Best Scope for 300 Bolt Action Rifle 2019 Review

.300 AAC Blackout, 300 BLK or 300 AAC Blackout are the common alternative names for the 300 blackout bolt action rifle. As more people are starting to recognize the versatility and the punch it offers, it is of no surprise the .300 blackout is swelling in popularity these days.

Nonetheless, I am sure most of you would agree with me that the rifle will not be complete without adding a scope on top of it. With the additional scope, I am sure your favorite .300 blackout rifle will give more accurate shots regardless of lighting conditions and gives you an added ease of shooting.

Hence, check out this review to choose the best scope.

Top 7 .300 Blackout Scope Comparison Table

Name of productMagnificationsWeightEye reliefObjective lensPrice
Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7x322-7x16.1 oz.3.8"32mm$$
Monstrum Tactical 3-9x32 AO Rifle Scope with Illuminated Range Finder Reticle and High Profile Scope Rings3-9x1 lbs.3.5-3.8"32mm$
UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings3-9x13.9 oz.4.2-3.2"32mm$
Trijicon ACOG 4x32 BAC Dual Illuminated Riflescopes4x10.5 oz.1.5"32mm$$$
UUQ C4-12X50 AR15 Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Reticle W/ GREEN(RED) Laser Sight and 4 Tactical Holographic Dot Reflex Sight (12 Month Warranty)4-12x25 oz.3-3.4"50mm$
Monstrum Tactical S330P Ultra-Compact 3x Prism Scope3x15 oz.3-5"30mm$
Primary Arms 1-6X24mm SFP scope w/ACSS 300BLK/ 7.62X39 Reticle PA1-6X24SFP-ACSS-300BO1-6x15.52 oz.3.3-3.5"24mm$$

The top 7 .300 Blackout scope is decided by certain factors:

  1. Magnification
  2. Weight
  3. Length of eye relief
  4. Diameter of objective lens
  5. Price


A diverse range of magnifications could help you to use your scope at any light conditions whether it is for short distance or long distance.


A heavy scope may add additional weight to your AR 15. This indirectly inhibits movements so make sure you choose the optimum weight for your scope.

Eye relief length

Long eye relief for scopes gives you an added advantage during shooting targets at long range or near point blank. Longer eye relief also allows more shooting positions. However, long eye relief may cause smaller magnifications and may appear bulky as a result.

Diameter of objective lens

The bigger the diameter of objective lens, the more the light that can pass through for a brighter image as well the image would be more detailed.


Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7×32

300 blackout

The first best scope for 300 bolt action rifle would be Nikon. The Nikon best scope features BDC SuperSub Reticle which is designed for Subsonic as well as Supersonic ammunition.

The scope is made with Nikon’s fully multicoated optics. This is to achieve maximum brightness and light transmission to produce a brighter image. The quick focus eyepiece helps the shooter to immediately bring the reticle into focus.

The adjustments are easier now with spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets. It comes in 2-7x 32 magnification that is fully compatible with Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. The reticle provides shooters aiming points out to 600 yards with 100-yard increments that comes along with additional hash-marks at 50-yard distances.

To make any adjustments in the field, you would just have to sight in at 100 yards. Then, lift the adjustment knob in order to rotate to your “zero”. After doing so, re-engage. The ¼-inch click finger adjustable reticle adjustments can be felt and heard. The Nikon best scope is waterproof, fog proof and provided with Nikon’s lifetime warranty.

I suggest for you to check into the M-series or P-series mounts if you are mounting on an AR platform. Do take note that the M-series and P-series mounts are sold separately. Furthermore, any standard sized scope mounting hardware could be used for this 300 bolt action scope.

Bear in mind that the reticle is in the second focal plane. Therefore, the magnification should be at the highest setting when you are using the BDC. A suggested tool for you to tune your specific load to your aiming point would be the Nikon’s “spot on” ballistic calculator.

I could reach out to 600 yards using it with a 125g bullet and there has been no problem. The grain size and powder charge you decided will be the only change in BDC. However, the turrets rattle a bit since they are spring loaded for easy reset. I would have preferred the traditional screw lock system.

The clarity is amazing especially at the lowest power. On lowest power, you can effectively shoot a 100 yard shot. Although the 2x eye relief is excellent, eye relief at 7x is a little harsh.Even in low-light/dusk conditions, it has a very crisp picture.

Although the thickness of the reticle isn’t too bad, I don’t prefer the redundant circle dead-center equipped in the scope. It does slightly take away from the sight picture. Also, the BDC markings in the Nikon scope didn’t really correspond with round-number distances so it was kind of disappointing.

With 300 calibrated reticle, I found it is easier to reach out to the 100 and 200 yard targets. The tube diameter of this Nikon best scope is 1″ and the turrets are exposed. The turrets can be reset to zero and it is of medium height.

Unfortunately, no rings are included but instead lens covers are included. The reticle is not illuminated and the reticle construction is wire type. It is a holdover reticle and the parallax adjustment is fixed.

With Matte finishing, the objective bell diameter is 32mm while the ocular bell diameter is 44 mm. Eye relief is 3.8″ long and exit pupil diameter is 4.6-16.0mm. It weighs 16.1 oz. with maximum internal adjustment for windage and elevation being 80 MOA.

Furthermore, the field of view at 100 yards is 44.5′ at 2x and 12.7′ at 7x.

Suitable for:

  • Spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets
  • Clarity

Monstrum Tactical 3-9×32 AO Rifle Scope with Illuminated Range Finder Reticle and High Profile Scope Rings

best review

Second in the list of best 300 bolt action scope would be the Monstrum. The Monstrum bolt action scope has adjustable 3-9 times magnification if you want to target out to 300 yards and beyond. The 5 brightness levels for the adjustable reticle illumination are in both red and green. This allows for better reticle visibility whether at night or in low light environments.

The adjustable objective lens (AO) provides sharper focus of the target image. It will also eliminate parallax and is very helpful for range estimation. There are markings at the range finder reticle to allow you to estimate range or compensate for bullet drop

The 300 bolt action scope is made of aluminum body with a sealed, nitrogen-charged tube to provide resistance to water and fog.

The scope has 1/4 MOA/click windage and elevation adjustment that dials using locking turrets. It weighs 1 pound and has a 1 inch diameter tube which requires a mount and 1 inch diameter scope rings.

Extending 0.4 inches below the base of the tube is the objective bell. A scope mount that has a minimum of 0.5 inches of clearance from the surface of the rail is required. The total length of the Monstrum blackout scope is 9.3 inches.

The cylindrical segments of the tube are each 1.15 inches in length and are spaced 1.2 inches apart. The mounts can be attached on them. The purchase includes a pair of Tactical High Profile 1 inch scope rings that can be mounted to any flat top Picatinny or Weaver rail equipped rifle.

Measuring 0.7 inches from the bottom of the rings to the base of the mount, it is high profile in height and the scope rings are finished in black. The Monstrum 300 blackout scope also comes with one 3V CR2032 battery and a set of lens caps.

The scope is available in 2 colors- black or in flat dark earth. The lighted range finding reticle was nice which uses an intuitive system to estimate bullet drop out to 500 yards. Do take note that it is not a mil-dot.

With an average 3″ eye relief, the horizontal lines are 100 yard increments up to 500 yards. The light up cross hairs can be used with or without being turned on. Although it has elevation marks, there is none for windage though.

The luminated reticle scope has red and green colors. Even on 3x power, you wouldn’t see front site. No additional riser is required for this 300 blackout scope in my opinion. Even for someone who has poor vision, it is simple to focus the cross hairs and the target.

W&E knobs click positively, and lock into place. If you have never installed a scope before, don’t fret as the instructions are clear enough. The reticle etchings are easy to read and the turret adjustments are clearly marked with the caps stay put.

To sum up this 300 blackout scope review, the blackout scope is very clear and easy to read.

Suitable for:

  • Hunting
  • Target shooting
  • Tactical use

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

scope review

Third on the list of best 300 bolt action scope would be the UTG. The 1 inch tube has emerald coating which provides maximum light transmission for a brighter image. Meanwhile, the turrets are 1/4 MOA per click adjustment with zero lockable and resettable.

The Mil-dot Reticle is great for range estimating for optimal aiming and shooting performance. The objective is adjustable from 3 yards to infinity. For versatile applications, the red/green dual illumination would be a great help while for optimum critical CQB mission, the eye relief would be most accommodating.

The purchase comes complete with 2″ sunshade and high quality flip-open lens caps with quick- detachable rings. It is completely sealed and nitrogen filled to offer shockproof, fogproof and rainproof performance.

The UTG best blackout scope has a signature True Strength(TS) Platform. Smart Spherical Structure(SSS) is designed along with it. It controls the joint-like interaction that happens between the UTG scope’s inner and outer tubes.

This guarantees accurate and responsive windage/elevation adjustment over time. Indirectly, it will provide long lasting reliability. The turret’s locking and re-setting features will protect and correspond for proper zeroing.

Uncommon as it is, this particular best UTG 300 blackout scope has an unparalleled parallax free view from as close in as 3 yards out to infinity. Use the adjustable wide angle front objective for it. The unique Tactical Range Estimating(TRE) mil-dot reticle requires some patience from shooters to enhance accuracy and performance.

Usually, mil-dot reticles have 4 dots in every direction of the cross hair. This gives you 9 different aiming points for either elevation or windage excluding the 2 inner tips which are placed at the opposite duplex cross hairs. This makes it a total of 11 aiming points.

Nonetheless, in contrast, the UTG scope has 19 aiming points due to the 9 dots on every direction of the cross hair. It will be a total of 21 if you include the inner tips of the duplex cross hairs.

The purchase comes with a 2” sunshade, flip-open lens caps and a pair of medium profile heavy duty rings. With a saddle height of 15mm, the rings can be fitted on Picatinny/Weaver rails. They are secured with quick detach lever locks which are fully adjustable. Apart from that, you need to get a solid scope mount so you can attach the scope to your firearm securely.

However, the instructions that come along with it only explain on how to level the reticle while the instructions for leveling the top post has been left out.

On the positive side, I can focus clearly as close as 1 yard even at lower magnifications. In my opinion, this scope will do great at the effective range of a 5.56 in about 600 yards if you have the perfect conditions. Ultimately though, this depends on the condition you will shoot in and how well you shoot at.

The objective diameter is 32mm and offers a field of view of 37.7′ – 14’at 100 yards. The eye relief is around 4.2″ – 3.2″ while the exit pupil is 10.6 – 3.6 mm. the total length would be 206mm and it weighs 13.9 oz. It uses CR1620 3V batteries.

You might get uncomfortable with how far you would have to lean in to get proper eye relief due to the compact size of this scope and limited eye relief. Other than that, this is a great scope.

Suitable for:

  • Versatile applications
  • Large field of view
  • Most accommodating eye relief
  • Most diverse of environments and weather conditions

Trijicon ACOG 4×32 BAC Dual Illuminated Riflescopes

best scope

Next best 300 bolt action scope would be Trijicon. The illumination is battery-free which means you can stop worrying about replacing the batteries every now and then when you are using it. It features a tritium and fiber optic illuminated reticle which automatically adjusts the brightness according to the available light.

It has a rugged aluminum-alloy housing which looks to be of promising durability. It is constructed out of aircraft aluminum alloy housing which provides a nearly indestructible sighting system for your satisfaction.

The design uses the “Both eyes open” concept which means that you can use the ACOG as a CQB sight when you are shooting using “both eyes open”. This utilizes the Bindon Aiming Concept. It is an aiming technique that developed from the idea of Glyn Bindon.

Essentially, the technique is to use the illuminated part of the reticle with its focusing eye piece as part of a collimator sight. The user does not actually see through the sight but keeps the infinity image of the illuminated reticle in focus with the dominant eye. Meanwhile, your other eye looks at the entire field of view in order to acquire the target.

This Trijicon best scope is combat proven and has bullet drop compensating and ranging reticles. The amber Chevron ranging reticle will allow the user for bullet drop compensation out to around 800 meters for 5.56 (.223 cal.

The magnification provided is 4x while the diameter of the objective lens is 32mm. the length of eye relief is 1.5 inches which offers a field of view of 7.0(Degrees).

The field of view through this scope is 36.6 ft. at 100 yards and has precise 2 clicks adjustments (per inch at 100 Yards). The dimensions are 5.9 x 2.0 x 2.5 inches without the mount. Furthermore, the weight of the scope without mount is 10.5 oz. (297.5g). The reticle calibration is .223 / .308 / M193 / 300 BLK / 6.8 SPC.

The Trijicon 4×32 BAC is a fixed power and compact riflescope with a dual-illuminated reticle equipped (tritium and fiber optics). It is to offer domination in bright to low or no light situations. Also, it comes with a variety of reticle patterns for numerous calibers.

The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) is suitable for the M4 and M4A1 weapon system with a 14.5″ barrel. The tritium could illuminate the aiming point even in total darkness while the fiber optic self-adjusts itself the reticle brightness during daylight condition according to ambient light.

This will allow the shooter to keep both eyes open when they are engaging targets while at the same time maintaining maximum situational awareness. It fits all the specifications of the United States Marine Corps with the reticle pattern providing fast target acquisition at close combat ranges.

On top of that, the aforementioned feature also provides enhanced target identification with the hit probability out to 800 meters if you are utilizing the Bullet Drop Compensator. No tools are required for windage and elevation adjustments.

However, I am quite disappointed with the short eye relief distance. I expected it to be better when you consider the price tag for this product. Also, sighting adjustments may take a few shots to “settle in” or in other words to take effect.

Suitable for:

  • Superior situational awareness
  • Domination in bright to low or no light situations
  • Shooting using “both eyes open”

UUQ C4-12X50 AR15 Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Reticle W/ GREEN(RED) Laser Sight and 4 Tactical Holographic Dot Reflex Sight (12 Month Warranty)

review blackout

Fifth best 300 bolt action rifle scope would be the UTG. The UTG scope has a tubeless design with 33mm reflex lens aperture. The reflex lens provides you a wide field of view (15.8 at 100m). This feature will be a great help for normal shooting, rapid-firing or shooting of moving targets.

The UTG scope has easily adjustable 4-12 magnifications and distance. With this UTG scope, you can target successfully up until 100 yards. The dual illuminated 5 brightness level of the range finding reticle has 4 different sizes of dots.

The detachable green laser sight can reach over 300m. This makes sure that you could target your kills with the highest accuracy to get great results every time. Also, the UTG best scope is easily mountable due to the built-in rail (22mm).

You can mount this to any 22 &11mm rails regardless of whether it is Picatinny or Weaver. The adjustments have audible 1/4 MOA click stops and fingertip turrets for windage and elevation. Plus, the matte black finishing scope is 100% waterproof and shockproof.

Furthermore, UUQ provides you a 30-Day Money Back satisfaction guarantee and 12 month warranty. The 3R(IIIa) laser class is approved by FDA. The maximum output power would be lesser than or equal to 5 mw.

The eye relief is parallax corrected and unlimited; usually ranging around 3″- 3.4″. There is no need to re-zero when mounting to dismounted sight. The UTG best scope is powered by one 3V lithium battery. Only one battery is sufficient enough due to the low power consumption for long battery life.

The crosshair replaces traditional sight and gap and the total length would be 82mm and 155g weight. Roughly 4 to 5 inches away, I can see through this scope but for someone who has bad eyesight, the eye relief may come closer to 3 inches. Bear in mind though that these are rough numbers.

You can still see the reticle when light is off and it will appear as a normal unlighted reticle (black). The illumination is add-on feature. Although batteries are required, the scope works without batteries. You would only need the batteries if want the crosshairs to light up red or green.

A battery is also needed for the red dot optic on the top. Meanwhile, the laser and the mil-dot are provided with their own batteries. Although I have to be closer to the eye piece, about 3-4 inches away, it is very easy to sight in.

The scope is a little on the heavy side even though you are getting a good long range scope. The red/green dot offers a variety of targets and brightness levels and is good for quickly targeting close range.

The UTG best scope works great for mid to long distance shooting. I had 1/2″ – 3/4″ groupings from 200 yards out. In green mode, much dimming is not reduced but the red is better.

Overall in this best scope for bolt action rifle review, I’d suggest this for anyone thinking of getting a solid optics system at an unbelievable price.

Suitable for:

  • Normal shooting
  • Rapid-firing
  • Shooting of moving targets

Monstrum Tactical S330P Ultra-Compact 3x Prism Scope


The Monstrum S330P also occupies as one of the best 300 bolt action rifle scope in this list of reviews. The compact yet heavy duty prism sight offers fixed 3x magnification. Meanwhile, the 30mm objective lens is ideal for rapid mid range target acquisition up until 500 yards.

The best cope for bolt action also features a glass prism optical system. This is contrary to the refracting lens system found usually in traditional scopes. The unique system allows for better optical quality. What’s more, it comes in a much smaller package.

Unlike red dots, the reticle of this best scope is visible with or without illumination. This is to ensure a clean sight picture regardless of any lighting or environment. The Monstrum best scope weighs only 15 ounces and 5 inches in length.

Plus, the Monstrum S330P is backed by a one year warranty by the manufacturer. The optics is crystal clear and the focus lens is adjustable. Also, the 3+ inches eye relief is comfortable.

Regarding the technical details, outside diameter of the eyepiece is 39mm. Meanwhile, the outside diameter of the objective bell is 39.9mm. If you want, Butler Creek lens caps that correspond to these sizes can be purchased.

The length of the base is exactly 3 inches while the circle part of the reticle is 24 moa. As a side note, 1 moa is equal to 1inch at 100yards. Therefore, 24 moa means that at 100 yards, any object that is the same height as the circle will be seen as 2feet or 24″ tall.

In another perspective, at 50 yards, the image will be seen as 1feet or 12″ tall. So, you can estimate the distance if you know the true height of an object. For an example, through the scope a 6feet man will be about 300yds away if the if he was about the height of the circle.

It would be about 25yds away if a 5″ coke can was just short of the circle height. However, before mounting base to gun rail I would suggest tightening the allen screws that hold the sight on the base because in a few shots they will come loose.

Using the vertical line of the reticle, my bullet drop was easy to find. Basically, 100-200 yards was the center point. On the other hand, 300 yards was about middle while the lower tip of the vertical reticle was at 400.

It’s a little heavy but I love that you can shoot the Monstrum bolt action scope in daylight without having to power it up. You would just have to dial it in (focus) and you will be ready. Even with a bit of fisheye around the edges, you can still see the reticle.

You could try using it for evening shooting as well as in daytime since the illuminated reticle is bright enough to be used in bright sunlight. What I also like about this UTG scope is that there is no hue halo overpowering the reticle shape. This allows the reticle to stay sharp looking.

My conclusion for the best 300 bolt action scope would be that this S330P is worth every penny if you’re looking for something to just fit the bill.

Suitable for:

  • Glass prism optical system
  • Compact yet heavy duty


Primary Arms 1-6X24mm SFP scope w/ACSS 300BLK/ 7.62X39 Reticle PA1-6X24SFP-ACSS-300BO

scope 300 best

The last on the list of best 300 bolt action rifle scope is the Primary Arms. The 7.62×39 reticle is designed for CQB and medium range shooting.

Meanwhile, using the included CR2032 battery, the brightness knob equipped to the left side of the tube will illuminate the center reticle through a cycle of 11 brightness settings. At 1-5x power, the second focal plane lens will give you quick target acquisition.

The ACSS reticle is for both 300AAC supersonic and subsonic loads. It is easy to use the sighting system at 6x power. Plus, the best blackout scope is waterproof, fog resistant and it is further backed by a lifetime warranty.

Unfortunately, the illumination on this scope is available in red only. However, on the bright side, the 11 different brightness settings make it very visible even on really sunny days. The reticle is still usable and visible even if the battery dies.

This is because you can still use the cross hairs. Obviously, you can’t use it at night though when the illumination acts as the red dot. When power is off, the reticle markings are black. On the other hand, when powered, the chevron is red. As a side note, the chevron reticle is very fast to acquire.

The purchase comes with both caps that are ” 02A” size and Size 17 (1.675-Inch, 42.5mm). Although not distracting when shooting both eyes open, there is a slight magnification at 1x. The eye box is a little small but manageable at 6x.

Even though not a lightweight, illumination is crisp at low or high settings. I easily zeroed it at 50 yards. There is some barrel distortion around the edges within acceptable ranges but it is not much noticeable unless you’re looking for it. Plus, it doesn’t affect the overall sight picture enough to qualify as a factor.

I am a little skeptical regarding the magnification at 1 power. It doesn’t appear to be a true 1x but rather more like 1.2x. However, the magnification is so slight so I can still shoot comfortably with both eyes open without any problem.

The reticle is legible at all magnifications and the eye relief is good. Nevertheless, at brightness settings of 9-11, not just the reticle but the tube begins to glow red. At the highest setting, it appears a little distorted. Also, the flip up caps are flimsy.

I would suggest a magnification throw lever as a separate purchase to quickly switch from 1-6 power but it is up to you in the end if you want it or not. Battery life seems long even after an entire day of shooting. However, if you want to zero it at 200 or more, two clicks of windage adjustment is required to get it perfect.

To sum up this 300 blackout scope review, the purchase of this best scope is pretty much a logical choice if you have a 300 Blackout since not many of the other manufacturers are catering to the specific caliber as far as a BDC scope.

Suitable for:

  • Quick ranging
  • Wind holds
  • Moving target leads


I hope these best 300 blackout scope review has been helpful for you to choose the best 300 blackout scope. Check out these scopes as well: