We Review the Best Pocket Knives of 2019

With thousands of beautiful and highly functional models on the market, it’s difficult to choose the best pocket knife.  We’re highlighting some of the worlds top selling brands.  These every day carry knives offer function, durability, and in many cases are great examples of beautiful workmanship.

A pocket knife is a versatile, multipurpose tool that can be used in various situations and activities such as hunting, self-defense or just working around the home or farm.

Some of the factors we’ll cover that go into making a solid knife are:

  • the type of steel used to make it to ensure its durability,
  • the handle
  • the blade size and design
  • and lastly a good lock that allows for quick and easy opening

Top 10 Rated Pocket Knives

Name of ProductWeightAssisted-Opening systemBlade length(closed)UsagePrice
Buck Knives CSAR-T Tactical Folding Knife 8.6 ozNo5 inchModerate$$
Spyderco Delica4 Plain Edge Knife 2.5 ozNo4.25 inchEasy$$
Benchmade-Barrage 580 Pocket Knife 4.3 ozYes4.75 inchModerate$$$
Benchmade-Adamas 275 Pocket Knife 7.68 ozNo4.88 inchModerate$$$
Kershaw 1660CKT Black Leek Folding Knife 3 ozYes4 inchModerate$$
Case 30113 TrappperLock Knife3.5 ozYes4.13 inchEasy$$$
Kershaw 1620FL Scallion Folding Knife2.9 ozYes3.5 inchEasy$$
Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Pocket Knife 5.3 ozNo4 inchEasy$$$
SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Pocket Knife 3.1 ozYes4.75 inchModerate$$
Buck Knives 110FG Folding Hunting Knife7.2 ozNo4.8 inchEasy$$

Buck Knives CSAR-T Tactical Folding Knife

Buck CSAR-T Tactical Folding Knife with M.O.L.L.E

The Buck Knives CSAR-T is one of the best pocket knives on the market.  It features a Hex-Bit compatible handle cut-out, reversible stainless steel tip-up carry clip and heavy duty nylon M.O.L.L.E compatible sheath.

The handle consists of a stainless steel frame with a rocky mountain tread G10 overlays.

G10 overlays are used for most knife handles as they have an amazing dimensional stability, high mechanical strength, and can be layered in various ways to produce a unique appearance.

The length of the CSAR-T Tactical is 5 inches when closed and weights just 8.6oz. It’s a bit heavy than some of its competitors, but this weight adds a great deal in terms of durability.  Its a solid and well-built knife.

It’s equipped with a comfortable finger groove design to ensure your maximum comfort and secure handling. This will further result in a better grip of your hand on the knife therefore preventing it from slipping through your hands hence ensuring your safety.

This knife has a pocket clip attached at the right side tip. The clip can be mounted on the left side tip or even removed depending on your preference.  The included sheath, pouches and slot in handle of this pocket knife that accepts driver bits are also a nice touch for your convenience.

Not only that, this pocket knife has a CSAR-T (Combat Search and Rescue Tool) feature that comes in handy during all kind of situations especially when an emergency situation arises. In terms of safety on the other hand, this EDC knife has a good locking mechanism to ensure that the knife stays in place especially when being folded back and forth.

The blade of this product is a 154cm steel Tanto style blade therefore it has a super sharp edge and great tactile scales. These tactile scales will then increase your grip on the knife so you can have a good hunting experience.

Notable Features :

  • CSAR-T feature
  • Hex Bit compatible handle
  • Tip-Up carry clip
  • Compatible sheath

Spyderco Delica4 Plain Edge Folding Knife

Spyderco Delica4 Lightweight FRN Flat Ground PlainEdge Knife

Having a carry weight of just 2.5 ounces, the Spyderco Delica 4 is one of the lightest pocket knives in our comparison.  If you’re looking for some thing small, this could be your best bet.

It’s light weight doesn’t mean it’s cheap, as Spyderco offers solid construction, ensuring its durability over a long period of time.

It’s available in a range of handle colors whether vibrant or monochrome so you can choose the color best suited to your personal preferences.

The handle is made out of fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) which is a high-strength plastic especially well-suited to the handles of folding knives to increase your comfort when using the knife.

The blade consists of full flat-ground VG-10 steel with a refined cutting edge as well as a larger opening hole with diameter 13mm. This steel material is great as you can resharpen your blade with ease.

Added to the blade’s spine is a slip resistant jimping to provide grip on the knife beyond its bolster preventing it from slipping during use. Also, the blades are perfectly centered and smooth during the opening. It also locks in place securely hence contributing in terms of safety.

This product is equipped with skeletonized steel internal liners and phosphorus bronze washers inside the handle. The phosphorus bronze washers smooth out the opening and closing action. This not only increases the corrosion resistance but helps to strengthen the knife without any additional weight. Also, it acts as an anchor for the interior and exterior components to be attached by generating more strength.

The Delica 4 comes with a 4-way clip which is held together with a screw-together construction. This clip is upgraded to a 4-way tip up, tip down, left or right handed clip so you can quickly access the knife to perform a small task. The Bi-Directional Texturing feature also comes in handy to ensure slip-free tactile traction to increase the grip and friction on it.

Notable Features :

  • 4 way clip
  • Bi-Directional texturing feature
  • FRN handle

Benchmade Barrage 580 Pocket Knife

Benchmade - Barrage 580, Drop-Point

The Barrage family of pocket knives is the first to feature the Axis Assist opening features from Benchmade. Weighing 4.3 ounce, it has a drop-point style blade that slopes at the spine of the blade from the handle of the knife to the tip of the blade. The strength, ability to hold up to heavy use, and secure grip, makes this one of the best hunting knives out there.

The blade is made out of American made steel (59-61 HRC) with a length of 154cm. This premium grade steel holds an edge well and can be easily sharpened. It also developed for tough industry applications while being able to withstand corrosion and maintain its toughness. Thus, it has a perfect fit and finish as the knife is tough and sturdy.

This product comes with stainless steel liners, lanyard hole and a reversible tip-up pocket clip. Not only that, it has a Valox handle that offers excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. Although made of plastic, the handle is comfortable to hold and simple to use. It also is easy to carry as well as holds an edge well.

The Barrage 580 features an integrated safety lock system which also has an external locking device. However, the safety lock is a little hard to figure out at first. So, you should refer to the instruction manual provided or watch Youtube videos for clarified information.

This product has an ambidextrous design in which it functions from two omega-style springs, one on each liner hence giving the locking bar its inertia to engage the knife tang, thus improving the smoothness of the locking mechanism. Also, it has a quick spring assisted-opening action thus making it easy to use as the blade swings out quickly and locks firmly.

Apart from that, this product is lightweight hence easy to transport in your pocket. Nevertheless, it is solid and well-built considering its size and build quality.

Notable Features:

  • Drop-point style blade
  • Valox handle
  • Assisted opening
  • Integrated safety lock system

Benchmade Adamas 275 Pocket Knife

Benchmade - Adamas 275, Plain Drop-Point

Weighing just 7.68 ounce, this pocket knife has a drop-point style blade in which the tip is slightly thicker thus ensuring a stronger knife that is able to withstand additional weight and still being controlled with ease. Also, despite being large and heavy, this product is still comfortable and fit well in your pocket.

Drop point blades are one of the best for hunting applications such as skinning, cutting, and carving.  The thicker blade also allows it to be used for disjointing and prying.

Constructed from D2 American made steel (60-62 HRC), this metal which consist of a high percentage of carbon and chrome provides an excellent edge retention. In other words, it is highly guaranteed that the edges of your knife are protected from rust and corrosion. Nevertheless, it requires extra care to fully prevent corrosion.

Not only that, this D2 steel blade is thick thus making it heavy duty and increasing its carry weight. It also has mean cutting edge as well as an excellent hardness. However, it is a little brittle and slightly difficult to resharpen. This plain straight edge blade is sharp hence easy to use during hunting.

Furthermore, it comes with a glass-reinforced G10 handle which offers one of the best strength to weight ratios of any handle.  It will easily withstand moisture or liquid and is physically stable under wide range of temperatures hence increasing its durability.  The jimping for forward thumb grip of this product is great as it provides the right amount of friction to keep the knife secure in position.

This pocket clip also includes a deep-carry malice clip and a coated reversible tip-up clip which gives you more flexibility on how you carry your knife. Apart from that, it is equipped with an ambidextrous design in which Axis get its function from two-omega style springs, one on each liner therefore giving the locking bar its inertia to engage the knife tang.

A matching black or san Cordura sheath with snap retention is included with the purchase of this product. This acts as a case or cover to protect your blade on this cutting tool. The axis locking system of this product also holds the blade firmly in place when deployed thus ensuring a smoother deployment for opening and closing of the blade despite its large size and heavy weight.

Notable Features:

  • Drop-point style blade
  • Glass-reinforced G10 handle
  • Axis locking system
  • High carbon steel(D2)

Kershaw 1660CKT Black Leek Folding Pocket Knife

Kershaw 1660CKT Ken Onion Black Leek Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

This pocket knife is a great option for daily use as it has a small and slim body including both the handle and the blade. Weighing just 3 ounce, it is thin enough for you to clip on the corner of your pocket so you can access it with ease anytime.

Moreover, this product has a simple matte black finish in which metals are ionized and deposited on both blade and handle as microns-thin coating hence resulting in a Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) coating which comes in handy because it is tough and scratch-resistant. However, the finish of this product might come out quite easily so you should take good care of it to ensure its durability.

The blades on the other hand has a modified drop point style. In other words, the slim tip of your knife not only make it easier to carry but also gives it a piercing capability as well as ability to get a specific task done hence being a good slicing and hunting knife. Apart from that, this blade constructed from Sandvik 14C28N steel together with DLC coating is sharp and holds a great edge thus improving your grip on it.

Furthermore, the handle is constructed from 410 stainless steel and coated with DLC. This ensures that the knife is corrosion resistant and increases its strength so that it can withstand for heavier use easily. Also, the handle is drilled to accept a lanyard. The pocket clip on the other hand can be configured for reversible tip-up or tip-down carry so you carry your knife with more flexibility.

Besides that, this product features the Speedsafe ambidextrous assisted opening system which ensures smoother opening and closing of your pocket knife as it instantly opens with slight pressure. In terms of safety, the super-secure frame lock of this product also keeps the blades locked during use while the Tip-lock slider locks the blade tightly closed when folded.

Notable Features:

  • Speedsafe assisted opening
  • DLC coating
  • Modified drop-point blade
  • Frame lock and Tip-lock slider

Case 30113 TrappperLock Folding Knife

Case 30113 Rough Black 6154LC SS Trapperlock with Clip Knife

Case has been making pocket knives for decades.  Weighing just 3 ounces, the 30113 TrapperLock is one of the best folding knives on the market.  It is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket however it is also big enough to work for a variety of tasks.

Being light and compact, it is easy to carry any time. In terms of appearance, it has a rough black synthetic fit and finish.

It’s equipped with a solid one-hand opening clip blade with a thumb stud, liner lock and belt clip. The thumb stud improves your grip on the knife while the liner lock and belt clip ensure that your foldable pocket knife does not come loose in your pocket hence leading to injuries. However, the small thumb stud doesn’t really affect your grip however you can still use them according to your preference.

This product has an assist opening mechanism which ensures that the pocket knife opens quickly with great gliding action. In other words, this knife uses an internal mechanism to finish the opening of the blade when the user has opened it halfway.

However based on many reviews and ratings, it is suggested that the opening mechanism is not too great but still good to go.

The blades on the other hand are sharp and thick so you can use it for tough tasks without fear of damaging it.  These Tru Sharp surgical steel blades are also strong, tough and can be easily resharpened. Apart from that, this product is excellent and well-built as there are no gaps between handle slabs and bolsters and equipped together with stainless and brass liners to prevent corrosion.

Furthermore, this product has a TrapperLock that features its rough jigged synthetic black handle and Tru-Sharp surgical steel opening clip blade hence making up an amazing pocket knife. Also, it comes with a good case and sheath that protects your pocket knife.

Notable Features:

  • Trapperlock feature
  • Assisted opening mechanism
  • Tru-sharp surgical steel blades

Kershaw 1620FL Scallion Folding Knife

Kershaw 1620FL Scallion Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

Kershaw pocket knives have a reputation of being some of the best and the 1620FL Scallion is no exception.  With high carbon steel blade with 420 HRC offers a great edge retention as well as an excellent corrosion resistance hence ensuring that it is durable and can last for a long time despite being exposed to the air and rain.

This knife has a weight of 2.9 ounces which is basically the universal size of a general knife.

Besides being lightweight and convenient, it has a superior build quality and a bead-blasted finish. In other words, bead blasting is shooting the blade with high pressure air which carries an abrasive media like sand and glass beads. Therefore, this gives the surface a uniform matte finish with flats pits and a reflective shine.

It is equipped with a Speedsafe assisted opening in which this mechanism opens and closes the knife quickly with ease to a point where you can even open the blade one-handed. You just have to pull back on the blade protrusion or push on the thumb stud and with that, the blade moves out of the handle. Therefore, this Speedsafe opening mechanism is rather simple to operate and comes in handy during any situations.

The handle on the other hand is made from pure stainless steel which enables a build-in frame lock. You just have to simply push the locking element back to the side and hence the blade tang is released to allow for folding in order to release the frame lock.

Moreover, the second lock is a Tip-lock which is a slider that functions to lock the tip of the blade inside the handle until you receive it. Hence, your knife will not accidentally open during transport which is very important in terms of safety. However, the locks are a little flimsy so you are advised to handle it with care and prevent from exerting too much force on it.

Also, you need to master the skill of handling the locks so that it doesn’t keep on locking when you don’t want it to hence resulting in an efficient operation. There is one finger opening on this knife known as the one finger quick release to improve your grip on the knife.

Suitable for :

  • Speedsafe assisted opening system
  • High carbon steel blade
  • Frame lock and tip-lock
  • Bead-blasted finish

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Pocket Knife

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife with G-10 Handle Clip Point and Black Blade

This tactical knife of weight 5.3 ounce and length of 4 inches has a tough black Teflon finish that eliminates glare, prevents corrosion as well as has the ability to slip through tough materials hence you can cut deeper and longer due to the less friction with ease.

Moreover, the handle’s G10 laminate scales are contoured and scalloped to produce an excellent non-slip grip to ensure you have a good grip on the handle. Nevertheless, the laminate scales on the G10 handles are a little rough and might tear your pockets so you should consider getting a sheath or a good case to store it in.

The blade on the other hand is stainless steel which is vacuum-heat treated and sub-zero quenched to produce a sharp, easy to be sharpened, solid and resistant to corrosion blade. On the other hand, the knife overall holds an edge well but its performance also depending on what you are cutting whether hard or soft. However, to improve the performance also you need to always make sure that the blade is sharp and good to go before cutting anything.

Apart from that, it comes with a thumb disc which enables you to place your thumb at the right position to ensure fast and easy opening of your foldable cutting tool. It is also essential in terms of safety so you don’t place your finger at the wrong spot when opening the knife.

This product has a strong pocket clip for convenient transport, with a small and ambidextrous design to keep your palm comfortable under protracted use. This clip is vital to improve your flexibility and grip when handling the pocket knife. However, there is no assist opening of blade feature with this knife so it is a little tough to flip open the knife fast one-handedly.

Furthermore, it has a strong locking mechanism which features its Tri-Ad lock. This lock ensures that there are zero blade movement when locket meanwhile when fully opened, it acts as a fixed blade. Therefore, it stays positioned securely all the time and is extremely beneficial in terms of safety.

Suitable for :

  • G10 laminated scale handle
  • Tri-Ad lock
  • Black Teflon finish
  • Stainless steel blade

SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Pocket Knife

SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Knife AE04-CP - Digi Camo

SOG Aegis pocket knife has a partially serrated edge together with a 3.5-inch AUS-8 steel folding blade. This blade has a tanto design with black TiNi finish. Tanto blades are well-known for its power, strength, quality pommel and useful points hence making it very suitable as tactical and survival knives.

Equipped with a glass reinforced nylon handle and checkered Digi grip pattern, the handle is well-balanced and has a digital camo finish that makes its appearance rugged and solid. The checkered Digi grip pattern provides great grip that results in accurate positioning and anti-slip security.

The handle also possess high strength, abrasion and impact resistance not forgetting it can fit well and comfortably in your hands. Besides that, this product uses SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) for its dual spring ambidextrous locking mechanism which enables one hand blade opening. This SAT has high-tension coil springs that propels the blade rest of the way for fast, easy and one-handed access.

Furthermore, the assisted-open system of this EDC knife is excellent as it uses the SAT technology. It allows a quick yet controlled opening and in terms of safety, it prevents unintended blade deployment. Also, this product is equipped with a piston lock that provides extra safety when in open position as it utilizes a movable bar wedged between the blade tang and the knife handle to securely lock the blade in place when in open position.

Apart from that, this knife weighs 3.1 ounce and has a length of 8.25 inch. Its construction on the other hand is sturdy, well-built and durable hence being great for multipurpose tasks and activities. Also, it has a reversible pocket clip which also can be used as a money clip. This clip is tight as there is only a little clearance between the handle and the inside of the clip thus ensuring maximum flexibility when handling the knife.

Suitable for :

  • SAT technology
  • Checkered Digi grip pattern
  • Piston lock
  • Assisted opening system
  • Partially serrated edge

Buck Knives 110FG Folding Hunting Knife

Buck Knives 110FG Famous Folding Hunter Knife

Weighing 7.2 ounce, this pocket knife has a length of 3.75 inch. It is slightly bigger and heavier than the standard and usual everyday carry cutting tool however it still is multipurpose and gets the job done efficiently.

It has a spectacular fit and finish on the wood and brass parts of the knife. Therefore, it is solidly made as it has tight pins, the blades are locked back smartly and lastly the end-caps are polished and tight. Moreover, this hunting knife comes with a genuine black leather sheath with a snap closure to protect your product parts from wearing out due to friction in your pockets and to protect it from damage.

Besides that, the 420 HC steel clip blade of this product possess excellent strength and edge retention to prevent the blades from rusting easily due to being exposed to rain for example. Also, the clip is tight and firmly locks your knife in position as there is only a little clearance between the handle and the inside of your clip.

The blade also has an excellent and sharp tip and equipped with a lockback design that ensures maximum strength and safety. This product has a solid locking mechanism that will ensure that your knife is locked when opening or closing manually as it does not have an assisted opening feature.

Furthermore, this product comes with a natural wood grained, finger-grooved handle with brass bolsters so that you can place and adjust your finger to the right position to improve your grip on the knife. You can also enjoy maximum comfort on your hand as well as a perfect fit despite the knife being slightly larger than a EDC knife. However, the brass bolsters have a high tendency to tarnish quite quickly so take good care of it.

Suitable for :

  • 420 HC steel clip blade
  • Lockback design
  • Includes leather sheath

Common Terms

When looking at pocket knives you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the lingo.  Here are some of the most common terms you’ll hear thrown around.

Assisted-Opening System

An assisted opening knife is the type of folding knife that possess an internal mechanism to fully open the blade once the user has partially opened it. Therefore, you can even open the bladed one-handed with a quick and easy swinging motion.

Also, this assisted opening knife comes in handy as you don’t need to manually open and close your knife each time. Nevertheless, this assisted-opening system only makes a difference if you plan to open and close your blade very fast.


The weight depends on your use of it. If you intend to carry your knife at all times, it is best to go for light, small and compact knives as they are easy to fit in your pocket and very portable. The light knives are mostly constructed from high carbon steel material.

If you are not particular about the weight, you can either can go for the heavier and longer knives which are typically best for heavy tasks that require a large pocket knife. They might even have more features due to the heavy weight.


The usage of knife depends on its features. For example, some knives contains reversible clips that can be either tipped up or down. So you should know the right way to operate this clip.

Moreover, the safety mechanism of these knives are important. Some knives have frame locks that keeps the blade locked securely when in use as well as Tip-lock slider for example that locks the blade close when folded. Therefore, zero blade movement is guaranteed when your knife is locked.


In a nutshell, factors such as weight, design, extra features and lock system should be taken into consideration when choosing the best pocket knife to cater to your needs.

Therefore, I hope my review assists you in making the right decision. If you are a big fan of Bushcraft brand, you can check out the top rated Bushcraft pocket knives here.