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Best Single Pin Bow Sight Review 2018

Bow sights, widely known as bow scopes are usually mounted on your compound bow riser so you can aim your shot better. The single pin bow sight has only one pin within the sight housing compared to the multiple pin bow sight that has more than a pin. Therefore with a single pin bow sight, you are less likely to use the wrong pin when hunting.

The single pin bow sight allows for increased accuracy of shots with minimized sight clutter and blind spots despite varying distance (For an accurate measure of the shooting distance, use a suitable archery-hunting rangefinder). Also, because this bow sight only comes with a pin, it is crucial for you to choose a bow sight that is easily, quickly and silently adjusted to your preferred yardage and range.

Besides that, you can have a clearer vision of your target even if it is behind bushes or branches since you only have to concentrate on a mark by the single pin bow sight. Hence, you also can increase your precision when aiming and have a greater field of view when hunting.

However, you need more movement to adjust your yardage with the single pin bow sight. And bear in mind, this will take up some time to get it on your desired yardage. Hence, check out this review to help you make your best choice of single pin bow sight.

Top 5 Rated Single Pin Bow Sight Comparison Table

Name of ProductSetupPrecisionPin SizeBrightnessWeightPrice
Trophy Ridge Pin 0.10 React One-Sight EasyHigh0.010 inchHigh12 oz$$$
HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight ModerateHigh0.019 inchHigh10 oz$$$
Truglo Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Sight EasyHigh0.010 inchHigh10 oz$$$
Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Sight EasyHigh0.019 inchModerate12 oz$$$
Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight EasyHigh0.010 and 0.019 inchHigh8 oz$$

Trophy Ridge Pin 0.010 React One-Sight Review

Equipped with an exclusive smart pin technology, this single pin bow sight accurately predicts the pin gap based on the distance between your 20 yard pin and any other yardage. Hence, this will increase your accuracy when taking a shot and you can easily change the yardage according to your preference by only adjusting a single pin.

This bow sight is simple to setup and use provided you have a little experience in operating this product. In other words, you need to get used to the setting of the dial to make adjustments easily. Also, you can adjust the yardage with the dial by just turning the knob on the bow sight. The smart technology auto adjustment further eases the settings so you can make the proper adjustment.

You will also be provided yardage stickers for range from 20-100 yards in which you have to measure and calculate the appropriate yardage distance so you can install and place the sticker properly and accurately to further assist you in hunting.

On the other hand, this single pin bow sight is a little heavy so it will be a little tedious to transport this bow sight. However, it still performs and functions well despite its heavy weight. Not only that, this product is made fully out of aluminium construction thus making it tough, flexible and strong.

This product comes also with a bright fiber optic pin that makes it highly visible until late evening. Also, there is a sight light that comes with this product so you can adjust the brightness and intensity of light during low-light conditions to provide you a clear vision when hunting during night.

Furthermore, this product has multiple mounting holes for more versatility so place your bow and take your aim from any of these mounting holes according to your preference. Not only that, this single pin bow sight has both second and third axis adjustability so the sight reads level at upward and downward position so you can attempt uphill and downhill shots.This compensates for a vertical tilt when you are angling your shot down from a tree or angling upwards when shooting a long distance shot.

Suitable for :

  • Bright fiber optic
  • Smart pin technology
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight Review

Constructed from 100% machined aluminium, this single pin bow sight is strong with a solid platform that makes no vibration when you are hunting so you can take a shot easily without any moving distraction. Also, this product is also durable so it is guaranteed to last a long time provided properly taken care of.

The operation of this bow sight is complicated at first nevertheless, practice makes perfect. After lots of practice, it is spot on and easy to use and handle. You should use the installation procedure as a guide or self-learn with Youtube videos so you can get a hang of the operation of this bow sight.

Moreover, the precision is required at a 20-40 yards range. So, you need to so you can adjust the distance according to your liking before shooting to maximize your accuracy of shot. Not only that, the wind adjustments and elevations are also easy and precise so you can adjust your single pin bow sight at any angles to get a better aim when hunting.

To get a better aim when shooting, your eyes on the pointer should be at a perpendicular angle to the tape so you will know the mark to adjust your bow sight to. Also, the single pin of this product eliminates the clutter so you can have a high clarity view and able to look across trees and bushes from far distance.

Apart from that, this product comes with a very bright fiber optic that has a rheostat adjustment so you can control the brightness of the light emitted. Also, this optic fiber light is adjustable and comes in handy when you are hunting under low light conditions.

Furthermore, this product is equipped with ARMOR sight pin technology to maximize the accuracy of your shot by estimating your pin gap. This site also gives you an option of adding magnification lens to your product so you can get an amplified and magnified view of your target from far distance which is highly recommended for hunters with low vision.

Suitable for :

  • ARMOR sight pin technology
  • Adjustable bright fiber optic
  • 100% machined aluminium

Truglo Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Sight Review

This product provides you with a large field of view so you can get a clearer view of your target without any obstacles such as shrubs and bushes in the way thus you can get a better aim when hunting. Also, because of this product having a single pin, you can reduce sight clutter and blind spots thus increasing your precision while hunting.

Furthermore, this single pin bow sight has a green-colored center dot that contributes to an improved long range accuracy. Therefore, this bright and easy to use center dot lets you make an accurate shot as the green dot points to the mark on the yardage sticker so you can adjust it accordingly to the target distance.

Not only that, this green center dot can be adjusted based on lighting and distance hence working great in low light conditions. This product has 11 varying brightness settings that allows shooter to adjust to any light conditions according to their own preference. You just have to push the assigned button to adjust the light according to your preferred brightness level.

This product is easy to install and get sited. However, you should refer to the manual provided and learn the settings and features of this single pin bow sight so you can operate this bow sight with ease. The yardage adjustments as well as adjustment of windage and elevation is easy to make once you are used to handling this bow sight.

Apart from that, forty pre-marked yardage tapes are provided with the purchase of this product in which all you have to do is calculate the measurements and adjust pre-printed yardage tape accordingly. This product is suitable for both right and left handed shooters so you can easily hold the bow with your dominant hand and can be shared with other shooters.

You also get to dial the exact measured distance rather than pin gapping to get an accurate and precise shot by just adjusting the pin to the correct yardage value. Also, additional yardage stickers are provided if you plan on setting longer distance ranges.

This product also has 2nd and 3rd adjustable illuminated levels so you can attempt uphill and downhill shots by just adjusting the assigned knobs.

Suitable for :

  • Green center dot
  • 11 brightness settings
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Sight Review

This bow sight consists of a single pin wrapped sight with a pin size of 0.019 inches adjusted to fit right-handed shooters. This bow sight is strong and tough, with a rugged appearance making it durable and long-lasting. Also, this product is quite heavy so it is slightly harder to be transported when hunting. However, apart from the weight, it is a well-functioning bow sight.

Moreover, the sight comes with a pre-printed yardage sticker that so you have to calculate the appropriate yardage so you can install the tape correctly in position starting with 20 yards and increasing the distance with an increment of 20 yards. Hence, with the help of this yardage sticker, you can make an easy and precise adjustment when hunting.

The adjustments of knobs on this bow sight operates with little to no vibration and noise which is excellent so you will have zero distraction when hunting. However, when engaging the micro adjust elevation knob to the rotation dial, a little noise is produced.

Besides that, this product is easy to sight in and install with a tape system included. Nevertheless, it might be complicated at first and will take a while for you to get used to so you are advised to watch Youtube videos or refer to the user manual provided for extra ease when first installing this bow sight.

With this single pin bow sight, you can attempt an excellent and highly precise long range sight with confidence and ease. Also, this product does not come with a light so you can purchase one separately to assist you under low light conditions.

Furthermore, this pin size of 0.019 inch is suitable so you can utilize this bow sight to its maximum potential and increase your accuracy as smaller diameter pins allow for precision arrow placement as you can often see your target behind the pin. You should also choose a pin with a brighter color so it is easy for you to see the pin pointing to the yardage tape.

Suitable for :

  • Excellent long range sight
  • Strong and well-built
  • Includes pre-printed yardage tape

Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight Review

Apex’s single pin bow sight has an aperture housing which also includes vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments so you can aim your target at any angle that is well suited to you to shoot your target. Therefore, you can increase your accuracy and chance to catch your target when hunting.

Moreover, this product is made out of machined aluminium construction so it is strong and tough thus being able to last for a long period of time if properly taken care of. It is also lightweight so you can easily transport it and carry it around when hunting.

The fiber optic pins are bright colored so you can easily mark it on the yardage sticker. The lights of the fiber optic pin are adjustable in which it allows you to change the light of the pin from red to yellow then green in a short time to combat unpredictable changes in lighting. This is also very beneficial during low light conditions.

Furthermore, this bow sight has a micro adjustable windage and elevation so you can further maximize the accuracy of your shot. This product is easy to use once you get used to operating it. Firstly, you need to start fixing the yardage tape with 20 yards as your first mark, then your second distance at either 40 or 60 yards and install the yardage sticker correctly.

If you are unable to view your target properly at long distance or you have low vision, you are advised to purchase magnification lens separately to combat this issue and giving you a better, enlarged and clearer view. Also, this product is a little noisy when hunting however it still functions well.

Besides that, this product offers adjustable pin size feature. In other words, you can easily swap the pins from 0.019 inch to 0.010 inch and vice versa according to your liking. For example, if you plan on shooting far distance you can choose the smaller pin size. Therefore, you can hunt by utilizing both the pins for each different purpose.

Suitable for :

  • Adjustable pin size
  • Vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments
  • Lightweights
  • Adjustable pin colors

The top 5 single pin bow sights were decided by four factors:

  1. The setup is rated from easy to hard.
  2. The precision is rated from low to high.
  3. The pin size is measured as the size of pinch in inches for each product.
  4. The brightness is rated from low to high.


The setup of the single pin bow sight is slightly complicated at first but after getting used to it, it should be simple. You just need to adjust the settings of the dial of the pin on the yardage mark when aiming for your target.

Before that, you need to set up your yardage tape correctly and accurately to ensure you get an accurate shot. Also, you should be aware of the windage and elevation adjustments so you can take a good shot during hunting.


The precision of a single pin bow sight is the accuracy of the shot towards your target. The higher the precision, the higher chance of you hitting a bullseye on your target.

Of course the precision of the shot also depends on your own accuracy in calculating the distance to shoot, however if you adjust your pre-printed yardage tape properly, you will get an accurate shot.

Pin Size

The most common fiber optic pin sizes are 0.010, 0.019 and 0.029 inch. With pin with smaller size, you can be more precise with your aiming. This is due to the smaller area it covers, so you can focus specifically on your target.

A smaller pin size is essential if you want an accurate shot from longer distance compared to a larger pin.


Some single pin bow sights have separate lights on it so you can adjust it during low light conditions according to your own preference when hunting at night for example.

The light is also provided by the fiber optic pin. You should choose a bright and vibrant-colored fiber optic pin so you have no trouble viewing the pin and adjusting it to yardage tape.


In a nutshell, I hope my review assist you in making the right decision of choosing the best single pin bow sight that is well suited to your needs.