Best Scope for .308 Review 2018

A .308 rifle is probably one of the most accurate rifles there is out there. With that being said, to match up to its superb performance and accuracy, naturally a top of the line scope will be highly required. Scopes are present in abundance and are easily accessible in stores and online shopping sites.

However, finding a specific, suitable one might prove to be a tedious task, one that shall acquire a lot of effort and time. Fret not however, for we certainly got you covered. Read on to discover the criteria and which of the Top 5 rated scope for .308 we have featured.


The .308 rifle is a master at accuracy and long range/distance shooting. Thus , you will want to make sure that the scope you purchase, will not under perform or hinder the performance of the rifle in any way. With this being said, to be on the safe side look out for a scope that has a distance range of more than or equal to 200 yards.

That will have to be the absolute minimum. Anything more than 200 yards is a great selling point. In fact you will be pleased to know that most scopes indeed have a distance range of more than 300 yards, some even going up to a 1000! It’s all about choosing what is best for you.

Magnification Power/ Clarity

Good scopes come with good magnification power, one that can be adjusted according to circumstances, either increased or decreased and they also happen to have great clarity. Looking through them will be just as if you are seeing whatever image through your own eyes. You can already conclude that with a good scope like this, your shooting or hunting game is bound to be on point.

You will want to stay away from rifle scopes that give blurry vision and magnification powers that cannot be adjusted as wished. All you will end up with is a headache and poor accuracy.


It goes without saying that any outdoor activities is going to take a toll on your machines and equipment. Therefore, the tactical scope that you purchase will have to be of great durability. It should feel solid and firm to the touch and able to withstand most weather conditions because let’s face it, the most avid of hunters certainly do not give up even when it has started to rain.

Therefore, a waterproof scope for the .308 rifle will surely come in handy. Since the scope will be made out of high quality materials , it might be a little heavy. However, the weight and balance can easily be evenly distributed by the user.


You might have a state of the art scope, but if you find it a hassle to use, then that gives a red flag indeed. Although these hunting scopes are geared for precision and accuracy, they should be relatively easy to use as well. This is not rocket science after all.

The dials and buttons should be able to be easily handled and adjusted by the shooter or hunter for a smooth and pleasant experience. At the end of the day no one wants a piece of equipment that is going to cause a lot of hassle and headache. Fiddling with the dials and buttons during an intense hunt might just cost you your prey.


Let us be real. Rifle scopes do not come cheap and can cost you a hefty amount. Therefore, it will be a great bonus if it came with some sort of warranty, even if it not for lifetime because anything is surely better than nothing. With this warranty in hand, any minor problems can be taken care of with you not having to further worry about the expenses gained.

If you use these scopes often, then surely they will be in need of maintenance and you will be more than glad to use your warranty for it.

  1. Distance is rated accordingly.
  2. Magnification power is rated accordingly.
  3. Durability is rated from very low to very high.
  4. Convenience is rated from hard to easy.
  5. Warranty is rated accordingly.
ProductsDistanceMagnification Power/ClarityDurabilityConvenienceWarranty
UTG Compact Scope200 yards12x Very highEasyLifetime
Nikon M-308 Riflescope800 yardsNot specified, but very clearVery highEasyLifetime
Bushnell Riflescope500 yards14xVery highEasyRequest from manufacturer
Nikon Prostaff Riflescope600 yards4-12xVery highEasyLifetime
Burris Scout Scope300 yards7xHighEasyBurris Forever

UTG Compact Scope 

utg scope 308

This .308 tactical scope can go up to 200 yards and works just fine even with all the settings for the other yards. Even at a target of 50 yards, it is super accurate, and be it 80 yards or even up to 200, after multiple rounds the scope and mount is capable of holding zero without any problem. As for the clarity and magnification power, the parallax adjustment is a huge plus.

This is because it gives the scope  a clear image at all magnification levels and different distances. Not surprising  as the emerald coated lenses are best in class. Also,the hi profile scope rings are a good addition for any hunter, as it gives more comfortable while sighting in target.

The 12x zoom also makes it near impossible to miss even a gallon water jug at 200 yards.This scope definitely is one of the most durable ones out there. It’s 30 mm tube is built on a true strength platform which is sealed and nitrogen filled.

And if things were not already looking good enough, this scope is a triple threat! It is shockproof, fog proof and rain proof. Rest assured, this scope will be lasting you for a long time. The special circuit and housing design gives way for uninterrupted illumination even under heavy recoil.

In terms of convenience, this scope is super easy to mount and perfectly easy to use as well. Premium lockable and resettable turrets allow for the most consistency and precision capability for maintaining a proper zero. No hassle on your part.

Moreover, the side wheel design provides a user-friendly, easy and quick access type of adjustment. And to finish it all off, it comes with a lifetime warranty. The only minor flaw to this item is that the eye relief provided is pretty poor.

Nikon M-308 Riflescope 

nikon m scope 308

Next, we have this scope here that goes up to an astounding distance of 800 yards. Although there are reports that claim it can even go up to 1000 yards if one has the space. As for magnification power, this scope here has a large magnification range with over sized lens great for heavy caliber rifles.

Accuracy is always on point and any adjustments that are made are crisp and sharp. In terms of durability, it is fog proof, waterproof and shock proof a triple threat as well. Regarding convenience, this Nikon scope is very easy to use seeing that the quick focus eyepiece allows for instant target acquisition.

The design of it is very rugged and it’s slim profile indicates that it is lightweight and therefore will not weigh the hunter down and cause sore arms. Furthermore, the tactical knobs are a plus point as it is very easy to throw the clicks on it.  The windage/elevation adjustment knobs are tight and sound off with an audible click when moved.

The best part is, this tactical scope does not come alone, instead it comes with a bunch of other things such as a flip open lens covers, a microfiber cloth, and a  honeycomb anti-reflective device.There is a lifetime warranty included as well. Moving on to the disadvantages, this scope does not seem to come with the mount anymore as advertised,( one-piece mount with a built-in 20-MOA slope). Next,eye relief is also a little poor on this scope.

Bushnell Riflescope Review

Bushnell scope 308

This hunting scope is more than capable of ranging up to distances of 500 yards(223 REM/5.556 loads with aiming points ).How is this rifle scope capable of long distance you may ask.Well, it’s side focus parallax adjustment gives way for adjustable long range accuracy and a fast focus eyepiece to top it off.

As for magnification and clarity, the optics that come with this scope are of good quality with stunning HD clarity. The optics are fully multi coated for incredible brightness. Also, it has a beautiful sleek design and is pretty durable as well seeing that the body is constructed out of high durability aluminium alloy and anodize-finished and sealed to protect the inside from elements.

On top of that, it is rustproof and virtually even scratch proof ,hence making it greatly suitable for vigorous, intense activities as it is not likely to break or fall apart easily as some of the cheaply made models tend to do. In terms of convenience, the target turrets allow for pinpoint precise adjustment, making things a lot more easier for the user. Also, audible clear clicks make the target turrets nice to use, and the knurling on the power adjustment is very nice.

Another benefit would be that even at 14x power, you will still have plenty of eye relief and wiggle room, which is not the case for some of the other scopes. Not forgetting to mention that this Bushnell scope is incredibly easy to mount. Regarding the warranty, you will have to request it from customer service.

As with any good product, there will be a few flaws and those are, this scope is a little on the heavy side and if you were to unscrew the “Fast Focus Eyepiece” ring on the back, the reticle wobbles and not maintain its center which if not adjusted, can lead to blurry images.

Nikon Prostaff Riflescope 

Nikon prostaff scope

We have yet another one of Nikon’s innovative creations and that is the Nikon Prostaff Rifle scope. This scope here is capable of going up to distance of 600 yards and has parallax settings at a 100 yards. Moving on to magnification power, it is off 4-12x thus you can play around with it depending on the distance of the target and offers the flexibility needed for any type of hunting situation.

Even in lowlight conditions, you will be pleased to know that the optics are very bright and clear. This is thanks to fully multicoated optical system which transmits up to 98 percent of available light. The body of this top rated .308 rifle scope is very durable as it is made out of polymer, aluminium and has a nitrogen filled, O-ring-sealed housing for waterproof and fog proof performance, support for an optional sunshade accessory for bright, rainy, or dusty conditions.

In terms of convenience, the zero reset turret with spring-loaded adjustment knob and there is 3.7 inches of eye relief as well( keeps your brow safe even with the heaviest recoiling cartridges). As for operating it, all you have to do is just sight in as usual, lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob, rotate to your “zero,” and re-engage. Furthermore, field adjustments are now as simple as dialing in your subsequent ranges.

Hunters will also love  the patented BDC reticle, which allows them to hold “dead on” at ranges exceeding those previously thought possible. It’s unique see-through ballistic circles offer an incredible advantage for long-range shooting. To top it all off, there is a lifetime warranty for this scope.

Regarding the disadvantages,  there are no major ones for this product which makes it all the more desirable.

Burris Scout Scope 

burris scope


On to our last featured product, this scope is able to go up to a distance of 300 yards and centres and sights in perfectly at 100 yards. The lenses are multi coated for glare resistance and maximum clarity. Moreover, this scope is made using the highest quality materials for complete quality and reliability.

Plus, the whole package is fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. As far as convenience goes, this scope is fairly easy to use and has a long eye relief of about 9.2 – 12 inches, no more squinting involved. Due to it’s low magnification and long eye relief, you can keep more visual context outside (around) the scope, which combined with the lower magnification means you can sweep and acquire targets faster. Another great thing is that the scope and mounts will hold their zero even despite the heavy recoil caused by the .308 round.

The windage and elevation adjustments were quick and precise as well.Also,  this scope has a great reflex feel to it,you can quickly use it as a fast fighting optic at a lower power or and zoom out for far shots.On a final note, this scope is covered by the Burris Forever Warranty.

Burris also gives you cool card stickers that you can use when you find your holds for each tac mark on the plex. The only negative to this scope will be when there is bright light or bright colors behind you, you may see it reflecting in the scope’s glass.


 And we have come to the end of this article. We certainly hope it may give you a clearer picture on what makes a good tactical scope for hunting and choose one that best suits you.