Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Reviews

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Reviews in 2018

Fishing is a very ancient hobby which is fondly nurtured by both youth and older generation. To make it more fun and less exhausting,the best polarized fishing sunglasses plays an important role. This is a fishing gear which distinct you from fishing with a blind eye to experience the colour of under water and the movement with unreal clarity while catching a fish. Fish finders are super helpful in locating your fish.

The light often plays tricks with your eyes making you squint and strain it. An enhanced colour vision pairs of sunglasses will make your journey painless and you can entertain your passion in any part of the world with the right kind of sunglass that suits the lighting condition whether it be offshore or onshore, in a stream, on a lake bed, or out in the middle of the ocean.

Therefore, they are just as important as other fishing gears. Check out our fishing backpacks review so you can store your glasses easily along with your fishing pliers!

Top Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Comparison Table

  1. Photo chromic Lenses – Some products come with these features
  2. Lens Material states the name of the material the lens is made of
  3. Lens colour states the number of colour of lens available for the sunglass
  4. Lens coating is rated from low to high
  5. Frame style and shaping is rated from bad to excellent

Name Photo chromic LensesLens MaterialLens ColourLens CoatingsFrame Style and Shape
Maui Jim StingrayYesGlass2HighExcellent
Costa Del Mar Fantail NoPlastic6HighGood
Maui Jim World CupNoGlass3HighExcellent
Smith Optics Chief NoGlass6HighExcellent
Ray-Ban Wayfarer NoCrystal4ModerateExcellent
Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 YesPlutonite2HighExcellent
Suncloud WarrantNoPlastic3HighExcellent
HodgsonYesPlastic2HighVery Good
San JoseYesPlastic2HighExcellent
Wiley X Valor NoPlastic3HighExcellent

Criteria to consider

The main characteristics of polarized sunglasses are briefly explained below to give you a complete understanding to know what to look for when you go in search of purchasing a polarized fishing sunglass.

Photo Chromic Lenses

The features of a polarized sunglass for fishing depends a large extent on the fishermen. If you are a fishing enthusiast then you must like spending your whole day fishing at lake side or the river. Photochromic glasses give you the robustness and flexibility to do just that as you will not be affected by the variant light from dawn to dusk as the lens will adjust to the light. It will also sophistically cut out the sharp glares of sun and UV rays. However, to afford these type of lenses, you need to have a healthy budget.

Lens Material

This is one crucial characteristic of a sunglass that needs your consideration before purchasing a sunglass. The lens material can be made of plastic or glass. While the glass lenses are on the heavier side, the vision it provides is more clear and crisp than the plastic. It can also withstand scratches over long period of time. However, the plastic lenses have less chance of cracking under impact as they are more resilient.

NXT and polycarbonate are also two prominent lenses’ materials which are made for activities like fishing. Polycarbonate is generally cheaper than NXT just as plastic is cheaper than glass. It is impact resistant, but still prone to damage. NXT is stronger than polycarbonate. It is virtually unbreakable and incredibly light.

Lens Colour

Many sunglasses offer lenses with versatile colour. While choosing lens based on colours that looks good on you can be an option, it is more important that you buy one which suits your circumstances. If you frequently go to fishing, then you must have your favourite fishing spot.

Depending on the lighting condition of your fishing spot, you can choose the lens colour. For example, grey lens are amazing in providing enhanced vision in deep water in broad day light. On the other hand, the copper shades expertly filters out blue light to intensify your sight and to catch coloured fishes and see obstacles deep in the water.

Then, there are yellow shades which work wonderfully in soft dim light to see with clarity and give a better vision during sunset. So, choose the lens colour keeping in mind the light condition you will be experiencing.

Lens Coating

This is another improvisation on sunglasses that comes with renowned brands. So, if you want to have lens coating on your glasses then you must increase your budget slightly on the higher range. The most common form of coating is the hydrophobic coating which prevents your vision from tampering by repelling water droplets.

Then some of the lenses are also coated with chemicals and use vents to make it fog proof, so, that you can use it in rainy or humid weather without blocking your vision. Many glasses also use coating and polarization with high optical technology to prevent your eyes from harmful UV rays and sharp glare of the sun.

Frame Style and Shape

Frame style and shape is the feature that makes this fashionable wear effectively useful. You must select a pair of sunglasses which fits the shape of your face nicely. A snug fitting without being too tight around the edges are the best fit. Guys also prefer “hugging” fit which wraps around your face perfectly so that when you sail in a fishing boat, it does not fall off.

You must also look for additional features such as adjustable nose pads, so, that it does not strain your nose and slide of when you sweat. Straps or bands are used for added means of security to prevent your sunglasses from getting lost.

Maui Jim Stingray Polarized Sunglasses


Maui Jim won the heart of people with an extremely modernistic sunglass. It comes in two exotic colours, one in Gloss Black frame with Neutral Gray lens and another in Tortoise frame with HCL Bronze lens. It works magic with your eyes by colour enhancing and providing brilliant visions with its patented Polarizedplus 2 sunglasses.

The shade is perfect to protect you from sun glares and solid enough to withstand saltwater. The lens is actually multi layered featuring 3 rare earth elements giving you access to maximum transmission of the colors that you see with naked eyes.

The makers have put much effort in designing the glass lenses to offer you a clearer and crisper vision compared to polycarbonate. It is a Japanese made product and needless to say comes with excellent fit and finesse.

The frame style of these Stingrays is slightly squared with wide temples which help to block sun, wind, debris from getting into your eyes. However, this also blocks your peripheral vision so make sure not to wear it while driving. Apart from that, the injection molded plastic frame is bulletproof, so, obviously it is not fragile and easily breakable.

This handsome pairs come in a price which can be intimidating for some people but if you look at the brand and quality then I must say, you are getting it at quite a reasonable price. The Stringjays come beautifully packed in semi hard “sport” case and I bet you will love it.

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

costa-del-mar-fantail-sunglasses for fishing

This brand of Costa sunglass dons the most high tech lens, 580 Glass which provides unreal clarity and scratch resistant lens. This smoking hot shade has 100% polarization that absorbs sun glare and reduces eye strain. The plastic lens is definitely lighter than its counterparts.

The sunglass is made of Tr-90 nylon, a premier material especially keeping in mind for those who play sports underwater and likes to travel around. The nicely molded frames have a wrap out shape which might be a little small for some people. Otherwise, the frame and the lens are both tough and durable with a comfortable fit for medium head.

The Costas come in six different lens shades, while are all fantastic and each has its own special features. The Blue Mirror lens is best suited for places with glaring bright sunlight in open water. You can put these cool shades to protect your eyes while boating, fishing in deep water or in harsh sun.

Green Mirror lens on the other hand are a master of creating vivid enhanced vision and contrast for fishing in shore and on flats. It doubles your fun when sight fishing under the bright sun as you can see everything clear and sparkly. The Gray lens is best for casual wear at any day providing a natural contrast to actively participate in any water sports.

Then there is the Silver Copper Mirror lens which performs excellently in varying sunlight and in adventures like stream fishing. It also serves you well for sight fishing and any other everyday activities even in the most versatile, cloudy days.

There is also another design in Copper colour which is made for comfort and easy to wear in your daily life and suits well in both flat land and water sports. Its high contrast can fight the varying reflecting light when you go for sight fishing or driving.

Lastly, the Silver Sunrise Mirror Extended wear lens features the perfect shade which you can wear from dawn to dusk and do any variation of activities. Its heightened contrast and overcast conditions provides you comfort at all times of day.

The first 5 lens designs have only 10-12 percent of light transmission whereas the last one has almost as 30%. The plastic material obviously doesn’t transmit light as well as glass but still is a great pair for sensitive eyes and all time wear. It is so accommodating that even if you get spots in the shade from salt water then a quick wipe with your t-shirt is enough to make it perfectly clean again.

The sunglass is US made with very reasonable price and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Put your worries aside and own a pair of this and it will be worth your money.

Maui Jim World Cup Polarized Sunglasses Review


Maui Jim World Cup Polarized sunglasses are another invent of Maui Jim which is designed for extreme comfort and remarkable appearance. The frame is made of nylon plastic to endure resilient conditions for long term. The glass on the other hand does an excellent job of blocking horizontally plane light, the blazing sun, wind and dust as is 100% polarized.

The frames come in limited colours, only Matte Black Rubber and Neutral Grey and both these frames are molded nicely into the glass lens which provides vision enhancement and crystal clear clarity. The lens works wonderfully in outdoor activities especially under water as these are salt water resistant. However, you may experience that the lens fog up sometimes, which you can clear with a sweep of a cloth.

You will love the sunglasses for its nice “hugging” fit which is perfect for large or wide round face. The glass lens is inadvertently slightly heavier but it supports its weight wells as it has flexible hinges in the temple area to give relief behind your ears and also have nose pads to prevent the glass from sliding down.

However, some prefer to have a better rubberized anti slip bridge support for the nose, as the glass is on heavier side. The price of this new invent is a bit steep but the style and brand conquers it all. If you love to wear cool looking fashionable glasses, then this is the one for you.

Smith Optics Chief Sunglasses

smith optic glasses

Update: This chroma pop polarized lenses comes with an anti-reflective and hydroleophobic lens coating. Some of its significant features include a 6 lens curvature and auto-lock hinges, together with hydrophilic Megol nose.

Smith Optics is a renowned brand which comes in versatile colours and shapes. This brand of Smith brings a stylish looking sunglass which is 100% synthetic. The frame colour is Matte Black and the lens colour displays Chromapop shade.

You can expect superior performance from this designer sunglass which shouts comfort and is 100% polarized to protect you from bright sunlight. It also has a unique feature where the lens is tapered to tone down the distortion by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center towards the outer edges resulting in true optical clarity.

It leaves a great impression when you wear it and the appearance itself speaks out of its luxurious Italian finesse. The glass has wide angle which give plenty of coverage to your eyes and have access to extra light transmission which keeps away dust and wind from blocking you view. Moreover, the variable tint is really nice and you can enjoy the natural colour in crisp and clear image without any influence.

The sunglass fits perfectly to your face and is a great wear for outdoor activities especially while sight fishing and golfing. The moderate level of the pricing also makes is affordable for the norms and a popular buy for those who love fishing.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

ray ban shades

Update: The Ray-Ban sunglasses has a rubberized texture and lenses that have proper gradient for all day wear. This square sunglasses has plastic frames featuring etched logos and is equipped with a 100% UV protected.

Ray Ban is a reputable name in the world of sunglasses. It brings on power and fashion and the amalgamation of the two is quite extraordinary. This New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses launched by Ray Ban is especially made for outdoors men.

The frame is made of acetate plastic and the lens is materialized from crystal. The polarized gradient lens provides 100% UV400 protection coating, so, you can be assured that your eyes will be safe from the sharp poking glares of sunlight.

As its Ray Ban, the packing is obviously unique in a black leather case, so that you can carry it around anywhere. The price for this sunglass is again very reasonable and it has huge popularity. It is almost challenging to find nukes with this make, people love this design and you will be fortunate to have one for you as well.

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

oakley-half-jacket-2-0- fishing glasses

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 is a remarkable pair of semi rimless sunglass that everyone seems to simply love. This baby is made in USA with composite frames and lens. The features excel in so many ways that we will just break down its features of this sporty sunglass one by one.

Let’s talk about the frame first, which is lightweight and made of stress resistant O Matter material and metal icon accents. This not only increases its longevity but makes it unbreakable and iron tough even if you trample on it. The frame uses unobtainium components to increase the grip in sweaty weather making it an ideal wear for outdoor.

Now, let’s come to the lens which is the true gem of the sunglass. The lens is made of XYZ optics, which is an advanced optical technology to provide razor sharp clarity and visual fidelity in wide peripheral vision. The lens is made of plutonite which filters out 100% of UV or any harmful rays and the iridium lens coating protects it from the sharp glare of the sun maintaining ANSI Z87.1 standard.

The lens has 8.75 curvature base that provides side protection against wind and sunlight and have SOLFX photo chromic options to darken and lighten the lens in response to varied environment. The interchangeable lens also opens up a lot of options for you to try on new lenses whenever you please.

The lenses are prescription ready and it keeps comfort your first priority by accommodating a Three-Point Fit that holds the lens in precise optical alignment. The usual size of the lens is round but the XL or XLJ size becomes more angular. It is true that the sunglass is best suited for skinny faces so; people with a wider face may have to look for other options.

These sunglasses are universal which are an essential gear for athletes but having said that it is also cool enough to wear anywhere you wish whether it be sports, work or formal wear. The sunglass is securely packed in very hard case which does a fantastic job of protecting it. Besides, it comes at very cheap price and you will not want to miss buying it.

Suncloud Warrant Polarized Sunglasses


Suncloud is a high quality sunglass in very affordable price. The features it exhibit is comparable to the best brand that exists. The lens come in three beautiful colours: Blue Mirror, Grey and Brown and the frames have two limited colour option: black and matte brown.

The lenses are comprised of eight base curvatures and polarization that add protection from side glare, wind and debris. The glass is large enough to provide sufficient coverage and block the sharp reflecting rays of the sun. The clarity that this lens provides is quite remarkable.

If you go for fishing in the river, the lens enables you to identify logs and other structures in the brownish water with its crisp clarity. The frames of these sunglasses are sculpted with Grilamid TR-90 which imitates perfect fit and flexibility. The plastic lens is resilient enough to endure for a long term but over the years it may be a victim of scratches as it gets too old.

The lightweight frame is easy to carry and have megol nose pads for added comfort and grip and fits nicely on large face. It beautifully wraps around your face to shield you from outside dust and you can wear it at all times of day from dawn to dusk since the shades are not too dark.

Lastly, it comes in a package with microfiber cleaning and storage bag, so, that you have everything at your hand to tend to it and use it for long term. It gives you one year of warranty at a very cheap price. It is indeed an excellent wear for fishing and outdoor activities, so, this one is a must buy!

Hodgson Polarized Sports Sunglasses


These brands of Hodgson’s sunglasses are making quite a fast reputation for itself. The sunglass comes in a variety of colours with two polarized lens options. The second one is yellow, which works impressively in dim light while fishing or driving.

The lenses are multi coloured with a colour range of REVO Bright Red, Gray, Transparent, Blue Transparent and Night Yellow. All these lenses are resilient with full REVO coating to withstand strong light. However, the blue transparent and night yellow lenses are more suited for softer lighting condition.

The lenses have vents and extra coating to prevent fogging and make it waterproof, so that you can wear it even in heavy rain without blocking your sight. The coating can also withstand strong impact and make the sunglass shatterproof.

The frames that it comes with are also of versatile colour: black/silver, gun gray, white/orange, black/red and white blue. These multi coloured frames are constructed with TR-90 polymer material which keeps it extremely light and unbreakable.

These glasses are widely used by both male and female for driving, cycling and especially fishing as this techno colour lens provide crystal clear view and the polarization protects it from bright sunlight. You have an option to interchange your lenses as you are provided with 5 different lenses and an instruction paper to guide you through the process.

I love it for its attention to detail and how each lens serve its own purpose such as the blue lens is used for foggy weather and the yellow is more suited for driving at night. You are even provided with a clear frame to use for prescription glasses.

The glasses are wide enough that comfortably fits on your face and temple and have a silicon nose piece and slip resistant surfaces at all contact points to heighten your comfort. The glass is nicely wrapped in a hard shell case with a black cloth to clean the lens and also a neck strap to hang them off your neck when you are not wearing them.

There is a saying that everything comes at a price but this one comes with a 24 months guarantee and you have to pay very little price for it. It makes for a great wear and will fit your budget easily.

Flying Fisherman San Jose Polarized Sunglasses


Flying Fisherman has launched this new pair of sunglass which is a definite eye catcher. The glasses are praised for its durability which is tested in the factory before releasing it. The high quality material that crafts the sunglass is worth every of your penny.

The people who have used it vouches that it feels like an extension to their face. It is incredibly comfortable and a must have for a nice day of fishing trip. The frames are made of metal with spring loaded hinges in order to prevent stretching when worn.

As for the lenses, it comprises Polarized Triacetate which protects you from the poking reflection of the sun glare as well any sort of impact. In fact, it provides you with 100% UVA and UVB protection. The lens is completely scratch resistant and designed to reduce eye fatigue.

The lens uses AcuTint coloring system that adds color contrast without distorting natural colors. So, you can wear it even at night without suffering too much darkness. The lens offers vision enhancement with crisp and clear view though the lens is made of plastic. The heightened contrast of the glass adds to its vivid view even more.

To add to comfort, the sunglass has an adjustable nose piece so that your nose does not feel numb or pinched down when you wear it wear for a long time. The full package come with one year life time warranty that makes it a wonderful buy at a very cheap price.

Wiley X Valor Sunglasses Review


Wiley X Valor sunglasses are handsome pair of glasses with some amazing features that has gone on to hit high standards. The sunglasses actually entertain you with three distinct colour options: Smoke, Clear and Rust. The smoke lenses are just the right amount of dark whereas the other lenses work great when it rains.

The lenses are interchange which allows maximum light condition versatility. The lens material is also designed to block 100% UV rays and makes it shatterproof. It is tough as nails and will not crack even if it hits hard ground. In fact, the sunglasses meet GL-PD 10-12 MCEP standard and is a Certified  ANSI Z87.1-2003 which proves that it can withhold high impact and the optical performance standard is simply above average.

It is rated as OSHA grade occupational protective eye wear which effectively protects you eyes from bright sunlight and dust. In fact, the lens is dark allowing very minimal sunlight. However, you may experience that the lens fogs at extremely cold weather but you can use the cleaning cloth given with the package to easily remove the fog.

When it comes to frames, it is made of rubberized material which might be a little tight around the head but otherwise is quite a good fit for a medium sized face. The black finesse of the sunglass is to die for and the glass never slides down your nose when moving around even if you are sweating profusely.

It is light weight to carry around and has a nice leash cord to hang when you are not wearing it. This solid and comfy sunglass comes wrapped around in a large black zippered case and it is a very nice pair to buy at a bargain price.


When it comes to polarized fishing sunglasses, there are endless of options. Out of those, we have handpicked the ones which have the best features and appreciation from the customers. The price range is also spread evenly so, that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to afford a good pair of sunglass. So, choose wisely the sunglass which best caters to your need.

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