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Best Night Sights For Glock 43 Review 2019

Whether it is for civilians use or for law enforcement officers, the latest Glock 43 just sums up each and every criteria they dream for. This subcompact slimline design is the perfectly balanced answer for conceivability and comfortableness at the same time. However, this thinnest model is not complete without night sights. Why are night sights for your Glock 43 (and for Glock 19) important?

Usually night sights are tritium installed into the front and/or rear sights. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. The tritium vials give off a soft radiant glow which is very helpful during low or no light scenarios as it greatly reduces time for a shooter to get on a target.

It is no exaggeration that the sights brings advantages not only to both the average shooter with limited or no low-light shooting  experience but also the police or security officers who periodically trains in low-light scenarios and works under similar conditions. Pair your weapon with a laser bore sight as well to ensure the best accuracy!

Nonetheless, one may question the chances of them using night sights. True, for some they may rarely venture out in the night while some have not encountered any difficulties without it. They would also opt to save some bucks rather than buying them which is one of the disadvantages of night sights. However, we can’t be perfectly sure that we wouldn’t have the need to use it someday in the future. What if it is a cloudy day? What if your target is lit, but you are in the dark?

Hence, check out this review to help you make your best choice of night sights.

Top 5 Rated Glock 43 Night Sights Comparison Table

Name of ProductColorsInstallationHD sightsBrightnessType of optic sightsPrice
Trijicon Night Sight SetsGreen, Yellow,OrangeEasy20.95Tritium$$$
Truglo Brite-Site GreenModerate00.95Tritium$$
AmeriGlo Classic SightGreen Easy00.95Tritium$$
Truglo TFO TG13GreenEasy00.9Tritium and Fiber Optic$$
TRUGLO TFX Handgun Green Moderate00.85Tritium and Fiber Optic$$$

Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

This model is specifically created to address the needs of tactical shooters. Sights glow at night, and the front is painted for daylight. Therefore, they are perfect in any condition, unlike the fiber optic type. Tritium-filled glass lamp provides superior illumination in no light or low light settings.

Every Trijicon tritium lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel. As a result, this protects sights from solvents and puncture and helps to distribute the light evenly from the tritium lamp as well as. The tritium gas filled lamps is protected from heavy recoil and harsh cleaning solvents by the aluminum cylinders. This could increase durability.

The big bright front dot sights make acquiring the target much faster. If I had one slight gripe about them it would be that I wish the rear Trijicon inserts were yellow instead of green to help with differentiating them faster in low/no light conditions. You have many options to choose from this model such as from Bright & Tough, HD and HD XR products.

The alternative to traditional iron sights are the Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights. They have self-luminous, three-dot characteristics. Color combination options that are included are all green lamps, yellow rear lamps and orange rear lamps.

Trijicon HD product meanwhile is a self-luminous, three-dot night sight set of unique design. A  highly visible photoluminescent paint outline  is featured at the front to quicken acquisition and the ‘U’ notch rear at the rear is angled and serrated to reduce glare and aid in front focus. Yellow front outline/green lamps and orange front outline/green lamps are the color combination options offered.

On the other hand, the Trijicon HD XR offer a thinner front-sight post that allows shooters to have a larger field of view that further enhances the ability to identify targets as well as to expedite engagements. You could also see and hit on target at longer distances. The options for color combinations are yellow front outline/green lamps and orange front outline/green lamps.

I had to make sure that the circle/green dot on the front was the one in the middle. If you were to try Trijicon, I would get different colors for the front and rear sights as that would make alignment much easier at night. Nonetheless, it would not help you in the daylight. The rear has very small dots and they are purposely dim. In my opinion, that’s counterproductive for a “sight improvement”.

This model is more for point shooting where precision accuracy isn’t high on the list of priorities. Compared to Trijicon HD sights, you could decide to go with these for the lower profile and the white outlines on the rear. Overall, although pricey I can get my eyes on the front quickly and also have the distance.

Suitable for:

  • Tactical shooters
  • Increased visibility and front sight acquisition
  • Low light settings
  • Professionals
  • Hunting

Truglo Brite-Site Tritium Handgun Sight – TG23

Although the sights are traditional tritium night sights, it uses the brightest tritium available. That being said, this product is CNC-machined steel construction and you don’t need to worry about the fitting as it fits standard holsters. The color combination offered is black. Sights are very easy to pick up in daylight but in low light and darkness they are exceptional.

These are definitely the brightest of the standard night sights. These products are a 3 dot system, 2 dots on the rear sight and 1 dot on the front post. The 3 dot sight picture is a welcomed change from the ‘ball in the bucket’ proprietary sight design that Glock has.
However, there are no other markings on either the front or rear sights, making it very difficult to align quickly. You will have to use white paint especially on the front post in order to enable rapid alignment for day-time shooting.

Front sights are very simple to install. Rear sights on the other hand requires sight pushing tool as it is a tight friction fit. But there is no need to worry about it falling off. They are not too bulky like others I have seen and used in the past. Front sight does not catch on the holster when conducting quick draws too.

The Truglo Tritium glows green at night they are white during the day. However, the front post is taller than the factory sight causing shoot placement to be lower than point of aim. Some prefer the front to be a bit larger to aid in acquisition.

They also comes with a screw to lock the rear down as to keep it from moving. It screws down and puts tension on the slide as when carried in a holster it can get bumped and shifted over time. Front and rears have the white outlines surrounding the very bright tritium vials. The manufacturer warrants the glowing for 12 years but it depends on the amount of UV rays they get and also weather conditions.

The rear could be turned around backwards to prevent the white outline on it from drawing your attention away from the front part – the really important one. Only glitch is that these products are not raised high enough to accommodate a suppressor.

These stock or Novak shaped sights could be adjusted for windage only but not for elevation because the slide is dovetailed for sights. This means you can drift the sights with a punch. This may goes against misleading descriptions of “adjustable”, but to me an adjustable sight has “in-the-field” adjustments, which these do not have.

The front appears to be of similar intensity as the rear but when sighting a target the front is further away and thus can appear dimmer. That’s the function of candle power… where illumination decreases as a function of distance.

Suitable for:

  • Low light shooting
  • Sports and outdoors

AmeriGlo Classic Sight for Glock 42 & 43

Sights are made of metal and are pretty easy to install with the right tools. Don’t be surprised by the shortened front sight screw length. They lock down great especially if you use the red Loctite on the screw and for added security on the flat surfaces on the bottom of the front sight. Then tighten it down. You could use a Q-tip to remove excess Loctite and an alcohol pad to remove any remaining residue.

These sights are a very tight fit, so it takes some skilled hands and some finesse to get the rear sight into place without damaging it. Keep that in mind when you or the local shop installs these sights. Most shops will warrant their work on the sights that they sell.

However, if you bring in your own they can potentially refuse to replace them if they get broken during installation. Front edge of rear sight is flat enough to use to cycle the slide in the event you’re one-handed.

They are nearly identical in size to the factory sights and they have no holster problems. Front sight installation is simple and is no different than any other Glock model and the standard Glock front sight tool works perfectly. The rear sight did not require any filing or adjustment.

I actually used an orange Glock polymer slide block to remove the stock sight and install it in place. This is because the 42LE frame is smaller, thinner, and lighter weight than all other model Glocks. Therefore, the standard Glock rear sight tools are too large to be used on the 42LE.

Since I found the rear sight installation so unbelievably effortless, I do suggest that once you have the rear sighted in where you want it, do apply Loctite around the rear (be careful not to get the Loctite on the tritium tubes) for 30 seconds and remove excess with a Q-tip then knock any residue of with an alcohol wipe.

The Loctite step for me was just for added peace of mind because of how easily it can be installed. The only small issue is the start milling on the front sight post as it hangs up in soft material holsters.

In some cases when you get the product, the front is marked Ameriglo and the rear sight is marked Trijicon. Do not fret as it has nothing to do with the functionality of the sights. Even in natural light your eye can automatically focus on the sight.

This set of AmeriGlo sights has a really good three dock configuration. The dots are small enough to make precision shots. The front post is large enough so that you are going to be comfortably acquiring it during the draw stroke. Overall, it is really a good compromise between the needs of combat and imprecision.

Suitable for:

  • Sports and outdoors
  • Iron sights for small arms
  • Enhanced visibility and contrast

Truglo TFO Sights – TG13

It is assembled in USA with quality Swiss Tritium for maximum brightness. Front and back are green sights. Its glow-in-the-dark feature could help you to find your gun during night or when there is poor illumination and it provides a permanent protective coating for maximum protection.

These hunting accessory have a snag resistant design and fits standard holsters. Due to the fiber optics, they are also much easier to see during the daytime. You’ll have to use the smaller screw sent as an extra for the 43 though.

Installation takes about 10 minutes. Only tools I needed are a soft vice or clamp to hold the slide with. They are also not adjustable for elevation, only “drift” adjustable for windage on the rear. Truglo doesn’t offer fully adjustable (or target type) sights in their TFO 6/8 series, as far as I know.

The front night sight is fixed, however, the rear can be adjusted left to right but you need a specific tool or a brass tap and mallet to move it… just like the original Glock sight.

These sights are a different size than the factory sights are. In spite of that, I have not had any problems with fitting the sights. The sights are about the same height and width, but are longer front to back to accommodate the fiber optic.

Front sight attaches with a small bolt/screw from inside the slide. You need a small nut driver with thin wall to do that. The problem was that I eyeballed the back sight to center. I went shooting the first time and it was consistently hitting target low and left. Therefore, I had to adjust the rear sight; this time with calipers to get it dead on center.

The front, however, was a different matter. I did not have to do any additional alignment once I had them on the gun – I got them lined up good enough on the initial install. It also does have the issue of snagging on clothes due to their boxy design.

They work much better if “charged” with a bit of light first from a flashlight or cell phone or stay “charged” after being in the light for a while at night.Although they are good in complete darkness and bright sunlight, in middling light conditions of an indoor range they perform very poorly and are no better than plain black iron sight.

In transitional light (dusk/dawn) they are absolutely terrible. I wish the front was a different color to make  alignment and focus easier. They are almost impossible to pick up during these times.

That being said, there is quite a bit of play in the oval notch on the slide so be sure to hold it centered when tightening down the screw. If not, you’ll end up having to move the rear to the right to get your shot impacts centered.

Suitable for:

  • To handle the rigors of combat or competition
  • Precision
  • Anyone who is looking for easy installation

TRUGLO TFX Handgun Set – Glock 42/43

The night sights are encapsulated in a virtually indestructible configuration is a fully protected TFO technology. It is assembled in USA with quality Swiss Tritium for maximum brightness. The front sight has FOCUS•LOCK for fast and accurate shooting.

The model has concealed fiber which cannot be seen by target which helps the conceivability part. It has glow-in-the-dark feature and on top of that no batteries or light exposure is required. It is also resistant to oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents and ultrasonic cleaning process.

A virtually indestructible chemical and shock resistant capsule is encased inside the aiming elements so it improves durability. It is made out of CNC-machined steel and this is protected with a rust proof Fortress Finish. There is even a highly visible white ring surrounding the front fiber to make it even more visible. TFX sights seem like a good remedy during transitional light by having a contrast ring around the sights.

Installation is hard because the front will require a small special screw driver. You need to remove the front sight and then with a small socket wrench install the now one. Meanwhile, the rear sight is best uninstalled and the new one installed with a Glock or other installation tool. Overall, they look great and they work as advertised. I have no problem seeing them at night.

They may very well be as dim as LED lights in pitch black darkness but in the daytime the fiber optic tubes are not nearly as bright as I thought they would be because I think all the extra physical protection to protect the tubes has blocked a lot of the light from getting through.

However, they’re the perfect balance of night, dusk, and day brightness. On the negative side, the front sight is too long for a short slide weapon such as the Glock 43. This makes the gun shoot low.

The white ring at the front is hard to pick up and reduces the fiber optic benefit. Due to increased length of the sights, they also greatly reduce the sighting radius on Glocks. It may disrupt the aiming as well. Since the front is too high, if I align the dots like you’re supposed to, I always hit 6 to 8 inches below the mark. This is at 7 yards where I normally have a 2 inch grouping.

On the positive side, the ring on the front greatly improves the design, and increases the ease of obtaining a flash  picture. The light emitted by the tritium vials goes through the fiber optic rods. That’s the whole reason to get this product. The brightness is perfect for low light courses and defensive purposes.

Suitable for:

  • Sports and outdoors
  • Transitional light settings
  • Quick use as no charging is required

The top 5 sights were determined by five factors:

  1. Colors
  2. Tool kits offered along with the purchase
  3. HD sights offered
  4. Visibility
  5. Type of optic sights


The different colors enhance the front sight acquisition. However, the different colors may light through the clothes during night time. Most people would prefer green front more than yellow front as it attracts you more during night time.

It is also scientifically proven that green is more easy for our eyes to pick on than any other colors. Since the focus is on the front, it makes sense for it to be green. Do bear in mind however that it is up to your choice in the end.


To replace factory sights with night sights, one may opt to do it through a gunsmith or by themselves. Hence, by knowing if the installation is easy could help us to install the sights ourselves if need to. This could save some time and money as well. Professional installation by a gunsmith is recommended nonetheless for any model of these sights.

HD sights

HD sights promote faster target identification and engagement at longer distances. They are a big help for closer range shooting as well as distance shooting. At closer ranges however, they may disrupt your aiming point.


The main reason you are going to buy them is to increase visibility during night time. Therefore, it will be almost useless to buy them if they are not bright enough for visibility. It is essential to know whether the object you bought is bright enough to get the most out of your money while at the same time improve the accuracy while shooting.

Type of optic sights

Recently some of the products offer fiber optic sights while some offer tritium fiber optic sights.  They are of little use in dimly lit or no light situation as they only gather ambient light and give you an improved set of dots. Tritium sights meanwhile could glow in the dark. In short, tritium works effectively at night while fiber optic works effectively at daytime.


In a nutshell, I hope my review assist you in making the right decision of choosing the best night sights for Glock 43 that is well suited to your needs.

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