Best Scope for AK-47 Review 2019

The AK-47 automatic rifle, also known as the Kalashnikov is very popular since the Soviet Union ages itself. It is mainly used in tactical, military and hunting applications. So what role does a scope play when hunting with the AK-47 rifle?

Scopes are usually mounted onto your rifle to provide you better aiming using its reticle, therefore contributing to the improved accuracy of your shot. Having the best AK-47 scope comes in handy especially if you plan to shoot targets at longer ranges. Not only that, they are available in different magnification power to assist you to view your target better, from longer distances.

Pair your scope with a laser bore sight for simple and quick sighting in.

In other words, the scope provides you with good magnification so you are able to zoom in and out your target for clearer sight picture. Hence, the main difference of getting a scope on your rifle is having a reticle and magnification power which leads to higher precision.

Top 5 Rated AK-47 Scope Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightMagnificationObjective Lens DiameterPrice
Aimpoint PRO Patrol 7.8 oz1x38mm$$$
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 13 oz3-9x40mm$$
Hi-Lux Optic CMR-AK 1 lb1-4x24mm$$$
Leupold Mark AR MOD 19.6 oz1.5-4x20mm$$$
Nikon Monarch 3 12.2 oz1-4x20mm$$$


The magnification power refers to how much the sight picture of your target is zoomed. It comes with zoom factor ranging from the minimum factor to the maximum factor. For example, the Bushnell Banner tactical scope has a magnification power ranging from 3 to 9 times. The zoom in feature is important so you get to view your target clearly, especially at longer ranges.

In other words, with proper view, you get to aim well and land an accurate shot. However, choose the right amount of magnification depending on your range because too much of it will cause your picture to be blurry. Also, when the magnification power increases, the field of view will significantly decrease.

Objective Lens Diameter

The most important part of your scope is the lens. So what is an objective lens? It is the larger lens in your scope, located at the end farthest from the stock. It functions to transmit light back to the ocular lens, which is located nearby your eye. All that and voila, you aim and take a shot.

That being said, it functions to gather light to be transmitted in the riflescope to produce bright and vivid sight pictures. So it is safe to say that a larger diameter objective lens gathers more light and increase the amount of light entering it. It doesn’t increase your field of view however, that solely depends on the magnification power.


In my opinion, it is a whole lot valuable if you get a good quality scope. Put the prices aside, a great product is built-to last so you are able to utilize it for many years with the best and promising performance. Hence why, you shouldn’t be hesitant to fork out a little extra bucks to get a good quality scope. Believe me, I know, scopes are not cheap!

But a good one will be totally worth your investment. So, how do you know whether it is of high quality? As a suggestion, you could do some research (spending a few hours of your time won’t hurt!) regarding the product you set eyes on by looking through product-based reviews as well as customer reviews to give you a little insight on the product and its features.

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

First and foremost, the PRO patrol AK-47 scope utilizes a hard anodized 30mm tube which encloses a high efficiency circuit. The anodized tube comes in handy to prevent corrosion in the long run, therefore contributing to the durability of this product.

Furthermore, its front lens includes band-pass coating so you have an option of using it with all generations of night vision devices, according to your preference. The front and rear lenses on the other hand have a recessed design which provides protection against scratches and damages from strong impacts.

The reticle consists of a 2 MOA (minute of angle) illuminated red dot so you get to aim at your target with maximum convenience. In other words, the reticle offers precise target engagement at all distances. The red dot on the other hand is essential especially if you are hunting under low light conditions.

A rather unique feature is that the battery change date and in service date reminders ensures simple inventory tracking and easy maintenance. Based on the product specifications, you are able to utilize it for up to 3 years using the single battery provided. That being said, it has great battery life.

This riflescope is rather easy to sight in as well as holds zero well, even after multiple rounds. It has no magnification however it works fine, extremely fine in my opinion judging by its expensive price and superb features. Its torque-limiting twist knob ensures that an optimal level of pressure is applied on the rail for secure mounting.

Apart from that, the modular QRP2 mount comes with spacers that are removable, that functions to index the sight at optimal heights to be used with M16, AR15 and M4 carbine firearms. The spacers are removed in order to allow for the use of sight on sub machine guns as well as shotguns.

That being said, this scope is rather versatile as it can be fitted onto various type of rifles using its unique QRP2 mount system. Not only that, it co-witness perfectly with backup iron sights for improved accuracy. It comes with unlimited eye relief so you are able to get a full viewing angle of your target (with both eyes open, might I add!) as well as protect your eyes from the strong recoil of the rifle itself.

Suitable for :

    • 2 MOA red dot
    • Modular QRP2 mount
    • Hard anodized tube

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescopes

The Bushnell Banner scope is designed with quality optics with stunning HD clarity, to provide you with a clear and crisp sight picture. Since you are able to view your target clearly, you can get proper aim thus leading to a shot with improved precision.

It is equipped with magnification from 3 to 9 times. In other words, the lowest zoom factor is 3 times meanwhile the highest one is 9 times so you can attempt shooting at longer ranges. Just keep in mind not to overuse the magnification because it will just cause your sight picture to be blurry. You should know that the more you zoom at your target, the narrower your field of view.

Moreover, its objective diameter lens measures 40mm. The objective lens functions to gather light for the scope for a brighter and vivid sight picture. Not only that, this riflescope comes with dusk and dawn brightness (DBB) multicoated lenses to ensure that the sight picture of the target is of high clarity and great brightness.

In other words, it has great light transmissions which comes in handy under low light conditions, especially if you plan to hunt at night. Apart from that, this AK-47 scope includes a multi-X reticle. This type of reticle consists of heavy lines that intersects in the middle, together with finer aiming lines. In terms of adjustments, you are able to make ¼ MOA fingertip elevation and windage adjustments.

Besides that, the fast-focus eyepiece measuring 12 inches long comes in handy for quick target acquisition. The extended eye relief