Best Remington 700 Replacement Triggers Review 2019

The Remington 700 is one of the best bolt-action rifles series. However, the same can’t be said about its triggers. Therefore, it is highly important to get the best Remington 700 replacement triggers as a spare which may come in handy if your trigger fails.

This bolt-action rifle can be used for versatile applications such as military sniping, hunting as well as tactical operations. A weak trigger is dangerous incase of any unintentional discharging of your weapon. That being said, a good trigger is essential so it is easy to shoot and handle.

It certainly will not improve the precision of your shot, but it will increase the ease of use of your weapon. In other words, you can fire your rifle and hit the target without any limitations from the weapon itself thus guaranteeing the best shooting experience.

Nevertheless, it is a little difficult to find the perfect replacement trigger to suit your Remington 700 old trigger, without any sort of stock modification if possible. Therefore, our review below is here to save the day (to give you guidance). Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to get a sight (preferably a red dot sight) with your rifle for high precision shots.

Top 5 Rated Remington 700 Replacement Triggers Comparison Table

Name of ProductPull WeightEase of UseDurabilityPrice
Jewell Triggers HVR 7001.5oz-48ozEasyHigh$$$
Timney Calvin Elite Trigger8oz-2.5lbModerateHigh$$$
Shilen Adjustable Triggers1.5 lb-3lbModerateModerate$$$
Timney Trigger Curved Shoe1.5lb-4lbEasyHigh$$$
Rifle Basic Custom Trigger1.5lb-3lbEasyHigh$$$

Corrosion Resistance

To ensure its durability in the long run, it is essential that your replacement trigger is resistant to corrosion. How to make it corrosion resistant? It all comes down to the construction materials since you will mostly probably utilize it for hunting or tactical use, whether rain or shine. That being said, most of them are constructed from CNC machined stainless steel especially on the internal part.

The trigger itself, sears and levers are made out of strong steel alloy and mostly heat-treated to prevent corrosion when in contact with water and moisture, therefore contributing to its durability. Some of them are polished with either matte or metal plated finish not only for attractive and shiny appearance, but also to prevent rust.

Pull Weight

Every Remington 700 trigger comes with varying pull weights. But what do they mean? They are basically the strength level or how hard you have to pull the trigger in order to fire your rifle. For example, the Jewell product has a pull weight of 1.5 oz to 48 oz which are adjustable according to your preference.

That being said, it generally depends on the size and type of your rifle. It is said that the lighter the pull weight, the higher the precision of your shot because it will be rather simple and quick to pull the trigger.

Apart from that, the good weight of pull should be around 4 pounds (also depends on the weight of your rifle). I mean, we wouldn’t want the pull weight to overpower the weight of rifle itself would we? It would just cause your trigger to malfunction in the end.

Ease of Use

The ease of use depends on how easily you are able to handle this product. The operation is basically replacing the new one to the old trigger. It would be a little complicating if you follow the factory assembly. Therefore, most products nowadays comes with the drop-in fit style for maximum ease.

You can do so without altering or performing any modifications to the stock or the product itself. However, that solely depends on your type and size of the original rifle trigger. If it’s too large to accommodate the old spot, you may need to do some modifications. It is also fully adjustable in terms of sear engagement, over travel as well as pull weight for smooth and crisp pull.

Jewell Triggers HVR 700

Jewell Triggers HVR 700 Tactical

The Jewell trigger comes with a top lever and bottom felt safety feature that comes in handy to protect you when the weapon is fired. Not only that, this product is rather versatile as it accommodates the Remington 700 and 40X type of rifles. It is designed for right-handed actions, where it can be used on weapons designed for right-handed users.

Moreover, it is specially designed for match shooting. Its single-stage design on the other hand can be adjusted externally according to your preference. That being said, it is not necessary for you to take out the barreled action from the stock in order to make adjustments to the let-off, over travel and pull weight factors.

The adjustment screws on the other hand are equipped with nylon inserts for simple activation and operation. It maintains the trigger settings without you needing to utilize the thread locking compound, for your added convenience.

In terms of pull weight, it ranges from 1.5 oz to 48 oz and strictly accommodates right-hand rifles. In other words, the trigger pull is basically the force applied in order for the sear to be released so you can pull the trigger that leads to firing your shot. It is important that you choose the right pull weight because choosing the heavier ones will just lead to accidental discharges under heavy stress.

Deemed rather durable, this replacement trigger’s internal components are constructed from CNC machined 440 stainless steel material to ensure longevity so it is able to last for a long time, without corroding when in contact with any type of weather conditions. It is also heat-treated for extended service life.

It includes 3 springs to determine the mechanical adjustment weight in order to decide the accurate trigger pull weight that further contributes to ease of use. In addition to that, it is best that you lube it occasionally with lighter fluid for a smoother working operation during any tactical situations. Also, cleaning it is a breeze, for your added convenience.

Moreover, it is rather simple to switch the replacement trigger into the place of the previous one, without needing any modifications. However, it sometimes need to be altered a little for safety clearance to allow proper operation. You can follow the instruction manual for guidance.


Suitable for :

  • 440 stainless steel construction
  • Nylon insert on adjustment screws
  • Single-stage design
  • 3 springs

Timney Calvin Elite Trigger

Timney Calvin Elite Trigger

First things first, this product consists of a self-contained drop in trigger. In other words, the simple design of the single-piece drop in model allows you to replace the old model to this new one in a jiffy, without any issues. Just drop it in, make some adjustments and voila, you’re good to go.

In other words, it is rather simple to install with its drop-in trigger style. You can utilize the instructional manual for added guidance. Another plus point is that, it has its own blocking safety mechanism that prevents any unintentional discharging.

In terms of construction, it comes with a CNC machined aluminium housing paired with wire EDM cut as well as heat treated parts that includes the steel trigger and sears, thus contributing to the durability of this product in the long run. This is because it is least likely to rust when in contact under rainy weather, due to its sturdy alloy construction.

In addition to that, it features the double sear design. That being said, it provides you with a better grip and feel. With the double sear feature, the engagement pressure is isolated so it can be set to almost no trigger travel, but still maintaining a large range pull weights.

This product is rather attractive in the appearance aspect, with a beautiful shade of golden elite colored housing. The sears on the other hand are Teflon nickel coated which will most likely prevent any issues of corrosion hence contributing to its durability. Also, it is available in blue, black and nickel plated finish which you can choose according to your preference.

Furthermore as mentioned above, it is equipped with a two position, trigger blocking side safety which is important to provide you with protection by preventing any unintentional discharging of your weapon. Also, it is backed by a lifetime warranty, which I think is very well worth your investment because you can refer to the customer service with a good response each time you have an issue.

The sear engagement, weight of pull as well as over travel are fully adjustable according to your preference. That being said, the adjustable weight of the pull ranges between 8 oz to 2.5 lb, depending on the type of usage. Lower pull weight allows for easier pull during critical moments since it has lesser resistance.

Suitable for :

  • Drop-in trigger style
  • Fully adjustable
  • Teflon nickel plated sears
  • Trigger blocking side safety

Shilen Adjustable Triggers

Shilen Adjustable Triggers

Firstly, the Shilen trigger is fully adjustable in terms of sear engagement, pull weight and over travel which you can adjust according to your preference. That being said, this feature comes in handy to allow for light and crisp pull, with maximum shooting precision thus guaranteeing the best shooting experience.

In terms of installing, the Allen head set screws allows you to make small and precise adjustments meanwhile the hex nut locks the adjustment screws securely in place to ensure it holds tight when in contact with heavy recoil from your weapon.

Moreover, this product includes polished sear surfaces as well as heat-treated steel internal components that contributes to its durability. Other than preventing corrosion, the sturdy metal construction reduces drag and allows for a smooth and consistent trigger pull, for your maximum convenience.

Constructed from carbon steel, it is available either in, matte blue or stainless steel finish. It is able to accommodate the Remington 700, 40X as well as the rear-grip XD-100 pistols. Not only that, it is ambidextrous as it can be used for both left and right handed actions conveniently.

The simple drop-in fit method utilized on the other hand replaces the standard factory trigger assembly so you can replace the old trigger easily and quickly, without the need of making any alterations. In other words, the installation is rather simple and fits perfectly without any fitting. Also, it can be used with the factory safety setting however, that process is a little complicated.

Apart from that, the pull weight of the standard trigger is adjustable from 1.5 lb to 3 lb meanwhile it is adjustable from 2 to 6 oz for the competition type. Keep in mind to choose the right pull weight that suits the weight of your weapon itself so it will be a lot easier to pull your trigger.

This product is perfect to be utilized for target practice and competitions, however not so suitable for hunting or field use. Also, it doesn’t include its own safety blocking mechanism. The adjustments on the other hand can be easily made by referring to the instructional manual for guidance.

Suitable for :

  • Simple drop-in fit
  • Heat-treated components
  • Fully adjustable
  • Pull weight ranging from 1.5 to 3 lb

Timney Trigger Curved Shoe

Timney Trigger Curved Shoe

This replacement trigger comes fully assembled for your added convenience. That being said, its installation is rather easy in which it has a perfect drop-in fit method hence eliminating any needs of stock modification or extra fitting to replace the old one.

In other words, it will just take you around 10 minute tops to install it properly. However, some Remington models might require some slight modifications for the perfect fit. Hence, you should take into account the model and size of your rifle before making a purchase to ensure that they accommodate each other well.

Besides that, this product includes a wider blade design. This feature comes in handy for easier and steadier control of the trigger. In other words, there would be more room for your finger placement that further contributes to your own comfort. Also, you can even easily make adjustments while wearing gloves.

In terms of construction on the other hand, it is equipped with an aluminium billet housing with a rugged matte black finish. Meanwhile, the safety lever is made from strong steel construction, available in either matte blue or matte nickel plated finish.

The steel-made internals are heat-treated meanwhile the sear and outer surfaces are polished for a smooth finish. All in all, this overall sturdy metal construction prevents corrosion in the long run, thus contributing to its durability.

Furthermore, it is rather versatile as it is able to fit various rifles such as Remington 700, 721 and 722, including models with ISS bolt locks. Don’t fret as both left and right handed models are available to perfectly attend to your needs. Also, it includes a bolt release safety feature.

In addition to that, the new safety design blocks the trigger, instead of the sear for better shooting performance. The pull weight on the other hand are adjustable, ranging from 1.5 to 4 lb with creep and backlashes that can be adjusted as well. However, it is not so suitable for field use.

Another plus point is that, it comes with a 3/8 inch wide, grooved and curved shoe design (rather a unique design, in my opinion!) that improves the feel and control when holding it during shooting.

Suitable for :

  • New design safety
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Grooved shoe design
  • Wider trigger blade

Rifle Basix Custom Trigger

Rifle Basix Custom Trigger

This product consists of a comfortable .330 inch factory width trigger. It comes with a unique shoe design together with vertical grooves which comes in handy to deliver an excellent feel as well as improved grip. Not only that, it is ambidextrous as it is designed to be used by both left and right handed actions.

Deemed rather versatile, the Rifle Basix trigger is able to accommodate various types of rifles such as the Remington 700, 40X and the pre-2006 model seven rifle. Hence, you keep this replacement trigger as standby when utilizing each of this rifle types.

In terms of construction on the other hand, the housing is made from CNC machined aluminium billet as well as machined and hardened pliers and steel levers. The tough alloy metal construction prevents corrosion, thus extending its service life in the long run.

Besides that, it provides great internal clearance in order to produce a smooth and easy felt pull and reduce the drag force, so you can conveniently pull it with maximum ease. That being said, the pull weight is adjustable, ranging from 1.5 lb to 3 lb. Bear in mind to choose the right pull weight depending on the weight and size of your pistol to ensure smooth pull.

Speaking about adjustability, the trigger is adjustable in terms of pull weight, let-off as well as over travel so you can make adjustments according to your preference. All in all, this product is rather simple. It has a ribbed design which comes in handy to provide you with improved grip, especially if you are wearing gloves while shooting.

It utilizes the drop-in system which ensures quick and simple fitting in to replace the old one. Hence, it is rather simple to install where you can follow the tutorial video for better guidance for quick setup.

Suitable for :

  • Fully adjustable
  • Drop in method
  • Unique shoe design
  • 5 lb to 3 lb pull weight


In a nutshell, it is important to have a replacement trigger at all times as a standby for your Remington 700 rifle. Getting it to fit perfectly shouldn’t be taken lightly as you need to compare its size and features before replacing the old one. Hence, I hope my review assists you in making the right decision.

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