Best lead sled shooting rest review

Best Lead Sled Shooting Rest Review 2018

To shoot with precision and comfort, a shooting rest is a vital tool to consider. Especially when practicing to shoot and measuring the accuracy of a gun, the best lead sled shooting rest can have a major impact in our performance.

As for people aiming to perfect their body position and accuracy, a gun rest is a must-have because any shooting errors will get magnified without a rest. It is imperative that any practitioner should perfect their trigger squeeze, aim and positioning of the gun on the gun rest before moving to a more complex position by standing up to shoot.

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Best lead sled shooting rest comparison table

If you are looking for a quick comparison of the important features and characteristics of the models, you can do it through the comparison below. We listed the top 5 shooting rests in the market.

ProductRecoilDurabilitySafety of useDamage to the gunComfortabilityFlexibilityPrice
Caldwell Plus Recoil Greatly reducedgoodgoodless damagegoodbad$
Caldwell Dual Frame TechnologyGreatly reduced very goodgoodleast damage very good good$$$
P3 Ultimate Gun ViseConsiderably reducedvery goodvery goodless damagevery goodvery good$$
Caldwell Rock BR RestNot much reducedvery goodgoodless damagevery goodbest $$$
Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Great reducedvery goodvery goodless damagebestvery good $$$$

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest

Caldwell is known to make one of the best shooting rest there is. In my opinion, I highly recommend this product to any buyers out there who are interested to invest in an affordable but great product.

Firstly, the recoil is greatly reduced because Caldwell still use lead shots for stabilization. The heavy lead shots and large surface area reduces the recoil so that the shooter feels very little of it. The new adjustable weight tray slides can accommodate bar bell weights and weight bags. Basically, it is able to hold at least two 25 lb. bar of bell weights or it holds up to 100 lbs. of lead shots.

Now, there is a new and improved “no wobble “elevation ram which greatly decreases the feeling of recoil. This recoil reducing rifle rest is ideal for magnum rifles and slug guns. 95 percent of recoil is reduced which aids significantly in keeping the gun on target.

Next, this gun rest is highly durable because it is made of metal and leather. The screws do not come loose after a few shots and no tightening is required. Though it has certain holes to clean, it should be highly durable because of the strong metal and quality leather to hold the gun.

Furthermore, it is considerably safe to use this device. For the practicing gunman out there, it can greatly reduce the amount of mistakes made by shooting “off course”. In terms of children safety, the gun can be fitted considerably tight to the shooting rest though this gun rest will not have any screws for tightening the gun to stay in one rigid position.

It will least likely be damaged by using this gun rest because it is made of leather for the gun to stand on. With this soft surface, the gun will get minimum force caused by the strong recoil. The wide adjustment of the front rest by moving the sled allows us to put small guns to a large hunting rifle and still get a proper adjustment without having to put shims under the front or back of the sled to make it work. It will definitely hold the gun with ease without causing much damage.

Also, this weapon rest provides great comfort for shooting. The knobs can be easily turned which provides easy adjustment for shooting a specific target. The elevation shaft is very precise at adjustment and it eliminates wobbling. The non-marring feet also provides stable shooting with minimum movement from recoil. The great resistance on recoil means one can shoot all day and not get a sore shoulder at the end of the session.

The Caldwell rifle rest is considerably flexible because it can be shifted for different gun use. By just turning the knobs, the shooting rest can cater for most kind of guns. As an extra bonus, it accommodates several weight types including barbells, sand and lead shot bags.

It only weighs 15 pounds, hence it is easy to carry from one place to another and it only takes few minutes to easily set up this shooting rest. I would definitely recommend this 27 inches long and 12 inches wide shooting rest for most gun owners especially for zeroing and long-range shooting.

Caldwell Lead Sled DFT (Dual Frame Technology)

The Caldwell DFT is one of the better shooting rest to have for all gun owners especially people who join in the year-round shooting sports arena.

The recoil is greatly reduced because Caldwell DFT has a dual frame design which disperses maximum amount of recoil energy even better than the original lead sled design. The Lead Sled DFT (Dual-Frame Technology) provides shooters with the industry’s best recoil reduction system. To experience shooting with minimal nasty recoil, this is definitely the right gun rest to choose. Hence, the recoil are not only spread out but it is also transferred mostly to the lead shots for a more steady shooting.

Besides that, it is highly durable because it is made of substantial materials such as beefy metals and very sturdy components. It has good paint and good texture which makes it pleasant looking. The green fabric will last a very long. The gun rest is very rigid, unlike a lot of the rests on the market that easily flex or wobble during use. Even so, it has certain edges and holes which makes it harder for cleaning and maintenance.

Also, it is considerably safe to use this product because we can stay in optimal shooting position by making elevation corrections using the rear elevation collar which means the probability of shooting off target is potentially lower. But as for screwing the gun tight, this shooting rest does not have any screws but it is good for a tight fitting of a gun.

The gun will least likely be damaged because with up to 100 pounds of weight, the rest will not be able to damage any gun. The rest basically takes the place of your shoulder and absorbs and transfers the recoil through the frame.

Then, it provides great comfort for shooting. It’s easy to assemble with included tools and great instructions. The total assembly time should take about 25 minutes. It also has an extremely fine windage and elevation adjustments with fingertip control for smooth adjustment. The large surface area also provides improved weight dispersion through a unique baffle and tray system where lead shots or other weights can be added. Even so, the rounded bottom might cause some minor movement during shooting but it is reduced by its rubber surface.

The Caldwell DFT rest is very flexible because the dual frame alignment system has 18-inches of adjustment to fit rifles and shotguns of virtually any size. Even though it is quite heavy, around 20 pounds but It is very robust. Hence, with this solid product, virtually any gun can be placed for great precision and comfortable shooting.

P3 Ultimate Gun Vise Review

The P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is by CTK company which is one of the companies which is capable of competing with Caldwell by providing high quality gun rest.

Firstly, the recoil is greatly reduced because the gun vise has a wide surface area with 3 rubbers protruding to provide good support to the gun. With a thick rubber to absorb the shock, most of the effects for recoil are reduced even though the metal might create certain vibration.

Next, it is highly durable because the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is the perfect tool for gun maintenance, gun cleaning and boresighting. It looks easy enough to clean with very smooth surface and easy-to-reach edges. It is made with heavy-duty steel construction with durable E-coat finish inside and out.

Furthermore, it is considerably safe to use this product because any guns can fit in tightly. There will be small movement during recoil but the gun will definitely be kept in place for greater accuracy because of the tight Y rest and fitting gun holder.

The gun will least likely be damaged by using this gun rest because both the rear vise and the front Y rest are covered with high quality closed cell PVC foam for long lasting durability. The thick rubber will absorb the impact during recoil while reducing scratches and preventing certain parts of the gun to loosen or spoil.

Also, it provides great comfort for shooting. The size of this shooting rest is about 25” x 18” which makes it easy for aiming the gun. The front support is covered with thick rubber which makes the gun not movable at the gun rest.

This weapon rest is highly flexible because it can be adjusted to accommodate both rifles and pistols. In addition, it has optional rest attachment which converts gun vise into a shooting rest in seconds. The wide telescoping front Y rest adjusts vertically which makes it able to fit almost all firearms. If you are planning to do repairs often, this gun vice/rest is just for you as the gun can be held firmly in different positions for you to work on the firearm. Also, the leg levers are long which makes the gun able to stand still in some uneven ground.

Caldwell Rock BR Rest

This is another product by Caldwell which is aimed for the more professional who craves mobility while having the gun grounded. This is another masterpiece by Caldwell to cater for shooters of all kinds.

For the Caldwell Rock BR Rest, it lessens the amount of recoil but not that much because it is mainly for the front end of the gun but if it is coupled with Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag, it greatly reduces the amount of recoil by the firing of a gun. Even so, if one chooses mobility rather than recoil reduction, this is the product for you!

On the other hand, it is highly durable because of the high quality material used such as the thick metal and leather which makes it feel solid rock! It is extremely stable and strong. But for cleaning and maintenance wise, there are places that are quite hard to reach as there are several holes and many screws which serves for smooth adjustment.

Additionally, it is quite safe to use this gun rest because it has fine elevation adjustment which makes it great for aiming with tight gun holder which ensures the gun is held in place. Since this is a very solid rest, its unlikely to slide during shooting and cause a mishap.

It will not likely be damaged because the high quality leather will hold the gun on point. This shooting rest is very easy to set up

Also, this gun provides considerable amount of comfort for shooting and great flexibility for the gunner to move. In my opinion, this is a shooting rest for the experts by helping people discover the true potential of their rifle and ammunition. This shooting rest is designed for the experts taking their accuracy to the next level and bench rest competitors.

Now, everyone who wants the best from their guns especially rifles can benefit from the advanced design of Caldwell Rock BR Rest which gives great amount of mobility to the shooters. As a bonus, this shooting rest is very easy to set up which requires very little time.

This Caldwell Rock BR Rest is extremely flexible because it features both a ball bearing elevation adjustment and a windage adjustable cradle. The rest includes two styles of front bags and accepts any Caldwell front bag. Hence, this product is highly adjustable to the size of most guns with more screws and bearings than most shooting rest in the market. This weapon rest is also highly mobile because it is easy to carry and it only weighs 13 pounds.

Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Shooting Rest

Lastly, another amazing product by Caldwell which is the Caldwell FCX Shooting Res which will provide a great experience for shooters.

The Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Shooting Res is another product by Caldwell which greatly reduces recoil significantly. It is said to reduce recoil up to 95 percent. It has a wide and steady platform which allows the gunman to shoot and sight in the gun especially in rifles. By reducing he recoil significantly, you are able to get back to target much faster with other shooting rest.

On top of that, this product is highly durable because the rest is engineered for ultimate stability and durability. It is an excellent shooting rest for sighting in. It is made of heavy metal and quality leather which definitely can sustain for years to come. However, the holes and knobs for adjustment are not easy to clean and maintain.

What is more, it is quite safe to use this gun rest because it is extremely stable while delivering maximum accuracy potential. Since it is excellent for sighting, it will be very unlikely for you to shoot off course and accidentally hit another thing.

The gun will not likely be damaged by using this gun rest because the front of the gun is placed on top of quality leather while the back is adjustable not just in height but in width to provide optimum pressure to the gun. There is also a contoured rear support which protects the gunstock’s finish.

Moreover, it provides considerable amount of comfort for shooting because there is adjustable length and front cradle height adjustment offer the versatility to accommodate almost any gun such as rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader.

It also provides fast and precise crosshair alignment. There will also be machined gears and racks for smooth function and movement. The 4” coarse elevation adjustment at the rest will reduce the time and effort need for greater movement of the gun. But, the location of the adjusting lever tends to interfere slightly when shooting AR type rifles.

For example, at 100 yards, the control arm provides approximately 5 feet of adjustment on target for accurate shooting which shows how easily adjusted it can be for long-range shooting. The precise adjustment for shooting has one drawback where the lever is quite big and get in the way while using certain types of gun.

This Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Shooting Res is extremely flexible because we can adjust the windage and elevation with minimal movement. The overall length is easily adjustable by just loosening the knobs. Besides, a custom-fit weight bag is included, just add the lead shot or sand then it will be extremely stable and ready for use. Even so, it is 27 pounds and requires a bit of effort to move it around which is the tradeoff for recoil reduction. This weapon rest is highly versatile which means it can cater for many guns and easy to use.

Important criteria to consider when purchasing a lead sled rest:


A good weapon rest will at least reduce the recoil by 90 percent. The effects of recoil is not only detrimental to the body, it is also an uncomfortable feeling which might engender bad aim. The effects of recoil can be reduced by having a stable rest with a wider surface.


Durability is vital, hence it must be made of strong materials such as metal. It is also suggested that the grip is made by a sustainable material such as metal which is coated by foam to sustain recoil in the long-term. A good gun rest should be easy to clean and maintain which is imperative for sustenance. It is encouraged that you buy a gun rest with less hard-to-reach surfaces for easy cleaning.

Safety of use

A gun rest that does not move during shooting with a strong grip to the surface is essential especially for safety. It is also able to tighten and hold the gun for two very important reasons.

Firstly, your aim would definitely be better if the gun is held firmly therefore reducing mistakes significantly while the position of the shooting rest moves minimally even though there is recoil. Furthermore, people who plan to have children will definitely want to consider putting the gun rest somewhere unseen and untouchable by children.

If the children accidentally found the gun and somehow managed to reach it, a shooting rest which is locks the gun position will make it difficult for the children to get hold of the weapon and prevent them from doing something they might regret.

Consequences to the gun

Using a lousy gun rest might bring great repercussions to the gun by causing the metal to be scratched or certain alignment to be out during shooting. It is advisable the gun rest is made of soft and sustainable materials which reduces the impact of recoil to the gun.

Comfort for shooting

A good shooting rest should not restrict the movement of the shooter while allowing the shooter to adjust the position of the gun with minimal effort but with the highest precision. A good shooting rest is essential for a good experience in aiming and shooting by reducing the hassle of adjustment.


This gun rest which can be adjusted for the use ranging from rifles to hand-pistols will in a way reduce cost because there is no need for another gun rest. A gun rest which is easily adjustable for most types of guns while providing the grip for the different type of guns to me is of utmost importance.


A good shooting rest is a must-have for any shooter serious in training and seasoned gunman. In my opinion, we should invest in a shooting rest which reduces recoil while being able to hold the gun considerably steadily for accurate shooting.

Easy set up and movement should also be taken into consideration as well. All in all, a good gun rest can significantly improve your shooting performance while reducing the harm done to your gun which is killing two birds with one stone.

In training for accurate shots, a good shooting rest is a need by aiding the process of a shooter steadily from how to hold a gun to ways to adjust a gun. I would highly recommend the 5 shooting rest above to shooters around the world for consideration!

What is your favorite shooting rest?