Best Pocket Holster For Ruger LCP Review 2019

As time passes by, the amount of people who started using holsters are increasing. For your information, there are many types of holsters such as belt, inside the Waistband (IWB), shoulder, ankle  and pocket holster. Holsters are used by the people who own a firearm which is suitable to be concealed such as the Glock series, the Ruger LCP and many more.

Pocket holsters are becoming extremely popular among the armed citizens. It can be used inside your front pocket, back pocket and even in the pocket on your jacket or coat. The Ruger LCP is a common subcompact gun that is usually used as a concealed firearm. Before choosing the right sheath for your Ruger LCP, there is a few characteristics that you should consider to ensure you make the right choice.

Top 5 Pocket Holsters for Ruger LCP.

Name of productHand OrientationComfortabilitySuitable FirearmsPrice
Right-Hand Custom Fit Woven Poly Pocket HolsterRight-HandedHighRuger LCP$$
DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB holsterAmbidextrousHighKel Tec,Ruger LCP,Taurus738 TCP380$$
DESANTIS M44 Super Fly Pocket HolsterAmbidextrousHighRuger LCP,Kel Tec$$
Talon Concealed Pocket HolstersAmbidextrousModerateFew types including Ruger LCP$$$
Fobus Ruger LCP Keltec PaddleRight-HandedHighRuger LCP,Kel Tec$$


The main reason of a sheath is to conceal your subcompact firearm and trust me when I say that the pocket holster provides a really good concealment for your Ruger LCP. Even when you bend or when you try to reach something high, your firearm still would not be noticed by anyone.Moreover, when there is a bulge in your pocket, most people would not really think about it much as they might mistake it for your wallet or handphone.


Another thing to consider before choosing your desired product is comfort. You should make sure you are comfortable using the pocket sheath so it would make it easier for you to carry it. If you are uncomfortable, you might give away the fact that you are carrying a firearm in your pocket.Therefore, comforta is extremely important when you are carrying a subcompact firearm.

3)Access to the Firearm

The main point of carrying a firearm is to protect yourself. A firearm is usually carried around so that it could be used during an emergency. Therefore, when choosing a pocket holster, make sure you have easy access to your Ruger LCP so that you can take it out fast during an emergency. This will help you protect yourself during an emergency. Another thing you should look into is the hand orientation because not all of them are ambidextrous-friendly. Therefore, it is really important to make sure your pocket holster has easy access to your firearm.

4)Firearm Size

Let’s not forget another main characteristic in choosing holsters and that is the size of your firearm. You have to ensure that the product you choose fits your firearm. For example, if you are using a firearm that is slightly big, you might need to consider a waistband sheath but if you are using a firearm that is subcompact such as the Ruger LCP, then the pocket is suitable.

Right-Hand Custom Fit Woven Poly Pocket HolsterRight-Hand Custom Fit Woven Poly Pocket Holster

As mentioned in the name above, this holster is only suitable for those who are right-handed as it is easier to draw your firearm if you are right handed. Therefore, if you are left-handed, you may face difficulties in drawing your firearm and it will take a longer time to draw your firearm which makes it not suitable for those who are left-handed.

Another great thing is that it is made of a really high quality material which will ensure that no damage will occur on the holster during harsh situation. It is also slip resistance which is extremely helpful. Due to this feature, this sheath would not fall out of your pocket when you bend down to get something. This will ensure that you won’t accidentally expose your firearm to the public.

The material is firm which prevents the outline of your firearm from being notice. When it is being used in your pocket, nobody would realize that it is actually a firearm. Most people might assume it is your handphone or even your wallet but no one would have guessed that it would be your firearm. This is really helpful because you would want to be scaring anyone by constantly carrying your firearm to your workplace.

The rivet is protected by a caster and the interior of this holster is soft. This is to ensure that your firearm is protected when its placed in your pocket even though your pocket is full of other small things such as coins. This feature is also to ensure that you have an easy way to draw your firearm when you need to. Not only you will be able to easily draw your firearm, you will also be able to do it in a faster motion which would be extremely useful during an emergency.

Apart from that, it is suitable for both your front and back pocket. This is also extremely important because there are some people who are comfortable with using their holsters in their back pockets but there are also some who aren’t that comfortable. This feature will allow you maximum comfort.

For such an amazing and a good quality product like this, the price is actually really affordable so in my opinion, I think this is a really good buy. It is suitable for your Ruger LCP.

DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB SheathDTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Sheath

Lets start with the fact that this holster is not only a pocket holster but it can also be converted into the in the waistband(IWB) holster easily within a few minutes. That is extremely helpful because  you don’t have to spend your money to buy a separate IWB holster.

Moreover, it is made of a really strong Nylon material. Nylon is a type of polymer that is really tough and lightweight material which proves that this sheath is not that heavy and can be easily carried and it is also extremely durable. This nylon is shaped to fit specifically the Ruger LCP and also a few other low caliber pistols.

Like I mentioned above, this pocket holster can also be easily converted into a IWB holster. It comes with a metal clip for the attachment of the waistband. The core on the other hand is padded with foam mainly to destroy the outline of your firearm when you use it.

Not only that, it has an excellent trigger coverage which covers up most of the trigger guard. Therefore, it has just enough space exposed to grab the firearm easily which is amazing because you will need to easily grab your firearm in a fast motion during an emergency. As mentioned earlier, access to your firearm is important when you are choosing your pocket holster.

Another thing is that it is ambidextrous when it is used as a pocket holster which means, it can be taken out easily by both left-handed people and right-handed people. However, when used as a IWB holster, it is more suitable for right-handed people but it is said that now, there is a left handed model available too. All you have to do is search for ASIN B01DIE0G5I and you will be able to find a model for left-handed people.

This product is also very comfortable. Therefore, you will be able to do your daily activities without feeling uncomfortable. Another thing is that when you are comfortable, you won’t even feel the firearm in your pocket which will prevent other people from knowing that you are carrying a firearm with you.

Well,this is a really good product and the best part is that it is not that expensive. You get to purchase a good quality pocket sheath that is affordable and perfect for you Ruger LCP.

DESANTIS M44 Super Fly Pocket HolstersDESANTIS M44 Super Fly Pocket Holsters

This holster is made of a black cloth that is really firm yet it is still comfortable. This material is firm enough to maintain its shape and prevent any dust from entering the barrel of your Ruger LCP. It is really durable and the best part is that it is lightweight which makes it comfortable for you to carry in your pocket and you won’t be able to feel it.

Another great thing is that it comes with a removable, reversible outer flap that can help disguise the firearm even more. This proves that it has a really good concealment. The interior lining is made of a slick pack cloth which helps reduce friction which won’t allow the weapon to move out of your pocket.

The core on the other hand is padded. This helps hide the outline of your firearm when it is in your pocket and it also prevents the bulk on your pocket. This will help conceal your firearm so nobody would know you are carrying one around with you. At least you will have your firearm with you, secretly hidden in your pocket, ready for use during an emergency.

This pocket sheath is also ambidextrous friendly. It can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people. Therefore, it would not be a problem if you make the purchase as it would not affect your comfort, since it suits both left-handed and right-handed people. This is a really important thing to consider when purchasing as some people may not be comfortable to draw out their firearm using their opposite dominant hand.

There may be many benefits of buying this DESANTIS M44 Super Fly Pocket Holster, however, there is a slight disadvantage to this product. It is slightly uncomfortable to draw your firearm out of the holster which might cause you to take a little time to draw your firearm. Otherwise, it is good to go.

This is a good quality pocket holster which is also extremely affordable. Although it has a small problem, it is still worth the buy. That being said, it is suitable for a Ruger LCP and also a Kel Tac P3AT.

Talon Concealed Carry Wallet & Cargo Leather Pocket HolsterTalon Concealed Carry Wallet & Cargo Leather Pocket Holster

Firstly, this product has two types. One is suitable for left-handed people and one is suitable for right-handed people. Therefore, when you make a choice, make sure you choose the right one because if you choose the wrong one, it may be slightly difficult for you to draw your firearm. The prices for both are still the same.

This holster was manufactured in the United States of America by law enforcement professionals. This obviously proves that the quality is extremely good and it can be trusted as it was designed by professionals. This sheath is made of Hermann Oak American Steer Hide Leather which is extremely good quality. Moreover, it is extremely durable which means it wouldn’t get damaged that easily.

It is specifically designed for certain firearms and not all firearms can fit. It is molded to fit low caliber conceal carry firearm. Its flat back panel makes your firearm not noticeable in your back pocket. This proves that it can provide good concealment for your firearm. Nobody would even realize you are carrying your firearm around with you.

Since it is made of leather, it is scratch-free. Therefore, when you put it in your pocket, you do not need to remove the other small things such as coins out of your pocket as those small things can’t scratch your weapon and sheath.

However, a wallet holster is considered bigger compared to other pocket holsters which makes it slightly bulky. This might make it uncomfortable for some people to sit down especially to those who have jobs that requires them to sit at desks most of the time. Therefore, you should consider whether this holster would be suitable for you to use depending on what you daily do and also your job.

Apart from that, it is suitable for cargo pants and shorts. However, since it is big, it might be slightly difficult to fit into other pants such as jeans which might make it difficult for some people as certain people don’t really use cargo pants. Other than that, there are no further complaints.

The price is slightly high and there are a few disadvantages but if you’re the type of person who’s job does not require to sit down much and if you’re someone who constantly uses cargo pants, then this product would be perfect for you!

This holster is suitable for Ruger LCP and also other low caliber firearms.

Fobus Ruger LCP KelTec PaddleFobus Ruger LCP

This holster is made of high density plastic which is lightweight. This proves that it is extremely durable and can withstand any harsh situations. Besides that, it is also weatherproof which means it can withstand any bad weather.

Another thing is it’s not ambidextrous friendly. It is suitable for those who are right-handed. Therefore, to those who are left-handed, this would not be suitable for you as you might find it extremely hard and uncomfortable to draw your firearm during an emergency. However, for those who are right-handed, this product would be suitable for you and you will not have a problem drawing your firearm.

This gun sheath uses a rubberized paddle which provides a more secure grip and stability. Another great benefit from this is that it becomes more comfortable to be used. This is extremely helpful because when you are comfortable, you won’t realize that you have something in your pocket. Also, you won’t give away the fact that you are carrying a firearm.

Another fact is that it has a steel reinforced rivet system which attaches two parts of plastic together. Since it is a steel rivet system, it is obviously that both of the plastic parts are attached stiffly which prevents it from breaking apart.That is extremely important because you would not want the two parts to break apart when you are walking around in public. This would give away the fact that you are carrying a firearm.

However, there are a few people who mentioned that they need to conceal the weapon properly by using a longer shirt. This may be a problem to some people but if you are fine with that, then this holster would be perfect for you. Other than that, there are not many problems related to this holster.

Lastly, it is at an affordable price and it has good qualities. Although there is a slight problem to it, you can overcome the problem as there is a solution to it. This holster is suitable for your Ruger LCP and also you Kel Tec.


It is very important to have a proper pocket holster for your Ruger LCP. It is important to make sure you have a good holster to conceal your firearm as you would not want anyone to know you are carrying it around with you. Another important reason is because it is very important to carry a firearm as danger can happen anytime, anywhere. It is also extremely important to make sure the holster you choose is suitable for you and you should feel comfortable when using it. You should also make sure you have and easy and quick access to your gun cause that is extremely important during an emergency situation.