflatable Motor Mount Boat

Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Motormount Boat

This inflatable fishing boat includes a wood bench seat, motor mount support bench seat, motor mount set, wood floorboard set, oars, foot pump and a repair kit. The foot pump is used to inflate this boat. The inflation process and assembly time takes around 40 minutes for beginners using the foot pump, however it can be shortened down to 15 minutes if you use an electric pump and get used to the assembly operation.

Its floor on the other hand can be removed and is constructed from a double layered reinforced 4 inch I-beam with provides an external protective sheath as well as increased rigidity hence making the product both stable and durable.

Also, it runs on 3 HP power. You can either use a motor depending on the law of the state at your area, use an electric motor or use the conventional way which is rowing your boat using the oars provided. However, rowing the boat can only be done for short distances.

The total weight of this inflatable boat is 105 pounds which consists of the hull which weighs 38 pounds as well as the inflatable floor and motor mount which weighs 50 pounds. In terms of stability, it is very stable as it is equipped with the wide beam hull design which increases the stability of your boat hence your boat is least likely to capsize.

Besides that, this product consists of 4 chambers which are the main chamber, upper safety chamber, motor mount support as well as one floor chamber. Having numerous chambers come in handy in terms of stability as your boat will more likely stay afloat even if one of your chambers gets punctured when fishing.

Also, it is made from 38 mm Polykrylar material which provides excellent resistance to punctures and impact tears due to sharp objects or rocks. The seam on the other hand is made from high frequency weld. Apart from that, the maximum capacity of this boat is 1200 pounds, in which it can fit a total of 4 adults in this portable boat.

Suitable for :

  • 4 chambers
  • Wide beam hull design
  • Strong and durable

Newport Vessel Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat

Newport Vessels 8-Feet 10-Inch Dana Inflatable Sport

Newport’s inflatable fishing boat comes with an aluminium framed marine wood flooring set, a carrying and storage bag, an aluminium bench set, 2 aluminium oars, towing D-rings, foot pump, oar locks and oar holders, 2 mounted carrying handles, one way drain plug and finally a pre-packed repair kit upon purchase of this product.

Weighing 105 pounds, it is constructed from a triple layered 0.9mm/ 1100 Denier polyester reinforced PVC material. These material are anti-corrosive and solid hence providing you with added protection against corrosion, the sun and other damaging factors. For example, the PVC coat will protect your boat from the UV ray of sun as the UV ray will damage your boat in the long run.

Apart from that, it can handle a capacity of 1067 lbs in which it can fit 3 person at maximum. However, the space is very limited for you to add your fishing gears and other stuff with 3 people on board. Also, this boat runs on a maximum 10 HP.

The floor of this product consists of a 24mm thick aluminium framed marine with a plywood coating. Also, the boat consists of three chambers which is important to keep the boat stable if one of your chambers get punctured. You should also get an anchor with you when fishing so your boat will be stable and firm during a windy day. In other words, your boat won’t shake and wobble easily upon a simple wind blow.

The large 18 inch tube on this boat also further contributes to the stability of this inflatable fishing boat.  Furthermore, this boat quickly inflates using the foot pump provided in around 20 minutes. The assembly on other hand is simple once you get the hang of it. You should consider watching Youtube videos for better understanding of the assembly process especially the floor installation of your boat. All in all, this inflatable boat is well-made and durable.

Suitable for :

  • 3 chambers
  • 1067 lbs maximum capacity
  • High pressure keel and V-hull
  • Large 18 inch tube

Hydroforce Caspian Inflatable Boat

HydroForce Caspian Inflatable Boat

Weighing 50.7 pounds, this inflatable boat is small and lightweight. Hence, it is easy to store, travel around with and extremely compact when deflated so you won’t have any trouble fitting it into the carry bag.

Moreover, this product is ideal for up to 2 adults with a maximum capacity of 568 pounds. However, with 2 people on it, the space is very cramped especially if you want to include your fishing gear and other accessories. Therefore, it is easier to go solo fishing in this inflatable fishing kayak due to its limited space.

This product consists of 2 chambers for better buoyancy. These 2 chambers are constructed using high density nylon supported PVC materials hence contributing to the excellent durability of this boat. Also, this product has a good resistance to UV degradation, abrasion pollutants as well as corrosion.

The floorboard on the other hand has a marine-grade plywood construction. Therefore, it is solid and rigid with provides maximum stability apart from being light and easy to roll up during the assembly process. However, this product is not suitable to be used in choppy waters with currents, it can only be used in calm and clear waters such as lakes.

Furthermore, it comes with a metal steel tow ring, safety grab ropes, Omni-directional oar locks, pressure gauge, Air Hammer hand inflation pump as well as a tough strake to protect the boat against strong impacts. Also, it has an integrated drain valve which needs to be closed tightly at all times.

This boat runs on an outboard motor of 3 HP. The seat on the other hand seems strong and attaches securely to the boat. However, make sure to attach the seat prior to inflating your boat. You will need to align the web strapping to the seat hooks and this is simply done by ensuring that there are no air in the hulls.

The inflating process for this boat is rather easy, nevertheless the floor installation is tricky. The instructions are poor with images and limited wordings so you should watch Youtube videos for clarified information and step by step instructions. Also, this boat comes without a keel so it will most likely be a little shaky during windy days.

Suitable for :

  • Integrated drain valve
  • Rigid floorboards
  • 2 chamber construction

Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat

AIRHEAD AHIBF-06 Angler Bay 6 Person Inflatable Boat

Airhead’s inflatable fishing boat includes 4 drain plugs, a battery storage bag, ditty bag, 2 rod holders and multiple molded drink holders upon purchase of this product. The rod holder comes in handy to hold securely your fishing rod meanwhile the molded drink holders can be used to keep your food and drinks with ease.

This product is constructed using a heavy duty vinyl material with welded seams. Weighing just 49.8 pounds, it is lightweight hence being portable and easy to travel with and keep in you carry case. It is also suitable to be used in lakes and slow moving streams as it is not designed to handle rough waters.

Furthermore, it comes with wrap around grab lines, trolling motor transom mounts and side mounted oar holder. You either have a choice to travel in the boat using the oars provided or using a small motor to propel your boat forward. Also, you should get an anchor with you for increased stability when fishing as there is an underwater flow even in calm waters.

The drainage plugs on the other hand needs to be tightly secured at all times to prevent water from entering your inflatable boat. The pumps used for inflation are not provided with the purchase of this product so you should purchase one separately, either a hand pump or electric pump. Also, patented speed safety valves comes with this product for easy and fast inflating and deflating.

Besides that, this product includes an inflatable floor and movable seat. You can adjust the seat according to your preference and comfort when fishing. The inflatable floor on the other hand is easy to assemble. Also, it can accommodate a capacity of 900 pounds in which 4 to 6 people can fit in. It is better to accommodate four people so you will have ample space without being crowded.

Suitable for :

  • Inflatable floor and movable seat
  • Speed safety valves
  • 4-6 person capacity

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon

This inflatable fishing boat is a 9 inch pontoon boat. It is equipped with removable gear bags which allows for customizable storage with plenty of storage compartments as it has 20 pockets for you to keep your fishing gear, equipment and other accessories with ease to last you the whole day fishing.

Besides that, this product comes with a powder-coated steel tube frame and 2 pieces of aluminium oars if you choose the method of rowing to propel your boat forward. Also, this product includes 2 insulated drink holders in which you can keep your bottles securely for a long journey as well as PVC coated abrasion resistant bottoms, tough nylon tops and heat and cold-resistant vinyl bladders.

The seat mount and foot rests on this boat can be adjusted to a wide range of leg lengths according to your preference. They are comfortable as well as the seat mounts and foot rests are padded together with fold-down seats. This boat also has no air loss for days even as it holds air well with its valves secured tightly.

Moreover, this pontoon boat has an anchor system with a fillable mesh bag at its rear in which you can easy use the cleat and pulley control. The fillable mesh bag on the other hand can be used to keep large items such as a jacket and fishing gears. Also, it comes with a rod holder that can be mounted in 6 different positions according to your preference.

The capacity is 400 lbs and since this inflatable boat is a solo-person boat, you can put plenty of items for storage in your boat with ease. The transport wheel on this boat is a bonus as you can easily maneuver your boat to your desired location rather than rowing your boat. The weight distribution of this boat is not the best so you need to adjust your seats to get to row better and access the trolling motors.

Not only that, the boat assembly is rather simple. Both the inflation process and assembly altogether takes up to 15 minutes once you get used to setting the boat up. It is good to get a swivel for your seat so you can access the 2 position motor mount when trolling since the seat is fixed in one direction.

Suitable for :

  • Adjustable seat mounts and leg rests
  • Transport wheel
  • Removable gear bags with 20 pockets

Intex Mariner 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set

ntex Mariner Inflatable Boat Set

Mariner’s inflatable fishing boat includes battery and gear pouches, a manual hand pump, repair patch kit, inflatable seats and 54 inch aluminium oars. Weighing 77.6 pounds, it can handle the weight capacity of 880 pounds which consists of 4 person. Two adult and two children will be the right fit to this boat so everyone will have enough space to sit and move.

Apart from that, it is constructed from strong molecular structure of plastic which offers high resistance to damage from sharp rocks, abrasive sand, impacts and UV rays of sunlight. Therefore, this boat is durable and well-constructed.

It is easy to inflate and deflate air in and out of this inflatable boat. This product also holds air well so you don’t have to worry about your boat deflating in the middle of the lake or river. However, it is good to bring the pump with you at all times. The setting up on the other hand is rather simple, both the inflation and assembly will take up to about 25 minutes.

For safety purposes, this product is equipped with 4 Boston valves on the main hull chamber to allow quick-fill and fast-deflation. You should always make sure that these valves are tightly closed before leaving the dock to prevent leakage of air when in the water.

Moreover, it consist of an inflatable keel which gives you improved handling, stability and control when fishing. During a windy day for instance, the keep will keep your boat stable. The durable rock guard lines on the circumference of the hull also provides extra protection to your boat.

This product includes rotating oar locks, oar holders, two fishing rod holders to hold your rod securely as well as 3 inflatable seat cushions to provide maximum comfort and back support which will come in handy especially if you had a long day fishing. Also, this boat has 4 chambers which further increases the stability of the boat.

Suitable for :

  • Inflatable keel
  • 4 chambers
  • 3 inflatable seat cushions
  • 4 Boston valves

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Boat

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

This inflatable fishing boat has 2 fishing rods, 2 cargo pockets, 2 drink holders, mesh stripping apron with an integrated fish ruler and a rod holder. The rod holders are basically Velcro straps located on the side of the pockets to hold your rod. The mesh stripping apron (back mesh storage platform) and the cargo pockets both provide plenty of storage for you to keep your fishing gears and necessary equipment.

Besides that, this boat has a hydrodynamic hull shape design for maximum stability as well as ability to steer the boat with ease. Also, it comes with straps at the bottom that comes in handy when travelling as you can carry this boat like a backpack when inflated. These shoulder straps are also adjustable according to your preference.

Available in a green apple or olive color, it can hold up a capacity of 350 pounds. Since this boat is for solo-fishing, there is plenty of storage space for you to put your fishing gears and accessories with ease for a long day of fishing. In terms of safety, this product comes with Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation in which you need ensure that the valves are tight always.

Furthermore, this inflatable boat has thickly padded seats as well as an adjustable backrest that will give you maximum comfort and good back support especially when fishing for a long period of time. The seat on the other hand is located extra high which allows for drier fishing, improved visibility and better casting when fishing.

The seats are also adjustable for leaning or upright sitting according to your preference. However, you might get a little wet at the bottom of your knee and butt when fishing. This product also comes with D-rings so that you can hook on accessories securely.

Suitable for :

  • Extra high seat
  • Back mesh storage platform
  • Hydrodynamic hull shaped design

Intex Seahawk 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set

Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat Set

This inflatable boat set is designed especially for fishing on lakes or recreational outings. In other words, it is designed to handle calm waters with minimum or no current at all. This product comes with an inflation pump in which is used in the boat assembly, which is the inflation process.

The assembly process is rather straightforward. The inflation using the included hand pump on the other hand takes about 25 minutes to fully inflate to the size of the boat. You can go for the electric pump if you want to inflate your boat at a faster rate compared to when using the hand pump.

Furthermore, this product is constructed from a tough 30-gauge PVC vinyl material that is resistant to abrasion and impacts, thus being strong and durable. The sturdy and solid construction of this inflatable fishing boat ensures that the boat is always stable and therefore reduces the chances of it likely capsizing in the water.

Weighing just 46 pounds, this boat is lightweight therefore easy to carry and portable. It holds up to 4 people with the maximum weight capacity of 814 pounds. However, it does not handle the wind and current well so you should get a trolling motor to fish in areas such as rivers with more current.

Apart from that, it is equipped with 2 fishing rods at rear, welded oar lock, oar holder and a pair of oar if you plan to row your boat. The front and rear area of the boat comes with inflatable cushions which ensures maximum comfort and back support especially after a long day fishing.

Also, this product has 2 air chambers with an inner hull chamber and rigid and inflatable floor which contributes to the stability of this boat. However, it loses air quickly so you should always bring a hand pump with you or inspect your boat for any holes.

Suitable for :

  • 2 air chambers
  • Holds up 4 people
  • Front and rear inflatable cushion

Considerations When Choosing an Inflatable Boat

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind when making your selection.  Here are just a few considerations.


The weight does not influence the performance of your boat. A heavier boat no doubt would be harder to carry to the water once inflated so you need at least 2 people to carry the boat. It might be heavy because of higher quality material such as aluminium is used to construct the boat.

The boat also will be heavier when there are plenty of features on the boat such as larger number of chambers and other features such as splash guards, double coatings as well as the strake and tubes. For example, the larger the tube, the higher the weight of your boat.


The capacity depends on the maximum weight it can hold. With that, you can estimate how many people can fit onto the boat. Usually, it fits about 2-4 people on board. It is essential for you to have ample of space in the boat to keep your fishing gears when fishing.


The comfort level of your boat usually depends on each individual features of the boat. Inflatable seats provides comfort and good back support especially after a long day of fishing. Padded straps and fold-down seats also helps you relax when fishing. Adjustable footrests and seat mounts on the other hand will allow you to make adjustments according to your own personal preference.


You should always ensure that your boat is stable at all times thus reducing the chance of it likely capsizing. The number of chambers influences the stability of your boat because if one chamber punctures, the other ones will be there as a back-up to prevent the boat from deflating.

The design of your inflatable fishing boat such as wide beam hull design contributes to the stability. Having a keel or anchor when fishing is important to keep your boat stable especially during windy days or when the river or lake has current.


In a nutshell, an inflatable fishing boat is beneficial in terms of storage, cost and efficiency. Most importantly, it is portable so it will take up minimum space when storing. If you’re up to it, backpacks for fishing are popular among anglers as it plays an important role during fishing activities. Apart from that, it can be used for either recreational boating with your family or fishing as they are comfy and stable.

You should take into consideration factors such as weight capacity, weight and stability when purchasing your very own inflatable fishing boat. Therefore, I hope my review assists you in making the decision.