Best Monofilament Fishing Line Review

Best Monofilament Fishing Line Review (2018 edition)

The monofilament is a single strand of material, in opposite to the other multifilament lines. Which are threaded from multiple strands that are fused, braided or bundled together.

Monofilament can be made from different materials, but nylon is by far the most common and popular medium. Often, varieties of nylon are blended into co- and multi-polymers to produce varying degrees of stretch, strength, abrasion resistance and other important attributes. Fancy a useful fishing jacket?

Some crucial parameters of a fishing lines are its material, breaking strength, stretch and visibility. Common fishing lines are made out of fiber or plastic. Most used fishing lines now are the monofilament fishing lines because they are cheap to produce and they are also available in variety options of diameters which have different tension strength. The monofilament fishing lines are also manufactured in different colours like clear, white, green, red and fluorescent.

These are some reasons why most prefer monofilament over braided fishing line. Fluorocarbon fishing line on the other hand might be a better choice for those with a budget.

Monofilament line also works well with both spinning and baitcasting reel. (Check out our best spinning reel and best baitcasting reel reviews).

Top 5 Best Monofilament Fishing Lines

Hi-Seas Grand Slam NylonBothHighGood$$
Berkley Trilene Big Game Nylon+SuperlineFresh WaterHighAverage$
Sufix Superior Leader NylonBothAverageAverage$
Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate
Stren High Impact NylonBothHighGood$

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Monofilament Line Review

Let it be a small fishing game or big challenging fishing match, the Hi-Seas Grand Slam is always up for the challenge. This mono line is known as the extra tough monofilament leader. It is the best option for anglers that fishes in various surroundings. It is perfect for deep water fishing, tiny panfish or any other enormous fish.

If you have few reels to fill, no doubt the 40lb line is would be a great choice to your search. It is hard to explain how much line you will have in hand. Almost 3000 yards. You can easily fill 3 of your reels and still have lots of lines in balance.

The Hi Seas Grand Slam works excellently in either salt or fresh water. This mono line is a little stiffer than any other higher costing line and thicker in diameter. Due to the stiffness and thickness, it is recommended to pair your lines with spinning reels. It will still deliver good performance to pair it with any other conventional reels.                                       The thickness of the mono line makes this line to have a higher breaking strain.

This particular mono line is formulated to provide high impact strength, with excellent features of superior knot strength and the ultra-manageable low memory characteristic. This line gives you the best of the both worlds, it gives you the satisfactory of the strength and abrasion resistance of their premium multi benefit nylon monofilament line.

The Hi-Seas Grand Slam is not much recommended if you’re angling with a very light lure due to the thickness of the diameter.This mono line also comes in various colors for you to choose depending on your fishing needs.

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool Review

The Berkleys are the “king” in the fishing line products. They already existed in the business as early as 1939. However the Trilene series were only introduced in 1959. To promote their fishing lines as the best lines available, they gave out thousands of sample spools of lines to best anglers to try it out on their reels. The anglers loved it and the launch of the Berkley Trilene was a successful one. From the beginning Berkley is committed to research and develop to provide the fishermen and anglers the best fishing experience. Believe me when is say this, this is indeed a trusted brand for a long time.

In this review we are going to speak about the Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament. So what makes the Trilene Big Game special than any other mono lines in the market? One of the huge advantage of the Trilene Big Game is abrasion resistance is outstanding making it best to be used in rough water condition or rivers with lots of rocks and sticks , or maybe if you’re fishing in a bad weather.

This mono line is very sensitive and allows you to easily feel if there are fish activity close to your line. It is also has the high visibility quality, makes it easy for you to cast in a crowded fishing spot, so you don’t tangle your line with other anglers. And it’s convenient for you to spot you line movement when your bait taken.

And if you love fishing for big fishes this is the ideal mono line for you. As this fishing line is super strong and has a high breaking strength. You will never have to worry about your line being deform as it will be able to take all the weight.

However this mono Trilene Big Game line might have lots of memory making your cast quite uncontainable, this is a universal issue when you are using monofilament line. This issue can be resolved by soaking the line in warm water it reduces the memory and allows the line sit on the reel better.

Sufix Superior Leader Review

Every fisherman has their preference to describe the best fishing lines. And their preference differs according to their fishing styles and circumstances. The Sufix superior Leader monofilament fishing line is specially developed for all kind of waters, lake, sea or river fishing.

This Sufix Superior Leader is produced to attribute some specific purpose. This mono line is ideal for anglers to use while creating leaders for fly fishing. Fly fishing is when an angler uses a flexible and almost no mass lure/rod attached with weighted line. As the one end need to be a strong line when it connects to the fly line.

It is a very strong mono fishing line, best used for deep water fishing as this mono line is a little thick. It ensures your line is sink in deep and allows it to be sited in a good position even while fishing in a rough current. However due to the thickness of the line, some angler might face problems getting the knot done. And in certain occasion when the knot is not done properly it could cost the line to break. It is best to test the line strength before your fishing trip.

The Sufix Superior Leader is a high visibility line, allowing you to see it against the water. Making this line easy to handle as with the high visibility feature you will know when to stop reeling and not to pull the spin. In retrospect, this is an amazing monofilament fishing line with value for your money.

Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate-Monofilament Superline Review

This monofilament fishing line is as amazing as it name sounds like. This is another great product by Spiderwire. If you’re fishing in fresh water or looking for fishes that are sensitive than this is the fishing line for you. As this line has exceptional abrasion resistance for sensitive and quite fishing atmosphere.

If you choose to use this mono fishing line, the first thing you would notice about this line is its cast ability that would not match to any other fishing lines. With good casting skills this line is able to enhance your casting performance by adding thirty percent casting distance. Great advantage for deep sea fishing. All thanks to its ‘bridge’ feature between nylon and superline, this has also made this line extra thin, and strong.

Moreover, this mono superline has a lot of strength making your fight with the water creatures easier as it will not break the line. This definitely is one tough fishing line. Another plus point of this mono fishing line is, the nearly invisible feature of this line.

One minor disadvantage of this line is the color of the line tends to stain as the line aged. However this mono superline comes at a reasonable price, making it easily available for all kinds of anglers.

Stren High Impact Fishing Line

Stren is another well-known names in the fishing world. If you have been fishing for some time and haven’t used Stren, you’re really missing on this high performance mono fishing line. As most know, when using a monofilament fishing lines the main issue an angler would face is high memory causing the line to tangle. But with Stren you have one less thing to worry.

Though, as per some anglers’ experience, this mono line is recommended best to be paired with a baitcasting reel instead of spinning reels. It would be able to deliver an outstanding performance. It is a high strength line and long lasting line. Works best if you’re looking to fish for big fishes like catfish or sturgeon as this line will not break and it is very reliable.

The great thing about this particular line is the consistency of its performance. Every use it is able to deliver an outstanding results. And it has excellent knot strength higher than the line rating.

However the downfall for this line is, the color fades in short duration. Making the visible color lines low visible and difficult to spot. For the prices it offers this is a worthy monofilament fishing line for casual or professional anglers.

Important features to consider for a monofilament fishing line:

Since the first monolines were introduced 80 year ago, there have been many progression as new production process and types of polymers used. While manufactured the polymer can be adjusted by adding numerous chemical to change the characteristic of the monofilament lines. The most obvious change were the colors.

These days’ anglers will search for low diameter line with a high breaking strain. The low diameter outcomes in more line being kept on the reel spool, whereas the high breaking strain makes fighting large fish easier.    However the line needs to be flexible enough to cast excellently.There are some crucial criteria to consider while searching for a good monofilament. These are a few of the features that we took considered when writing this reviews.

This invention indeed has made the fishing sport much easier and more fun to be enjoyed by all the anglers. This invention has also made the sport more affordable, as the monofilament fishing lines are not costly. All thanks to the DuPont Company for their first creation of nylon (synthetic fiber). Leading to the modern invention of fishing lines.

Modern fishing lines are commonly used for spinning reels or baitcasting reels are all made from artificial material like nylon. The modern monofilament fishing line offers choices according to your fishing circumstances. Some advantages of using a monofilament lines are, from single nylons to co- and multipolymers, altered blends enhance toughness and casting distance.


If you are new to the fishing sport, these lines are best for beginner as they are easy to handle and definitely safer compared to braided fishing lines. Their ability to stretch are really amazing. They are able to stretch thirty percent more than any other braided fishing lines before breaking. This is a very important feature when dealing with fishes that jumps and puts a real fight before you are able to pull it up on land.

With the ability to stretch more, they are great to prevent the hook from tearing a hole in a fish mouth, which results easier to unhook your catch.


The diameter dimensions provided by manufacturers are defined in thousandths of inch (0.001 inch), in metric system equivalent. However not all manufacturers don’t provide these information’s.

There are no standard procedure for measuring fishing lines diameters. Mono lines are usually have larger diameter than other fishing lines. Sometimes the additional diameter could be a disadvantage, as it could limit the depth of your lure dives, but you can use the extra breadth to your advantage. In such instance as slowing down the fall of your lure or when treading the bait the thicker line makes it more abrasion resistant.


Using a monofilament fishing line gives you lots of benefits. The mono lines are not very sensitive because of their amazing stretch feature. Hence you will not be able to notice ultra-light bites, changes in the composition or feel your lure activity at all times.

Monofilament lines has lesser tensile strength compared to the fluorocarbon, but u can always benefit you with the lower sinking rate. However mono lines are not able to run deep as the other lines.

Long exposure to sunlight can weaken your mono line, but damage will only happen if the lines are exposed for hundreds of hours. However it is recommended to change your lines on a year.

Color Palette

The monofilament lines are available in various range of colors as the mono lines are easier for the producer to dye it compared to the other types of fishing lines. You are open to numerous options like the quiet and low visibility like the clear ones, green or blue. Or for some anglers who want to keep an eye on your lines you can choose for the opposite colors.

Certain monofilament lines offers the best of the both benefits, by transforming color from bright gold to low visible clear underwater. Check out our fishing sunglasses review while you’re at it!

User Friendly

Not only the monofilament lines are affordable, but this line is indeed easy to use. They are known as the knot friendly and they offers 100 percent knot strength when tied properly.

With all these great combination of easy knot tying, amazing stretch ability and various fishing friendly features, monofilament is the best fishing line that any anglers should own. Regardless of new anglers or veteran fishers the monofilament is always a great choice for you to experience an astonishing fishing trip.


I hope this article would be a good help for you to decide as to which monofilament fishing line is the best for your fishing needs.Take count of all the characteristics of the line you require and seek advice from pro anglers or product specialist. The bottom line is, once you found a line that you can rely on that suits your style and needs, that is what matters.

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