Best SKS Scope Mount Review 2019

Scopes are usually mounted on your rifle or firearm to improve magnification of your sight picture due to its zooming abilities especially for distant objects. Scopes also aids aiming using the crosshairs within the reticle of the scope. Therefore, a scope mount assists the process of mounting the scope onto your rifle securely with ease.

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Instead of scopes, iron sights as well as red dot sights can be mounted onto your rifle using the scope mount for better leverage as well as to ensure good aiming. SKS rifles on the other hand is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine designed as weapon during the olden days. Thus, a SKS scope mount is basically a Russian designed scope mount used on SKS rifles mainly.

Your scope mount should be solid and secure when mounted onto the rifle so that your scope or any attachments are held tightly by the firearm with minimal movement. This especially comes in handy during hunting or shooting as a secure and fit connection of the scope mount will guarantee a better accuracy of your shot when firing the rifle.

To ensure that the mount is securely attached to your firearm, you need to know the best techniques to mount your scope on the SKS rifle. Hence, you need to plan accordingly the optic and mounting solution placing so your scope doesn’t get damaged when the rifle is fired from the ejection port. The factors that will determine the top rated SKS scope mount in the market are the cost, alignment precision, fit, design as well as durability.


Top 7 Rated SKS Scope Mount Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightFitDurabilityPrice
Scope Mount for Chinese Type 56 (Non-Norinco)9 ozGoodHigh$$$
Global Sportsman SKS Mount 8 ozModerateHigh$$
Ultimate Arms Mount 0.8 ozModerateHigh$$
SKS High Profile Scope 10.5 ozGoodHigh$$
UTG Pro SKS Receiver 14.2 ozGoodHigh$$
Barksa SKS Mount 2.1 ozModerateModerate$$
Brass Stacker Scout 5.4 ozGoodHigh$$


Your scope mount shouldn’t be too heavy as it will be hard for you to make adjustments. The weight should be just right to compensate the weight of your rifle and scope so that you get a well-balanced overall product. This will maintain the stability of your rifle and hence enable you to get better aiming because your rifle holding the scope is least likely to topple over.



The durability of your SKS scope mount basically depends on how long it can last. Its construction influences how durable and long-lasting an object is. Most mounts are made out of either aluminium or steel alloy construction. The strong metal construction will ensure its strength and toughness to withstand the impact of the recoil of your rifle.

Moreover, most mounts are anodized in which the thickness of the natural oxide layer on it are increased. This characteristic comes in handy especially to ensure that your scope mount is water resistant and corrosion resistant, which will ensure a long shelf life of your SKS scope mount. Lastly, you need to handle your mount with care and store it properly at all times so that it won’t be damaged in the long run.



The most important factor to be considered when purchasing a scope mount is the fit. It is good to have a good and tight fit of your mount. In other words, your scope should be tightly-fitting onto your rifle or firearm as the main purpose of a mount is to attach both the rifle and scope together securely. You can prevent the screws attaching the mount from going loose by applying some Loctite on it.

A good and secure fit will ensure minimal movement of your scope on top of your rifle therefore maintaining the stability of the overall product as well as allowing you better aim. This in return will increase the accuracy and consistency of your shot so you are able to shoot in tighter groups.

If your new mount can’t fit your scope upon arrival, don’t fret as you can make modifications to make your scope fit the mount. Permanent modifications include drilling, filing and tapping can be made so you can alter the sides of the receiver hence giving it a tighter fit. Some mounts on the market are designed to be slightly bigger and longer so it can accommodate any aftermarket stocks.



Most of the rail bases of scope mounts are of the picatinny or weaver type. The weaver-style rail is suitable for shooters who want a low profile mount. The picatinny-style rail on the other hand differs from the weaver style in terms of number of slots and slots placement. In other words, the shooter has a large surface area to mount the rings with the picatinny-style rail.

Besides that, most of the mounts in the market are equipped with a see-through design which comes in handy for continuous use of iron sights on your rifle. In terms of appearance, a lot of SKS scope mounts come in black matte finish giving it a simple yet rugged look. The body is constructed from hard strong metal and topped with anodizing so the mount is flawless and long-lasting.

Not only that, some products are available with an integrated shell deflector feature. This feature is important to ensure your safety as it will shield you face from getting hit from the impact once your rifle is fired as well as protect the optics of your scope from damage. Therefore, it is designed specially with user’s ultimate safety in mind.



In terms of alignment, your scope mount should be perfectly and precisely aligned with your weapon at all times. It is important for your mount to be well-aligned so it can absorb shock due to recoil with ease over and over again without damaging your scope.

Furthermore, a well-aligned mount will contribute to easier and quicker sighting in and zeroing in your scope. Therefore, you can aim better and improve the accuracy of your shot when firing the weapon. You need to take into account the alignment of your mount when doing any sort of modification.

In other words, when filing your mount for example, you should file it at a certain constant angle so that you don’t ruin the alignment of your SKS scope mount on the rifle. Also, refrain from overfilling the mount hence ruining its shape.



There are various types of scope mounts out there in the market. In my opinion, you should go for a high and good quality mount that you can use for a long time so it will be well-worth your investment. In terms of pricing however, it all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to invest.

If you need the mount for short-term usage, go for the cheaper ones. However, if you are looking for a good mount that will last a long time, you should be willing to invest a little extra money to get it as the ones that are slightly expensive usually come with tougher screws and body as well as better features that will come handy if you are a frequent shooter.


SKS See Thru Scout Scope Mount for Chinese Type 56 (Non-Norinco)

SKS Scout Scope Mount

The Chinese Type 56 rifle has a very rare and uncommon structure. Therefore, only this scope mount is able to fit this rifle. In other words, this scope mount is specialized for the Chinese Type 56 weapon. Generally, the mount for this scope can be used for either the red dot/ reflex type or the long eye relief (LER) optics without needing any permanent modifications such as drilling and tapping.

Apart from that, this product has a rigid all steel construction attached together with a picatinny rail with dimensions, 5/16 inch x 3-5/16 inch. The picatinny rail ensure that your mounting system is strong and secure as it has generous bearing surfaces as well as more flexibility when mounting your scope. The unit comes pre-assembled therefore you need to assemble it as a whole from the package.

The mount for this scope on the other hand features an ‘anchor point’ series in which it is equipped with an innovative anchor point design which provides excellent stability when mounted on your rifle. Also, it is also specially designed to accommodate the cross bolt, which is also known as the recoil lug to be used as a primary attachment point to provide you with good versatility.

The see-through design of this SKS scope mount comes in handy for continued usage of fixed iron sights which in return will provide enhanced vision for shooters as they act as a sighting device to assist you when aiming at your target.

In addition to that, the casing deflector provided can be used for long tube optics. It will also protect your optics from damage when your rifle is fired. However, the casing deflector can’t be used in conjunction with the stripper clip provided with the purchase of this product.

The assembly of this mount is a little tough especially for your first time. Therefore, you should refer to the instruction manual provided or watch Youtube tutorial videos for further clarification and step by step instruction. Also, field stripping is completely allowed without the removal of your mount.

Moreover, this scope mount will ensure that your flashlight, scope or sight are securely installed over the rear sight block of your firearm with minimal movement therefore guaranteeing maximum accuracy of your shot. You can improve the accuracy of your shot with an excellent laser bore sight. The mount on the other hand is durable and secure as the quality of Brass Stacker products never fail.

Nevertheless, this product is not suitable to be utilized as a permanent mounting solution as it is not the best for efficiency in terms of optimizing your SKS rifle. In other words, it does not rest permanently on the rear site of your mount.

Suitable for :

  • Fits Chinese type 56 non-norinco weapon
  • Anchor point feature
  • Casing deflector available

Global Sportsman SKS Mount 

sks see-thru scope mount

Update: This updated version scope mount requires no drilling or gunsmithing whereby you just need to remove the current receiver cover and replace it with the mount. Its side mounting enables the use of iron sights and it includes a set of one inch rings.

The Global Sportsman’s SKS mount is of high quality as it is constructed from precision crafted machined aircraft aluminium alloy that undergoes anodizing to further produce a sturdy and durable product, hence well-worth your investment.

Moreover, the mount for this scope can fit your firearm well tightly and securely. In other words, the scope is attached to your rifle securely using the SKS scope mount with no modifications needed.

You just need to simply assemble the scope on your scope mount and the scope mount to the rifle. Add a little Loctite to ensure tight fit and you’re good to go. However, you do need slight modification on the mount if you plan on attaching ATI/TAPCO scopes on your firearm to ensure a tight and perfect fit.

When attached to this product, the scope holds zero very well. However, you need to make sure that your scope mount is precisely aligned so it is easy to sight at all times. As a result of this, the accuracy of your shot will be further improved as you can get good aiming.

In terms of design of mount, this product comes with a see-through design which allow you to mount iron sights on this product. There is also a special notch specially designed to accommodate folded bayonet, therefore providing good versatility in terms of attaching your SKS scope mount to various type of weapons.

Furthermore, the Global Sportsman mount are of 4 Mil spec weaver and picatinny accessory rails. These rails on the other hand are versatile and can be attached to multiple accessories such as scopes, lights, lasers and iron sights.

In terms of assembly, the installation of this scope mount is fairly simple. One of the advantages of this product is that you can load through the ejection port above your weapon as there are no scope mount blocking the hole of the ejection port.

Suitable for :

  • Scope holds zero well
  • See-through design
  • Minimal modification needed
  • Anodized aluminium alloy material


Ultimate Arms Gear Aluminium SKS Base Mount

ultimate arms tactical

Update: Ultimate Arm’s latest scope mount model comes complete with rings and is a black steel SKS see-through receiver cover. It can be used on a high profile tactical scope, either on weaver or picatinny rails.

The Ultimate Arms Gear base mount installs similar to the traditional scope rail, near the rear end of the receiver hence allowing the user to utilize the regular eye relief optics, iron sights and SKS scopes. It features a new generation design, constructed from black anodized aluminium, designed to accommodate the needs of your SKS rifle.

Furthermore, the installation of this mount is fairly simple in which you just have to install the 3 wooden screws provided and you’re good to go. You are allowed to make any modifications according to your preference such as drilling, tapping and applying superglue to give it a perfect fit. However, the wooden screws are a little flimsy. You won’t be able to slide your receiver back so you should consider getting solid metal screws for the installation.

These wooden screws can also be used to mount the rail onto the gas tube cover for example, with some drilling and tapping modifications before installing it on the rail. An important tip before mounting your scope on the rail is to stabilize the receiver cover at all times. In other words, you are indirectly making sure that the alignment is precise so your scope is carefully aligned with your weapon when firing.

Besides that, you need to always make sure that your scope mount provides a solid and tight fit. If it doesn’t, you need to be creative and make some modifications. A tight fit will ensure that your scope is securely locked onto your weapon with minimal movement where the mount is placed above the receiver.

You can use this SKS scope mount to mount any sight, scope, laser and flashlight according to your preference as it has plenty of space. Mount them at the right spot so it doesn’t block the path of your ejection port of your rifle. Not only that, this product is equipped with a weaver and picatinny style rail base to accommodate to your rifle needs with ease.

After mounting your scope, your receiver will mostly like be perfectly centered, provided you install it properly with the perfect alignment. In addition to this, you can zero in your scope easily thereby improving the accuracy of your shot. You should get a tactical flashlight to be paired up with your scope during low light conditions for hunting.

Suitable for :

  • New generation design
  • Black anodized aluminium
  • Wooden screws
  • Weaver-picatinny base

SKS rifle High Profile Scope 

sks high profile scope mount

Update: Ultimate Arm’s latest scope mount model is a black steel SKS see-through receiver cover with a sniper scope. Its additional features include see-thru lens cap, lens cover, cleaning kit and a MIL DOT reticle. The lenses are multi-coated meanwhile the scope is fully adjustable for windage and elevation click adjustments.

Constructed from strong and tough steel alloy, this SKS scope mount has a matte black fit and finish. The high profile mount on the other hand is equipped with a weaver picatinny rail base so you can attach your scope on the firearm with maximum ease and stability.

Apart from that, the see-through cover design on this product makes it easy for you to mount your iron sights. The one-piece design of this high profile mount provides maximum stability when mounted onto your firearm therefore making it easier for you to aim from your scope.

You can remove the right side of the rail with the included Allen wrench to utilize the locking mechanism of this SKS scope mount. Apply some Loctite to ensure smooth and easy adjustments with the screw especially after multiple rounds of use so it doesn’t come off loose when your scope is mounted onto your rifle.

Moreover, the scope zeroes in instantly when your mount is installed as well as returns to zero back when the mount is removed. In other words, when your scope mount is reinstalled back again, the scope will again zero in with ease, provided that your alignment of mount, scope and rifle are perfect and precise.

Not only that, the installation of the mount is quite straightforward. No major modifications such as drilling, tapping or making alterations are required, instead you just need to replace the existing cover each time. However, the front prongs of the scope mount might need a little filing to ensure tight fit on your SKS rifle.

The reason for this is because the SKS scope mount is intentionally made a little longer than usual to accommodate all SKS variants. When undergoing the filing process, you need to make sure that you file using the same angle as before to maintain its shape and cutting. Also, take precautions not to over file and therefore ruining the shape of your mount.

Once modified properly, your scope and rifle will function well and have a tight and secure fit. The disassembly of this product on the other hand is a tad bit time-consuming as you need to remove all the screws to finally remove the scope mount.

Suitable for :

  • Stable one-piece design
  • Instantly zeroing of your scope
  • See-through cover design
  • Slight filing required for tight fit


UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount

SKS Receiver Cover Mount

Weighing 14.2 ounces, this SKS cover mount is very heavy compared to other mounts however, it has a very solid build. It is precision crafted and machined with strong high quality steel base. Also, this product is anodized with a matte black finish to maintain its durability.

The UTG Pro scope mounts to the rear of the receiver and a part of the metal section that runs over the bolt. Therefore, it is suitable to accommodate various types of aftermarket stocks because the mount bolts on to the gun instead of the stock.

This SKS scope mount features a top rail with an integral shell deflector. The shell deflector on the other hand comes in handy in terms of safety. This is because the ejected shell will shield your face from getting hit when the rifle is fired as well as protect the optics of your scope from damage. Therefore, this product is designed with the user’s ultimate safety in mind.

Moreover, the low profile see-through design of this mount enables the use of iron sights to be mounted onto your firearm. Also, this scope offers quick zeroing in as well as great zero holding therefore improving the accuracy and precision of your shot. All you have to make sure is that your scope mount is precisely aligned with the rifle.

In terms of assembly, the installation of this cover mount is simple with repeatable 4-point rock solid locking onto the receiver. You can make slight modification according to your preference on the scope mount by filing it if it is not tight-fitting enough, depending on the type of your SKS rifle. Permanent modifications such as drilling and tapping are not required.

In addition to that, this product is equipped with a 22 slot full length picatinny rail. This further ensures flexibility in the optic application, from compact to full size. The picatinny rail also ensures that the mounting is very stable.

The 22 slots on the other hand provides plenty of room so you can fit either your scope, flashlights or iron sights with ease. All in all, this SKS scope mount fits any scope perfectly with a tight fit which comes in handy to improve the precision of your shot. Also, the mount rides a little high that is very favorable for the usage of iron sights.

Suitable for :

  • High strength steel base
  • Matte black anodizing
  • 22 slot picatinny rail
  • Integral shell deflector


Barksa SKS Mount with Integrated Rail

Barska SKS Integrated Rail Mount

Constructed from aluminium and topped with black matter finish, Barksa’s SKS mount is one of the cheapest scope mounts in the market. It is good as a short-term mount, so lower down your expectations on its durability and features. The quality of this mount is in line with its inexpensive price.

Its aluminium construction makes it resistant to corrosion however, the body of the mount is easily scratched. Therefore, you need to be careful in handling it. Apart from that, this product is equipped with a picatinny and weaver integrated rail type with the length of 3.4 inches. This rail is very versatile as it allows the mounting of additional accessories such as riflescope, lasers and flashlight according to your preference.

Not only that, this SKS mount is compatible to fit SKS rifles in which you have to install the scope mount by replacing the rear receiver cover. The screws holding the rail on the top of the mount unfortunately has no slot for an insertion of a screwdriver therefore you need to file the mount a little.

The attachment of the scope onto the rifle using the mount is a little flimsy so it is not suitable to fire at a distance over 100 yards as your shots won’t be accurate. This SKS scope mount is suitable and mainly used to mount the red-dot sight onto your rifle. Also, you are able to attach a shell deflector to ensure your safety if the scope that has been mounted has very short optic.

Furthermore, you need to do some modification to the scope mount so the scope fits into it securely and perfectly. Therefore, you need to file mainly the mount cover and prongs in the same angle to make sure it has a tight fit when attached to your firearm with minimal movement. Also, don’t forget to apply some Loctite on your screws of the mount to ensure that it stays tight instead of getting loose after multiple uses.

Suitable for :

  • Allows versatile mounting
  • Short-term mount
  • Black matte finish


Brass Stacker Scout Scope Mount Review

crazy ivan quick-on mount

Update: The Crazy Ivan quick-on sks scope mount is one of the latest products in the market. Its unique design contributes to the optics being easily removed and re-attached to the original zero position. The optional plates on the other hand allows the usage of holes from the previous scope mounts. In terms of construction, it is made from black mil-spec hardcoat anodized aluminium alloy for improved strength and light weight.

This scout scope mount is suitable to accommodate Mosin Nagant rifles. Equipped with a sturdy picatinny rail base, this mount has a rigid steel construction with black oxide finish. It is placed and bolted securely over the rear sight block of your firearm.

Apart from that, this SKS scope mount allows the mounting of scout scope or other long eye relief (LER) optics to be placed onto your military surplus rifle securely. Nevertheless, it is most suitable to be used for mounting long eye relief scopes.

The benefits of possessing this scope mount is that you need not make any permanent modification to the firearm such as drilling or tapping to ensure it has a tight fit when mounted onto your firearm despite its heavy weight.

Instead, you can work with the straight bolt handle without any stripper clip interference hence contributing to the easy installation of this SKS scope mount. Despite the installation being straightforward, you should take time to read through the manual for extra guidance for example on the techniques to level your mount perfectly.

You need to pop out the pins that locks your rear dovetail sight in place and place the mounting screw through the existing holes to ensure a tighter fit of the scope onto your weapon without any modification. Apply some Loctite on the screws to prevent it from going loose.

Equipped with a see-through design, the mount for this scope can be continuously used to accommodate iron sights. Not only that, this product is designed for use with the rear sight block which comes with 2 pins passing through the top edge of the barrel to further ensure that your scope is mounted securely onto the rifle without wiggling at all.

Besides that, you can alter the vertical angle of the mount according to your preference before tightening the screws. In other words, you should align your scope mount precisely to the perfect angle to ensure easier and quicker zeroing in your scope.  It also holds zero well therefore guaranteeing the accuracy and consistency of your shot.

Suitable for :

  • No modifications required
  • See-through design
  • Black oxide finish
  • Rigid picatinny rail



Scopes are usually mounted on your rifle when hunting. Therefore, to ensure a secure fit of your scope onto the rifle, you need a scope mount. With the mount, your scope is tightly secured with minimal movement therefore improving your aiming and thereby the accuracy and consistency of your shot.

Factors such as durability, design, fit, alignment and finally cost should be taken into consideration when purchasing the top rated SKS scope mount. Therefore, I hope this SKS scope mount review assists you in making the right choice.