Best Progressive Reloading Press Review 2018

You may think that guns only belong in movies but nope that is hardly the case at all. In fact gun firing has become a hobby and favorite sport among many people. There are tons of pros and avid shooters out there who have honed their skill to perfection and are deadly accurate in every single shot!

However, if you are just starting out and worried that this hobby will eat up lots of ammo and money in the long run, fret not. For ,with today’s technology, you can make your very own ammunition and this process is called reloading. If you were not already aware, a progressive reloading press is a piece of equipment that assembles a gun cartridge from scratch and is exactly what you need!

Moreover, if you want to spot your prey as quickly as possible with the utmost clarity, spotting scopes will have no problem in aiding you as it is considered one of the best sporting optic for hunters! However, if you’d rather purchase something affordable yet works efficiently, for example a pair of binoculars, here we have the perfect list for you.

Types of Reloading Press

Other than the progressive reloading press, there is also the stage and turret press. Let us take a closer look at them.

1. Single Stage Press

 It is great for beginners as it is considered one of the simplest machine. It does work much slower and produces about 100 ammo per hour.Also, it is super easy to use and not much can go wrong. Moreover, the reloading process is accurate and of good quality. Maintenance should be of no problem either.

2. Turret Press

 This press gets its name due to the revolving turret positioned at the top which processes many dies at once.This one is a step up from the single stage press and always has 4-5 die stations which means that you do not have to assemble them in a batch process compared to single stage presses.

It is also suitable for beginners whom can learn quickly and prefer faster results. Also, it’s great for working on various caliber rounds. Do note that this press comes at a high cost.

3. Progressive Reloading Press

 The process for this press is automatic and all you have to do install and adjust the dies. However, do keep in mind that this is not exactly suitable for beginners as it is more advanced which is why it is the most efficient out of all the three. It has fast production rate, easily adjustable and very easy maintenance.

It does come with many moving parts though and maintenance cost can be pretty high.

Top 5 Rated Progressive Reloading Press Comparison Table

There are several models available in the market and how they mostly differ in is their prices and the number of rounds produced per unit time. Below, we have identified which pieces of equipment as good investments for reloading to cut down to the top rated progressive reloading press.

  1. Rounds per hour is rated accordingly.
  2. Weight is rated accordingly.
  3. Durability is rated from very low to very high.
  4. Changing of caliber is rated from very slow to very fast.
  5. Number of stations is rated accordingly.

ProductsRounds Per HourWeightDurabilityCaliber ChangingNumber of Progressive Stations
Hornady Lock N Load 60030.9 poundsVery highFastFive
Dillon RL550 XL 650500-800Not specifiedHighVery fastFive
Dillon Precision XL 650 Press800Not specifiedHighFastFive
Lee Precision Load Master 45 400Not specifiedHighFastFive
Lyman T-Mag II Turret Not specified9.8 poundsHighFastSix

Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press Review

hornady prp

Let us begin with one of the top bestsellers when it comes to progressive reloaders. What makes it such a coveted item is all due to many amazing features and qualities, one of it being the EZJect System. And what exactly does it do you may ask? Well, it is all about the acceleration of production without the need for special adjustments which can be a tiny hassle.

Believe it or not, this item here is perfectly capable of releasing 600 rounds per hour! If you are an avid shooter, upon hearing this alone must have you in excitement. Not forgetting to mention, this is one of the easiest progressive presses you will come across in terms of operation.

Simply because, it features 5 auto indexing stations which means reloading is fast without the typical difficulties. Also, change of dies are quick and it is even possible to change calibers ranging from .45 to .223 in 5 minutes flat. Another appealing feature would be the strategically fitted collecting tray which is something you cannot find easily in other reloading presses.

When the cartridges are ejected, the collecting tray will collect it and can be offloaded to your main storage. There is also the Case-Activated Powder Drop feature which drops the right amount of gun powder into the cartridge provided that the latter is in a correct position during the process of reloading. If that was not good enough already, it even prevents accidental spillage.

How this works is: the universal bullet case retainer spring holds the used up cartridges securely and firmly. Do not let this product’s weight put you off (30.9 pounds) as the durability is truly great. It makes use of high strength aluminium alloy and is mainly designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular usage.

Moreover, there are other features to enjoy such as case feeder, priming system and powder measure. As for the disadvantages, brushing on the powder station is prone to twisting and unseating. The correct fix to this would be is to purchase an O ring and install it just under the bushing to get rid of the squid load.

Unfortunately, accessories are not included and you will have to purchase the dies, shell plates and etc on your own. Given that the equipment itself is already expensive, you will need a high budget in order to purchase this.

Dillon Precision 16944 XL 650 Auto Indexing Machine

 Remember when I mentioned that every beginner needs a good progressive reloading press? Well if that is the case, this one here is the perfect match for you. You will find it extremely easy to master the operation of progressive reloading as daunting as it may seem.

It’s simplicity and practicality allows just about anyone to master all the steps necessary in the reloading process. Moreover, this item here is a 5 stage progressive press that is able to produce around 120 different calibers for different variant of firearms. The manual indexing system enables the shooter to finish about 500-800 rounds per hour.

You may feel that this is inferior to the other advanced reloading presses which have automatic indexing that speeds up reloading but this press here will prove you wrong. For it allows you to master each and every step and this is especially suitable for beginners whom haven’t gotten hang of the ropes yet.

The 4 stations are all operated at once, here are some specific details: the first one is for resizing and depriming, the second one is for powder drop and flare , third station is for setting and checking the powder, the fourth station is for seating the ammunition made and lastly, the fifth stage is for crimping and ejection of the assembled ammunition. Swapping calibers becomes easy thanks to Dillon’s removeable toolhead and one set of standard Allen wrenches.

This saves a great deal of time as all of the dies are perfectly in place and well adjusted, very hassle free. Speaking of dies, there is no need to remove them, instead all you have to do is swap the toolhead, shell plates and recalibrate the powder. All this takes is less than 5 minutes. However, you need to purchase them separately since no dies are included with the XL650.

Moving on, this best progressive reloader is certainly a heavy one but it is equally durable as well. It will function perfectly fine alongside occasional maintenance works. As for the disadvantages, this press is great but the shell plates that come in the package are set in one caliber.

Unless you are a seasoned shooter or gun enthusiast whom has a large collection of ammo in different calibers, you may have to resort to purchasing separate shell plates and dies which can be expensive. Another attractive feature of this product is that it has mechanically indexed shellplates which comes in handy to rotate one station by each handle pull.

Apart from that, it comes with mechanically inserted cases, a casefeed tube to insert cases automatically and manually fed ammunition. That being said, a casefeed motor can be attached to automatically add the cases into the casefeed tube, with added convenience.

Dillon Precision 16940 XL 650 Reloading Press

dillon 650 prp


You will be amazed at this machine’s ability to produce up to 800 rounds per hour! Thus, if you are in need of mass producing ammo, then this reloading press is perfect for you. Of course, you can opt for more when both the case and bullet feeders are used in the same process which is recommended for both rifle and pistol calibers.

Also, the Dillon XL 650 is very easy to operate as there are 5 different stations that completes 5 different steps in one single time. How cool is that right? This press is different than the aforementioned one as has an automatic indexing system that speeds up production rate.

Therefore, turning the shell plates to move manually are no more necessary. Instead, the whole process is semi automatic and only one stroke manually  is needed to set the bullet on the cartridge.This progressive reloader gives users a hassle free experience because there is no need of adjusting the dies since they stay in their perfect adjustments with the removable toolhead.

As for accessories, the case feeder and bullet feeder are suitable accessories for this progressive reloading press as they play a significant role in improving the production rate of the machine. From the build of the model itself, it is obvious that this press is a durable one and will last the customer for ages. Regarding the disadvantages, the powder that is loaded is prone to spilling.

Do note that it does not happen all the time and the caliber and volume of the case also comes into factor. As the same for the previous 2 presses, you will also need to purchase the additional dies on your own.

Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Press Review

lee prp


So far, we have been looking at super wallet damaging reloading presses. Well that is all about to change for here is the Lee Precision Load Master Reloading Press that is a much cheaper alternative and great for those on a tighter budget. Both the rifle and handgun cartridges which is 400 rounds per hour can be reloaded very quickly and easily as there are a total of 5 progressive stations.

On top of that, it comes with an huge chrome plated diameter ram that has no problems in accommodating the largest of rifle cartridges. The star of this item is definitely the automatic indexing system that ensures the consistency and quality of the ammunitions. The removable turret head saves time by enabling users to quickly change from one caliber to another.

In terms of set up for a specific caliber, the dies stay in place and maintain perfect adjustments. Only the shell plates have to be switched out. Another great feature will be the Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure which guarantees no spilling or leaking of the gunpowder loaded into the cases.

The less mess, the better. This Lee Reloading Press dispenses just the right amount before crimping the shells hence upon every tug on the handle, quantity and quality can be easily controlled. It will also please you to know that the Lee Loadmaster is compatible with many dies that have the measurements of 7/8 to 14 inches.

Do not be fooled by the lower priced into thinking that this is a cheap piece of contraction for it is very durable due to the utilized die cast aluminium frame. Regular usage should pose no problems.Moving on to the disadvantages, the machine’s primer system is quite unreliable as it tends to malfunction.

Moreover, the powder measure data is not entirely accurate all of the time and you may have to perform checks on your own and lastly the reloading process is a little tricky.

Lyman T-Mag II Turret Reloading Press Review

lyman prp

 This progressive reloader that we have here is a little different than the rest of the presses featured above.The T-Mag II is mostly recommended for gun enthusiasts whom prefer a striking balance along with the other types of reloading press. Contrary to the others, it has 6 different stations that can function at once.

Similarly like all the previous progressive presses, changing calibers is fast through the removal of the turret head while the existing adjustment of the dies is left be. What the turret handle does is that, it is responsible for the removal of the turret head. Thanks to this, users have a smooth and sailing experience.

This machine’s base is very versatile so you can mount it easily to any pieces of wood or even a metal bench if that would help you out further. Regarding the matters of durability, rest assured this item here is a very durable one and is guaranteed to last you for many years thanks to it’s cast iron construction with rustproof finish. It is very lightweight compared to all the other reloading presses, standing at a weight of 9.8 pounds.

Hence, it is not large and bulky and will not pose an inconvenience to the users. Moving on, some of the disadvantages include, the Lyman T-Mag II is not a kit so you will have to buy accessories such as dies and shell plates to make it fully functional. Although it is mostly durable, do note that the primer tray is made out of plastic which might put off people who want a more sturdier, heavy duty reloading press.



 So there you have it! With this article, you were introduced to the types of reloading presses and their differences. To choose a good reloading press, you need to take in count the efficiency, production rate and the other loading features. To test out how efficient this is, using a hunting camera to document you hunting activities is a great way to learn.