Best Laser Bore Sight Review 2018

Laser bore sights serves to increases the accuracy of your shot when hunting. Its operation is fairly simple, firstly the boresight will project a dot onto a distant target, then you are able to align your sight with the assistance of that dot and the bore of the gun rather to the location of your target. Did you know that spotting scopes, despite not being as portable as the laser bore sight, offers the best magnification and clarity compared to other scopes? Well, now you know!

Moreover, modern bore sights uses lasers which will allow more movement in the gun and not requiring the removal of bolt compared to the traditional boresight.  The boresight is not only used to align your sights but also to make sighting in your scope much easier and faster simply by placing the laser bore in the weapon chamber then calibrating your sights towards your target at a set distance.

The types of laser bore sights are divided into three which are the cartridge laser, muzzle inserted laser as well as the magnetic laser bore sights. Apart from that, the important features in determining the best laser bow sights are the battery life, brightness, durability and calibers it can handle.

All in all, it is essential to possess a laser bore sight as it provides you with a reference point when your start sighting in your weapon. Also, the laser bore sight shields your shoulders from strong recoils of your weapons and most importantly, save your sighting in time as well as ammunition used.

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Top 5 Rated Laser Bore Sight Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightLaser ColorBattery LifeSetupPrice
Site Lite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter (SL-500)1.1 lbsGreen15 hoursEasy$$$
Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter 2 lbsGreen10 hoursModerate$$$
Site Lite Ultra Mag Professional Boresighter (SL-150)1.5 lbsRed40 hoursEasy$$$
Site Lite Mag Laser Boresighter (SL-100)1 lbsRed2 hoursEasy$$
Sight Mark AccuDot Laser Bore Sight 223 Model1.4 lbsRed1 hourModerate$$

Site Lite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter Review

This bore sight uses highly visible green laser light which not only works well under direct sunlight during the daytime but also during low light conditions. For example, you are able to see the laser on your target at 100 yards in the dark and up to 300 yards during daylight. In other words, the laser light works well in helping you aim for your target.

Moreover, this SL-500 model is able to fit various types of calibers of varying sizes from .22 to .50 caliber weapons as well as 20 and 12 ga shotguns. With these weapons, it sights out perfectly and quickly then you can adjust your printed targets and successfully take an accurate shot at your target.

Also, this product includes a SRL scope leveler for you to level the crosshairs on your scope before sighting in. This bore sight provides shots with high accuracy and consistency with tighter groups once properly sighted in. After sighting it in, you just need to do some fine tuning upon each shot to maintain the zero.

Besides that, this laser bore sight features the Ballistic Targeting system software program in which you can create your own laser bore sighting target. An optional app similar to this software is available for your Ipad and Iphone to be used in the field however strong Internet is required to achieve this. In addition to sighting-in your target, this software program also provides a trajectory graph for near zero range as well as far zero range for your cartridge.

This product is fairly simple to use with the guidance of the ballistic targeting software application. You just have to sight in your bore scope, then print out the targets for any yardages depending on the ballistic information such as ammo size you have entered and this bore sight will tell you how far to set up your target. A Muley instructional DVD is included with this product so you can refer when experiencing a problem.

SL-500 laser bore sight includes O-rings of varying sizes to fit in the barrel of your rifle. In other words, the O-ring makes it easily changeable between bore sizes. However, there are a lot of complaints saying the O-rings are loose or unable to fit the barrel. This problem can be easily solved by applying Vaseline or silicone-based lube to secure it into the barrel.

Suitable for :

  • Ballistic Targeting software system
  • High-visibility green laser light
  • Fits all calibers and shotguns
  • Has varying O-ring sizes

Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter Review

wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter, Green

This laser bore sight consist of a machined aluminium body. It is said to be sturdy and durable hence able to last for a long period time to be passed on from generation to generation provided it is taken good care of. Each unit is hard tuned to achieve the maximum precision when sighting in and when taking the shot.

Apart from that, this laser bore sight uses the concept of magnetic connection to mount itself on the muzzle of the gun as the muzzle is metal mostly. You are advised to put tape over the laser magnet to protect the magnet surface and maintain its magnetism. These magnetic connection also provides excellent alignment with the bore with no risk of damage compared to using an arbor style bore sight.

This bore sight is highly versatile as it can be used with any caliber rifle or handgun. It saves a lot of ammo and speeds up the rate of sighting in your scope. Also, this unit runs on a single lithium battery (123A) which is included with the purchase of the product. The battery on the other hand can run up for continuous 10 hours however, it is good to bring spare batteries with you at all times.

Equipped with a high powered visible green laser, you can easily view and aim at your target during the day, under direct sunlight as well as under low light conditions. Therefore, the laser light is bright and well worth your investment.

To view the laser dot clearly on your sheet, you are advised to use the reflective sheet provided together with this product. It will speed up your sighting process as the green laser light works well with the reflective background. Once the sheets are aligned with the laser, the rifle can be fine tuned with live ammo quickly since it has the sight very close to the bore.

In terms of setup, this product is simple to use. You can easily get the dot on the paper provided you use the reflective sheet provided. Also, you must ensure that the flat end of the magnetic barrel is almost at right angle to the shaft of the barrel. In other words, your rifle should sit flat against the muzzle for maximum stability.

Suitable for :

  • Uses magnetic connection
  • High powered green laser
  • Machined aluminium body
  • Versatile

Site Lite Ultra Mag Laser Professional Boresighter Review

The SL-150 unit is almost similar to the previous SL-500 unit. However, this model uses a bright red laser instead of the green laser. The laser is bright and works well under low light conditions as you are able to view the dot easily on the paper. Nevertheless, it is not as clear during daytime especially under direct sunlight as you won’t be able to view the laser light.

Furthermore, this product similarly features the Ballistic Targeting software system where you can print out the target at any yardages as well as estimate the distance of where you prefer to set up your target. Also, this feature can be accessed using your smart hi-tech devices in the field provided you have Internet.

This product is introduced into the muzzle end of the bore and comes with a machined aluminium rod to ensure that it is closely aligned with the bore geometry hence you are able to sight in more quickly than usual. This unit promises highly accurate and dead on shots with its hi-tech ballistic software providing accurate targets to start on. You just need to ensure that your laser is centered and on flat surface so it will remain in the same location of target.

In terms of setup, this product is easy to follow once you get a hang of it as the instructions provided are top notch. You just need to properly align and level your weapons, print the targets from the ballistic targeting software, align your bore sight laser and finally adjust your weapon crosshair for a quick and easy zeroing process. A SRL scope leveler comes with this product to level your crosshairs before bore sighting.

Apart from that, the SL-150 unit is versatile as you are able to sight multiple caliber rifles and handguns altogether.  The O-rings provided with this laser bore sight ensures that your weapon and bore sight are tightly secured mainly for weapons with larger calibers. It is best if you lube it with Vaseline to ease sliding into barrel as well as preventing damage upon insertion into barrel.

Suitable for :

  • Bright red laser
  • Ballistic Targeting system
  • 40 hour continuous battery

Site Lite Mag Laser Boresighter Review

Similar to SL-500 and SL-150, this unit, SL-100 also uses the Ballistic Targeting system in which you can fill in ballistic details such as the specific details of your ammo and print out sight targets for any yardages. This will help you estimate the distance between your target and the weapon so you can get a good aiming.

Besides that, this laser bore sight allows quick sighting in with the usage of less live ammo. In other words, it saves your time to zero in your weapon as well as save your money by using less ammo. Once sighted and aligned properly, you can aim for accurate shots with tighter groupings as you are put on paper quickly once sighted in.

The SL-100 on the other hand uses red laser light. This red laser light is bright and works well under low light conditions. However, it can’t be viewed clearly under direct sunlight or daytime compared to using green laser light. This product has a 2 hour continuous battery life. The battery life is quite short if you plan to go hunting the whole day, so always bring spare batteries with you.

Moreover, the SL-100 unit is fairly simple to use. You just need to properly align the O-rings and weapon and downloading the ballistic guide will come in handy when setting your target at certain yardages. The instructions that come with the product also are good and informational so you can easily overcome a glitch.

This product is known for its perfectly aligned structure as well as al metal sturdy construction hence ensuring its durability. It is also versatile as it can be used on rifles, pistols or shotguns with different calibers. The switch for lights and the O-ring of this product is said to be flimsy and fragile so follow the recommended lube procedures for the O-rings and handle them with care.

Suitable for :

  • Uses lesser live ammo
  • Ballistic Targeting system
  • Bright red laser

Sight Mark AccuDot Laser Boresight 223 Model Review

SightMark Laser Bore Sights Cartridge Sizes

This compact 0.223 laser bore sight is designed for fast gun zeroing and sighting. It is equipped with a visible red laser light with wavelength of 632 to 650 nm. However, the red laser light is not very clear and bright during the daytime hence it is harder to locate the dot on paper under direct sun. The red laser light works best indoors, under shady areas or during low light conditions.

Made by sturdy brass construction, this laser bore sight is not too hard to use in which you just have to simply chamber the bore sight such of a regular bullet and the red laser dot will display the location at which the rifle is aiming. Therefore, you can zero in your scope without firing any shot quickly and with ease.

In the long run, you not only get to save time by speeding up the sighting in process but also save cost as you don’t need any extra ammo for shooting or any unnecessary live fire tests. The live fire tests are used to fine tune your weapon when being sighted with inconsistent factors such as bullet drop due to yardages.

Apart from that, this bore sight offers 15 to 100 yards sighting range with its laser dot size of 2 inches at 100 yards. The battery life on the other hand is quite short as it can only run for 1 hour straight with 2 AG5 batteries or 3 AG3 batteries.

The operation is slightly tedious as there is no switch to switch on and switch off the bore sight so you have to remove the batteries manually to switch it off each time you want to use it. The batteries removed can be kept in the included carry pouch so you won’t lose it when constantly removing the batteries.

Suitable for :

  • Visible red laser light
  • No switch to turn on
  • One-hour battery life

Key Considerations when Purchasing a Laser Boresight

Laser Color/ Quality

The laser light for bore sights are usually green or red in color. The green color laser light is usually better and a tad bit more expensive compared to the red laser light as the green laser is clearer to be viewed during the daytime or under direct sun.

However, under low light conditions, both red and green laser lights are excellent so you are able to view the laser dot on the paper very easily once sighted in. The laser quality depends on how well you can view the laser light as well as the dot when aiming at your target.

Battery Life

The battery life of your laser bore sight is very essential. Hunting trips usually take a long time, at least a whole day if you are a serious hunter. Therefore, batteries which longer shelf life are preferable so you can save cost of buying new batteries frequently and changing them each time. You will also be able to concentrate more on your target rather than worrying about your battery level each time as the laser light will most likely drain your battery.


Once you get the hang of the setup and the zeroing in process, you can easily handle your laser bow sight. You just basically have to align your bore sight according to the laser dot and set the distance between your target and the weapon. With hi-tech systems such as the Ballistic Targeting system, it will be so much easier to sight in your weapon as the targets can be printed out and adjusted accordingly to set the target distances.

You should also take into consideration the O-rings of your laser bore sight. Handle them properly by applying recommended lube and Vaseline onto it to ensure they are tightly secured to the end of the barrel.


Choosing the best laser bore sight well suited to you is no easy task. You should take into consideration factors such as battery life, durability, laser light performance and quality as well as setup. Getting yourself a hunting camera for you to document your hunts can be useful as you can learn from your mistakes. Therefore, I hope my review assists you in making the right choice.